Joshua Powell Continues His Spending Spree

Montgomery County Schools can’t afford textbooks and teachers are paying for the most basic supplies out of their own pockets.

But superintendent Joshua Powell can afford to supply Mapleton Elementary with a third staff refrigerator and a new staff microwave?

They had a pretty good setup before hand:


Here’s what Powell bought:


Now they have three staff refrigerators and three microwaves.

Still need more proof this actually happened? Here’s an email from the principal:


We haven’t seen someone spend so freely since Robert Felner.

Miniature Texan Gets Crazier By The Minute

A Veterans Affairs hospital botched the treatment of a suicidal Marine by sending him to another medical facility even though he had an emergency condition, a federal judge said. [H-L]

Rand Paul’s budget would have cut funding for agencies leading the ebola response. [HuffPo]

Long story short: Mitch McConnell is full of whatever Joshua Powell is full of when it comes to climate change. [C-J/AKN]

It might be hard to fathom in today’s partisan times, but some political technology firms don’t care if their clients are Democrats or Republicans. [Politico]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests: Adam Beam, Miranda Combs, Sam Youngman. [KET]

Islamic State fighters pressed closer toward besieged cities in Syria and Iraq on Thursday as defenders on both fronts prepared for possible street-by-street battles and appealed for intensified U.S.-led airstrikes, reports and witnesses said. [WaPo]

Kentucky is one of seven states selected to share $5 million in U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant funds to identify, track and prevent the misuse of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits by program recipients. Kentucky will receive more than $1.1 million in federal grant dollars, which will be used to help combat SNAP trafficking, primarily the exchange of benefits for cash or other goods or services. [Press Release]

We told ya ages ago that those SUVs being used by Alison Grimes — potentially illegally — were owned by her daddy. [Roll Call]

A new hire at the University of Louisville will take on the combined roles of chief financial officer and chief operations officer. [WFPL]

A recent meeting between union members and representatives of Kentucky Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes’s Senate campaign turned sour just weeks before the election, with labor activists complaining they have been ignored and mistreated by the Grimes campaign. [NRO]

It felt a bit like the late 1960s rather than 2014, but Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alison Grimes got a boost from a social justice group Thursday as she tries to turn her campaign message to economic issues. [Ronnie Ellis]

Head of flawed effort to identify missing soldiers loses his job. The departure of veteran lab director Tom Holland appears to be the first leadership change in the Pentagon’s overhaul of its identification process. [ProPublica]

Really, Herald-Leader? No mention of 23% of a district’s score being self-assessed? [H-L]

2015 is still a few months away, but the folks at the New York Times are probably wishing that they could throw 2014 in the dumpster now, given how challenging this year has often been. [HuffPo]

Joshua Powell Already Hyping Faux Test Scores

Like clockwork. Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell (just as we predicted) has started hyping up his bogus and inflated test scores. Test scores that, as you already know, are based in part on self-evaluation. Specifically: 23% of the score is based on whatever Joshua Powell says.

From the school’s intranet:


And on Facebook:


They’re even spreading a flyer around town:


The district can’t afford textbooks but can afford food, inflatables, a game truck, photo booths, a petting farm, a balloon artist, people dressed up in costumes and a DJ.

Common sense, how does it work? Montgomery County Schools wants to know.

The Most Bizarre Montgomery County Moment Yet

Get a load of this $663.06 full-page ad taken out in support of failed Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell:





Not even going to bother reading all of it because JESUS H THE STUPID! Who on earth links directly to the stories that rip apart their argument? Wow.

This is the guy who helped Powell “teach” for Morehead State.

We hear when he was superintendent, he was hit with countless lawsuits. One of them involved a million dollar mess that involved alleged anti-gay slurs.

He was also one of Steve Beshear’s top four picks to be commissioner of education.

And how creepy is it that he used half of that advertisement as a prayer or whatever? Seems the entire Powell posse stems from an extremist church.

Help Give That Poor Kid A Dignified Funeral

Will Kentucky’s Senate race be like Nevada in 2010 or Nevada in 2012? [H-L]

The world has known about Ebola for almost 40 years, yet there’s no cure or vaccine on the market. [HuffPo]

Kentucky Retirement Systems has declined to file a claim in the Seven Counties Services bankruptcy case despite arguing that the agency owes $90 million in unfunded pension liabilities. [C-J/AKN]

An obscure federal contract for a company charged with routing millions of phone calls and text messages in the United States has prompted an unusual lobbying battle in which intelligence officials are arguing that the nation’s surveillance secrets could be at risk. [NY Times]

Will you help pay for Ray Allen Etheridge’s funeral? He’s the homeless kid found murdered in Cherokee Park. You can donate at any PNC branch, despite what the story says. [WDRB] Errrr. Nope. Master P is paying for it all. Glad to see someone step up like that!

