From MSNBC to Talking Points Memo: Anti-Mitch Fever

Everyone is abuzz with recent news that Mitch McConnell is vulnerable when put up against almost any Democrat.

It may have something to do with his unwavering support of the death trap that is Iraq, his hypocritical hatred of gays, his tight connection with red China or, well, almost anything else.

But one thing is certain: anti-Mitch fever has caught on and no amount of Clinton-calibre red Chinese money can turn things around for him.

Links: MSNBC, Political Wire, Talking Points Memo

Source: Grayson Running Scared

Is Republican Secretary of State Trey Grayson running scared? He’s released a new campaign commercial promoting his newspaper endorsements and trashing his Democratic opponent Bruce Hendrickson.

The latest polling from the Herald-Leader had Grayson six points ahead with 16 percent undecided. But we’re hearing from two reliable sources that even more recent polling has the race at an absolute dead-heat. Grayson is rumored to be sitting at 36% and Hendrickson at 35%. If that’s the case just eight days from the election, there’s no way not to believe Grayson could lose to the underfunded Democrat in the race.

Couple the latest Grayson commercial with KDP buzz that money is quickly being raised for Hendrickson and the picture gets quite clear. Grayson’s polling numbers have him nervous and he knows he may get beaten November 6.

Suspicious or Fabricated?

Joe Gerth points out flaws in Brett Hall’s alleged polling data re: the gubernatorial race. Weird, weird turn out predictions. Hard not to wonder why there’s no memorandum from the pollster.

Did polling even take place? How/why would an individual spend $20-$25k (if they did a real poll) of their own money on a race they know is a losing battle?

Doesn’t make sense to us.

If a poll was legitimately conducted– were the results shared directly with the Fletcher campaign? If so, should that be considered a campaign contribution?

Chinese Money Machine Taking on Water?

Mitch McConnell’s red Chinese money ship is sinking in the polls and we’re more than a year away from election day. 46% of people recently polled disapprove of McConnell. Only 45% approve. It’s time for Mitch to worry because he’s continually falling below 50%. That may be something his $8 trillion campaign coffers can’t resolve.

The Herald-Leader polled McConnell against four potential Democratic oppents: Andrew Horne, Greg Stumbo, Ben Chandler and Crit Luallen.

McConnell 45 – Horne 34
McConnell 46 – Stumbo 37
McConnell 46 – Chandler 41
McConnell 45 – Luallen 40

Let’s talk about fear here, kids. A virtual unknown (Andrew Horne) is within striking distance of the most powerful Republican in the U.S. and A. Mitch should be afraid when the unknowns can prove he’s beatable. Unknowns who could smoke anyone’s arse on Iraq, that is. Snap.

Hello, horse race.

Deep Thoughts with Mike Duncan

From the McConnell Money Men Make it Big Dept

Kentucky Democrats could learn a lot from Republican National Committee Chairman (and Kentuckian) Mike Duncan. He appeared on KET’s One to One with Bill Goodman this week to discuss his role as the RNC’s operations big dog. He’s a man who is all business and no play. Got his start as a young man (something Democrats are only recently beginning to grasp) and was groomed into being a national leader. He’s continuing the process of recruiting and involving young people from across the country today. On that note: wouldn’t it be interesting if “young” in Kentucky’s Democratic politics didn’t mean mid-to-late 30s?

Duncan blamed Democrats for changing political rules and ruining the game. Not sure what world he’s living in, but, uh, ever heard of gerrymandering in Texas? Tom DeLay? Constantly changing polling locations in Louisville’s more diverse neighborhoods? Just wondering. Cause it hasn’t been the Democrats screwing things up the past eight years.

He also made it clear that the scary liberals are flip-flopping hypocrites who are inevitably taking over. Great to know.

On Ernie Fletcher: All puppies and rainbows. He saved billions of poor people from taxes, killed Kentucky’s deficit– which he said was either $300 million or $1 billion– he didn’t know (how could he not? He’s the flipping RNC Chairman), and killed all the gays because God told him to.

Toward the end of the show Goodman made a quip about having to provide equal time to DNC Chairman Howard Dean because Duncan went on too long babbling about the big, bad Democrats. Call us crazy but wouldn’t that be the just and legal thing to do, KET?

On a personal note: What is it with Republicans who can’t say Democratic when referring to candidates? This weird grammatical mistake isn’t demeaning to Democrats as some Republicans believe. It makes Republicans appear uneducated if not a bit ignorant. Same goes for Democrats. One Kentucky Democratic Party official referred to the KDP as the “Democrat Party” while in Louisville last week. Sum1 needs to learn these peeps some spellin. Especially if they’re appearing on television or speaking before a crowd.

Update: WHAS11 Shuts Down Page One/’Ville Voice Videos

Four days ago, WHAS11-TV (“WHAS11 News”) filed a complaint with YouTube regarding the posting of video comparing, contrasting, discussing and criticizing reports and incidents from around Kentucky. At 7:10 P.M. that evening we received notice that YouTube removed our content.

We believe our use of WHAS11’s video falls under the “Fair Use” doctrine. The same doctrine under which WHAS11 presumably operates when they use video from other sources in their newscasts without express permission. The same doctrine under which thousands of other outlets like ours do the very same thing with the very same content.

Additionally, a number of stories have been broken and first reported by our websites only to be run as news on WHAS11 without any credit being given. Meaning the station looks to our web outlets as sources of major news which the station then reports as its own.

WHAS11 has never contacted us to request that we remove the content. (Though, one employee has contacted us in the past in a less than adult manner, we remind you.) The station’s decision to label us as copyright infringers is not only wrong and demeaning but it has resulted in a major inconvenience to us and our readers.

Today we filed a formal counter-notification (PDF Link) with YouTube in response to the removal of our video content. As stated, we believe our use of WHAS11’s video falls under the “Fair Use” provision of copyright law in the United States.

As we resolve this matter we want to let our readers know what’s going on. We also want you to be aware of the extent to which WHAS11 has gone to stifle free speech and crush journalistic criticism. In this age of new media the actual media is attempting to silence its chief critic by making it impossible to use its content in a contextual matter.

Any person of common sense and compassion would think WHAS11 could learn from past experience. It lost several key reporters and anchors as a direct result of poor management and leadership. It hasn’t been long ago that it lost a multi-million dollar battle in court for knowingly reporting lies and distortions. We sincerely hope the station takes its community-wide reputation into consideration before embarking on a mission against the ever-growing blogosphere.

This is absolutely unfortunate and saddening. It is unnecessary. We have not harmed WHAS11 in any way, have not inconvenienced the station financially and have not performed any act with ill intent. If anything we have given WHAS thousands of dollars worth of free publicity– even the occasional well-deserved praise.

YouTube has a legal responsibility to restore our mistakenly deleted content within 14 days. WHAS11 and parent company BELO have 10 days to further contest our use by taking us to court where media watchdogs and free speech attorneys galore are sure to come to our direct defense.

We don’t wish to be viewed as bullies. We believe we have operated completely within our rights under the law. We believe we have provided WHAS11 and other media outlets with nothing but professionalism and respect. We hope the station gives us the respect we deserve by providing us an apology.

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