Strange Behavior Daily Briefing Dept

Kentucky businesses suck. Or they’re dumb. Right? Putting super-personal records in the hands of thieves seems like the coolest thing 121 Kentucky businesses could think of doing. We love it. Thanks for screwing the folks of the Commonwealth. [H-L]

Not surprising. The White House is withholding hundreds of Abramoff documents from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Could Geoff Davis be mentioned in those hundreds of pages? We hear that’s a distinct possibility. [Gubmint]

Still gunning for McConnell. Schumer has his sights set on Mitch. [TPM]

Nationals taking notice. A Rarity: All Major Newspapers in Kentucky Back Democrat for Governor. No one endorses poor Ernest Lee. [Editor & Publisher]

Beverage alert. The male Principal of Bethlehem (Catholic) High School in Bardstown was cited on prostitution charges in Louisville’s West End. You read it right. Prostitution. The catch? He was dressed as a woman wearing black leather, fishnet stockings and faux breasts. Life doesn’t get any better than this, folks. [WAVE3, C-J]

Trick-or-Treating with Ernest Lee!

Have children? Oh man. Put on your Lary Craig mask and drive as quickly as you can to Frankfort. Glenna’s giving out candy at the governor’s mansion.

From the New York Times:

“We always get about 1,200 trick-or-treaters at the governor’s mansion; this year we are giving them gummy finger puppets, gum-ball eyeballs, candy corn and SweeTarts. And the cabinet secretaries all come and run their own trick-or-treat booths on the lawn.”

Glenna Fletcher, first lady of Kentucky

Okay. Candy corn and SweeTarts? Come on! That’s the best we can do?

Hate to be partisan here, but… Steve & Jane will be giving out much better candy at the mansion next year. When it comes to kids on Halloween– shock & awe is the way to go.

H/T Consuming Louisville. Thanks!

Halloween Briefing Dept

Revisionist History. Larry Dale Keeling takes offense at Ernie Fletcher’s claim that his illegal merit firing hit list was a “promotions list.” Ernest Lee would never let little things like facts get in the way of telling a remarkable, lie-filled story or two. [KyKurmudgeon]

More Anti-Mitch Fever. Chris Cillizza of The Fix gets it right and wrong on Mitch McConnell. Wrong: most Kentuckians are not ideologically in tune with McConnell. Right: he’s a fundraising giant who plays dirty. And there a lot of people waiting in the wings to take him on. [The Fix]

We’re still talking about casinos? What? Casinos aren’t the scary devil Ernie Fletcher says they are? Someone must be on crack to suggest such a thing. Crime rates that fell after casinos came to town? What? [C-J]

Ernie lied again. He takes credit for staffing and care improvements in nursing homes. But John Cheves calls him out, Nobody, including Fletcher, knows whether staffing and care have improved in the state’s roughly 300 nursing homes, or whether they have gotten worse or stayed the same.” Ruh ro. [H-L]

Paying Attention. Ashley Cecil paints a picture of fair trade most of us ignore throughout our daily lives. And she examines realities which keep people poor and unable to participate in the “free” market. More importantly, this painting activist donates a good deal of profit from her artwork to charitable causes. [Painting Activist]

When it rains. Steve Henry’s hack ignorantly rails against libraries in Louisville. Reading her rant not only made our eyes bug out but left us feeling like we were listening to Henry himself blabber on. While reading and re-reading her letter to the editor we were only able to wonder if this woman– the person who has served as treasurer of Henry’s illegally-used senate campaign account– couldn’t make a better use of her time. The C-J must have printed this letter for the sheer humor. P.S. Evy: no-call lists don’t apply to politics. [C-J]

Thoughts for Linda Greenwell

It’s not often a candidate for higher constitutional office in Kentucky has to leave the campaign trail and when it happens it’s usually for a serious reason.

As most readers have heard by now Republican candidate for Auditor Linda Greenwell has had to leave her campaign in the hands of her very competent supporters. Unfortunately, her elderly mother is hospitalized with pneumonia and complications stemming from COPD. A press release indicated her mother’s condition will sadly not improve.

What an unfortunate time for life to happen. The final week before election day is always the most exciting for a candidate and their staff.  We hope Ms. Greenwell’s group of people are able to find some enjoyment these next six days.

Should go without saying our warmest of thoughts go to the Greenwell family. We encourage you to send words of encouragement and support to Linda via her campaign website.

RPK Breaking Campaign Finance Law

We’ve given the Republican Party of Kentucky the benefit of the doubt about correcting an error for several months. More than enough time has passed for the RPK to correct any mistake made. So it’s time to talk about it.

For months upon months the RPK has sent blast e-mails advocating the election of Ernie Fletcher (and other Republican candidates) to thousands of Kentuckians. Fine and dandy, right? Well, there’s a glaring problem the party has neglected to remedy and it’s the lack of a “Paid for By/Authorized By” declaration required and mandated by Kentucky Revised Statues 121— otherwise known as campaign finance law.

Sure, it’s a simple omission. But it’s a simple omission that happens over and over and over again. A simple omission that could cause the RPK a number of headaches with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. An omission for which there is no excuse. Not when it comes to a huge state political party representing millions of individuals.

Jim Waters: What the devil does the doctor mean?

You’ll notice Jim Waters’ column is now published a week later on Page One. This is as a courtesy to an unnamed print publication we believe is remarkable and want to succeed in every way possible. If we were being asked to bow for a Gannett or Clear Channel-owned publication we’d be foaming at the mouth with a different story. Thank goodness Kentucky is home to some great journalism we’re proud to support. Readers should feel encouraged to scout out their local alternative weekly newspapers.

What the devil does the doctor mean?

By Jim Waters

The devil’s missing from Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s latest proposal to bring medical-liability reform to Kentucky.

His plan creates an “independent board of medical professionals” to determine the merit of lawsuits against doctors. But the details – where the devil lies – remain ghost-like. Perhaps the devil got all caught up in Halloween, or maybe he’s “gone down to Georgia” to fiddle around.

The governor began his administration promoting capping noneconomic damages in medical-malpractice lawsuits. Apparently, he’s given up on being able to get that idea through a legislature filled with lawyer-legislators.

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