A federal judge ruled in favor of for-profit colleges and universities on Thursday, overturning a U.S. Department of Education rule that limits how the schools recruit students. [Reuters]

A recent study says Kentucky could earn about $30 million per year if it legalized marijuana. [Business First]

As many as 100 people in Texas are being checked for exposure to Ebola, health officials have said.[BBC]

The thin red line on the topographical map winding through the Daniel Boone National Forest from Rowan County in the north to Pickett County, Tenn. in the south is a recreational jewel and a valuable economic development tool, according to Steve Barbour, executive director of the Sheltowee Trace Association. [Ashland Independent]

Rand Paul is warning that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention might be downplaying the threat from the Ebola virus. [Politico]

When Democratic incumbent Kent Clark and Republican challenger Reagan Taylor concluded their comments at the Richmond Chamber of Commerce forum this week, at least one difference was clear. [Richmond Register]

President Barack Obama sidesteps midterm campaigning as his approval ratings slump. [NPR]

In the past five months, Fayette County health officials have quarantined two patients who had traveled to or from Liberia after they showed symptoms similar to those of Ebola. [H-L]

The CIA is locked in an epic battle with the Senate over how much information about its George W. Bush-era torture tactics it should be required to release. Senators are lambasting the CIA’s “culture of misinformation,” but the agency doesn’t seem to have taken the criticisms to heart. [HuffPo]

Meanwhile, McConnell Spreads Climate Misinfo

The two men who want to lead Lexington agree on many things, such as encouraging more downtown development and preserving area farmland. But Mayor Jim Gray, who is finishing his first term, and Anthany Beatty, an administrator at the University of Kentucky and a former Lexington police chief, differ on what needs to be done to improve public safety in Lexington. [H-L]

The Supreme Court has taken no action on appeals asking it to take up the issue of same-sex marriage. [HuffPo]

Power plants top Kentucky’s biggest sources of climate pollution, according to just-released data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. [C-J/AKN]

In 1872, a merchant ship called the Mary Celeste set sail from New York, and four weeks later was found by sailors aboard another vessel to be moving erratically in the Atlantic Ocean 400 miles east of the Azores. [NY Times]

Kentucky has one of the highest rates of homeless children in the county. [WAVE3]

The St. Louis County prosecutor’s office is investigating an accusation of misconduct on the grand jury that is hearing the case against the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. [WaPo]

Eric Ray has been hired by the Education Professional Standards Board. Seems like all the educational agencies are staffing up to take on Joshua Powell. [External PDF Link]

The new acting director of the U.S. Secret Service is coming from Comcast. Yeah, that’ll end well. [The Hill]

Mitch McConnell said airstrikes targeting Islamic State terrorists will be helpful “to a point,” but that America should use its leadership to rally others to push back against the group. [BGDN]

A top health official says budget cuts eroded our ability to respond to ebola. [Mother Jones]

The Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH) is challenging early child care providers, education professionals, parents and health advocates to join them in the fight to end childhood obesity. Specifically targeting the early child care population, the DPH Obesity Prevention Program and the Partnership for a Fit Kentucky have created a call to action focused on training, family engagement and ensuring policy is aligned to meet or exceed best practices. Many state organizations and advocates have already agreed to promote these best practices in order to start reversing Kentucky’s alarmingly high rates of individuals who fall into the categories of overweight or obese. [Press Release]

The educational resources that are supposed to help lower- and middle-income families catch up to the rich are instead propping up economic inequality thanks to the spending habits of the wealthy, according to a new analysis from the Associated Press. [Think Progress]

Mitch McConnell is criticizing his Democratic opponent for taking her taxpayer salary while campaigning for the U.S. Senate. But McConnell is getting even more government pay while he serves in the Senate and campaigns for a sixth term. [H-L]

On Wednesday, Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter signed legislation decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana in the city. [HuffPo]

KET's Embarrassing Director Costing Taxpayers $

That’s right, the teatoot libertarian who isn’t on the ballot is wasting taxpayer dollars by suing a public television station for ignoring him. Err… he’s not really wasting them, as he’s been pushed into the position he currently finds himself.

It’s not really his fault. It’s the embarrassing director of KET who is to blame. Shae Hopkins. So when you partisans are getting angry and blaming the guy for causing drama, pause for a moment and let your hamster run on its wheel. Think about it.

Her daddy’s political connections landed her the job and the entire organization has suffered since she showed up. Lawsuits, discrimination, embarrassment after embarrassment.

Feel free to google or search around this site for all the details about KET’s leader. About the lawsuits. The settlements. The fiscal mismanagement. The Beshear/Fischer-style retaliation and shenanigans. It’s all there if you’re interested.

Here’s a sampling:

It’s a real shame because all of KET’s front line folks, journalists, crew members, producers… they’re all pretty much wonderful and do stellar jobs.

But the messes Shae Hopkins continues to cause? Hooo boy. Disaster. And she’s forcing her underlings to take the blame and fight her battles.