Major Press: WHAS11 Copyright Story Gets Mainstream Attention

LEO’s Jennifer Oladipo delves into the WHAS11 Fair Use mess as the paper’s Arts & Entertainment feature story. You’ll recall that two weeks ago someone at WHAS11 wrongly accused us at Page One and The ‘Ville Voice of copyright infringement. The accusation resulted in the loss of major video that was making a national impact and we were left scrambling in the midst of a breaking political scandal.

We’re glad the mainstream media is finally giving this story the legs it deserves. When the printies write about an issue it actually starts to mean something, right? So please take time to read the story and spread it around the blogosphere. And encourage your friends to pick up a copy from newsstands. Sticking up for new media is of major importance to us all.

Update: As a result of this story WHAS11’s management have approached us. We’re optimistic that a resolution is just around the bend! WHAS-TV goes after Louisville bloggers for posting its video. How far will the station go?

By Jennifer Oladipo

Right now on YouTube, you can find clips of WHAS-TV newscasts, everything from a story about a boy who died from electrocution by a garage door to an interview with the grown-up members of Hanson or footage of a cute but nervous puppy hurling on the anchor’s desk. Keying “WHAS11 video” into Google brings up hundreds more hits.

But there are 10 clips you won’t see, those posted by Louisville blogs The Ville Voice and Page One Kentucky, both published by Full Signal Media. The clips were used in commentaries about news coverage and other issues at WHAS. Page One co-owner Jacob Payne said he believes that’s made them a target: Two weeks ago, the station filed a copyright infringement claim with YouTube against Page One and Ville Voice for using those clips.

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Jim Waters: Leaner government? Treasure the thought

Jim Waters misses the mark this week.

If you oppose unnecessary spending on children’s health-care programs, Hollenbach and his political siblings probably consider you “anti-children” or “anti-family.” If you support offering parents a choice – any kind of choice – on where their children attend school, then they call you “anti-public education.”

Way to use Republican spin, Jim! Unnecessary spending on children’s health care? What? Yeah, the zillion children in this country don’t deserve care. That’s the ticket.

Providing taxpayer-funded vouchers for children to go to private religious institutions is hardly being anti-choice. It’s about avoiding the real problem and not making public education work. It’s about the separation of church and state. It’s not a black & white issue and painting it as such is closed-minded and uneducated.

And using Todd Hollenbach as a poster child for Democratic ideology was just hilarious.

Leaner government? Treasure the thought

By Jim Waters

A chasm exists between anti-government zealots and those who believe in limited government.

One believes in anarchy. The other holds to the principle offered in a statement attributed most often to Thomas Jefferson: “government governs best which governs least.”

Again, that’s “governs least,” not “governs not at all.”

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New Day in Kentucky

The Bluegrass State sighs collectively in relief.

A new day is borne of hope and change.

The results are in:

GovernorBeshear beats Fletcher
Secretary of State Grayson beats Hendrickson
Attorney General Conway beats Lee
Auditor Luallen beats Greenwell
State Treasurer Hollenbach beats Wheeler
Commissioner of Agriculture Farmer beats Williams

Louisville’s Library Tax – colossal failure for many reasons

We’ll update later with the final numbers.

UPDATE 10:00 P.M.: DGA chair and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius (among many others) has publicly released (PDF) her congratulations for Governor-Elect Steve Beshear.

Ditch Mitch has a great color-coded map of gubernatorial votes by county.

UPDATE 10:30 P.M.:  The Commonwealth did quite well this evening. 37% turnout.

Governor Fletcher gave one of the most gracious concession speeches we’ve ever heard. Who knew? Way to be a gentleman! We could all learn a little from Ernie’s behavior tonight.

Sen. David Williams didn’t have it in him to congratulate the Democrats who won. Who’s gonna step up to kick his sorry rear out of office next year? And what about Jody Richards? When will he be replaced? The man is so lost he took it upon himself to brag about his own votes when he should have been congratulating the various candidates tonight.

To anyone who thinks Trey Grayson isn’t a complete partisan? He pledged victory for Mitch McConnell in 2008.  We have a feeling a majority of Kentuckians disagree with him.

GovernorSteve Beshear beats Ernie Fletcher
Beshear – 620k – 59%
Fletcher – 436k – 41%

Nice to have a gubnuh who’s not a hater!

