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People Got Crazy With KET Over The Debate

October 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

Since KET is a fancy government agency, we were able to snag transcripts of the reaction line from the evening of the U.S. Senate debate between Mitch McConnell and Alison Grimes.

Some were negative, some were positive but they were all entertaining.

Contact information removed for obvious reasons.

Frankfort, KY
My question is for Alison Lundergen Grimes. During the debate, her biggest initiative to try go into this political battle…not audible…which to my knowledge has not succeeded. I’m wondering if she can address that. The security of all the information that is being contained, there are custodians of…not audible.

859 area code
I would like to be able to ask a question on this debate we’re having tonight, but no number is on the screen. Thank you.

513 area code
Just sitting here watching the debate on KET, Grimes and McConnell, and I am deeply, deeply disappointed in this moderator. He has interrupted Secretary Grimes, repeatedly. Every answer she makes, he interrupts her at some point. And he has not interrupted McConnell one time. It’s outrageous. The guy should be fired. I hope I never see him again on KET. Thank you.

Ann Morris
Shelbyville, KY
I’m watching the senatorial debate, and I’m seeing that Bill Goodman is allowing Mitch McConnell to take over all of the questions and most of the time. I don’t think that’s fair to Secretary Grimes. Please try to even that out. Thank you.

502 area code
Ian Ellis
I’m watching what has been called a debate. If you put a stopwatch on the amount of time that Mitch McConnell has been speaking, it seems like he’s monopolizing a whole bunch of the time. I’m not happy. I’m not happy with what he’s saying. I’m not happy with him getting away with stuff that’s not true. That’s it.

859 area code
Phil Stahlman
A couple of quick comments about tonight’s senatorial debate. It was horrible. The moderator was incompetent. Those questions about who you voted for, those were stupid questions. It seemed completely inappropriate, and the important questions, he never, never asked. The call, ok, let’s get that discussed and out of the way. We never talked about Senator McConnell’s record. I mean, it’s the elephant in the room. It never got mentioned until the end. Ms. Grimes brought it up. She was on quick time, and the moderator cut her off right away, fairly or unfairly. Anyway, I thought the whole thing was a missed opportunity, and it can’t be blamed on anybody but the moderator. I thought he was just incompetent. Thank you.

Mr. Suit
Bethlehem, PA
Thank you for providing us an opportunity to listen to your current senator, your to be senator, in the debate tonight. It was a service for all Americans to see the guy who’s the leader of the opposition in the senate. Thank you very much.

Jane Blaine
I think the debate went very well. My husband and I are very proud of Ms. Grimes. Thank you.

I’m calling from far western Kentucky, in Lone Oak, and I wish to thank Bill Goodman for hosting one on one with Senator McConnell and Secretary Grimes. I thought tonight was very interesting and very revealing about personality types, what may potentially be accomplished in the re-election of Senator McConnell. I know that Secretary Grimes has done a great job for the Commonwealth of Kentucky in her position. I’m a little bit disappointed that Bill didn’t somehow intervene and contain Secretary Grimes from continually interrupting Senator McConnell. I thought this was supposed to be a conversation. But, once again, we don’t truly know what Grimes stands for. So, thank you, Bill Goodman, for this very revealing episode, and best of success to you.

The Doss Family
Glendale, KY
Just saw the debate between Alison Lundergan Grimes and Senator McConnell. We enjoyed your debate, exchange of views, ideas, and are planning to vote, for sure, on election day. Programs of this sort are like many of the others you have. They are entertaining but informative. Appreciate what KET is doing. We appreciate the work you’re doing on that end. Thank you.

973 area code
John Ware
I’m offering a comment for the debate tonight between Grimes and McConnell. I’m calling mainly to say, the host of the show did an excellent job. I can’t say enough about how he handle it. I live in New Jersey now. I’m originally from Owensboro, Kentucky. I just wanted to say this about Bill Goodman. He did an excellent job. Thank you.

