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President Obama’s Weekly Video Address

July 21st, 2014 · No Comments

This week President Barack Obama focused on equipping workers with the skills employers need now and in the future:

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Rand Paul Gets More Delusional By The Day

July 21st, 2014 · No Comments

One month after being elected majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California was asked about progress Washington might be making on dealing with the flood of migrant children at the nation’s southern border. [H-L]

Here’s Rand Paul showing how out-of-touch with reality he is. No wonder his kids act out so publicly and behave as if they’re entitled. [HuffPo]

Kentucky Democratic icon Wendell Ford, a former senator and governor, is undergoing treatment for lung cancer, according to one of his former press secretaries. [C-J/AKN]

Rand Paul is apparently right where he wants to be. [WaPo]

Though Southeastern Kentucky may have never been considered a front runner in the technology arena, one local community college is preparing to make tech waves in the coming year. [Hazard Herald]

President Barack Obama will sign an executive order on Monday barring federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, the White House said on Friday. [Reuters]

Assistant Superintendent Brent Roark told members of the Harlan County Board of Education in a special called meeting Thursday that new technology is being placed in every school in the district for the upcoming school year. [Harlan Daily Enterprise]

California officials have ordered an emergency shut-down of 11 oil and gas waste injection sites and a review more than 100 others in the state’s drought-wracked Central Valley out of fear that companies may have been pumping fracking fluids and other toxic waste into drinking water aquifers there. [ProPublica]

Three weeks into her new job as superintendent, Sherry Horsley is still getting to know the Greenup County School District, but she already is putting together her to-do list. [Ashland Independent]

Public interest groups are demanding a look at the forthcoming poultry inspection regulations before they are enacted as federal policy. Food and worker safety advocates have relentlessly criticized the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s initial proposal, which involved removing some federal inspectors from poultry plants and allowing the industry to speed up production lines, as dangerous deregulation of the industry. [The Hill]

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., regularly accuses President Barack Obama of waging a “War on Coal,” but he went further Friday in an address to the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. [Richmond Register]

Detroit neighborhoods are being relit, its vacant homes are being sold off or torn down, its public transportation is cleaner and more often on schedule and the city has renegotiated some burdensome union contracts. [Politico]

Granny Mitch McConnell’s latest ad focuses on Barack Obama, Alison Grimes and coal. Because there’s clearly nothing else on earth. [H-L]

A Florida jury has slammed a tobacco company with $23.6 billion in punitive damages in a lawsuit filed by the widow of a longtime smoker who died of lung cancer in 1996. [HuffPo]

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Candy Barr Will Spend All Of Your Cash, Kids

July 18th, 2014 · No Comments

Seems Candy Barr is a little big nervous this year by outspending more than 400 of his colleagues when using taxpayer dollars to promote himself. U.S. Rep. Andy Barr spent more than $190,000 in taxpayer money to send mail and conduct telephone town hall meetings with constituents in his first 15 months in office, according to congressional records. Barr’s spending on taxpayer-funded communications is more than 10 times that of U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie, R-Bowling Green, who has Kentucky’s second-highest tally. [H-L]

In response to a proposal by Senate Democrats to require for-profit employers to cover birth control in their health plans, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Tuesday that Senate Republicans plan to offer their own bill requiring employers to allow women to buy their own birth control. [HuffPo]

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has climbed to early front-runner status in the fight for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, according to a new NBC News-Marist Poll. [C-J/AKN]

President Obama said Wednesday that if nothing is done to mitigate the “direct threat” on infrastructure from climate change the U.S. will not remain “competitive in this 21st century economy.” [The Hill]

We hinted at the Matthew Leveridge mess a week or so ago and it looks like the pot has finally boiled over. [John Cheves]

OH GOD GO TELL MEEMAW TO GET SKEERD!!!1! Kentucky is among the states with the highest earthquake risk. [WKYT]

Discrimination against female workers who might get pregnant in the future, or have been pregnant in the past, is against the law, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said this week. For the first time in 30 years, the agency has updated its rules against pregnancy discrimination. [NPR]

Are you a generous person or someone who loves animals? Help Jackson the Dachshund out ASAP, as he needs surgery! Jessica has been a tireless advocate for years and has definitely given more than she’s received. Let’s all pitch in. [Go Fund Me!]

