Kentucky Central: Not bad news for Beshear after all

PolWatchers has this gem of a quote from Judge Richard A. Revell regarding the Kentucky Central investigation:

“The thing I strongly remember was that Steve Beshear and others at Stites & Harbison were off the case for a while, but I recommended them come back on,” he said. “I even ended up recommending an increased rate of $10 or $15 an hour.”

Revell said despite the critical report, he “came to the conclusion that there was no ethics violation by Stites & Harbison.”

Revell is retired from the Circuit Court and served as special master over the Kentucky Central issue. He is a Fletcher supporter and contributor. Isn’t it telling that the man in charge had such positive feelings about Steve Beshear at the time and recommended a raise for Stites & Harbison? Yeah.

Continue foaming at the mouth, folks. This isn’t bad for Steve Beshear like you said it would be.

Friday: It’s Still Summer in October

Debate reading til election day. It’s day 3 of the CNHI 5-part series on gubernatorial candidates Beshear and Fletcher. Much better than the PolWatchers debate where neither candidate are adult enough to simply answer questions without getting into a pissing contest. [Daily Times, PolWatchers]

Fletcher has a supporter in Brandenburg. Did you know that Ernie “cut waste” and now we’re a “national model”? Yeah, and all the negativity surrounding Ernie is thanks to the “liberal media.” No matter how often the witch hunt terminology is repeated it doesn’t stick. [News-Enterprise]

Making Stuff Up Dept. Billy Reed goes to work for Greg Stumbo and Brett Hall freaks out. Never seen someone try as hard as Brett when it comes to spinning, defaming and filtering. [KY Politics, H-L]

Do it again. This story about Fletcher going negative is worth a read again. Especially the parts where Vicki Glass tells the truth and Fletcher folks won’t admit they’re feeling dumb for jumping on the anti-casino bandwagon. [C-J]

Sky is falling. The ethics report comes tomorrow and the H-L says it’ll be highly critical of Beshear’s law firm. The tens of remaining Fletcher supporters are foaming at the mouth, not realizing Beshear’s lead will barely fade (if at all). [H-L]

Confused? Remember that story about CATS scores being confusing? Yeah? Good. Because every newspaper in the state has a different story with a different angle. Not the least bit confusing, nah. [C-J]

Another plate? Kentucky is unveiling an Abraham Lincoln license plate in honor of his bicentennial birthday. How many plates do we have in Kentucky now? And what’s next on the plate menu? [News-Enterprise]

McConnell on Radio: Democrats are bad, MoveOn sucks, Yay Eye-Rack, we’re turning into France

Mitch McConnell appeared on a right-wing web radio show called Blog Talk/Heading Right yesterday with host Ed Morrissey. As Kentuckians, we thought you’d like to take a listen to McConnell’s segment of the show:



McConnell said Kentuckians would pay $600 million in new taxes for SCHIP but neglected to mention it would be in the form of a cigarette tax– something that is voluntary.

He said “anytime the Democrats talk about ‘the children’ you know they’re talking about some other cause” – then said they’re trying to take people off private insurance and put them on the government teat. First: What the heck do you mean the Democrats use “the children” as a front? Have you ever paid attention? It’s a two-way street, buddy, and the Republicans have always used “the children” to scare the bejeezus out of people. Second: Taking people off private insurance plans? Uh, I believe they were allowing people who, you know, don’t have insurance to benefit. Way to spin.

Interesting that McConnell used his constituents in Kentucky in defense of not supporting SCHIP but didn’t mention that his constituents want us out of Iraq when he discussed whether or not the Senate would vote for an exit. Does he actually know or care what his constituents desire?

MoveOn was brought up (someone must’ve struck a nerve) and McConnell went on to say Iraq was responsible for 9/11, the USS Cole, etc. WTF, indeed.

The best part is the end of the segment when the Senator says “this Congress” is only about rewarding its friends. (“Plaintiff Lawyers and Organized Labor Bosses”) Pot, meet Kettle. (Big Business, Mega Insurance, Big Oil, Big War Contractors, Halliburton, KBR, et al)

And apparently “they” (the Democrats) want to “turn us into France when even the French are having second thoughts.” HAHAHA. Oh man.

