Important: Matthew Shepard Act Vote Tomorrow

We never discuss hate or discrimination in Kentucky politics and that’s a shame. We’ll never hear a gubernatorial candidate or or state officer (save a few) speak out in support of ending crazy discrimination. That may change some day but we’re not holding our breath.

It’s finally here. Tomorrow, the U.S. Senate will vote on the Matthew Shepard Act (S. 1105), a force to end hate crimes in America. Unfortunately, hate-mongers are out in full force trying to spin this into a frenzy.

Contrary to popular belief among self-hating gays and Log Cabin Republicans this bill does not threaten free speech or weaken the Constitution. It won’t put preachers in jail for speaking out at the pulpit. It only applies to violent attacks based on a victim’s gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. The bill also provides funding to help law enforcement agencies investigate and prosecute violent hate crimes. It does not make hate crimes more serious than other crimes, only pushes toward eliminating discrimination.

Without this legislation hate crimes will continue to be glossed over, ignored, covered up. Most will continue to remain unprosecuted. It’s time to move into the 21st century (like the rest of the world) by telling all Americans they’ll be protected under the law. Call Sen. Jim Bunning at (202) 224-4343 and Sen. Mitch McConnell at (202) 224-2541 today. Let them know supporting S. 1105 is the right thing to do.

Rumors on the Internets: The News

She’s just a working girl. Heh. Julie McPeak, a Democrat and Fletcher panderer, is looking for a job. And is apparently afraid of Steve Beshear. [H-L]

Nothing slips by David Hawpe– unless it bores him. Fortunately, Mitch McConnell’s tripe about the MoveOn ad isn’t something that got by. He reminds us that Mitch’s poop actually stinks. Should also point out that McConnell’s disapproval rating is at an all-time high among Democrats in Kentucky. [C-J, DMKY]

The Hispanic business community catches on to Bunning’s ignorance, recognizes the importance of not giving any president unlimited power in preventing the truth to come out. [HB]

Evil liberals are evil for wanting evil health care for those who need it most. Apparently, providing care 99% of the free world provides is the downfall of society and the reason our country is going bankrupt. It has nothing to do, of course, with the trillions of dollars of debt the Bush administration has racked up. [KY Progress]

Polar ice caps aren’t melting– it’s made-up! At least that’s what a strong majority (62%) of those who approve of McConnell believe. Can’t let science get in the way of ignorance and hating the gays. When we grow up we want to base our political ideology on a knee-jerk reaction to a single issue, too! [SUSA]

Anti-Casino Ads = Winning Strategy?

Haha. Wait for it. It’s gooood.

Ernie Fletcher believes opposing casino gaming is his saving grace, says it will win the election.

Check the opening graph:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Gov. Ernie Fletcher insists his opposition to casino gambling can be a winning re-election strategy, despite polls showing Kentuckians overwhelmingly want a chance to decide the issue.

Seriously! Ernie Fletcher still believes opposing casino gaming will win the election. Even after poll after poll says otherwise. He dismisses things with “Everybody wants to vote on everything.”

Ernest Lee went on to complain about all the negative press he’s gotten:

News stories, Fletcher said, overwhelmingly recounted the hiring investigation and not his accomplishments, while hundreds of state news releases touting his administration’s work got far less attention.

Big shocker there. Right? 2,000,000 indictments of administration officials and he expects glowing reviews. He waits ’til we’re in the midst of Campaign 2007 to dole out checks and to start new projects and he expects the media to believe press releases are anything more than campaign ploys?

Holy mother of God. What is this guy smoking?

Go read the rest of Bruce Schreiner’s AP story today. It’s a laugh riot.

Autopsies, Drugs & Money

Ron Holmes, Jefferson County’s Democratic Coroner and well-known author, has lost his marbles. He’s innocent until proven guilty, of course, but there’s no way we can ignore this circus.

Holmes is under investigation for pulling a Steve Henry. Current and former deputies accuse him of using office funds for himself. More specifically, the Coroner’s office raises money for a program that buys grave markers for indigents and Holmes has allegedly spent it on God knows what.

He’s also accused of illegally seizing prescription medications from investigation scenes, requiring they be given directly to him. Holmes told WHAS11 News it’s bunk and then those accusing him produced photos of the medications inside his desk and other personal areas.

And like Steve Henry he’s (allegedly) illegally pushed for campaign contributions– demanding that his deputies donate or face losing their jobs. One of those deputies, Mark Handy, confirmed for WHAS11 that Holmes made the threats while asking for funds.

Just days later– after speaking to the media– Mark Handy was fired. Handy says it was in retaliation for speaking out and it’s difficult to believe anything else. Especially with Holmes refusing to provide justification for the termination, only saying Handy was canned for “several other reasons.” Hoo boy.

Get ready, boys and girls. The circus has just begun.

Filtering the News So You Don’t Have To

Suffering from the Steve Henry Syndrome. Sam Beverage didn’t show for ethics hearing. Said he had jury duty, the court said there was no trial. Woops. [PolWatchers]

Selective memory runs rampant. Hey, Cyberhillbilly, Mitch McConnell’s ties to China aren’t just alleged. They’re real. Read Cheves’ series in the Herald-Leader from last year for a refresher. Your boy does some shady stuff. [CH, H-L]

Jim Bunning (R-skeert of Fancy Farm) sells out. Blocks effort to prevent Bush from sealing records indefinitely. He knows where his Osama bread is buttered. And has no idea what the hell he’s doing. [Dallas News]

The state’s health is improving? What? Kentucky has the 7th highest obesity rate in the nation for adults and our children are the third-fattest. Wait. Ernest Lee, who was it that said we should walk more often and then secretly rode in a Towncar to his office– all of 500 feet away? Oh, right. [C-J]

Billion point lead? Jack Conway still leads the man with Breck girl hair by 8390283908238. Stan Lee will lose by millions of points. [C-J]

Denial maven on the loose! Some guy in Radcliff lives in the past. Believes Democratic corruption trumps that of Republicans and Ernie Fletcher. For real. Someone actually believes this. [News-Enterprise]

Healthcare not Warfare. A vigil for healthcare will be held in Louisville this Friday, September 28 from 7:00 – 8:00 P.M. 2240 Frankfort Avenue.

Beshear Barred from Kentucky Central Case

Steve Beshear doesn’t recall being kicked off the Kentucky Central case in the mid-1990s.

Here’s an excerpt:

The court-appointed liquidator of Kentucky Central at one point barred Steve Beshear from doing further work on the case and informed Beshear that his law firm would have to pay for an ethics investigation, documents show.

This comes after Beshear, the Democratic nominee for governor, has repeatedly claimed he didn’t recall anything about a secret ethics report by a Cincinnati firm, Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur. And he recently said he wasn’t aware his former firm, Stites & Harbison, paid more than $100,000 for it.

Beshear also said in an interview Friday that he didn’t remember being removed, even temporarily, from the legal process of liquidating the failed insurance giant, Kentucky Central Life Insurance Co. in the 1990s.

Selective memory? We say come clean right now so the future Beshear-Mongiardo administration isn’t tarnished.

And Ernie, before you start to salivate: Not trying to be partisan here, but, uh, your administration is over come November. Save face while you can. Steve Beshear could drop ten points and still win in a landslide. Heck, he could be the creature from Jeepers Creepers and be victorious because Kentuckians want change.

Beshear himself wants the ethics report to be released. So it can’t be that terrible.

This Kentucky Central issue won’t be your savior, Ernest Lee.