859 area code
Vera Bowles
This morning I’m watching Kentucky Tonight, and I want to thank you so very much for it. Bill Goodman, he gave McConnell a chance to talk as well as Grimes. And of course, I really like what McConnell had to say. I want to thank you for something else. You sent me a copy of Visions. I do appreciate it so much. Thank you.

Tue 10/14/2014
10:11 AM
Charlestown, IN
thought the debate monitor let the debate get out of hand when he let Grimes rebut McConnell on the first question.  That led to Grimes rebutting McConnell.  I would rather have seen the candidates answer questions that throw “bumper sticker” statements at each other.  I turned it off because I’ve already heard this. 
Phil Partenheimer, Ed.D.Executive
Director Wilson Education Center

Tue 10/14/2014
8:29 AM
Phil Conkling
Do you have data on minutes/seconds afforded each candidate during Senate debate last night?
Seemed very McConnell heavy, particularly in latter half when discussing health care.
Bill Goodman seemed way too deferential to Sen. McConnell, cutting him off less often than he did Secretary Grimes and encouraging him to elaborate on his partisan points, while challenging Secty. Grimes’s answers.  Not his finest hour. 

From: Paul Lea
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2014 8:34 PM
To: Mike Brower
Subject: Fwd: US Senate Debate
Today KET sickens me.  I will now teach my children (& all who will listen) that Kentuckians tax money is only funding a program that is just another FOX News or MSNBC.  I can no longer teach them there is an unbiased alternative to informational television.  Not only have you lost a family of historical viewers, you have lost a family of future viewers.  Congratulations on your accomplishment to limit Liberty.  No response is what I expect from you.
Forwarded from Craig Cornwell

From: Paul Lea
Date: Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 8:05 PM
Subject: US Senate Debate
To: Mike Brower
Mr. Brower, I am an avid KET viewer.  When I was young, I was taught the importance of educational television.  My parents tuned into KET 15 Louisville back when there were only four channels to select & I have grown to enjoy it here in Lexington as an adult. Today I teach my children the importance of unbiased journalism by tuning into KET when there are political debates &/or political history being broadcast. Just moments ago I was shocked to read that Libertarian Senate Candidate, David Patterson is having to sue KET to participate in your upcoming debate.  Not shocked by David Patterson’s suit, but shocked that my source of unbiased television news & history has intentionally denied it’s viewers the “full story”.  By not allowing a candidate who could easily steal enough votes to sway a tie, you are clearly stating that you’re putting aside your journalistic values to support your own agenda. I am immeasurably disappointed in your decision & I graciously ask that you reconsider Mr. Patterson’s participation.  I understand that the program will have limited time to discuss all the issues with the candidates.  But the American people (Kentucky people) deserve to hear all sides that carry merit with a measureable population.  Please do not stoop to the biased politics of FOX News & CNBC.  I want to continue to teach my children that there is still unbiased news that continues to educate rather than dictate.  Thank you, Paul Lea Nicholasville, Ky.
Forwarded from Craig Cornwell

Tue 10/14/2014
4:16 AM
Email Redacted
While I had hoped for an interesting and balanced debate, your moderator was an embarrassment to your organization. The moderator allowed Ms Grimes plenty of uninterrupted time to respond to the moderator’s questions. But often during the debate, the moderator allowed Ms Grimes to interrupt Senator McConnell when the senator started to answer question posed by the moderator. The moderator made no attempt to stop Ms Grimes from interrupting and stealing Mr. McConnell’s time. A shameful display by the moderator which will only served to tarnish the reputation of Kentucky Educational Television. Mark

Mon 10/13/2014 11:55 PM
Email Redacted
I watched and was not disappointed. This wasn’t a debate nut an opportunity for sound bites. 
Bill had no control over Grimes she paid no attention to time or turn.
The exclusion of Patterson after the people voiced their desire to hear him was pathetic
Not calling McConnell on the funding of ACA when he swore to root and branch remove it was pathetic.

