Thursday Morning Dept of Tiring Of Canada on TV

The gays were all over the place in Frankfort yesterday and they flat-out terrified Gary Tapp. It’s a shame leaders like Greg Stumbo and homophobe Larry Clark don’t do more to push equality in the Commonwealth. [Bluegrass Politics]

Some lady named Joe Sonka went to a mayoral forum in Lexington last night. Jim Newberry was askeerd of that lady and wet himself over and over. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Fining juveniles $100 for sending dirty pictures sounds ridiculous. Why not fine their parents? This media-hyped mess wouldn’t exist if parents were raising their children properly. [Stephenie Steitzer]

Uh, really, House Democrats? Taxing business more? I don’t think so. Get ready for the governor to veto the living shiz out of your budget. [Ronnie Ellis]

You know you’re hungry for more discussion on the pasty party that’s going down in Frankfort. P.S. It’s interesting that no one has picked up on the fact that Kent Ostrander himself says that 116 counties already have tougher laws than this pasty legislation. So Ostrander, the protector of our closet cases from other gays, is trying to waste our time and tax dollars for the benefit of a whopping four counties. [Bruce Maples]

Legislation to strengthen executive branch ethics? This is Kentucky, so surely not. [Amanda Van Benschoten]

It’s a new world order conspiracy! Oh, look, Trey Grayson and Bill Johnson are teaming up to attack Rand Paul on abortion. [More Amanda]

ANOTHER coal spill in Martin County! This time it’s just some coal-washing waste, but come on. That area has been screwed enough. [C-J]

WYMT has always been devoid of actual news, but this story about cockfighting is one of the more abysmal pieces to float out of Eastern Kentucky in a while. [WYMT]

I think Andy Barr and Mike Templeman are maybe borderline insane? Attacking Ben Chandler for standing up for Toyota isn’t the smartest thing to do. [H-L]

Apparently Kim Geveden still thinks it’s a solid strategy to attack Jack Conway because he’s from Louisville. Based on what I hear from the Mongiardo staffers who still love leaking information to us, Kim’s about to pop a vein these days. [Joe Arnold]

Greg Stumbo is getting hot under the collar. Based on his quotes in this updated story about cockfighting, you’d be led to believe he’s about to crack under the pressure. Based on the way he’s been treating everyday folks in the halls of Frankfort, I think that’s a fair assessment. [WLKY]

David Williams failed to disclose state payments to his wife, a judge, for rent in a building she owns. I’m not keen on defending David Williams, but there are far worse things the man has done/is doing. [John Cheves]

Is "Sexting" Really A Public Problem?

Frankfort wants to make “sexting” illegal.

From the Ronnie Ellis Twitter Machine, for the sake of discussion:

But what about talking dirty – in real life – to someone? Raunchy emails? Passing perverse notes?

Call me a bad seed or whatever, but I think this uproar over sexting is silly. If we didn’t have text messaging, it’d be talking dirty to somebody on the telephone.

I’m perplexed that we can spend time dealing with dirty text messages in the legislature but can’t be bothered to adequately address domestic violence and comprehensive tax reform.

Kentucky should be ashamed.

First Lady Mentions Kentucky In Her Speech

First Lady Michelle Obama mentioned Kentucky in her remarks to the National Governors Association on Saturday:

But our success here is up to you.  It’s up to you to get that — get the most out of these new investments.  And maybe that means demanding more from your suppliers in your state, or maybe renegotiating your contracts to include healthier options.  Maybe it means starting a farm-to-school program or insisting on healthier options in school vending machines, which, by the way, has actually meant increased revenues in schools in Kentucky and Maine and elsewhere.

Not a bad way to be mentioned!

Here’s a fancy wordle of her remarks:

Read the entire speech after the jump…

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Young Kentuckians Hold Gov's Staff Accountable

What’s that sounds? Why, it’s the sound of five young Kentuckians holding the governor’s staffers accountable on I Love Mountains Day.

20+ young people (aged five to 25) met with the five Beshear staffers and it was just as you’d expect: uncomfortable. They got a commitment for the governor to meet with them, but that’s about it. Yup. That’s all they could get in a major discussion about mountaintop removal. You’ll want to check out the questions they asked that for some reason couldn’t be answered.

And check out these videos of the kids asking questions as the staffer folk squirm:

Peep the other video after the jump…

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Kentucky's Kids Are Just Plain Fat

So take a look at this Presidential Memorandum establishing a childhood obesity task force that was signed by President Barack Obama this morning during an Oval Office event with First Lady Michelle Obama.

An excerpt:

Across our country, childhood obesity has reached epidemic rates and, as a result, our children may live shorter lives than their parents. Obesity has been recognized as a problem for decades, but efforts to address this crisis to date have been insufficient. My Administration is committed to redoubling our efforts to solve the problem of childhood obesity within a generation through a comprehensive approach that builds on effective strategies, engages families and communities, and mobilizes both public and private sector resources.

Nearly one third of children in America are overweight or obese — a rate that has tripled in adolescents and more than doubled in younger children since 1980. One third of all individuals born in the year 2000 or later will eventually suffer from diabetes over the course of their lifetime, while too many others will face chronic obesity-related health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma. Without effective intervention, many more children will endure serious illnesses that will put a strain on our health-care system. We must act now to improve the health of our Nation’s children and avoid spending billions of dollars treating preventable disease.


Sec. 2. Mission and Functions of the Task Force. The Task Force shall work across executive departments and agencies to develop a coordinated Federal response while also identifying nongovernmental actions that can be taken to solve the problem of childhood obesity within a generation. The functions of the Task Force are advisory only and shall include, but are not limited to, making recommendations to meet the following objectives:

(a) ensuring access to healthy, affordable food;

(b) increasing physical activity in schools and communities;

(c) providing healthier food in schools; and

(d) empowering parents with information and tools to make good choices for themselves and their families.


Now to get our leaders in Kentucky to discuss the problem…

Maybe it’d help if we had any clue what real food is in America.

Peep Michelle Obama’s remarks delivered at noon today after the jump…

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I'm Impressed With the Lexington Art League

All right. Let’s get personal for a second. I am impressed with the Lexington Art League. Specifically with its Side by Side program, which is handled in partnership with Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital and VSA arts of Kentucky.

Rather than get all in-depth and ruin it for you (you can research things for yourself at the link above and form your own opinion), let’s just take a look at some photos:

Side by Side is (in LAL’s own words) “a unique program that helps children with special needs express themselves through the visual arts.” Children will complete a six-week course during which they create their own (on their own) piece of art and one piece of art in collaboration with a professional artist. The artworks are set to be exhibited later this spring.

I encourage you to support the Lexington Art League.