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It’s Fancy Farm 2014 – Video Roundup Time

August 2nd, 2014 · Comments Off

If you missed Fancy Farm, here are all the speeches. In no particular order. Steve Beshear: Stan Humpries: Richard Heath: Jesse Wright: Floridian Ed Whitfield: Some crazy guy named Charles Hatchett: Grandmother Mitch McConnell: Alison Daddy’s Name Grimes: Little Todd: Rand Paul: Adam Edelen: Big Ole Tough Man Jack Conway: Jamie Comer, as he announces [...]

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We Found Little Todd Trying To Promote Himself

April 16th, 2014 · Comments Off

People always ask what Little Todd Hollenbach is up to these days. In addition to being close friends with notorious bigot and homophobe, Frank Simon. Well, really, he’s not up to much. Since his job is pointless and he rarely shows up in Frankfort. He’s lately been on a self-promotional tour because he wants to [...]

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Your Taxes Paid For Him To Attend The Event

February 27th, 2014 · 1 Comment

On the morning of Alison Grimes’ fundraiser with Bill Clinton, we spied this tweet from Todd Hollenbach: MMM HMM Maybe the day would have been better spent actually doing the work taxpayers pay you to do, Little Todd. Along with Jack Conway, Adam Edelen, Greg Stumbo, Steve Beshear and crew. If LRC staffers aren’t permitted [...]

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Poll: Kentucky Is Slowly Hating The Gays Less

February 10th, 2014 · 1 Comment

For over 40 years, the Endangered Species Act has been saving plants and animals from extinction. [HuffPo] Most Kentuckians still support a state ban on gay marriage, but their numbers have declined significantly from a decade ago when an amendment to the state constitution banned civil unions and limited marriage to a man and a [...]

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PEE ALERT: Todd Hollenbach Has A Sad Again

February 5th, 2014 · 1 Comment

Phantom State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach is mad that people in Frankfort want to abolish his worthless office. The State Senate approved SB 58, sponsored by Sen. Chris McDaniel, 23-15 yesterday. It would dissolve the office of Treasurer at the end of Hollenbach’s term. Essentially, the very few functions that are important would be absorbed by [...]

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Todd Hollenbach To Use Tax Dollars To Campaign

November 21st, 2013 · Comments Off

Little Todd Hollenbach is at it again – using his his official office and your tax dollars to campaign for office. Check out the latest: As part of his address to KACO members, Treasurer Hollenbach will reveal his plans to travel the state in 2014 to hold a series of “town hall” style meetings with [...]

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Little Todd Thinks You’ve Forgotten About That

June 13th, 2013 · 3 Comments

Remember February 2011 when Todd Hollenbach sent out his first communication with the press in four years? When he said everything was puppies and rainbows with Kentucky Retirement Systems? Or when his Democratic opponent, Steve Hamrick, pointed out he was asleep at the wheel as the pension barn was burning down around him? It’s going [...]

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Remember Todd Hollenbach? He Still Does Things

January 18th, 2013 · 2 Comments

Sure, Todd Hollenbach is the forgotten elected in Frankfort. Sure, he does everything like a 12-year-old attempting to mimic is father (which, well, let’s not go there). So it will likely come as a surprise to you that $134,000 in unclaimed property was handed out in Magoffin County recently. What won’t come as a surprise [...]

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Little Todd Screwed Up Paychecks For Everybody

February 15th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Oh, looky here. Fresh off the heels of a disastrous state government audit that essentially indicted State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach with being childish, incompetent and wasteful comes news – from his office – that he screwed up payroll for nearly everybody in state government. Here’s the release/memo/whatever: OFFICE OF THE STATE TREASURER TODD HOLLENBACH NOTICE [...]

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State Govt. Audit Reveals Embarrassing Problems

February 14th, 2012 · 3 Comments

This morning State Auditor Adam Edelen is releasing the first half of the annual state government audit. In it, he offers 62 findings with recommendations. Those 62 findings are related to deficiencies in internal controls of financial reporting, up from last year’s 53. This year’s audit also found eight material weaknesses that all relate to [...]

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