Idiots Invade, Grayson Attacked

Last night PolWatchers was the victim of an idiot invasion. Commenters on Pat Crowley’s blog have the story and seem to pretty much be spot-on.

Bigots came out of the blue to ignorantly attack Trey Grayson for having a *gasp* known homosexual on his staff. Oh, the horrors! Oh noes! The gays are among us, Pam! Went so far as grossly attacking said staffer. Thankfully, the H-L folks deleted the commentary but the issue is still hot.

Who gives a flying fuck (yes, I used it– don’t let your kids read this one) about the sexual orientation of anyone’s staff? What bearing does an individual’s sexual orientation have on their ability to do great work? And where do bigots get off attacking someone who is not in the public eye? This isn’t 1920s Mobile, Alabama. We aren’t burning crosses in Ernesto Scorsone’s front yard. Dan Mongiardo is no longer leading the anti-gay hate march like he did in 2004. This is modern America and we’re in the year 2007. Homophobia and other prejudices should be over and done.

No one is certain where the attacks originated. Could be individuals affiliated with the Hendrickson campaign. Could be the Fletcher camp. Or it could be Grayson’s former campaign manager who was let go. Regardless, this is sickening. Not to mention bad for Democrats if it’s coming from that direction. Would only serve to push more Democratic voters toward Grayson if they knew he didn’t hate the gays, right?

This is not an endorsement of Trey Grayson in any way, shape or form. But let’s get one thing clear: Trey Grayson is not a bigot. He’s not sexist. He’s not a homophobe. And he certainly doesn’t make crass judgments as many in his gay-hating party do. Trey’s not the devil on social issues so Democrats and Republicans need to get over it.

In case you didn’t know…

SurveyUSA’s latest gubernatorial poll results put Steve Beshear at a commanding 24-point lead over Ernie Fletcher.

60-36 with only 4% undecided.

The end is extremely effing nigh, Ernest Lee! You’ll never get to hate the gays (many of whom you know, love and employ) again! And we’ll never have to think of you as a respectable gentleman because you’ve done nothing but pander to the lowest common denominator the past few weeks.  Let us know if you need help redecorating your retirement home.

Take a peek at the cross tabs here.

Brainwashed Daily Briefing Dept

Is KAPT in trouble? Is it a waste of time and money? Should the program be revamped? Who knows. But take a look at the latest analysis and be your own judge. [Report – PDF]

Across the pond. Kentucky’s gubernatorial election makes international news. The groundswell of support for Steve Beshear is tied into a secondary theme of ousting Mitch McConnell in 2008. Looks like the world’s eyes are upon us. Note to the person providing facts for the story: quit pimping Ben Chandler as the savior. He’s not even popular in Lexington. You’re showing your disconnection. [Guardian]

Less gay hating. 9% of Kentuckians want to ban domestic partner benefits. Only 9%. But 34% say health insurance for children is their top priority. Ruh ro, Mitch. You may be on the wrong end of another issue. Oh, and the state legislature is crappy as always. [PolWatchers]

Fit for a queen? David Hawpe takes Mitch McConnell to task for losing touch with the common Kentuckian. From spring pea soup to expensive champagne, Mitch has become a high-rolling Washington socialite. A high-rolling socialite who is wholly out of touch, that is. [C-J]

Don’t buy the spin. The Herald-Leader— unlike some well-known Fletcher lackeys– has a legitimate poll indicating Democratic candidate for Treasurer Todd Hollenbach leading Republican opponent and courts hack Melinda Wheeler by 15%. The truth hurts some people and they’ll still try to lie it away. An aside: Hollenbach was endorsed by Frank Simon and refuses to denounce said endorsement. We hope Todd realizes the blogosphere will not be forgetting this if he wants an easy first term or, heck, a second run at the office. [H-L]

The End is Nigh: Or what you missed this weekend

Thank goodness for terrible opponents. Jack Conway has an 18-point lead over Stan Lee in the latest polling. anyone surprised? We hope the Breck Girl is able to continue his career of hating everyone while raking in big insurance cash. [H-L]

Money talks. Mitch McConnell gives funds to company (SAE) he knows to be under investigation for bribery. A weapons company. How much money are we talking about here? $25 million. This from the guy who says money equals free speech. [H-L]

Nutjob in Elizabethtown? Who knew! Some guy wrote a letter to the editor about Steve Beshear loving gay money. And literally says (verbatim) that he “wants to kill more babies.” OMG. Go read it. You’ll pee yourself laughing. [News-Enterprise]