With bridges and roadways in serious need of repair, and Congress unwilling to free up money, the White House is turning to other sources. [NY Times]

Here’s how Ed Whitfield, his lobbyist wife and another fancy lobbyist mixed politics and personal finances. [R.G. Dunlop]

Two years ago, Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown — and their various and sundry allies and enemies — combined to spend $82 million in the Massachusetts Senate race, making it the most expensive Senate race ever. Now, that eye-popping record is in serious jeopardy thanks to the massive cash coming in for this November’s race between Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell and Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes. [WaPo]

Perhaps Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes would be just as happy if they don’t find themselves together on a stage debating issues in their U.S. Senate campaign. [Ronnie Ellis]

NBC News pulled a veteran reporter from Gaza after witnessing an Israel attack on children. [Glenn Greenwald]

In anti-abortion Kentucky, Alison Daddy’s Name Grimes walks a fine line on women’s issues because she doesn’t have the guts to be honest with voters. [Sam Youngman]

From the Department of Things Ken Ham doesn’t understand… It’s highly unlikely we’re alone in the universe, NASA experts are saying, and we may be close to finding alien life. In fact, it may happen in the next two decades. [HuffPo]

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We Can Wish In One Hand & Bleep In The Other?

July 18th, 2014 · 1 Comment

Just a reminder — Alison Daddy’s Name Grimes refused to say whether or not she supports the President of the United States of America when it comes to immigration:

Kentuckians deserve an answer to that question, not obfuscation.

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Some Unsolicited Advice For Alison, Et Al…

July 18th, 2014 · No Comments

Here’s the deal.

As a candidate, going after your opponent, who is also a candidate, is fair game.

Attempting to malign the characters of campaign staffers? Unacceptable. They’re not candidates, they’re not elected officials and in most cases are not highly paid individuals who choose to be in the public spotlight. That’s worse than attacking the messenger of news you don’t like.

The same can be said for the Heiner Campaign and even folks at the Kentucky Democratic Party. Be wary of the lines you (all candidates) cross. Because you’re opening up a door for your own staffers who do not deserve to have their lives ripped apart.

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Paper Unknowingly Spread Misinformation In MoCo

July 18th, 2014 · 12 Comments

Yesterday we told you about shenanigans at Montgomery County Schools involving a daycare child running across a four-lane highway to escape.

Feel free to refresh yourself by clicking here. We also highlighted some continuing retaliation in the same story.

But here’s where the story gets interesting: when the Mt. Sterling Advocate steps in to cover the issue with some really subtle whitewash.

The paper’s story:

Child escapes daycare, runs across bypass

By Tom Marshall
Senior Advocate writer

A 7-year-old boy was unharmed July 7 after escaping from staff at the Mapleton Elementary School Daycare and running across the Bypass.

The boy managed to elude staff three times before breaking loose and running across the bypass to Kroger, where a relative works, said Phil Rison, assistant superintendent for Montgomery County Schools.

The incident occurred in the morning during a busy period when staff at the school were loading students on buses to visit the zoo, Rison said.

Staff at the school tried their best to capture the child before he got to the Bypass, but the boy was too fast for them, said Kristi Carter, director of child care for the district.

Rison said steps are being taken to prevent such an incident from happening again.

“It’s unfortunate,” Rison said. “We’re thankful so much that no one was hurt. We’re using it as a measure in which we can be better so that it never happens again.”

The boy has a history of being a flight risk, he said.

The boy has since returned to the daycare program. Staff have been instructed to keep a close eye on the boy at all times, Rison said.

A few points: It happened on July 8, not July 7.

The kid had no flight risk history — and if it had a history, it wouldn’t have been left alone in a closet. The only history it had? Coming to school upset two days in a row and being belittled by Carter (according to staff).

About that “busy period”… the school bus left at 8:10 A.M. for the Louisville Zoo. The child ran away an hour later. We know this because employees working that day all confirm it. Carter departed, with that school bus, long before she and Rison led the paper to believe.

Here’s the official schedule Carter’s employees gave us:


You’ll note the 8:00 A.M. departure time. Several present tell us the bus didn’t leave until 8:10 and the kid didn’t run away until just about 9:00 A.M.

While at the Louisville Zoo? Carter lost a child for nearly an hour. Zoo officials tell us (Hello? Like we don’t know the entire Zoo board and didn’t immediately ask questions when we found out SHE was at the Zoo?) they had to step in to locate the kid.

But about the bypass-crossing kid. Here’s the closet where the child was held:


Yep, the daycare supervisor sits at that desk right in front of it. But the kid still got away and ran all that way — several minutes to Kroger without them being able to stop the situation? Sure, okay, we’ll go with that.

Way to go, Montgomery County.

Note: republishing the entire article from the paper was necessary in order to illustrate the issue.

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Ketchup With Keeyum At Lake Cumberland, Y’all!

July 18th, 2014 · 3 Comments

We know you’ve missed State Repuhzintitive Keeyum Kang’s fancy video updates the past several months but we’ve been keeping track of her on the Twitter.

Her latest:


Apparently, anchoring a bunch of boats together and having drunken nudie parties loaded down with marijuana (that’s what happens at the lake and even on the Ohio River) is “wholesome recreation.”

