Meanwhile, In MoCo's Reality-Based Community…

While Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell spends potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars building an office for his illegally-hired wife, the rest of the district is suffering.

It’s no secret that there’s a school lunch mess, a lack of funding for text books, a lack of funding for essential positions. Despite there being plenty of money for Powell to improve his life and the lives of his close friends. No secret at all.

But outrage within the central office has been fomenting for months and Powell’s once large group of insiders is beginning to break up. And they’re beginning to leak unbelievable details about what’s truly going on within Montgomery County.

Just take a look at this photograph:


Dark areas of the brick: where water seeps in. Areas of the gutter where water is overflowing? You do the math.

Last spring there were near-constant heavy rains in Central Kentucky. And in Montgomery County, water was gushing into several classroom and cafeteria windows of one building, ceilings were leaking, water was everywhere. Based on the email paper trail leaked to us, we’ve been able to determine that these issues did not go unreported.

By late June/early July, the rains had returned and the issue was once again reported to school rent-a-cop-turned-top dog, Chris Barrier. He in turn reported matters to assistant superintendent Phil Rison and maintenance supervisor David Walters.

You can guess what never got fixed.

With the latest few heavy rains, water has reportedly flowed in through the front entrance and has even started to make its way through brick walls.

And you wonder why Montgomery County Schools can’t have nice things.

MoCo School Board Gave Powell Even MORE $$$

As promised, here’s a bit more from the most recent Montgomery County School Board meeting.

First up is superintendent Joshua Powell’s report:

Yes, his entire monthly report was about thirty seconds.

Here’s board chair Kenney Gulley claiming the board was voting to pay the final invoice for Powell’s personal attorney, though he hesitates a bit:

The big issue of the evening was the sudden OMG emergency need for an altered pay scale for a speech therapist/pathologist. Yes, the video is a million minutes long. Yes, you need to watch it.

Things to remember:

The board only received notice that they needed to have a new pay scale immediately prior to the meeting. But one board member who is notoriously aligned with Powell, Donna Wilson, already knew about it and had made telephone calls to friends in other counties to assess their pay scales and ask questions. The other board members we spoke with tell us Wilson was given advance info by Powell and Gulley while they were kept in the dark.

Why was Powell fighting so hard for a new pay scale? Would it be that assistant superintendent Phil Rison’s daughter could get a sweet new salary?

Powell said he didn’t explore hiring a contractor despite apparently having known about the need for a new pay scale for a month and a half. Yes, he’d been working on this a month and now it’s an emergency that needs to be rammed through the board? Hiring a contractor would cost about half what it would cost to pay the $7,500 per month amount Powell wanted to pay. You can see it all play out for yourself in the video above.

Still wondering what’s wrong with Montgomery County Schools? Her name is Donna Wilson and she is complicit in nearly everything that goes down.

Montgomery Co. Schools Rage Reaches Fever Pitch

Want a taste of the craziness that went down at the Montgomery County School Board meeting last night?

First, some photos:








Careful what you wish for.

Part 1:

Catch that? It’s board chair Kenney Gulley refusing to answer basic questions and chastising the person asking them. Despite answering questions at myriad previous board meetings.

It gets good. Just ignore the person clapping like they’ve never been out in public at the beginning.

Part 2:

There we go. Now Powell is claiming his family and children are being threatened. Taking a page from the playbook he used as he was pushed out of Union County. Almost verbatim. And all hell breaks loose with bogus claims of harassment and vague threats made toward citizens criticizing him as a government-appointed public figure.

And Gulley having the board attorney push to close meetings? Just what Montgomery County needs. More secrecy and no accountability.

Part 3:

Setting aside the teatoot nonsense, 99% of this is kind of a big deal. Yet more proof that Frankfort is well aware of the shenanigans going on in Montgomery County. Illegal shenanigans, no less.

Anyone who thought Joshua Powell wasn’t responsible for the illegal policies and procedures of the board? Haha, well, there you go.

Of course, Powell “responds” only to get his ass handed to him:

Part 4:

Unreal, isn’t it? First Gulley chastised Bruce Walters for asking questions and having a discussion with the board and then he allowed it to occur with another citizen.

It’s only going to get worse from here.

Rolling Your Eyes At Fayette Co. Schools Mess?

