Fletcher’s Fourth

Yes. Ad #4:

Features a guy named Mark Andrews from St. Louis. Here’s his alleged story:

Mark Andrews, a retired printing company executive, is chairman of an organization called Casino Watch. Their mission is “exposing the dark side of gambling” and they proudly display Ernie’s commercials on their front page. Joe Gerth seems to be the only person so far to mention Andrews’ ties to the anti-gambling side of things. Google is your friend.

Way to be objective, Ernest Lee! We think it’d be easier to scare people into voting for you if you trotted out some scary gay people. Maybe tell Kentuckians that gay tax dollars– gasp– may be paying for their children’s education right now. Oh noes!

UPDATE – 2:35 P.M.

St. Louis is paying attention. The city is about to start talking about Mark Andrews’s past as a social conservative who doesn’t let silly things like facts get in his way.

Crit for Senate?

Looks that way.

Sure, these rumors have flown heavily for a few months but the dynamic is beginning to change. With increasing focus on Mitch McConnell and the approaching November election– the 2008 Senate race is hot on political minds.

Two credible and highly placed sources with the DSCC and KDP tell Page One that Auditor Crit Luallen (who is running for re-election) has been to D.C. to meet with Sen. Chuck Schumer in recent weeks and he has guaranteed money and support for her Senate bid against McConnell. This isn’t exactly unexpected as many believed it would happen after Schumer’s courting of Rep. Ben Chandler fizzled.

This begs the question: Will Luallen discuss whether or not she plans to run for federal office in 2008?

We spoke with an official from Luallen’s office about that (after working hours, of course) who would confirm only that she is running for Auditor. The individual wouldn’t confirm or deny plans for 2008 or whether or not she had met with Schumer, only admitting that the Auditor was in Washington, D.C. recently for a fundraiser with Reps. Chandler and Yarmuth.

Voters do need to know what Auditor Luallen’s intentions are because she’s running for a constitutional term that will begin around the same time she’d need to jump into the Senate race. That’s no reason to fault anyone, though, considering it’s probably necessary for those looking at the Senate race to start planning now. We just think it’s a good idea to be as up front as possible with the electorate.

The unofficial non-denial denial we got is good enough for the time being. In our opinion it means she’s considering the race against McConnell and also means she’s met with Schumer to discuss it. Otherwise we’d hear a flat “no” in response to the inquiry. (As far as we know the only people who meet with Chuck Schumer this time of year are those he wants to run for the United States Senate. Take Claire McCaskill of Missouri, for instance. He recruited her in a similar manner last cycle.)

RGA’s First Ad for Ernest Lee

As we were first to report yesterday, here’s the Republican Governors Association’s first commercial in support of Fletcher:

The first buy extends from Sept 12 – 18 and is running at or above media saturation levels in Lexington and Louisville.

John Stamper has additional information and provides a link to the RGA’s anti-Beshear website. Guns, God & Gays– Ernie will save us from them! That appears to be their mantra.

Gambling vs. Sin?

Pol Watchers opens their gubernatorial debate with a question about gambling and faith.

“Do you believe gambling – whether it occurs in a casino, at a racetrack or in the basement of a Catholic church – is a sin? Also, what’s the most you’ve ever won or lost at a casino, racetrack or bingo hall?”

If it’s not obvious, neither candidate answers the question. Surprised?

Both of these guys are running to be the next GOVERNOR of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Why do we let them get away with wasting our time? Ask your candidate of choice to answer the question. E-mail Steve Beshear and Ernie Fletcher. Tell them you’d like to hear an answer instead of spin.

Steve: You’re going to be the next governor. Wouldn’t hurt you to occasionally answer a question.

Instead of watching Osama tapes, how bout some news?

A woman? What?! Who needs progress? Myra Tobin will face Fletcher crony Steve Branscum to become the first female chair of the University of Kentucky’s Board of Trustees. She should be elected if for no other reason than to, you know, flipping diversify the board’s leadership history [H-L]

Lisabeth makes two. State appeals court judge Lisabeth Abramson of Louisville has been appointed to replace Justice McAnulty’s vacant seat on the Kentucky Supreme Court. Fletcher’s appointment Seems to be receiving praise from all over. [C-J]

The surge is working! Say it enough and you’ll eventually believe it. Sen. Jim Bunning wants us to stay in Iraq, approves of the deaths of countless thousands. Gotta kill all those innocent Iraqis there so we don’t have to kill them here, right? [WBKO]

Dan Druen is ready to air the truth. Demands that the Kentucky Executive Branch Ethics Commission hear his case— publicly– before the November 6 general election. Also throws in that the Commission may not be as impartial as they should be since they were all, you know, appointed by Ernest Lee. [H-L]

Gays, guns & God! John David Dyche seems to be all about Ernie using hateful bullshit to win. And term limits. Term limits will save us all! P.S. John David: there are plenty of Democrats who aren’t so hot on casino gambling– just ask organized labor. [C-J]

Oh, Rep. Melvin Henley of Murray and Rep. Milward Dedman of Harrodsburg will switch their party registrations to Democratic. More Republicans jumping ship. Diane Brumback reported this weeks ago. [Hebert]

Can you help us? It’s greatly needed.

Big Money Mitch ad to air…

During tonight’s ESPN’s broadcast of Monday Night Football. We call that kind of a big deal.

Click here to see the ad critical of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s financial dealings.

Patience really is a virtue. Okay, okay. We’re told it’s a virtue. Appears to be true in this circumstance.

Will the RSCC again release a statement about the evils of Public Campaign Action Fund? Or will they forget that they’ve been told to bow before Master Mitch’s about-face on campaign finance reform?