Kentucky Central Report Released Saturday

Ryan Alessi just reported that the Kentucky Central ethics report may be released this Saturday.

Judge Thomas Wingate leaves it up to Julie McPeak, the woman reponsible for the continued Kentucky Central liquidation. McPeak stirred controversy a couple weeks ago when she started looking for a job inside the industry she regulates.

We’ll all be waiting for the report’s release Saturday afternoon. Interesting weekend ahead, indeed.

Thursday Boring Briefing Dept

Gas gouging not okay. Attorney General Greg Stumbo’s gas gouging suit goes to state court. A federal court ruled yesterday that the $89 million suit against Marathon Oil and Speedway SuperAmerica can proceed. Never fear, some are totally happy being screwed to hell by big oil. [WLEX, KY Progress]

Reminder: CNHI has a 5-part series of answers from the gubernatorial candidates. Fletcher and Beshear sparred yesterday when answering a question about approval ratings and accountability. [Daily Times]

Heating up. Ryan Alessi points out that Steve Beshear’s former law firm is now trying to discredit the controversial Kentucky Central report. Hoo boy. It’s getting interesting. [PolWatchers]

Opposition is lame, totally expected. The Kentucky Post has a great editorial about the absurdity of Republican opposition to SCHIP. Geoff Davis, Mitch McConnell, Jim Bunning: the paper says your objections are not overwhelming. And also make it a point to state the bill is not socialized medicine. [KY Post]

Awful debate. Watch the gubernatorial “debate” last night? What a horrible format! We could barely watch and we’re people who live for this stuff. Though it was interesting to watch Ernie Fletcher blame Democrats of the past for his inability to do anything in his first and only term as governor? We suggest watching KET’s first gubernatorial debate on Kentucky Tonight to make up for watching last evening’s boring event. [Gleaner, KET]

Speaking of the debate. What is Brett Hall smoking these days? Maybe the ganja he railed against yesterday? To quote him, “Combined with his uncertain delivery, Beshear came off a loser last night.” What on earth? Is it possible to even drink that much Fletcher Kool-Aid? Hall, if you’ll recall, was “fired” by Ernie Fletcher in 2006 for using extreme profanity during a press conference. He’s now running a blog where he filters anyone able to refute him. [Gag]

Saying no to big box stores. A Lebanon man has begun a mission to stop Wal-Mart’s ridiculous behavior. The company has been blasting near his property for months, causing measurable damage and untold aggravation. So he he decided to stand up against it all. Guess some people don’t enjoy allowing Wal-Mart to destroy more than the local economy? [C-J]

Pat Crowley: What’s going on here?

We’re usually fans of Pat Crowley because he’s one of the few people who actually reports in Northern Kentucky.

But today? Seems like he’s using his column to promote the crazy Vets for Freedom group whether he means to or not. Here’s the headline and the first couple paragraphs of his column:

Vets for Freedom to rally in support of Iraq efforts

Vets for Freedom, a group that backs the war in Iraq, is hosting a town hall meeting at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 16 at the Walton National Guard post near Interstate 75 in Walton.

The organization describes itself as “a nonpartisan organization established by combat veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan” with a mission to “educate the American public about the importance of achieving success in these conflicts.”

For more information log on to

Where’s his usual journalistic desire to question everything? VFF gets described as a nonpartisan organization with no mention to the contrary. Like it’s copied and pasted directly from a press release.

No mention that the group is heavily tied to Bush’s PR firm.

No mention of VFF’s Executive Director Pete Hegseth and his mission to cover up and make excuses for the outrageous soldier suicide rate while it’s the highest that it’s been in the U.S. Army in more than 26 years.

Now’s the perfect time to re-watch Andrew Horne’s appearance on Live with Dan Abrams from August 16th. Horne was on with Hegseth to discuss soldier suicide rates. Hegseth did his level best to spin the facts with no success, the entire time trying to refute the Army’s figures on suicide.

Far cry from educating the public about the importance of achieving success in Iraq, eh?

We hope Pat follows up on the Vets for Freedom visit to Kentucky without allowing the group’s controversial and questionable past to slip by the wayside.

Education in Kentucky: Still National Laughingstock

Yesterday national blog Wonkette brought a story to readers’ attention about the reading levels at which journalists write. The story quotes an internal Cleveland Plain Dealer memo discussing the importance of dumbing everything down. Included in the memo? The following horrible quote that brings about the embarrassing state of education in Kentucky:

As a final note, years ago, when John Carroll was editor in Lexington, he refused to publish a series, Cheating Our Children, about the poor education in Kentucky until the writers got it down to grade level THREE. You can’t write respectable journalism at the third-grade level, can you? The series was a Pulitzer finalist, won several major awards and, most importantly, led to a revolution in the Kentucky educational system.

This is STILL the impression outsiders have of our beautiful Bluegrass state. We’re ignorant hicks who can’t read beyond a third grade level.

Sure, this story merely makes the case for dumbing crap down by reminding folks of the ‘Cheating Our Children’ series. But it’s damaging to our image and reputation.

Perfect example of why our leaders need to step up to the plate. If we don’t immediately improve our image– we never will.

Kentuckians Protest Bush SCHIP Veto

Dozens of people showed up in Louisville during today’s rush hour to protest President Bush’s veto of children’s health insurance program SCHIP. Their purpose was to pressure Sen. Mitch McConnell to override the Bush veto.

Fox41 News has once again proved their dedication to the community by covering the story. Unlike their national counterpart, the Louisville station doesn’t distort the facts and has done a great job covering politics the past couple years. Send Fox41 your thanks for their continued coverage of issues that matter to Kentuckians.

Endless Summer, Endless Humidity Deathtrap

From the Ohio Valley Sucks Sometimes Dept

More election corruption. Bath County Sheriff pleaded guilty to perjury. Randy Armitage plead to one count of perjury in U.S. District Court yesterday. Turns out he lied to a federal grand jury about vote buying. He’s now out of a job. Who’ll take the helm? [H-L]

Insurance companies scheme policy holders? Shocking! Heh. Allstate rigged a computer program to produce low valuations for injury claims, sent fraudulent info to state regulators to hide their corruption and accepted lawsuits over claims as a cost of doing business. No one blinks an eye, no one is surprised. [H-L]

The H-L has launched a new blog called ASK US that focuses on answering readers’ questions about the bluegrass. Linda Niemi and Lu-Ann Farrar are at the helm. [Ask Us]

The poor, poor smokers. Jim Bunning shares his take on SCHIP and cigarette taxes. Let’s just say he doesn’t hate big tobacco. [C-J]

Disaster area. Kentucky has been declared a federal disaster area thanks to drought. Dept. of Agriculture declared all 120 counties disaster areas, enabling farmers to apply for emergency loans. This is in part thanks to a letter Mitch McConnell sent to Sec. of Ag. Mike Johanns last month. [H-L]