Beshear supporting gay marriage?

Get real. That’s not likely.

We’re not sure how attending a fundraiser hosted by non-heterosexual community leaders means Steve Beshear is out on the front lines fighting for gay marriage.

Ernie Fletcher’s chief spinmeister Brett Hall is attempting to demonize Beshear for not hating gay people enough and in the process is trying to trash openly gay elected officials. (Yes, Brett Hall is still in tight with Ernie)

Hall posted an invitation to a Beshear fundraiser hosted at the home of openly gay Jefferson County Judge-Executive Ken Herndon:


Without regard to the facts, Hall falsely claims, based on the invitation, that the event was in support of gay marriage and that hosts of the event claim to be married to each other. (He freaks his homophobic self out over the marriage of at least two hosts, Karen Stewart and Janice Conard. The two women were married in Canada– legally married in Canada– it’s not just a claim.)

Fact: The event was held to raise funds for Steve Beshear, not gay marriage. Sure, it was hosted by the big, scary gays. Gay people have money and we spend it just like non-gay people. Travesty, isn’t it?

Mr. Hall goes on to question Steve Beshear’s plans to undermine the “sanctity of marriage” by claiming Beshear has to have a motive for attending an event with gay people. There’s just no way on earth anyone in their right mind would be around some dirty gay folks unless they had a secret pro-gay agenda put in place to ruin marriage, right?

Maybe Beshear was just there to, you know, take their money? Hard to grasp, we know, but some politicians really like taking campaign contributions. What a shocker.

BIG GAY NEWSFLASH: It’s 2007. Gay people exist. We’re elected officials, we operate blogs, we’re in the news, we’re reporters, we host fundraisers, we’re preachers, we’re trusted campaign advisors, we’re police officers, we’re doctors, we’re lawyers, we have children, we’re political players. Heck, some of us are even *gasp* Republicans who work for people like Anne Northup and Mitch McConnell.

It’s time to get over this insane homophobia.

Update: Striking Nurses Being Replaced

Oh, yeah. That nurses strike at ARH we told you about?

Well… Appalachian Regional Healthcare has taken it upon themselves to permanently replace all 650 nurses on strike.

After so many claims of poor staffing and terrible working environments.

Way to go, ARH! Way to support your most important segment of the work force! What a way to screw over the people of Appalachia

Bluegrass Spin Zone & Wasted Space

Steve Beshear and Ernie Fletcher were asked a question about campaign finance by Herald-Leader’s PolWatchers and neither answered the question. Sure, the H-L pointed out that Fletcher’s answer was a three-part lie. But where are the answers?

ANSWER THE QUESTION. Is it that tough?

Evil gambling liberal? We get it.

Hiring scandal crook? We get it.

JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION. You’re running for the highest office in the state.

Blowing campaign finance off? Par for the course

The Courier-Journal goes a step further in the Loftus investigation of questionable campaign contributions.

After providing a refresher of some hilarious responses given by more-than-questionable donors, the C-J ponders the following:

What great one-liners. Of course, the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance should take such revelations seriously, but the agency itself is something of a joke. It hasn’t referred a suspicious donation to the attorney general’s office for further inquiry in years.

Meanwhile, a reporter looks through the records of last spring’s gubernatorial primaries and easily finds 702 contributors for whom no occupation is listed, as required by state law, not to mention a big bunch of folks, from students to receptionists, whose $1,000 contributions presumably would strain the budget.

Ding ding ding. KREF has not referred suspicious activity to the attorney general’s office in years. Recall the Steve Henry debacle during the primary this year. Did KREF refer complaints filed by Leslie Holland? No, of course not. Holland had to spend her own money getting the case directly to the attorney general’s office. The case was then referred to a prosecutor and is under investigation, no thanks to the KREF’s non-action.

It’s a sad day when an everyday citizen (or reporter) has to take it upon themselves to do the government’s job.

We really need to wake up in this state. It’s time to start paying attention to campaign finance law. It must be taken seriously if Kentucky is to be taken seriously.

Steamy, hot Tuesday goodness

Back in the USSR. Gorbachev comes to Kentucky to speak in Louisville tomorrow. Colin Powell will visit in April on his credibility restoration tour. [Hebert]

Freshly laundered money. The Associated Press picked up the campaign finance story written by Tom Loftus and dumbed it down so terribly that 99% of it disappeared. Way to go, AP, get rid of the meat. [AP via H-L]

Whistleblowing blows, man. Ernie’s whistleblower in the hiring scandal (Doug Doerting) is now helping Steve Beshear’s campaign. Ernie’s people are freaking out like there’s no tomorrow. [H-L, KY Politics]

Casino-free for one debate? Is that even possible? Billy Reed ponders whether or not it’s possible to have a gubernatorial debate without bringing up gambling. It’s certainly possible if guidelines are set. We’ve proved it here. [Billy Reed]

The facts. Make sure you have them when listening to McConnell spin about why he voted against children’s health care. [FactCheck]

Deep in the mines. The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee holds a hearing today on mine safety. All kinds of witnesses are slated to appear. Very little in the mainstream press about the matter and we’re right in the middle of Mine Central, USA. [C-J]