Labor Backs Beshear, Troglodytes Freak Out

How long have we known this? Since June?

The mainstream finally catches onto the bit about labor backing Steve Beshear. Then crazies in the C-J’s comments section try to paint labor unions as evil and Steve Beshear as an immoral freedom hater.


What the heck are these people smoking?

Here’s the hilarious comment:

I will not vote for a man who believes that killing a human being is ok if that person is a burden or just unwanted, who support immorality and attacks our freedoms. So I will not vote for Beshear. The kind of world he and his ilk are trying to form is not the kind of world I want my children or grandchildren to live in.

I believe strongly that it is unions’ support of evil that is causing their decline. They always seem to support the wrong things: murder of the weak and helpless, immorality and anti-Christianity. All this for their idea of what is best for their wallets. Despicable! Too bad because unions have done so much good in the past, but now they are just rotten.

Guess these people really do exist.

Fashion Emergency! PLEASE HELP

Dear people who wear nice clothing and the gays who make it possible:

Tragedy has struck. Jake accidentally lost like 50lbs and none of his suits and jackets fit.

He is in need of a tailor in the Louisville (or Washington, D.c.) area. Stat.


Stan Lee: Please ask the gays who care for your Breck girl hair if they know any reputable tailors.

WBKO’s Chris Allen Losing His Job?

From the Story That Won’t Die Dept

The Bowling Green Daily News reports on the ongoing saga of WBKO weatherman Chris Allen and the infamous breast milk video.

WBKO botched the situation by trying to cover things up, perpetuating the desire of millions to view the questionable video footage. It sent threats to people (us) who weren’t violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The station has acted from day one like this is the end of the broadcasting world. Station managers won’t even respond to our request for details relating to their outrageous cease & desist demands.

Instead of embracing the situation for what it is– a potential publicity dream come true– WBKO has continued to throw common sense to the wind and have embraced the role of media prude. (Hey, that role is reserved exclusively for US!)

Now we learn from WBKO General Manager and Vice President Rick McCue that Allen may be out of a job:

It is not clear when Allen will return on-air to AM Kentucky or other broadcasts on WBKO, McCue said.

McCue said he would not go into detail about Allen’s on-air return because it is a personnel matter.

How ridiculous is this? Via not-so-veiled language we can discern WBKO and some closed-minded media consultants are actually considering Allen’s termination. For what? Being human? What a sad shame. What a sad, cowardly shame.

Contact WBKO today to let them know you support Chris Allen and want to see him on-air.

Spillman Case Goes to Trial

It’s a day of updates for us, so….

To update the story Page One broke last month about UofL wide receiver JaJuan Spillman: after several continuances his case is going to trial.

Spillman was arrested earlier this year after an automobile accident and was charged with driving under the influence and being in possession of marijuana (9.3 grams, a misdemeanor.)

Reminder: Media Ignoring Discrimination by Kentucky Farm Bureau

We remind you that only one major media outlet has paid attention to the story of Todd Eklof being fired by Kentucky Farm Bureau for supporting gay marriage.

One outlet. WHAS11.

Sam Moore, Kentucky Farm Bureau’s former president and current Board member admitted that Eklof was fired for supporting gay rights. KFB admitted it. And it falls to the wayside. Every media outlet in the state has turned a blind eye.

Why is the media afraid of this story? Does it have anything to do with the large amount of KFB advertising dollars? KFB’s 21 lobbyists, 8 of whom are active and key players in Frankfort? Maybe the $40,000 Hunter Bates was paid in 2004-2005 by KFB? Note to media: if WHAS11 can cover it? You, too, can cover it!

What is going on?

If you’re not talking about this with everyone you know– you’re complicit.