Mon 10/13/2014 11:04 PM
Email Redacted

Mon 10/13/2014 10:42 PM
Ernest Neil Myers

KET Program Director, I have watched many congressional and presidential debates, but never in my 58 years have I been more shocked and bewildered by the Grimes/McConnell debate format!

In my opinion the format was inappropriatly structured and Mr. Goodman’s questions were leading and often seemed to have biases that were unnecessary. Especially of concern was his follow-up questions based on the candidates response; inherently this format will be unavoidalby riddled with the moderator’s biases! The follow up questions, often multiple follow up questions, to a candidate response were not equal and fairly distributed between questions or between candidates; again allowing moderator biases!

Of all the stations I watch and enjoy, I certainly expected KET to have a very unbiased, fair, equal, and well followed moderator format! Instead the station managers allowed Bill Goodman to behave like a sensational-seeking investigative reporter during a one-on-one interview!

If no less than half of your viewers do not contact the station management with similar concerns I’ll find myself embarrassed be a KET financial supporter. Disappointed in KET, Neil Myers Nicholasville, KY

Mon 10/13/2014 10:10 PM
Karen Hoefler
Email Redacted
Bill Goodman is an unethical and disgraceful Debate Host for “Kentucky Tonight”
In tonight’s CSPAN-1 “Kentucky Tonight” debate(10/13/2014) Bill Goodman did not stop Grimes from any of her numerous rude interruptions of Sen. McConnell while he was responding to a question by supposedly un-biased Host Bill Goodman.  Bill Goodman’s behavior by not immediately stopping Grimes’ interruptions was a disgrace to KET and did not often allow Sen. McConnell to make complete understandable replies to the question at hand. Grimes was given plenty of time to speak and respond to her questions without any interruptions by Sen. McConnell. Please know that I am an Independent and have voted  for both Party’s Office Candidates(including twice for Ross Perot’s Party) since 1964. Do to Grimes’ rude behavior I would not vote for Grimes for Dog Catcher. Thank you for publishing this feedback, Al Estes Spokane County of Washington

Mon 10/13/2014 10:08 PM
Kym Holcomb
Email Redacted
He should have made her be quiet more. She talked way to much and have no substance.

Mon 10/13/2014 9:51 PM
Murrell, Brad
Email Redacted
I found the “debate” this evening for U.S. Senate a complete joke. I thought that your moderators Allison Grimes button was showing! You wonder why candidates for public office do not want to participate, try watching a replay and count the minutes that each candidate spoke. Bill’s clearly hostile follow up questioning was pathetic. I don’t believe that he presented any follow up questions to Ms. Grimes with the same fervor that he did several times to Senator McConnell. Also a few of the prime duties as the moderator in a debate are to make sure that both candidates follow the rules of the debate and to make sure that the candidates do not constantly interrupt one another. On these two issues your moderator earns an F. Unbelievable! Brad Murrell Louisville, KY.

Mon 10/13/2014 9:35 PM
Dallas M. High
Email Redacted
That was the worst moderator of the political debate I have ever seen.  Notice he gave MConnel the first answer on every question forcing Grimes to go on the defensive.  Then the moderator switched on the closing statements giving McConnel the opportunity to have the last word.  This was the worst handling of a debate I have ever seen.  KET you ought to fire the moderator.  Dr. Dallas M. High, Retired Professor of Philosophy of the University of Kentucky

Mon 10/13/2014 9:31 PM
Ken Whittenburg, D.M.D.
Email Redacted

Mon 10/13/2014 9:26 PM
Greg Miller
Email Redacted
An embarrassment to public television. I heard the moderator say the words to McConnell numerous times do you want to respond. I didn’t hear that phrase once to Grimes. The “interview”was extremely biased. It was not a debate in any definition of the word. Totally bias and embarrassment to democracy.

Mon 10/13/2014 9:23 PM
Email Redacted
I was disappointed this evening to see Bill Goodman catering to Senator McConnell and giving much more air time to him than Alison Grimes. At one point Bill was just conversing with McConnell and Alison Grimes was nosed out. I expected more balance from KET.

