Spillman Case Goes to Trial

It’s a day of updates for us, so….

To update the story Page One broke last month about UofL wide receiver JaJuan Spillman: after several continuances his case is going to trial.

Spillman was arrested earlier this year after an automobile accident and was charged with driving under the influence and being in possession of marijuana (9.3 grams, a misdemeanor.)

Reminder: Media Ignoring Discrimination by Kentucky Farm Bureau

We remind you that only one major media outlet has paid attention to the story of Todd Eklof being fired by Kentucky Farm Bureau for supporting gay marriage.

One outlet. WHAS11.

Sam Moore, Kentucky Farm Bureau’s former president and current Board member admitted that Eklof was fired for supporting gay rights. KFB admitted it. And it falls to the wayside. Every media outlet in the state has turned a blind eye.

Why is the media afraid of this story? Does it have anything to do with the large amount of KFB advertising dollars? KFB’s 21 lobbyists, 8 of whom are active and key players in Frankfort? Maybe the $40,000 Hunter Bates was paid in 2004-2005 by KFB? Note to media: if WHAS11 can cover it? You, too, can cover it!

What is going on?

If you’re not talking about this with everyone you know– you’re complicit.

More Senate Rumors

Jonathan Miller for senate? What do you think about that? Just rumor but it’s floating nonetheless. Doesn’t seem too likely that he’d try to throw his hat in race so soon.

We also hear from a little birdy that Owsley Brown II has been to D.C. to have a discussion or two with Squier Knapp Dunn (among others). SKD is the organization who helped build Andrew Horne’s name ID in 2006 and worked for John Kerry/Bill Clinton.

We love that everyone and their mom gets to float their name while no one is paying attention.

UPDATE: Folks, don’t forget that this is all rumor and only rumor. Just like the headline says, they’re “senate rumors.”

Mitch McConnell. The Republicans. A betrayal of trust.

MoveOn has released another anti-McConnell commercial that will air nationwide on CNN.

The ad, beginning today, criticizes Sen. Mitch McConnell and other Republicans for voting against an extension of leave time for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The video will be up here soon.

What was it Jim Bunning said? Giving our dying men and women a break is bad business for commanders? Riiiight.

Jim Waters: Blood-sucking bad ideas reappear in rearview mirror


Page One commentary: We think Waters’ column this week is woah off the mark. Steve Beshear has not released a universal health care plan. He’s released a shitty “let’s cover the babies and elderly” hope piece. Crack on Hillary Clinton all you want over anything (this is not an endorsement) but let’s get real here: a free market bull profit system is not the answer. It hasn’t been the answer for 30 years. It’s time to move on. It doesn’t work. The entire world is proof.

I (Jake) have gotta say: the free market has jack to do with health insurance. Absofreakinglutely nothing. Allowing private business to handle the most precious part of our lives just so they can turn a profit has proved the point that the current system doesn’t work. It’s a failure. And the crap Brereton Jones pulled with health insurance is a far cry from universal health care.

This gets us fired up. Our nation’s health shouldn’t be political fodder. It’s time to get off that pot.

What do you think about it, readers? Get fired up. Respond. Let us know! We publish Jim to create discussion and he always does a great job of getting his point across.

Blood-sucking bad ideas reappear in rearview mirror

By Jim Waters

Not even the arrest of “if-he-did-it” icon O.J. Simpson this week completely overshadowed Hillary Clinton’s attempt to replay the nightmare that Americans escaped the first time around – a government takeover of the nation’s health-care system.

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