Tour UK's New Emergency Department

Normal people (those not living in Louisville) are familiar with the University of Kentucky’s Chandler Medical Center. And most are aware that UK’s got a fancy new emergency department.

So let’s take a video tour of the impressive new facility:

Big news for UK and the state, really.

471 UK Faculty Stick It To President Lee Todd

Ah, the sound of 471 University of Kentucky faculty sticking it to President Lee Todd.

Last friday the UK faculty Senate announced that Dr. Joe Peek (check out his campaign website and watch the videos) was elected overwhelmingly (nearly 3-to-1 over the incumbent, 471 to 174) to one of the two faculty seats on the Board of Trustees.

All fine and dandy, right? That’s what I thought until I dug a little deeper. Here’s what I learned from some UK folks…

Dr. Peek is a distinguished and internationally-known economist. That’s not in doubt. But for roughly three years he was publicly mocking and ridiculing Lee Todd and his administration. Called him everything under the sun. Referred to the Board as spineless and rubber-stamping.  And he’s now risen to a position of power.

Peek’s predecessor, well-known political science professor Ernie Yanarella, served two terms and is anything but a Todd lackey. He could have easily kept his seat representing the faculty. But people are allegedly so ticked off with Todd that they decided to send him a strong message with the election of Peek. That message is almost as bad as a vote of no-confidence.

UK’s PR folks have worked to try to spin the results of the election, but there’s just no way to say it isn’t bad news for Todd. I hear any number of issues are about to surface. Including, but not limited to: the issue of fraudulent self-rankings Todd gave himself, extraordinary secrecy in decision making, massive salary increases for administrators, issues of alleged administrative bullying, financial shenanigans and even alleged felonious cover-ups of Rober Felner proportions (yes, I have been digging – and I hear from through the grapevine this is one of the reasons Ryan Alessi was originally moved to Higher Ed at the H-L).

For eight years the faculty kept quiet with just an occasional elbow at Todd. But this is a true ruh ro moment.

Maybe now – after years of secrecy and hair-pulling – I can finally get my hands on the documents I’ve been refused.  Maybe we’ll have answers once and for all.

Oh. Guess which newspaper is ignoring this big UK election? The Courier-Journal. Imagine that. Shades of the Felner scandal surfacing in 2010.

Take a “peek” at Peek’s post-election email to supporters after the jump…

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UK is Just a Full-On Sexytime University

Best Ryan Alessi headline ever? Sex Week: UK campus abuzz about birds and bees. [H-L]

Don’t miss the latest results of the 2010 U.S. Senate poll. [Page One]

Can you say ‘wrong on so many levels’? After our experiences with the private prison at Otter Creek, do we want to put our most vulnerable youth under private/bottom-line care? Don’t we have some of the best non-profits here in Kentucky that already have great records dealing with problem youth? Home of the Innocents, Brooklawn, et al? One has to wonder if the nursing home in Northern Kentucky is payback for Dennis Keene. [Debby Yetter]

Don’t miss this uncommonly good feature from one of coolest magazines in the country. [Rolling Stone]

Dear Al Cross: Where have you been on more major campaign finance cases the past few years? [C-J]

That Mitch McConnell. He loves reacting. [BFC]

Did you see Saturday Night Live excoriate Barack Obama? Was rather interesting. [HuffPo]

If you’re afraid of the pig flu, the Kentucky Department for Public Health has established a toll-free hotline to answer questions about H1N1. It’s open from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. daily. (877) 843-7727. Or visit the redesigned Health Alerts Website on the internets. [Kentucky Health Alerts]

Watch a satellite crash into the moon at the University of Louisville this Friday. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Polluters ride free at taxpayers’ expense. It’s terrible that Kentucky fell so far behind in strip-mine inspections that the federal government penalized the state $1 million. Terrible, but not surprising. [H-L]

Meanwhile, the spin machine is ginning up to combat the realities of king coal. [More H-L]

The only known video footage of Anne Frank has been posted on YouTube. [Check It Out]

UK Gets a Poor Grade in National Ranking

by John LaFollette
Page One Kentucky Correspondent

US News and World Report published its annual college rankings online today, with the University of Kentucky again finishing outside of the top-100 national universities.  UK was tied for 128th, at the bottom of the top tier of national universities, which focus on producing groundbreaking research as well as offering a full range of undergraduate, graduated, and doctoral degrees.

Among public schools, UK was 64th — 44 spots shy of its stated goal of becoming a top-20 public research university by 2020 — which means the Cats have some serious clawing ahead of them.  U of L was unranked, falling somewhere in the third tier of national universities.

The Commonwealth’s private institutions fared a bit better, though.  Centre (45), Berea (68), and Transylvania (77) all cracked the top-100 schools in the liberal arts category.  Transy and Centre also got top Bellarmine (16) and Murray State (18) were both ranked in top-20 places to get a master’s degree in the south.

UK Student Government Snafu Still Fresh

This commentary courtesy Stephen Shepard, a student at the University in Kentucky. Stephen provides a view of the racist anti-Obama email sent by the school’s student body president and the following public apology which didn’t go as swimmingly as the mainstream press would have us believe.

For those of you who weren’t privileged enough to witness the famous UK Student Government meeting Wednesday (February 07, 2008) you missed quite a performance.

Our UK Student Government (SG) President Nick Phelps presented his “apology” to the students who were offended by the anti-Islamic, anti-atheist, anti-Obama email he sent out January 17th 2008 over our tax-funded UK listserv. Mr. Phelps spoke, giving an apology to those who were offended, and admitted the forwarded email was both untrue and wrong to pass along. And about a minute into his apology was when things began to go terrible wrong. Mr. Phelps quickly changed the topic from how deeply sorry he was, to all of the great things he was doing in Frankfort for UK students. I was stunned with disbelief. Being a McConnell protégé, he attempted to push the issue aside, running from it as if the 30 or so students who had shown up to the SG meeting had anything else on their mind, except the intolerance that our SG exhibited in passing the vile email along. Sadly that wasn’t even the beginning of the insult.

When it came time, I gave my speech, basically saying, this was the second discriminatory event UK had witnessed in less than 6 months and the world was watching. I didn’t call for a censure, and I didn’t call for Nick to resign.

SG Sen. Jesse Parish rose, attempted to give his resignation and urged Mr. Phelps to do so as well. However Mr. Phelps had no such plans. Mr. Phelps went on to say two things that will stick with me. The first was “when I’m on CNN and in public office I’ll look back on this moment fondly.”

Peep the rest after the jump…

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Nick Phelps Apologizes

Nick Phelps, student body president and young republican at the University of Kentucky, has finally apologized for his stupid move to forward a racist e-mail about Barack Obama to other members of student government.

If traffic at Page One over the past two days and social bookmarking activity around the country are any indication, Phelps’ story has been one of the hottest among college students. Yesterday saw our largest amount of traffic to date outside of national press-driven frenzies we’ve caused here and there. A few hundred thousand people stopped by to read up on the debacle.

For background:

BGR has the skinny:

UK Student Government President Nick Phelps apologized at a meeting last night for forwarding his idiotic “Obama as mujahadeen candidate” email, but has refused to resign. An this appears to be an actual apology, not the smart-assed one he gave the following day in the Kernel.

Phelps took some major heat and faces serious obstacles as a result of his actions. But it’s nice to know he has apologized with the following: “I want to fully and unequivocally apologize to anyone I might have offended by my recent actions, but also I want to extend my apologies to the entire student body of the University of Kentucky. My actions were wrong.”