Burnside Stays Moist

The small Kentucky tourist city on Lake Cumberland will remain moist. During today’s special election the citizens of Burnside voted to maintain their liquor sales status. Restaurants that seat at least 100 people and derive 70% of their sales from food may legally continue to serve alcoholic beverages.

This could be considered a victory for taxpayers. Nearly $400,000 from taxes on alcohol sales have gone to hire police officers, buy fire equipment and make all around community improvements.

Further evidence that allowing democracy to play out is the best route to take.

Emmons & Company successfully led the fight for Burnside.

Hebert Goes to Aurora

You’ve seen Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s ads about Steve Beshear and the horrors of casino gambling. You’ve read the reports of Aurora residents and officials sharing their disdain for the governor. And you’ve heard us say aw Beshear should probably have done.

Well… Mark Hebert visited Aurora last week and filed the following report today:

Seems he had a difficult time trying to find anyone with anything negative to say about casinos and their effect on Aurora. The police chief himself (and the facts) said there has been no crime increase associated with the casino.

Steve Beshear owes him a big thank-you for reporting the facts.

In case you need a break from Senators and their bathroom sex…

Good entertainment. If you haven’t had a chance, listen to the radio “debate” between Fletcher and Beshear. If we’re basing things on courtesy and manners displayed in this radio show alone? Neither of these gentleman have any. Endless blabbering after repeated requests to stop were ignored. And ignored. And ignored. [WKYX]

When giants attack. Attorney General Greg Stumbo is on the right side of the nightmarish Monsanto-Delta & Pine merger. Monstanto, the world’s largest producer of pesticides and genetically engineered seed, is best known for using their GRE plants to obliterate the crops of legitimate farmers– permanently infecting the food chain. Oh– and they tried to patent the pig. [Legal Newsline]

Gaming the System. Humana breaks the law, pays $500,000 fine for misleading customers, using unlicensed agents. Imagine it– a health insurance giant skirting the law and paying a fine. Just the cost of doing business, right? [Business First]

Meanwhile, the number of individuals without health insurance nationwide is skyrocketing. (14% of Kentuckians lack coverage) The Census Bureau released figures showing the number of those without insurance rose from 44.8 million in 2005 to 47 million in 2006. That means– based on numbers two years old– nearly 16% of the population doesn’t have health coverage. People covered by employer-based health insurance fell 1.5% and the number of uninsured children rose 700,000 to 8.7 million in the same 2005-2006 period of time. [Business First, H-L]

We didn’t know Seattle had Republicans! A waitress (server, to be politically correct) helped anonymously pen a facetious blog complaint against Stefan Sharkansky. Apparently, he lets his kids run rampant and is a horrible tipper. Sounds like a familiar former Democratic Lt. Governor of Kentucky, if you ask us! [Consumerist]

Taking it to their doorsteps. War protesters rally against Sen. Mitch McConnell tonight. Thousands in Kentucky are expected to take part in National Take a Stand Day, holding a rally and a march to McConnell’s home in Louisville. [WLKY]

Dirty Work Made Easy

In a previous post we suggested it may not be a bad idea for Steve Beshear to visit Aurora, IL. Many think beating Fletcher to the punch with statistics refuting his figures on the ills of casinos would be a good thing.

Well, looks like Beshear won’t have to get his hands dirty with this one. Mark Hebert did the dirty work when he and WHAS-TV went to Aurora late last week. Hebert found a different view than Ernie did (not that it would be difficult in the least) when he interviewed the town’s mayor, Tom Weisner, and will share that with viewers this evening.

Looks like Ernie really did pick the wrong place to prove his point that casinos destroy communities.

We’ll have the video up after it airs.

Advice to Steve Beshear – Get off the bench

It occurs to us that Steve Beshear is allowing Ernie Fletcher to dictate the terms of this election. It’s Fletcher who’s acting like a challenger, the one who seems to be trying his darnedest to prove his worthiness for the job, while his opponent seems content to watch, resting on his double-digit lead in the polls.

Fletcher can’t win this election on his record. But he can win it with the tactics he’s using, dominating the media with illogical, dramatic TV commercials and turning every public appearance into a shaming of Beshear on the gambling issue.

The idea that Fletcher could win in November may be scary to some, but don’t think it’s unrealistic. We’re still more than two months away from election day.

Read moreAdvice to Steve Beshear – Get off the bench

Fletcher’s Second Ad

Ernie Fletcher has launched his second commercial.

Are one gambling addict’s criminal past actions enough to keep expanded gaming out of Kentucky? Will it scare granny and pop-pop into voting Republican?


Take a look at the rest of Fletcher’s “interview” with Norma Brandt. Note that even she doesn’t say that Beshear shouldn’t bring casinos to Kentucky– just that he should “take a look” at things and listen to her.