Secretary of State Trey Grayson beats Bruce Hendrickson
Grayson – 577k – 57%
Hendrickson – 434k – 43%

Attorney General Jack Conway beats Stan Lee
Conway – 613k – 60%
Lee – 400k – 40%

Speaking of haters… voters shut Stan Lee’s hate up in a big way.

Auditor Crit Luallen beats Linda Greenwell. Again.
Luallen – 592k – 59%
Greenwell – 409k – 41%

State Treasurer Hollenbach beats Wheeler
Hollenbach – 574k – 58%
Wheeler – 424k – 42%

Todd has some explaining to do. No free passes.

Commissioner of Agriculture Farmer beats Williams
Farmer – 644k – 64%
Williams – 362k – 36%

Louisville’s Library Tax – colossal failure for many reasons
Yes – 70k – 33%
No – 143k – 67%

Marathon Suit Moves Forward

From the Hidden Among All the Election Day Coverage Dept

Attorney General Greg Stumbo’s lawsuit against Marathon Oil for price gouging is moving forward.

Franklin Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate (yesterday) directed Marathon to answer questions by November 19, 2007.

According to Stumbo, “The judge is moving us closer to our day in court, when we will ask a jury to say whether Marathon’s pricing was grossly excessive as America weathered hurricanes and turmoil.”

One step closer to shafting the shafters who continually screw consumers.

Update: Hollenbach Afraid to Denounce Simon

We’ve heard through the grapevine (okay, okay– via KDP, the Hollenbach camp and a Hollenbach supporter– they’ve all confirmed it) that Todd Hollenbach has had a difficult time dealing with his endorsement from Frank Simon and the Freedom’s Heritage Forum. Apparently BlueGrassRoots, Blue in the Bluegrass and Page One struck a nerve talking about the matter.

Our three sources say independently that Hollenbach wrote a letter to Simon (though the Simon group says it hasn’t yet received anything) disclaiming his endorsement as long as Simon stands for intolerance and exclusion. But there’s an interesting sticking point: Todd sent the letter insisting it remain confidential. He’s also asked a few people in the media to keep the letter confidential– that is, when they ask for proof that he’s denounced Simon he’s afraid of on-the-record discussion. (We saw a copy as confirmation from one campaign source but won’t be publishing it. Don’t ask.)

So what’s that tell you? Todd Hollenbach took a lot of heat for the endorsement but is afraid to publicly distance himself from Frank Simon.

Why would he be afraid to publicly distance himself from hatred and discrimination? It’s completely beyond us. We want nothing more than to publish proof that Todd has done the right thing but it doesn’t seem likely to happen.

Oh, and Todd: You have our number. You could have called us instead of having multiple people call with curses and threats. Way to be adult, folks.

National Coverage of Ernie Losing

Everywhere we look there’s coverage of Ernie Fletcher’s losing battle against soon-to-be governor Steve Beshear. And in nearly every bit of coverage we’ve read or seen there’s a running theme: the looming Democratic victory in Kentucky is a bellwether for 2008.

From CBS/Politico:

Singing the Blues in Kentucky? Scandal-plagued Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R-Ky.) is looking like he’s headed to defeat, and has been trailing Democrat Steve Beshear, a former lieutenant governor by over 20 points in public polls. The Louisville Journal-Courier’s preelection poll showed Beshear leading Fletcher 56 to 33 percent, with Fletcher’s disapproval ratings topping 50 percent.

From the Associated Press:

In Kentucky, Gov. Ernie Fletcher was trailing badly in the polls, and ordered that the Ten Commandments be displayed alongside other historical documents in the state Capitol the day before the election.

Fletcher, the state’s first GOP governor in more than 30 years, was indicted on misdemeanor charges that were later dismissed in a negotiated deal after a judge said he could not be tried in office. But the grand jury later issued its findings, saying Fletcher had approved a “widespread and coordinated plan” to skirt state hiring laws.

From CNN:

Fletcher has a tough fight ahead, according to nonpartisan political analyst Stuart Rothenberg, editor of The Rothenberg Political Report.

Fletcher was involved in a hiring scandal, and even though the charges were dropped, the governor is on “political life support,” Rothenberg said.

The end is nigh!