Can You Believe It's Only Tuesday Evening?

Earlier today President Barack Obama signed a disaster declaration for Kentucky. [Press Release]

Ashley Judd is urging Governor Steve Beshear to help homeless pets. [Click the Clicky]

Al Cross focused on Rand Paul’s announcement that he would end farm subsidies. And he hits on Operation UNITE – a program folks in Morgan County refer to as Dog Catcher Central. Everybody says it works but I’ve never heard Eastern Kentucky law enforcement decry a program so horribly. [The Rural Blog]

PEE ALERT: James Buckmaster says he has the edge in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary. [H-L]

Food stamp usage isn’t just rampant in Kentucky. Nearly 40 million Americans are receiving food aid these days. [Reuters]

Is your fat kid just dangerously fat? Do something about it. Stop making your kid fat. [Let’s Move]

Want a 2010 Governor’s Celebration Kentucky Derby Poster? They’re still available for $15. [Order Online]

Brett Guthrie is keen on promoting this horseshiz from the Orange Man about that scary Nobama trying to prevent AT&T and crew from throttling the tubes. [Boehner Will Stick It To You]

Trey Grayson’s political career could very well be over. Ambassador Cathy Bailey has endorsed Rand Paul. [Bluegrass Politics]

What is it with Jim Newberry & Mark Riddle’s war on history in Lexington? What’s with the lies and distortions? [Barefoot & Progressive]

Tonight State Auditor Crit Luallen will receive the Communicator of the Year award from the Thoroughbred Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. [Press Release]

Why Is That Nobama So Mean To Poor Mitch?

Oh, wait, Papaw says he’s gonna include charter schools, the dropout bill and unemployment in the call for a special legislative session. Three more giant messes for David Williams to use when holding the budget hostage. [Bluegrass Politics]

Jack Conway and Daniel Mongiardo apparently “mined” Hillbilly Days for votes. And they spread the coal rhetoric on thick. Lots of folks in the mountains opposed to Lt. Dan and his endorsement of Barack Obama. [CQ Politics]

Why is Nobama so mean to poor Mitch McConnell? [NY Daily News]

Ruh ro! Ray Paulick is taking on Alice Forgy Kerr. [Paulick Report]

What the heck is wrong with a little oil and some ladies at a party!??! [Barefoot & Progressive]

The United Mine Workers endorsed Lt. Dan because he shills the hardest. [Jack Brammer]

Some fancy folks say a Rand Paul win in the primary would help Democratic chances in the general. [MSNBC via Joe Arnold]

Earlier today Congressman John Yarmuth introduced legislation to reject the influence of Hugo Chavez (FEAR!!1!) and Saudi Arabian oil companies in American elections. The resolution condemns the Supreme Court’s decision to allow unlimited spending by foreign-owned corporations, Wall Street banks and bailed-out CEOs. [Press Release]

How will Papaw Steve Beshear’s call for a special session be crafted? [Blue Bluegrass]

Take a look at the spectacular burn rate of Papaw Beshear & Mayor McCheese’s latest campaign finance report. [Page One]

School lunches are a national security threat because they’re making kids fat. [HuffPo]

Dear Internet: Sorry – Here's Your Update, Folks!

Sorry I drove everyone crazy and caused like, oh, 300 or 400 people to call/text/email me this morning simply because I accidentally forgot to schedule posts.

But trust me. There is a reaaaalllllly good reason. Something so exciting I couldn’t be bothered with things like, you know, responsibility.

Give me a few minutes to catch up and I’ll post updates and such.

Okay… here are some updates!

Randy Rand Paul Fun Times Teabagger loves pretend playing shoot-em-up with his borrowed guns. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Lt. Dan is advertising on the big orange librul devil. Oh noes. [More B&P]

Is this really a news story about the General Assembly? [AP]

I think it’d be pretty scary to watch the U.S. Senate stay up all night discussing the latest jobs bill. All those old codgers would just fall asleep. [The Hill]

Will the EPA take over part of Kentucky enforcement of the Clean Water Act? [C-J]

The child death bill passed the State House! [Bluegrass Politics]

That mean old Jim Gray is not happy about PeckerPointe in Lexington: “A tent for a few events a year is a glimpse at the lost potential for the center of Lexington. It is great if folks are using it, but it is also a reminder of failed leadership and missed opportunity.” [Press Release]

Oh Snap Monday! Jim Gooch Is Killing Kentucky

This is how Jim Gooch is ruining the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a shill for king coal. The fact that Steve Beshear and the Kentucky Democratic Party have allowed this buffoon to go unchallenged is just as bad. [H-L]