The Fayette County School Board got an earful at its first public meeting since the auditor’s report. Fun fact: This guy has done far less than Montgomery County’s superintendent but Frankfort (Adam Edelen, who has staffers telling us they won’t waste their time in Montgomery County) is taking him more seriously. [H-L]

Hundreds of military veterans received free marijuana during a special giveaway in Denver designed to show that pot can help ease their pain. [HuffPo]

Kentucky officials should be prepared to explain how and why they arrived at what drugs to use in a lethal injection and at what doses, a state judge said Monday, though he didn’t decide how in-depth the explanation needed to be. [C-J/AKN]

The US Treasury Secretary has urged eurozone countries to “boost demand” in order to reduce unemployment and avoid deflation. [BBC]

Absolutely none of this disqualifies Ashley Miller from running for office. None of it. In fact, she should put it all on her campaign website. People would like her more. What DOES disqualify her? Being recruited and supported by Jennifer Moore, someone who has spent years personally attacking and demeaning anyone who doesn’t share her political bent. [WFPL]

Few figures in the climate change debate are as polarizing as former Vice President Al Gore. [Mother Jones]

Authorities believe a shooting threat at Rowan County Senior High School on Friday stemmed from social media and rumors. [The Morehead News]

More than 120 world leaders – including President Barack Obama – kicked off a one-day United Nations’ summit on climate change in New York City by viewing What’s Possible, a short film on the urgency of global warming. [Bill Moyers]

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes continues to flood the airwaves with ads attacking her opponent, incumbent Republican Mitch McConnell, while he apparently was in New York seeking support from real estate developer and reality TV star Donald Trump. [Ronnie Ellis]

They’re meant to discourage tax inversions by U.S. corporations. Inversions take place when a company merges with a foreign partner and re-incorporates overseas as a way to avoid U.S. taxes. [NPR]

Harlan County Public Library Director Rich Haynes addressed the Harlan County Fiscal Court recently and reported the 2014 tax rates set for the Harlan County public library district. [Harlan Daily Enterprise]

The waves of warplanes and Tomahawk cruise missiles targeted the militants’ training compounds, storage facilities and finance center in an aggressive and risky operation that marked a new phase in the conflict. [WaPo]

The growing rate of babies being born with NAS has urged many medical professionals to call the surge an epidemic and label it a public health care crisis that needs to be combatted. [H-L]

TV news misses yet another opportunity to cover climate change. [HuffPo]

Montgomery Co. Approved Massive Pay Raises

We’ve told you for several months that Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell was trying to give his close friends monstrous pay raises — some nearly $30,000.

A look back:

  • Montgomery Co. High School Principal Reinstated But The Wildfire Of Corruption Rages On [May 30, 2014]
  • Joshua Powell Could Be Violating More State Laws [June 4, 2014]
  • Newspaper Misinforms Montgomery County Again [June 12, 2014]

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Can’t afford to pay essential employees, can’t afford the school lunch program, can’t afford text books but can afford to illegally hire his wife, can afford to spend potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating buildings for his wife to have an office without approval and can afford to give his friends hired amid scandal(s) pay bumps that will blow your mind.

At the most recent school board meeting, Option 1 was approved:







Mind blown?

Watch the whole mess:

It’s almost as if the current board wants to be voted out of office come November.

Montgomery Co. Wants To Spend Millions On Cheap Laptops While Other Areas Of Education Suffer

Can you believe Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell is trying to spend potentially millions of dollars (at least $350,000 per year for several years) on Chromebooks ($200-$300 laptops that run the Google Chrome operating system) for kids to take home?

When the district can’t afford text books, essential staff or a lunch program?

A cool idea, sure. But in Montgomery County?

Let’s get real. Buying cheap, flimsy netbooks that’ll be worn out within a couple years (by their own admission)? Riiiight. Just what Montgomery County needs at the moment.

We’d run a video about it but who wants to sit through 30 minutes of yammering on by a couple people who don’t know what they’re talking about? No one.

The board is meeting early before this evening’s meeting to get a hands-on. Here’s hoping they come to their senses.

This bunch is in a mad dash to spend as much money as humanly possible before Powell is ousted.

Full disclosure: this post was written on a Chromebook.