Mon 10/13/2014 9:16 PM
Narain Bhatia
Email Redacted
I found the moderator to be quite articulate who asked tough questions from both. I found Grimes’s positions on minimum wage, student loans and infrastructure funding were very credible and Senator McConnell’s positions on these issues were a ‘punt’ with traditional party line positions. I thought he also punted the question on healthcare Connect which apparently has helped 500,000 Kentucky citizens. I thought Grimes’s repeatedly pointing out that he does not understand realities
but is consumed by party line politics at the expense of Kentucky was not well defended by the Senator. In my humble opinion Grimes won the debate by a mile. Narain Bhatia Massachusetts

Mon 10/13/2014 9:13 PM
Gerald Sklare
Email Redacted
I was disappointed in the moderator of the debates favoritism toward Senator McConnell by his repeatedly asking Senator McConnell’s for rebuttals to Secretary Grimes responses while not doing the same for Secretary Grimes. She was not given the same opportunity to rebut Senator McConnell’s comments. And when she tried to break in to rebut Senators McConnell’s claims she was cut off. I think that was totally unfair to Secretary Grimes. I am really disappointed in KET for the way they handled the debate. Dr. Gerald Sklare

Mon 10/13/2014 9:12 PM
Al Dziczek
Email Redacted
This moderator was the most skilled at what his role was, and then following through, that I’ve seen in a long time, perhaps ever. He kept control, elicited the most efficient answers from both candidates, and did not make himself a third debater. I’d like to see much more of him in this role. The national media have lost or never learned his interviewing skills. This was a good night for Kentucky all around. Thank you.

Mon 10/13/2014 9:10 PM
John Atkerson
Email Redacted
I am very disappointed of the monitor in this debate. It was very clear to me that he favorited Mr. McConnell. He was allowed to talk as long as he wanted,without interruption where Mrs Grimes was stopped or interrupted several times by the monitor. I was hoping that the same rules would apply to both. We, the viewers should been offered a fair debate. Gisela Atkerson

Mon 10/13/2014 9:08 PM
Marilyn Nichols
Email Redacted
It is always awkward to watch debates where the moderator allows interruptions and attacks by the participants., and Ms Grimes did just that. Also, many of the questions seemed slanted toward Ms. Grimes, as her view is that big government is the solution of all problems. Her credibility also is being questioned by her remarks in the courier Journal interview. Senator McConnell was the adult in the room.

Mon 10/13/2014 9:07 PM
Annie Spaulding
Email Redacted
I just finished watching the debate and am sorely disappointed. I felt like the interviewer in no way tried to control the very rude interruptions that Ms. Grimes continually gave to Mr. McConnell. Mr. McConnell gave her the respect he felt the debate required. I felt the interviewer should have been more professional than biased. This “debacle” helped me to finally make a decision as for whom I will vote. 

Mon 10/13/2014 9:06 PM
Doug Greenburg
Email Redacted
I enjoyed the debate.
I wish I sent in the question should congress allow bidding for pharmaceutical drugs for Medicare?
This would save the taxpayers a lot of money. Doug Greenburg Harrodsburg, ky

Mon 10/13/2014 9:03 PM
Lynn Crabtree
Email Redacted
Thank you for another fine presentation, I absolutely love watching KET and especially Mr. Goodman’s interviews!  Blessings, Lynn Crabtree

Mon 10/13/2014 9:02 PM
Keith and Tracie Powell
Email Redacted
Thank you KET for leaving out a candidate whom is on the ballot for not having raised enough money.
You did a dis-service to the voters, the state, and the country. Thanks Keith Powell

Mon 10/13/2014 9:02 PM
Greg Miller
Email Redacted
I don’t know who picked the moderator for this debate, but it is a travesty of democratic process. I would like a count of the minutes for both debaters. The moderator consistently let McConnell have as much time as he wanted with no opportunity for rebuttal. He cut off Grimes numerous times  He asked McConnell important  questions with no opportunity to response from Grimes. I have watched almost every debate on CSPAN, and the fairness of every debate was evident except for Kentucky. The debate sponsors and organizers should be ashamed of the bias demonstrated. 