Point of hypocrisy/frustration: Today at noon, Steve Beshear will attend a Boy Scouts luncheon at Keeneland. But he couldn’t be bothered to show up in Pikeville for the inauguration of Pikeville College’s new president – a former governor. [Beshear’s Public Schedule]

Jack Conway is beginning to sound passive, discussing boring ass banking 24/7. Only boring, ridiculously focused people like me understand that shiz. It’s a lesson in how to fail. [C-J]

Some guy in Bowling Green says Greg Stumbo should resign over the school projects deal. The guy must have a screw loose, because I’m pretty sure about 90% of the legislature should resign – not just Stumbo. [Bowling Green Daily News]

Wait, there are two more! [Here & Here]

Who walks off with the farm and who gets hosed during the budget process? [Larry Dale Keeling]

It’s fine for you to support your churches and your community. But you people in Frankfort need to back the eff up and away from throwing our tax dollars at fundamentalists and organizations that don’t benefit the entire community. You don’t get to preach about fiscal responsibility only to throw pork at your favorite mouth-breathing hate group you call a “church” or whatever. [Marion County Line]

You know I don’t agree with the Courier-Journal editorial board often, but take note. This horse shiz of using children as pawns in Frankfort has got to stop. Greg Stumbo should be ashamed and the rest of the legislature should be immediately repenting. [C-J]

Pee Alert: Jim Bunning? Popular in Kentucky? Alecia Webb-Edgington and crew are showing their true colors. [AP via MSNBC]

That feller with a pickemup truck and a Dubya sticker is just so mad at Ben Chandler he could spit. [John Cheves]

TGIF! The Weekend Has Finally Arrived For Us!

That mean Ryan Alessi is talking about how the Democrats are spending very little on their first ads in the U.S. Senate race. How mean! [Bluegrass Politics]

Terry Brooks, ED of Kentucky Youth Advocates, on the House budget: “[T]hese short-term adjustments fall short of what is needed to put the Commonwealth on stable ground for the long haul.  There is much talk about the need for “shared sacrifice” but not enough about “shared solutions.”  While the proposal put forth in HB 530 appropriately calls on businesses to do their part, it doesn’t ask enough from others.  What’s needed is a comprehensive and balanced revenue plan where Kentucky’s tax code reflects the 21st century economy and allows for adequate investment in the state’s future.  Otherwise our fiscal foundation will remain shaky for some time to come.” [Press Release]

The Jefferson County Teachers Association endorsed Jim King in Louisville’s race for Mayor on Wednesday. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Known crazy person and old poo… man, Jim Bunning, wrote an op-ed for USA Today about why he took a stand. Interestingly, Bunning didn’t note his senility anywhere in his piece. [Click the Clicky]

The House approved the revenue bill and Greg Stumbo is promising an aggressive construction plan. [Bluegrass Politics]

Surprised? Republican Party of Kentucky passed a resolution standing with senile Jim Bunning. [WLKY]

Here’s the latest video from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. [YouTube

Yesterday supporters rallied in Frankfort for the restoration of voting rights. Kentucky needs to flipping take action on this front. This is part of the reason we cannot have nice things. [Ronnie Ellis]

But suspension of this business tax write-off? That shiz is not gonna fly! How absurd. [More Ronnie Ellis]

Kim Geveden admits Lt. Dan is only on the air with an ad attacking Jim Bunning because Jack Conway was on the air doing that very same thing first. Hahaha. Hey, Kimball, that’s called getting sucked into spending all of your campaign cash by the opponent who has more of that dough. Kim Geveden, a spokesman for Mongiardo, said the lieutenant governor didn’t plan to run the ad until Conway’s aired on Wednesday. “When we saw Jack Conway’s talking-head ad, we thought Daniel and his candidacy of strength and leadership would make a nice contrast,” he said. [Joe Gerth]

Latest Column From Jack Conway

Here’s the latest column from Attorney General Jack Conway:

I continue to hear from concerned parents, community leaders and school officials from across Kentucky who support our inquiry into Last month, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and I sent a letter to CEO Chris Tolles asking him to provide information about his policies dealing with abusive posts and a $19.99 fee for “priority review” of inappropriate posts that appear to violate the website’s terms of service.

We have received dozens of complaints about outrageous, vulgar and abusive posts, many directed at children, that are rampant on the “Forums and Polls” pages of These types of abusive posts can have a devastating effect on teens. The fact that Topix is charging to remove these types of posts also raises serious consumer protection concerns.

I remain hopeful that Topix will address our concerns and the concerns of parents across Kentucky.

Read the rest after the jump…

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