Commenters gone wild. An anonymous individual on Pat Crowley’s blog suggests Sally Denton’s Bluegrass Conspiracy is reason enough to paint all Democrats as more corrupt than Fletcher and other Republicans. Uh, maybe a handful of Democrats– some of whom are miraculously still in office and continually covering dirt up. All one really has to do is look back at the last eight years in the United States and then talk about corruption. [NKY Politics]

Budgetary hypocrisy. McConnell is going crazy over Democrats’ lack of action on the insane budget that’s being pushed through this year. He has the gall to accuse them of letting “the troops” down. Fails to mention he is one of the individuals responsible for sending “the troops” to Eye-Rack without body armor or any other basic protections. [C-J]

Ernie’s lights go out. Not only is Ernie Fletcher keen at preventing any sliver of honesty see the light of day? He’s busily telling the world his campaign can still turn the tide and win. For real. He thinks he can win. Nine days out and he seriously thinks he can win. [State-Journal]

Moment of truth. Ronnie Ellis expresses his weird bitterness over Fletcher’s impending loss. He “SHOULD” be winning, Ronnie? We get your point. But what the heck kind of journalism is that? [Daily Times]

12 Days Out

Drinking & Driving. Assistant Attorney General Jason Moore was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. With an open container! What the? Even better: The dude’s car was found smashed into a light pole with a crushed fire hydrant beneath it. Come on, people! Drinking and driving? Killing yourself is fine and dandy but don’t try to kill everyone else in the process. We hope Moore gets the help he needs. [C-J]

Kind and generous? Billy Reed has a story about Steve Beshear that proves he’s as genuine as he says he is. Politics aside, character and personal behavior say a lot about a candidate and those two things almost never make it to print. [StraightNFlush]

In the spotlight. The Hill highlights Kentucky’s looming Democratic victories. Does it spell trouble for Congressional and Senate Republicans? They seem to think so and they state their case. [The Hill]

Gay hating. The Family Research Council says the evil Democrats want to help the devilish, nasty cross-dressers and the gays! OH NOES! The world will end if they’re not legally able to discriminate. Snap. [FRC]

Shocking the pants off of some. LEO endorsed Trey Grayson for Secretary of State over Democratic opponent Bruce Hendrickson. That gnashing of teeth sound you think you hear? It’s– we hate to say it– it’s the sound of Democrats effectively conceding the only horse race they’ve got in 2007. Interestingly, LEO offered no endorsement for Auditor or Treasurer. What’s up with that? [LEO]

Candidates for Lt. Gov. Homophobic?

Sure seems like both Dan Mongiardo and Robbie Rudolph could be a bit afraid of the gays. Only one brought God into the mix of their anti-gay marriage rant during last night’s debate, though. We’ll let you guess who. You’re sure to be surprised.

Neither candidate believes gay couples– who pay for 100% of their domestic partner benefits— should be afforded health insurance? Everyone should have access to health care but gay people? What the?

Heads-up to the winners on November 6, 2007: You’ll be bringing us actual gay folk to the table to resolve this matter. It’s 2007. There’s no place for homophobia.

And we thought we’d seen the last of homophobia this campaign season.

WHAS/WTVQ Gubernatorial Debate Highlights

Same boring crap. Nothing new. Ernie Fletcher stumbled a bunch and appeared visibly frustrated. Steve Beshear performed like always, scripted, nothing risky, maintaining the status quo.

Only one really funny moment from the entire evening: Ernie calls Steve out for wearing camouflage in his bird hunting commercial when, well, he should have been wearing day-glo orange or something. Strange: all of our gays have been writing in to say Beshear is totally posing. For real. The gays. The hunters haven’t said a thing. We think it’s hilarious and is a good reason for candidates to stop with the hunting bit in campaign commercials.

Congrats on that turkey, Gubnuh. Glad you’re doing the liberal organic thing these days. We just buy ours at Kroger. Oh– we hear you shot it out-of-season. Is this true?

Speaking of the gays: Ernie says gay couples already have the same legal protections as heterosexual couples. What on earth? Didn’t Ernest Lee remove protections for state employees from discrimination against sexual orientation on “Diversity Day”? The man receives a question from a gay voter asking what he can expect and Ernie trashes him. Go figure. Beshear, on the other hand, says no one should be discriminated against and specifically mentions sexual orientation. (He must not realize that voting for the marriage amendment is a form of discrimination?)