Mon 10/13/2014 9:01 PM
Duane Plapp
Email Redacted
Why did the moderator keep letting Grimes interrupt McConnell?
That’s in poor taste. S.Duane Plapp Sr. Total Revenue Coaching LLC 
859 area code

Mon 10/13/2014 8:59 PM
Barbara Schick
Email Redacted
Moderator kept giving McConnell much more time to answer questions, constantly interrupted Ms. Grimes and did not let her finish her answers, or give her adequate time to rebut the answers that McConnell gave. I am very disappointed in this moderator.

Mon 10/13/2014 8:52 PM
Jeffrey Glenn
Email Redacted
This debate on KET was a God Damn Joke. Who chose this moderator in this debate ? Shae Hopkins ? McConnell is a God Damn Liar and he has been for years. He never went deep into his campaign on a variety of issues. At some point, Northern Kentuckians either want McConnell out of office or dead. At this point, it does not matter.

Mon 10/13/2014 8:47 PM
Email Redacted
Controlled Debate
Too bad Patterson wasnt included in the “debate “. Lol more like talking points and mud sling. Not a debate.

Mon 10/13/2014 8:25 PM
Weber, Don
Email Redacted
Question for Senator McConnell> Do you really think “I am not a scientist” is an adequate answer to the question of Climate Change

Jon Meenje
502 area code
Protesting not having the third party candidate on KET, a public channel.

I just heard there’s going to be a debate among the potential senators for Kentucky, and heard that only two senators are debating. Well, there are going to be more than two names on the ballot, and I think there are a number of people who are not going to vote for either the Republican or Democrat, and they would like to know more about the person they are going to vote for, the alternative candidate. I think you’re making a decision that maybe doesn’t include everybody. It would be nice if you were including other candidates in the debates. That all I have to say. Thank you.
Forwarded from Debbie Britton

I’ve been watching the debate and it’s obvious that Mitch McConnell is getting much more time, and it is just not fair. I’m not voting for Alison, but my goodness, this is really bias. You guys, If you’re going to have another debate, put a time limit, like they do nationally. Thank you.

Jerry Bishop
502 area code
I want to ask McConnell a question-why he did not serve in the military? But, I guess that won’t get there….hummmm.

So for anyone suggesting the frontline folks at KET don’t have to deal with unbelievable nonsense? There’s your proof that they do. From attacking Bill Goodman for doing an arguably terrific job to just foaming at the mouth.

Hoo boy!

If you know someone who works at KET and has to deal with the public? You owe it to them to thank them for their service.

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Who Knew Women Could Think For Themselves?

October 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

The latest ad from Grandmother Mitch McConnell isn’t exactly terrible:

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Washington Post Eats Alison Grimes Alive Again

October 23rd, 2014 · 3 Comments

Watch this dishonest ad from Alison Daddy’s Name Grimes:

And then watch the Washington Post rip her to shreds:

Excuse the fuzzy quality of this ad, but it has not been publicly released by the Grimes campaign. In The Fact Checker’s experience, the most fact-challenged ads are those that fly under the radar, as campaigns hope that reporters don’t notice the content—but voters do.

This particular ad is especially noteworthy because the candidate herself repeats a claim that The Fact Checker has already deemed worthy of Four Pinocchios. Not only does she double down on this falsehood, but she makes another highly questionable assertion as well.

Ironically, this ad emerged the same week that Grimes launched another ad that calls attention to fact checker criticisms of McConnell’s own ads.


Most of the votes cited by the Grimes campaign took place after AEP’s decision to close the plant, so there’s really no justification for this statement.

Then Grimes really goes into the ditch when she asserts that “Mitch and his wife pocketed $600,000 from enemies of coal, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg” and pledges “no New York anti-coal billionaire will ever buy me off.”

Those are pretty strong words for a claim that has been thoroughly debunked.