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Your Weekly Transportation Lady Video Update

July 18th, 2014 · No Comments

This week the Transportation Lady discusses the KYTC helping build Bridges to Opportunities (for no-bid contracts?):

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Does Jensen Have What It Takes To Beat Barr?

July 18th, 2014 · No Comments

A federal judge has ruled that a former Barren County Sheriff’s deputy violated the constitutional rights of a man under arrest. [H-L]

Lawmakers have been eating unemployed people’s lunch right and left this year. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives took another bite, approving a federal highway funding bill with a cost-cutting provision that had been part of legislation for the long-term jobless. [HuffPo]

The director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will soon make a house call to Eastern Kentucky. [C-J/AKN]

Are you a generous person or someone who loves animals? Help Jackson the Dachshund out ASAP, as he needs surgery! Jessica has been a tireless advocate for years and has definitely given more than she’s received. Let’s all pitch in. [Go Fund Me!]

Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville is spearheading a 100-day action plan that Democrats hope will provide a push to regain the House this fall. [WFPL]

The House on Wednesday approved legislation that would prohibit performance bonuses for senior executives at the Internal Revenue Service. [The Hill]

Statistics show that since the initial rollout of President Barack Obama’s controversial health-care law, the Patient Protection-Affordable Care Act, Kentuckians have taken advantage of the opportunity to get covered. [Ashland Independent]

Most Americans think President Barack Obama is empathetic and trustworthy but not a strong leader, a new poll finds. [Politico]

Thick cockfighting support can’t kill a political career? Think again, Richard Henderson. [Click the Clicky]

After a long reign as the fastest-growing and most problematic sector in higher education, for-profit colleges are on the ropes. [NPR]

Democratic 6th District Congressional candidate Elisabeth Jensen of Lexington is reporting more than $234,000 in cash-on-hand for her campaign against U.S. Rep. Andy Barr, R-Lexington. [CN|2]

Federal officials trying to house the influx of minors from Central America have been forced to scrap several proposed sites because of local opposition, as the issue grows more toxic. [NY Times]

Kentucky’s unemployment rate for June 2014 dropped to 7.4 percent from a revised 7.7 percent in May 2014, according to the state Office of Employment and Training. [H-L]

Wondering why Hal Heiner supports charter schools? Here’s another look at the white flight religious extremism mess he so loves. [HuffPo]

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Is It November Yet? We’re All Ready For The End

July 17th, 2014 · No Comments

When asked by text message whether he plans to support Grimes’ campaign, Marksberry responded: “Absolutely not.” [H-L]

In October of 2011, Jeromy Coots helped transport the lifeless body of his older brother out of the coal mine where they’d worked together in eastern Kentucky. Richard Coots, just 23 years old, had been crushed to death by a piece of mining machinery below ground. [HuffPo]

Churchill Downs Inc.’s entry into the emerging online casino market was planned for — in of all places — Louisville, in the state where its efforts to get traditional brick-and-mortar casinos have failed for two decades. [C-J/AKN]

Iraq’s army and Shi’ite militia forces launched an assault on Tuesday to retake the city of Tikrit from Islamist militants as parliamentarians in Baghdad prepared to vote for a new speaker, a possible step towards breaking months of political deadlock. [Reuters]

University of Louisville officials are considering how to expand and focus the school’s research efforts. [Business First]

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said Wednesday that he doesn’t plan to remove coal-supporting language in his Export-Import Bank reauthorization bill, despite growing concerns from his own party. [The Hill]

Years after surviving an IED explosion, an Iraq War veteran has suffered another blow. Thieves ransacked his Leitchfield home, and stole the Purple Heart and Bronze Star he earned for risking his life during the war. [WAVE3]

It’s been a bad week for those seeking renewal of long-term unemployment benefits. [Politico]

The University of Louisville is still fighting to keep emails, memos and other notes related to a high-profile financial audit cloaked from public view. [WFPL]

A Democratic effort to override the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on contraceptive coverage failed in the Senate on Wednesday. [NPR]

The 134th Fancy Farm Picnic is now just a little more than two weeks away and the line-up of speakers is almost complete. [WKYU]

When a financial titan like Laurence D. Fink lobbies Washington, the natural instinct is to make sure the citizenry pats itself down to check that everyone still has their wallets, watches and belts. [ProPublica]

In anticipation of one of its largest crowds ever in its 134-year history, organizers of this year’s Fancy Farm political picnic are planning to roll out structural improvements and calling on candidates’ campaigns to preach civility to their supporters. [H-L]

Imagine a gun that a person could leave on his or her kitchen counter, without having to worry that someone else would fire it. That gun exists. A so-called “smart gun” uses biometrics or radio signals to stay locked until it’s held by its rightful owner. [HuffPo]

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