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From a reliable source: Steve Beshear will report more than $4million raised on his October report with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. That amount doesn’t include what’s been raised in the KDP’s coffers. His downtown Louisville fundraiser tonight will allegedly be the largest in the campaign’s history. [Source]

Ernie Fletcher features another gambling addict in an ad. This time from Kansas City, MO. Here’s the ad. We’re tired of commercials. Is it November yet? [C-J’s Arena, The Internets]

Political Wire says Kentucky Republicans are in trouble. Kentuckians roll their eyes, not surprised. [Political Wire]

Funny. No, Louisville isn’t “Yarmuth Liberal” – it’s a heck of a lot more liberal than John. That’s for certain. [BGRS]

Even Richmond is talking about McConnell & Rogers being on the most corrupt list. [Richmond Register]

Moving on? Steve Henry’s long-time campaign guy and former treasurer Greg Schell has left his political consulting life. He’s moved on to Louisville’s Arison Insurance Services, Inc as a sales executive. Prediction: the Henry money pot has dried up. [C-J]

Come on, Kentucky! Get rich quick schemes are just that— schemes. No pyramid crap, either. Don’t listen to the lady in the coffee shop trying to turn you into “travel agent” unless she’s registered with the Attorney General’s office. [Consumer Affairs]

Todd Eklof & Kentucky Farm Burea: Vindication

For a refresher, please see the previous story about Eklof and KFB.

Kudos to WHAS11 for FINALLY reporting the Todd Eklof story!

Will the rest of the media see the light? Will we get to read the full story in print?

We’re not holding our breath. But we encourage readers to send their thanks to WHAS11 for shining light on an important matter that’s gotten the cold shoulder from everyone else.

Statement from WBKO’s Chris Allen

“This video – which was never intended to be seen outside of the station – was part of a joke that was played on me during a lighter moment off the air several years ago. I regret that a former employee has decided it is something that everyone should see and took the liberty of posting it on the internet. I am embarrassed by the whole ordeal and humbly apologize for anyone offended by my actions.”

We won’t link to the open letter posted on WBKO’s website, lest they send a cease & desist letter. You’ll have to Google around.

Needless to say, it sucks that this video has seen public light by causing embarassment, sure. We’re a part of that suckiness. But it’s pop culture and is the current center of attention. What’s worse, the station was in denial mode and has taken the wrong initiative to quash the story. By threatening hundreds of people they’ve pushed it to the center of public attention like you’ll see on MSNBC’s Dan Abrams.

We’re sorry Allen has felt embarassment from his video snafu. We don’t think he should be ashamed and we definitely don’t think he should have been punished. If anything, it’s made him one popular television personality. Hopefully this is the end of the story.

BREAKING: Did Trey Grayson take advantage of a dying man?

Court documents allege McConnell protégé Charles Merwin Grayson III or current Secretary of State Trey Grayson took advantage of William T. Hofler who was on his death bed. The man’s daughter, Bridget Hofler-Saunders, says the will of her father was changed two months before his death as a result of undue influence by Trey and his cohort John Elfers.

Mr. Hofler was diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2001 and began a fierce treatment of chemotherapy along with the painkiller OxyContin. Yet he was mysteriously able to change his last will and testament in March of that year to exclude his daughter for “personal reasons.” He died two months later.

Who became executors of the estate? None other than former Kenton County Attorney John Elfers and Trey Grayson. They were suddenly in control of millions of dollars.

Hofler’s daughter, Bridget, sued Trey (et al) for unduly influencing her father and won.

As part of the suit, Bridget’s attorney had Homer Parrent render an opinion about whether or not Trey had pursued sufficient steps to assure himself that Mr. Hofler was not unduly influenced in connection with the preparation and execution of his will. Turns out Mr. Grayson may have influenced Mr. Hofler and Parrent cited (in this letter to Bridget’s attorney) a litany of examples. He also cited legal opinions from multiple Kentucky Appellate Court cases in which, well, the very same thing had occured and turned out to be shady. Not boding so well for Trey and his co-defendants.

The real juicy bit of this story: Trey Grayson wrote a letter to John Elfers warning him that Bridget could challenge her father’s will on grounds that he was unduly influenced. To quote, “For instance, she might raise questions about her father’s competency or about any indue(sic) influence exercised by you in attempt to invalidate the will and to prevent the distribution of the probate estate…” In the letter Grayson detailed the statutes of limitation he had researched in an attempt to alleviate concern that Bridget had any leg to stand on. Reading the letter could easily lead you to believe that Trey and Elfers were trying their darnedest to cut her out completely.

And in this final document Bridget Hofler-Saunders got what was hers. In exchange for forever releasing Trey Grayson individually and in his capacity as co-executor.

Did Trey Grayson influence his client when he knew his client was unable to make sound decisions? The court documents certainly lead one to believe so.

What do you think?

Note: Our apologies for the huge document sizes. In order to maintain legible quality, the PDF documents needed to be super-big. Let us know if you have any difficulty reading them. They’ll require Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later.

WBKO Freaks Out, Damage Control Galore

WBKO’s Business Manager sent us the following message:

From: Paula Phelps
Subject: Copyright Infringement

This e-mail serves as notification that the video in the
story Bowling Green Weatherman’s Mistake at the URL:
belongs to WBKO-TV and has not been authorized for use on your

Please remove it immediately. Please contact myself or Rick McCue,
Vice President and General Manager at 2727 Russellville Rd., Bowling
Green, KY 42101. 270-781-1313 or
I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials
described above was not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent
or the law. œI swear, under penalty of perjury, that the
information in the notification is accurate and that I am the
copyright owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an
exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

/s/ Paula Phelps
Paula Phelps, Business Mgr, WBKO TV

Are they really trying to cover this up?

Page One isn’t hosting any of the copyrighted material ourselves. We would happily comply with removal if we did, in fact, host it. We merely provide links to the material. It’s hosted by hundreds of websites like YouTube, Google Video, TinyPic/TinyVideo, MySpace, Facebook, MetroMojo, the Oxygen network, the Oprah Winfrey Show (which actually called us in an attempt to obtain a copy of the video), TMZ, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN.

Matter of fact, a quick Google search returns more than 198,000 hits for “bowling green weatherman.” We’ve found more than 100 instances on YouTube alone.

Further, if the station meant to imply that they want us to remove hyperlinks– wouldn’t it be beneficial to say so in a letter? We’d oblige. Hopefully they’ll clear the matter up.

Surely Page One is not being singled out and WBKO has sent cease and desist letters to all outlets that actually host the alleged copyrighted material on their own servers.