Breaking: Spillman Suspended Indefinitely from Cardinals

Following up on a story Page One broke in August…

The University of Louisville wide receiver JaJuan Spillman has been indefinitely suspended from the Cardinals football team.

Rumors abound. Is this a result of his accident in January? Who knows?


UPDATE @ 6:00

UofL’s Coach Steve Kragthorpe is keeping his lips zipped tightly. Here’s part of the Courier-Journal’s update:

Kragthorpe wouldn’t say whether those charges were related to this suspension but did talk about how hard it is to discipline players. He has dismissed at least four players since the end of spring practice.

“You have to look at the situation from an objective standpoint and not an emotional standpoint,” he said. “And you also have to look at the timeline and look at all the different things that have transpired.

“The easy decision is to just let a guy go right away. The hard decision is when you have to continually look at things and try to continually help a young man and you basically come to the end of the rope where you say, ‘We can’t do this anymore.’”

Sounds like Spillman has been a problem-and-a-half or hasn’t been living up to his end of the deal.

P.S. Many rumors floating around about Spillman possibly having been in the vehicle with Willie Williams at the time of his arrest. If that’s true? OH SNAP.

Fletcher Administration Hemmoraging with Ignorance?

Ernie Fletcher’s dying administration and reelection campaign has completely lost it. Lost. It.

They’ve filed an anonymous complaint with the Executive Branch Ethics Commission against Attorney General Greg Stumbo alleging violations of the ethics code in the investigation of Fletcher’s hiring practices.

The complaint allegedy compares AG Stumbo to Mike Nifong (former NC prosecutor of Duke Lacrosse case fame), something Ernie Fletcher himself did during Kentucky Tonight on September 17.

What the complaint probably doesn’t mention is that Fletcher admitted the investigation was proper and necessary last year.

An anonymous complaint. Way to go. Way to be forthcoming. Does anyone really think this will help Fletcher get the vote?

What Wendell Berry Thinks is Important?

We don’t consider ourselves fans of gambling either but does anyone really care what Wendell Berry thinks about Kentucky politics? The man practically admitted during the primary to being a single-issue voter– said he supported Miller because of his stance against mountaintop removal. (Where’s Miller on this issue now, anyway?)

Berry, 73, told the newspaper in an interview at his Henry County home, that he still felt political dismay, but planned on voting for Democratic candidates in the Nov. 6 election.

That’s news?

The Meaningful Collateral

May be uncharacteristic of a few journo-politicos to love sports. But we have a confession to make: they’re what we secretly live for. Pigeon poop, mary jane eating, being a MAN!, being 40! and all.

If you love sports like we do? Check out The Meaningful Collateral. It’s a great new sports blog with maybe the funniest podcasts in existence. The site is run by professionals but they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Give them a visit for all your sports-related kicks. We have a feeling you’ll enjoy it.