We realize that the game of politics is sometimes played rough in Kentucky, but this ad is beyond the pale. Indeed, it is likely the worst ad of a nasty campaign year. Grimes should be ashamed of herself.


Her supporters will melt down in 3, 2… because attacking the messenger is always more fun than dealing with the reality of an embarrassingly bad political campaign.

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Dumb U.S. Senate Race: Great For Bourbon Sales

October 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

No one rises as Circuit Judge Steven Combs enters his courtroom. [H-L]

All of these maps about drug use make Kentucky look pretty terrible. [HuffPo]

In just over the two-year minimum it takes to age straight bourbon, the number of Kentucky distilleries has tripled, according to a economic impact survey released Tuesday. Bourbon is way more important than coal and will be around a lot longer. [C-J/AKN]

Ebola has moved to the front of campaign issues before U.S. November elections, as fear and criticism of the government’s response to cases of the virus in the United States opened a new line of Republican attacks against President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats. [Reuters]

While law-abiding citizens want to support law enforcement in the dangerous role they play in protecting us, no one, including the police, are above criticism. More than five weeks have passed since a man, who lived in Lexington but grew up in Richmond, died after an officer-involved shooting just off the Eastern Bypass near a busy shopping district and the Eastern Kentucky University Campus. [Richmond Register]

Sure, Grimes’ refusal to say that she voted for the president, and her hollow explanation about upholding the Principles of Privacy at the Ballot Box, isn’t as important in the scheme of things as Mitch McConnell’s inability to articulate anything resembling a coherent Obamacare position. But it was pathetic. And also damaging to her reelection prospects in a way that few mentioned at the time: It’s a kick in the teeth to black voters, some of whom will be wondering, Why exactly should we support her candidacy, aside from the fact that she’s not Mitch McConnell? [Salon]

Maj. Dean Palmer had a fairly simple message to Rotary members on Monday: Don’t be a victim. Palmer, who has 30 years of experience in law enforcement and works for the Lawrence County (Ohio) Sheriff’s Department, said a lack of being prepared can create deadly situations. [Ashland Independent]

The Kentucky Senate race comes down this: whether voters are more willing to vote against a Barack Obama who is not on the ballot, or a Mitch McConnell who is. [WaPo]

“It’s a great day to be a Scottie,” Instructional Supervisor for Glasgow Independent Schools Michelle Tinsley told board of education members Monday at the regular school board meeting. [Glasgow Daily Times]

In the midst of Ebola panic in the Western world, some Americans are worried about schoolchildren coming into contact with people who have been in African countries thousands of miles away from the heart of the outbreak. [Think Progress]

More problems surface for Nathan Smith and the Democratic good old boy network. Sixteen current and former residents of mobile home parks owned by SSK Communities in Kentucky have filed a class-action lawsuit accusing SSK of a self-enrichment scheme of evicting residents, seizing their trailers and renting them to new tenants. [WFPL]

More than two years ago, a ProPublica series showed that white applicants were far more likely to receive clemency than comparable applicants who were black. Since then, the government has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a study, but the pardons system remains unchanged. [ProPublica]

Lexington officials have shut down a problem-plagued private wastewater treatment plant on Athens-Boonesboro Road, a decade after the city was forced to assume control of it. [H-L]

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times for companies to dodge taxes by moving to Ireland. [HuffPo]

Looking for some fun controversy? Check out the latest with Greg Fischer. His newest hire is some kinda porno queen. Complete with semi-naughty photos. [The 'Ville Voice]

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Really? Lexington Cops Need Submachine Guns?

