Southern Political Report: Smart money sticking with Beshear

Southern Political Report says the smart money is on Steve Beshear in the upcoming November election for Governor.

While making several points of Democratic strength, they don’t completely kick Ernie to the woodshed. If Fletcher is successfully able to change the subject, they suggest, Reagan Democrats could turn out to cast their ballots for him. That’s if he can get those voters to focus on the risks of expanding gaming, the ills of providing domestic partner benefits and the positives of his alleged accomplishments. Those accomplishments are said to include higher pay for teachers and fiscal “surpluses.” Broke (financially), failing schools and the pending retiree pension fund disaster weren’t mentioned.

Political strategist Dale Emmons is quoted. Here’s an excerpt:

Despite an awareness that the media at Fancy Farm focused a lot of attention on Fletcher’s attacks on Beshear, Democrats remain very optimistic about this election’s outcome. “Fletcher did the only thing he can do, that is raise the issues that he’s raised,” says Democratic consultant Dale Emmons. But “I don’t see a scenario where Ernie Fletcher wins this race.” He points to press reports that Democrats outnumbered Republicans at Fancy Farm “by two or three to one,” in contrast to the usual even split. And he adds that the GOP is “badly fractionalized.” Indeed, polls show that most Republicans who supported Northup in the primary have yet to move into Fletcher’s camp.

Will Ernie be able to change the subject? We’ll know quite soon. Beshear commercials begin airing on Monday. Fletcher will follow on Tuesday.

The giant fence and droves of farmers with guns didn’t work

From the Keeping Them Away From Our White Women Dept

Big FenceLexington considers training police to snag people that look like immigrants.

Glen Krebs, chairman of the Mayoral Commission on Immigration said

“We certainly don’t have the ability to keep them in or out of the community.”

So, we would want to keep certain segments of the population out of our cities and towns? Yeah, that’s gonna go over well with the 14K+ members of the Latino community in Lexington and Fayette County.

Wait. When did “Hispanics” become a politically correct substitute for Latino(s)? Is that P.C.?

For the three people not at the State Fair…

Bunning now a celebrity golfer. Jim Bunning plays celebrity golf? He’ll be in Idaho’s Sun Valley playing at the 31st Danny Thompson Memorial tournament. Yes, this is for real. Wait– we thought he was afraid of crowds? [Mt. Express]

It’s not over til the you-know-what sings. Ernie Fletcher’s blanket pardons don’t cover ethics charges. Will he issue a new pardon? [Hebert]

Money Talks. From the It Should Be Obvious Dept. Four members of the Executive Branch Ethics Commission contributed large amounts of money to Ernie Fletcher. Let’s at least act like we’re surprised. [BGR]

Sh*t hit the fan. For real. It rained a little in Kentucky and all hell broke loose. The up side: it’s not 105 degrees anymore. [H-L]

The real Greasy Creek. Augusta officials are “investigating” an oily substance in the Ohio River. What’s that? Oh, yeah, 10,000 gallons of oil were spilled by Eastern Kentucky Power during a transformer fire. Granted, this is no 11 million gallons from the Exxon Valdez but we’re talking about a small stretch of the Ohio– not Prince William Sound. [Ledger-Independent]

Cutting our way to excellence

County Schools are headed toward financial crisis.

A three-part series in the Richmond Register details the pitfals of reality. From pension fund expenditures in Madison County to being ranked 31st in the nation when it comes to student spending, Kentucky’s educational proirities are screwed up– and it’s showing on the local level like never before.

What’s more, we’re already dumping some 60% of the state budget into education, according to Sen. Ed Worley.

down the drain

Read the entire series:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

What was that “surplus” Ernie said he had? $400,000,000? Yeah. Let’s talk about that surplus.

Andrew Horne on Soldier Suicide

Soldier suicides are at a 26-year high and the Army confirmed 99 committed suicide while on active duty last year. 900 more tried to kill themselves. More than a quarter were those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Reports say attempts are directly linked to the number of days troops serve in these war-torn countries.

Sound troubling to you? Troubling to Kentucky’s Col. Andrew Horne, Senior Advisor at, as well. He was on Live with Dan Abrams on MSNBC last evening along with Pete Hegseth, a Vet for “Freedom”.

Take a look. Two-parter for your convenience.

Part 1:

[flv:/video/HorneMSNBC1.flv 320 240]

Part 2:

[flv:/video/HorneMSNBC2.flv 320 240]

The full segment is available on YouTube for your use. Links back when mentioning the clip are appreciated.

Andrew comes off sincere, as the gentleman he is and poses a great question at the very end. Can we do this for ten more years?

Full Disclosure: I worked on a previous campaign of Andrew Horne’s and consider him a good friend.

Spillman Update – Media Jumps On It

You first learned about it on Page One: UofL football player JaJuan Spillman hit with DUI and possession charges. Now it appears this story has legs. Since our initial publication, outlets like the Courier-Journal and WHAS11-TV in Louisville have picked it up.

From the C-J:

Officer Charles Sturgeon responded to an accident at the intersection of Second Street and Cardinal. According to the police report, Spillman and an unnamed passenger admitted to Sturgeon that they had smoked marijuana in the car. The officer found 9.3 grams of marijuana.

From WHAS:

[flv:/video/Spillman.flv 320 240]

We learn from WHAS that Coach Steve Kragthorpe says Spillman was “internally disciplined”– without providing further details, of course.

Does this mean ‘traditional’ media are already looking to us for breaking news? We selfishly think so. And so do our stats:

Hi guys!

Feigned precociousness and sarcasm aside, we’re glad people are paying attention. Thanks to everyone beginning to read Page One and to everyone providing a link back. It’s appreciated. Keep those tips coming!