Controversial Scott Jennings Returns

KY Politics reports that scandalous Scott Jennings is returning to Kentucky. He’ll be working for PR firm Peritus which is owned by well-known Tim Mulloy and Bob Gunnell.

Many will remember him as being heavily involved in Ernie Fletcher’s 2003 race for governor and McConnell’s 2002 senate bid.

Jennings, present Deputy Director of Political Affairs for Dubya (Karl Rove protégé), has a controversial recent past. He got caught up in the General Services Administration ordeal early this year and allegedly played a key role the U.S. Attorney firing scandal.

Jennings was one of the White House officials who used a non-government RNC e-mail address to conduct official business. He used the e-mail address to do things like communicate with Justice Dept. folks regarding the appointment of Rove underlings as U.S. Attorneys.

Mr. Jennings was subpoenaed in March by the House & Senate Judiciary Subcommittees and subsequently pulled executive privilege, effectively refusing to testify.

Sounds like he’s just the kind of guy businesses and organizations will reach out to, right?

Jim Waters: Is this the best we can do?

Jim Waters’ column this week tackles the issue of failure in the Fletcher Administration. Something everyone can read without completely freaking out.

Is this the best we can do?

By Jim Waters

As this year’s gubernatorial campaign unfolds in all of its benign beauty, I keep coming back to the same question: “Is this the best Kentucky can do?”

One political hack – this one a Republican from Meade County – thinks so. She called me last week and sprung this gusher: The incumbent and former physician-pilot-preacher-turned-politician Ernie Fletcher is “the greatest governor we’ve ever had.”

I suspected she based her opinion on reasons beyond political success, leadership, competent advisers or charisma – all of which remain glaringly absent from the current administration.

Read moreJim Waters: Is this the best we can do?

Kentucky Central Report Released Saturday

Ryan Alessi just reported that the Kentucky Central ethics report may be released this Saturday.

Judge Thomas Wingate leaves it up to Julie McPeak, the woman reponsible for the continued Kentucky Central liquidation. McPeak stirred controversy a couple weeks ago when she started looking for a job inside the industry she regulates.

We’ll all be waiting for the report’s release Saturday afternoon. Interesting weekend ahead, indeed.

Thursday Boring Briefing Dept

Gas gouging not okay. Attorney General Greg Stumbo’s gas gouging suit goes to state court. A federal court ruled yesterday that the $89 million suit against Marathon Oil and Speedway SuperAmerica can proceed. Never fear, some are totally happy being screwed to hell by big oil. [WLEX, KY Progress]

Reminder: CNHI has a 5-part series of answers from the gubernatorial candidates. Fletcher and Beshear sparred yesterday when answering a question about approval ratings and accountability. [Daily Times]

Heating up. Ryan Alessi points out that Steve Beshear’s former law firm is now trying to discredit the controversial Kentucky Central report. Hoo boy. It’s getting interesting. [PolWatchers]

Opposition is lame, totally expected. The Kentucky Post has a great editorial about the absurdity of Republican opposition to SCHIP. Geoff Davis, Mitch McConnell, Jim Bunning: the paper says your objections are not overwhelming. And also make it a point to state the bill is not socialized medicine. [KY Post]

Awful debate. Watch the gubernatorial “debate” last night? What a horrible format! We could barely watch and we’re people who live for this stuff. Though it was interesting to watch Ernie Fletcher blame Democrats of the past for his inability to do anything in his first and only term as governor? We suggest watching KET’s first gubernatorial debate on Kentucky Tonight to make up for watching last evening’s boring event. [Gleaner, KET]

Speaking of the debate. What is Brett Hall smoking these days? Maybe the ganja he railed against yesterday? To quote him, “Combined with his uncertain delivery, Beshear came off a loser last night.” What on earth? Is it possible to even drink that much Fletcher Kool-Aid? Hall, if you’ll recall, was “fired” by Ernie Fletcher in 2006 for using extreme profanity during a press conference. He’s now running a blog where he filters anyone able to refute him. [Gag]

Saying no to big box stores. A Lebanon man has begun a mission to stop Wal-Mart’s ridiculous behavior. The company has been blasting near his property for months, causing measurable damage and untold aggravation. So he he decided to stand up against it all. Guess some people don’t enjoy allowing Wal-Mart to destroy more than the local economy? [C-J]