Victory Lap for Beshear?

We hear that Steve Beshear’s confidence is over the top on the campaign trail, and for good reason.

With Ernie Fletcher unable to gain traction with his attacks on Beshear’s gaming plans, and with nothing significant to run on in his own record, Beshear’s 20-point margin seems real and lasting. No one’s buying Fletcher’s attacks on Beshear over the Ten Commandments or his involvement in the Kentucky Central mess, the only potential skeletons in the Beshear closet.

At a Louisville fund-raiser organized by Benham Sims and Larry O’Bryan last week, about $100,000 was collected for the Beshear campaign at the door, and other commitments to the event could bring the total raised at that event north of $150K. On Saturday, an unusually large union crowd got together to launch a “Get Out the Vote” movement for Beshear.

One person who attended the Louisville fund-raiser said the atmosphere was almost “weird” in that with just seven weeks or so until the election, Beshear was talking about getting out the vote and almost ignoring his opponent. Beshear hasn’t had to mount attack ads, especially with the Bluegrass Freedom Fund doing that for him, while Fletcher has put all his TV money in gaming spots, which were proven ineffective by the C-J’s latest poll showing that most Kentuckians (78 percent) favor letting voters decide the issue.

So with money pouring in and with Dems jockeying for roles in the Beshear administration, what had been thought a competitive home stretch is turning into more of a victory lap for Beshear.

Monday’s Obfuscation Report

Will Kentucky’s senators support the HIV Prevention Act? [FGA]

Jim Bunning (R-Afraid of Fancy Farm and Osama) freaks out over former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan’s new book. The book is critical of Bush economic policies and Bunning just can’t handle a financial big dog telling the truth about, well, the economy. Says he’ll be thumbing through it while on the throne. [Enquirer, Jim Welp]

From the Dept of Senatorial Foot Tapping. Mitch McConnell is afraid of Larry Craig. He “stood still as a statue” when Craig approached him. Jim Bunning, on the other hand, patted him on the back. Does this mean one senator approves of foot tapping and one senator doesn’t? [C-J]

Head of the Alcoholic Beverage Control arrested on DUI charges. Chris Lilly, the ABC’s executive director, plans to be an a adult and resign. Imagine that– someone in the Fletcher administration doing the right thing. [WLEX]

Delaying what everyone wants to see so the story will die. Thomas Wingate, Franklin Circuit Judge, has postponed the release of a report of the secret ethics investigation into Kentucky Central and Steve Beshear’s law firm. Looks like we’ll all eventually be able to pour over the details. Won’t be the case for Ernie’s secret defense fund donors, though. [PolWatchers]

Louisville’s Bristol Discriminates: Update

In response to the story of the Bristol standing behind discrimination against those with disabilities, a peaceful protest has been organized for this Thursday, September 27 from 5:00 – 8:00 P.M. in front of the Bristol on Bardstown Road.

The story is getting quite interesting as an employee of the Bristol has been all over blogs (including this one) and news sites trying to muddy the water. As you’ll read in this comment an individual calling themselves “Meg” accuses Corey Nett of being a money grubber, someone who fabricated the incident. If that’s the case– why was the manager “swiftly terminated” after the incident?

Sorry, “Meg.” Most people in Louisville have known Corey Nett and his family for a while. They know he’s not out for money or for making a political statement.

It’s a sad day when a prominent landmark restaurant has its lackeys out and about trashing the disabled. It’s an unfortunate occurence in which the Bristol’s owners should have apologized for, made very public amends and immediately resolved. Instead they’re stooping to the level of bigoted haters.

Alessi: Trey Grayson’s Fate (An Update)

As Page One reported last week (with court documents, even), Trey Grayson has some issues to deal with that stem from a 2001 lawsuit over a contested will.

Ryan Alessi wrote about the situation in today’s Herald-Leader but somehow failed to mention the specifics of the case. No mention of the settlement, nothing about letters from judges and attorneys that get specific about possible wrongdoing, nothing about Trey’s actual involvement.

While Grayson may have been manipulated by John Elfers, as the Alessi pieces quietly suggests, it’s not cause enough for the woman who filed suit against Grayson to consider a vote for him.

“Even if the only way to keep the United States’ democracy was to cast a vote for him, I still would not do it,” she said.


Last week, an individual close to story said they’d come forward to provide information that proves Grayson is innocent and was merely manipulated. That’s yet to happen. We’re still waiting.

Robbie Rudolph: Gubernatorial Material?

Tire King and candidate for Lt. Gov. Robbie Rudolph’s arrogance cost Western Kentucky hundreds of jobs. In a lucrative real estate deal Rudolph snubbed his nose at a world-saving (at least in Calloway County) opportunity to create nearly 1,000 jobs.

Major groups like the Tennessee Valley Authority pushed Rudolph to put turning a personal profit aside in favor of permanently improving the region. Instead, he bought an 800,000 sq ft warehouse and employs one person.

That’s definitely the way Kentucky should be run! Right? Stifling job growth like crazy while parading all across the Commonwealth preaching about the importance of creating jobs.

Labor Backs Beshear, Troglodytes Freak Out

How long have we known this? Since June?

The mainstream finally catches onto the bit about labor backing Steve Beshear. Then crazies in the C-J’s comments section try to paint labor unions as evil and Steve Beshear as an immoral freedom hater.


What the heck are these people smoking?

Here’s the hilarious comment:

I will not vote for a man who believes that killing a human being is ok if that person is a burden or just unwanted, who support immorality and attacks our freedoms. So I will not vote for Beshear. The kind of world he and his ilk are trying to form is not the kind of world I want my children or grandchildren to live in.

I believe strongly that it is unions’ support of evil that is causing their decline. They always seem to support the wrong things: murder of the weak and helpless, immorality and anti-Christianity. All this for their idea of what is best for their wallets. Despicable! Too bad because unions have done so much good in the past, but now they are just rotten.

Guess these people really do exist.