Fletcher’s Latest: Beshear & Kentucky Central

Ernie Fletcher has abandoned gambling and gays. In his latest campaign commercial he attacks Steve Beshear over his involvement with Kentucky Central. Quite ironic. Ethical Ernest attacking Steve Beshear’s ethics. Seems the time is nigh to release sealed documents relating to the case.

Will it stick?

1 thought on “Fletcher’s Latest: Beshear & Kentucky Central

  1. It’s interesting that the RGA and Ernie Fletcher
    want to make an issue of taking the 10 Comandments out of Kentucky schools, when they don’t seem to be able to live up to them.

    Acusation 1:
    Steve Beshear made $21 million for legal services regarding Kentucky Central.

    The firm Mr/ Beshear was working for billed out $21 million in legal fees to assist in the
    liquidation of Kentucky Central. I guess the
    Republican expect people to work for free?

    Side bar: “…While 800 Kentuckians lost their
    jobs and thousands lost their savings.”

    Very unfortunate, very true, however, Steve
    Beshear and Stites & Harbison didn’t have a
    thing to do with the colapse of Kentucky
    Central. They just help mop up the mess. None
    of the policy holders lost any of their money.

    Accusation 2: Steve Beshear was removed from
    the case and paid $100,000 to cover it up.

    Mr. Beshear was removed from the case due to
    some conflict of interest concerns. He was
    however, later reinstated. As to the $100,000
    to “cover up” the investigation, it was
    ordered to be paid by the courts and nothing
    to do with a cover up.

    Now folks I can live with the occasional
    distortion of the truth, that is unfortunately
    the nature of politics. However, this ad
    definately over steps the mark.

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