October 22nd, 2014 · No Comments

Joe Bart Watts was mining coal 3 miles in a mountain when his house burned down last summer. Over the next year, Harlan Cumberland Coal cut his hours, laid off 200 workers and he had to move in with his mother. [H-L]

Closing borders will not effectively curb Ebola infections, the head of the Red Cross said on Wednesday, amid debate over whether bans on travel from hardest-hit African countries would help combat the spread of the deadly virus. [HuffPo]

Leave it to Floridian Ed Whitfield to jump on the Ebola fear bandwagon. The United States should impose an immediate travel ban for those living in or traveling through Ebola-affected West African nations, according to Kentucky Rep. Ed Whitfield. [C-J/AKN]

The mortgage industry is strangling the housing market and blaming the government. [TNR]

Kentucky’s junior senator is not on the ballot this year and has a pivotal decision about his own political future looming on the horizon, but that does not prevent him from having an opinion about how this fall’s races will go. [Hazard Herald]

It’s an obvious problem for Democrats—and perhaps an even larger one for Republicans. [The Atlantic]

Angela Simpson, a longtime Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College employee, has been named a vice president and the chief financial officer for the institution. [Harlan Daily Enterprise]

New Hampshire has one of the smallest populations of illegal immigrants in the country. Only about 5 percent of its 1.3 million residents are foreign-born, and 3 percent are Hispanic. [NY Times]

Mitch McConnell, the incumbent Republican U.S. Senator, has said over and over in his quest for a sixth term, that the choice voters face is between him and the policies of President Barack Obama rather than between him and his Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes. [Ronnie Ellis]

The U.S. Justice Department is restructuring its national security prosecution team to deal with cyber attacks and the threat of sensitive technology ending up in the wrong hands, as American business and government agencies face more intrusions. [Reuters]

The final public hearing for the update of Barren County’s comprehensive plan for development was Monday; it was unanimously adopted by the Joint City-County Planning Commission afterward. [Glasgow Daily Times]

Kentucky isn’t a blowout today, and it won’t be two weeks from today, either. There is a scenario by which Grimes wins, but it is not the most likely scenario. [WaPo]

Later this month, the Urban County Government will begin accepting bids so it can buy 10 submachine guns, plus ammunition and other accessories, to replace aging equipment at the city’s police department. [H-L]

For those looking to combat Alzheimer’s, a new animal study is shedding light on a snack that may reduce the risk and even help prevent the disease: walnuts. [HuffPo]

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Rand Paul Is An Expert On Ferguson, Missouri

October 22nd, 2014 · No Comments

Watch watch Rand Paul pander on the teevee about meddling in Ferguson, Missouri?

There you go.

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Cockfight Admission Is Probably Not Included

October 22nd, 2014 · No Comments

Richard Henderson was out honeyin and darlinin everyone in Mt. Sterling yesterday as he passed these flyers out:


Gotta bribe people with food.

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Campaigning, How Does It Work? HEAD – DESK

October 22nd, 2014 · No Comments

What the hell is she even talking about?

Is the Grimes Campaign smoking spice or whatever?

Why the living piss are they spending money on THAT?!

It’s like claiming she can stop tolls in Louisville.


Mitch McConnell has a MOUNTAIN of awfulness. And that’s what they decided to spend money on this late in the game.


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John Yarmuth Got In On The Ebola Fun On TV

October 22nd, 2014 · No Comments

Not even John Yarmuth could avoid getting in on the teevee Ebola fun:

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Does Anyone Remember Ron Lewis In KY-02?

October 22nd, 2014 · 1 Comment

Of course you don’t.

He’s a former congresscritter you wrote off in 2008 because he abruptly ran away from his office, allowing his chief of staff to file in his place… and he just endorsed Jamie Comer’s campaign for governator.


From a release:

Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture and candidate for Governor James Comer received a third big endorsement last night…this time from the Republican-heavy Second Congressional District. Former Congressman Ron Lewis told a large crowd at an Elizabethtown fundraiser why Comer is his choice for Governor.

“The people of the Second Congressional District appreciate good government and crave strong leadership,” Lewis said. “James Comer is a breath of fresh air in the Republican Party and his achievements at both the state and national level make him our best choice for Governor.”

Comer, who now holds endorsements from former Congresswoman Anne Northup of Louisville and Congressman Ed Whitfield of Hopkinsville, said the support of Lewis and his wife Kayi shows campaign momentum is only getting stronger.

But… okay. Momentum?

Not exactly sure we’d call an endorsement by Ron Lewis “momentum”.

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