Desperate Fletcher Releases Document. Still No Traction.

As we reported yesterday, the Fletcher campaign has been desperately trying to discredit all assessments and facts related to the Kentucky Central non-scandal.

Well, they released it. It’s a 20-page PowerPoint (PDF) alleging it refutes all of Beshear’s/Stites’ claims.

All that hype for this? We’re disappointed, Ernest! Thought there was gonna be bombshell evidence that would damage the Beshear campaign?

This is no Enron, boys. Sorry.

Anti-McConnell Ads Make an Impact

A story in today’s Courier-Journal examines the more-than-a-year-early attacks on Senator Mitch McConnell. He’s been under attack since the beginning of 2007 and rightly so.

We could go on and on but these words from Dale Emmons really sums everything up quite nicely:

…Dale Emmons, a Democratic consultant in Richmond, Ky., said the sponsors of the anti-McConnell ads “are definitely not wasting their money.”

“What it’s done is, it’s made people talk about Mitch and pay attention to Mitch,” Emmons said. “I think it’s setting the stage for a one-on-one race with somebody.” The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has run just one ad against McConnell, attacking his support for President Bush’s Iraq war policies.

Tuesday: Summer is finally ending!

No chance, Ernest Lee. Republican pundit John David Dyche says Ernie Fletcher doesn’t have a chance on any level. He actually provides examples. Great list of Fletcher failures. [C-J]

Never supporting workers. Fletcher takes on Mongiardo for supporting nurses in eastern Kentucky. [C-J]

Merit scandal part two? Improper hiring investigation leads to Treasurer Jonathan Miller’s office. Miller is accused of hiring a Republican for a check printing job instead of offering it to inside employees first. His office is contesting the claim and Fletcher’s Personnel Cabinet honcho is crapping himself. [H-L]

Beef? What? The Courier-Journal tells voters they may ignore the Kentucky Central issue because it is a desperate re-election attempt of Ernie Fletcher attempting to damage Steve Beshear. [C-J]

Just an A. Mark Nickolas points out that Steve Beshear has received an A rating from the National Rifle Association, effectively squashing Fletcher’s complaints that Beshear will take away yer guns. [BGR]

What’s this? Democrats may kinda actually agree with David Adams for a change? Adams now writes for the Bluegrass Institute and yesterday he took on a charter schools bill that died in the Senate. Brings up the Academy of Math and Science at WKU that we should all learn more about. [BIPPS]

If you missed KET’s debate among the candidates for Attorney General last night? Don’t forget to check it out.

The Media Gives Back

Sean Bartel - Cystic Fibrosis EventFor once we’re not complaining! We’re praising someone. With all the flack we give the media these days it’s only appropriate to recognize when a member of the press goes out of their way to give back.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation held its annual 65 Roses Ball on Saturday and WHAS11’s Sean Bartel served as the emcee. The black tie affair raised thousands of dollars for CF research and was a total hoot thanks to Bartel’s sense of humor and rapport with the crowd. Okay, all the wine didn’t hurt either.

This is what we love about Kentucky. Everyone comes together for a common cause. Even members of the press. The Bluegrass State is remarkable.

Check out our sister site The ‘Ville Voice for more on Saturday’s event.

Stan Lee: Caught in a Lie

KET hosted a televised debate last night among Kentucky’s candidates for Attorney General. Jack Conway and Stan Lee made for great entertainment. We didn’t once fall asleep like we did during last week’s gubernatorial debate on NBC!

There were many instances in which Jack Conway literally smoked Stan Lee, repeatedly calling him out for bigotry and extremism. Our favorite moment, though, was when Conway caught Lee in a lie about representing a mega insurance company.

Priceless, isn’t it?

Stephanie Steitzer questioned both candidates about their inconsistencies. Conway addressed Frank Simon’s endorsement of Democratic candidates (and Stan Lee, the extremist, demagogue and zealot– he says it’s fine for us to call him that) and says he wouldn’t stand with Simon.

Oh, Stan! Our precious Breck Girl! The citizens do think you’re an extremist. That’s why you’re trailing severely in the polls.

We won’t even get into the discussion on the marriage amendment and speak of the liberal gays. Just go watch the full debate at KET’s website.

A Desperate Fletcher Vows to Release Document Damaging to Beshear

Please hold your laughter.

Ernie Fletcher’s re-election campaign is having a field day trying to spin the release of the Kentucky Central report as wholly negative for Steve Beshear. Try as they might, it’s not working.

The campaign’s latest e-mail blast spends seven paragraphs attempting to obfuscate the facts, accusing Beshear of making excuses and coming up with distortions. We’re no experts here, but we haven’t seen Beshear trying to spin this anywhere. The only thing Steve Beshear has said is that he felt he handled things appropriately.

End of the e-mail is the best: “A report providing documentary evidence refuting Steve Beshear’s claims will be provided tomorrow.” That’s right. The Fletcher campaign (ahem, Larry Forgy) thinks it can push out a document– from a campaign, no less– to refute what has already been examined and for the most part resolved.

Hoo boy. This should be entertaining.