Ugh. It’s frigid. Don’t even look outside.

Steve Beshear appointed Eleanor Jordan Executive Director of the Kentucky Commission on Women. All right! Finally an appointment everyone can agree on and be happy about. Eleanor is one of the most solid people in the state. [The Arena]

Homophobic Dick Roeding (R) is out of the state senate. John Schickel (R), a U.S. Marshall for eastern Kentucky is running as his replacement. Hands down a 100% improvement for the 11th senate district of Kentucky. He’s highly popular among Republicans and Democrats alike and would serve the district well if the Democrats can’t field a quality candidate. Republican Charlie Walton also says he’s running. [PolWatchers, KY Women]

Mitch McConnell is absolutely terrified of “liberal” D.C. interest groups. He can’t deal with the fact that he, himself, knows he’s an obstructer and has said as much. I mean, the man calls himself the grim reaper. It’s unfortunate that the terribly scary liberals give him such pangs of fear that he has to trot it out as a scare tactic to avoid discussing the cold, hard facts presented by the Courier-Journal. [C-J]

The ‘Ville Voice got a nice mention by the Orlando Sentinel yesterday. [OS]

Fearmongers rejoice! The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky may be weakened in 2008 thanks to vacancies throughout the organization. Will be interesting to see who claims this as a major victory for humanity first. Any bets? [LEO]

And don’t forget the movie John Yarmuth’s spokesperson wrote & starred in. Sausages, drag queens, brunch, the works. It’s what some Republicans have wrongly tried to use against John. Those same Republicans forgot that half of Louisville is filled with the gays. [Page One]

2 Republicans Introduce Domestic Partner Bill

Two Republican senators– Gordon Smith (R-OR) and Joe Lieberman (Loopy-really an R) have introduced legislation in the senate that will provide domestic partner benefits to federal employees.

“The federal government should be leading the way rather than following when it comes to providing benefits,” Sen. Smith said. “Rights and benefits must be afforded to all employees equally. This bill corrects the current inequity.”

The act, titled the Domestic Partner Benefits and Obligations Act of 2007, would allow an employee and his or her domestic partner to be eligible for federal health benefits, the Family and Medical Leave program, long-term care, insurance and retirement benefits.

Sure, Unka Mitch will squish this bill for the gays faster than Jim Gooch could scarf down a coal crusted Derby Pie. But it should send a message to hater Kentuckians like Richard Henderson and Ancel Smith— both worthless Democrats who piss themselves at the thought of talking to a known homosexual– that ignorance and inequality are over.

¡ALERTA! Homo Blogging Moment

You have been warned.

We have just learned that someone very close to us knows the Scissor Sisters. (We’re not talking about Don McNay)

OH SNAP. It’s on.

The Scissor Sisters, if you’re not familiar, are… kind of a big deal. Such a big deal that Page One’s resident known homosexual went to London in December 2004 just to see them perform at Brixton Academy. They got their start in Kentucky with band member Scott Hoffman. Proving we’re a hotbed for the world’s talent.

There you have it. Your Kentucky-based homo blogging moment.

Richard Henderson & Ancel Smith: Terrified of the Gays

The two Democratic State Representatives pre-filed legislation yesterday to ban universities from offering domestic partner benefits. Two Democrats.

Ancel Smith & Richard Henderson

19 other WORTHLESS DEMOCRATS have signed on in support of the proposed legislation, which Steve Beshear has repeatedly said he’d veto. Peep their names and contact information after the jump.

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Goodbye to Jim Waters

It has been a pleasure providing a differing point of view each week. It’s been a pleasure hosting Jim Waters’ thought-provoking writing. That’s why we write today with a heavy hand. We’re disappointed.

Jim Waters was the special guest on Evangel World Prayer’s latest television program. He was there promoting a school “choice” plan backed by Frank Simon and the American Family Association of Kentucky. See it here for yourself. And here’s Jim’s one sheet on school choice, hosted by Frank Simon.

During the discussion on school choice the issue of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation came up. And boy, were they fired up. An older, obviously gay gentleman called in who claimed to be “cured” of the gay. His father was allegedly a school teacher (convenient, eh?) who raped him along with other students when he was younger. This turned him gay, led to his alcoholism and landed him in prison. Imagine that. “Pastor” Bob Rogers, the host of the show, then used the story to scare the bejeezus out of folks re: the gays as teachers in schools. He provided the telephone number for Frank Simon’s office and proceeded to not-so-overtly spread the homophobia.

Jim tried to distance himself in his weekly column published yesterday on Page One and in LEO. But this just takes the cake. Promoting school choice or a voucher program is one thing. But combining it with religious hatred and homophobia is beyond offensive.

As a result we’ll no longer be publishing Jim Waters’ weekly column, Bluegrass Beacon. We’ll leave that up to LEO. That is, if they want to promote ignorance disguised as progress in the form of the Bluegrass Institute. And we doubt they’ll want to do that even in the name of offering an alternative point-of-view.
We’re disappointed and wish Jim the best. But we won’t be publishing anyone promoting Frank Simon’s tripe. Especially not a man who is a member of an alleged think tank that was established to prevent government waste while supporting education.

Jim Waters: School board’s pillow talk punishes parents and students

Jim Waters has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. Had he bothered to research this week’s topic, he may have come across as less ignorant on the issue. For him to proclaim that teachers aren’t being harassed because of their sexual orientation (orientation, not preference)? That’s ignorant and nothing but a right-wing talking point. We expect to sit down with him in the coming weeks for a discussion on the matter.

To Jim: Complaints aren’t filed because of fear of bigots like Frank Simon– whose hate group was responsible for the phone calls Jefferson County’s Board of Education received– and those within the public school system who are known for retaliation. Dig a little deeper or next time give us a call if you have questions.

And you’re anti-public education for wanting things like school vouchers. You’re anti-public education for your desire to stop teacher’s unions and to use public dollars for private or religious schooling. Not because you report the bad news about public education or the corruption that exists.  Even people like Jake chime in to support you when you’re revealing legitimate mistakes in education.

This whole “special rights” and “special protections” crap has got to stop. It’s bogus. Tell us– what is special about being treated as equals of the majority?

School board’s pillow talk punishes parents and students

By Jim Waters

Some school-board members exhibit more passion for what happens in a teacher’s bedroom than in the teacher’s classroom.

If they focused more on improving Kentucky schools, parents would sleep a lot better.

An example: The Jefferson County Board of Education voted 4-3 on Nov. 26 to add special protection for gay and lesbian employees to its harassment and employment policies.

The problem: Teachers aren’t being harassed because of their sexual preferences.

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Tuesday Update Dept: Make a Decision Edition

First: Noticed anyone back in action recycling our stories from days and days ago with no attribution? Yeah, we noticed too. The smelling salts worked! Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? Right?

Cozy wozy lobbyists. Whoda thunk it? John Y. Brown III and Hunter Bates on the same team. We talked about them joining lobbying forces ages ago but this Alessi story is quite a bit more telling. From exclusive meetings for clients with Democratic Party chairperson Jennifer Moore to future runs for office, it’s all there. Behold the power of money and the realization that it’s now necessary to spend it on Democrats. And, no, we’re not trashing anyone. We’re capitalists and heart money and ad revenue. [H-L]

Jonboy’s replacement. Ernest Lee has set the election date for Jon Draud’s replacement in the state house. Jan 8. Kenton County Republican and Democratic party officials will select the candidates to run in the election with the winner serving out the rest of the newly selected Education Commissioner’s term. [PolWatchers]

Everyone had sex with Larry Craig. Oh, and he’s a pervert. In case you didn’t know, go read all about it. All kinds of gays. All kinds of Larry soliciting everyone. When will it end? It needs to end! The wide stance is so over. Even though McConnell’s Bluegrass Committee gave Craig $10,000. It’s so over. [Idaho Statesman]

McConnell is a warmonger. Continually supportive of this clusterfuck of a war, McConnell is trying to tie uncompleted budget work to war funding. When will Democrats stand up to this mess? Why do we continually allow this crap to go down? Our country is at the very end of the dead end street and the Democrats have allowed this warmonger to build a brick wall. Oh, and Ted Kennedy is the devil or something. [AP, The Arena]

Piss or get off the pot! In case you missed it yesterday? We laid out some pros and cons and suggested any potential candidates in the U.S. Senate race against Mitch McConnel just flipping get in the race. The posturing and lack of action is getting old and it’s high time we stop holding this process hostage. Come on! [Page One]