Republican Spreading Lies & Distortions

Former Fletcher spokesperson-turned-blogger Brett Hall (R-History of Making Shit Up) has done it again. This time he’s lying about an aide of Rep. John Yarmuth. It’s one thing to discuss Yarmuth’s perceived negatives in an election year but it’s an entirely different ball game when you begin attacking and lying about a candidate’s staff. Staff whom, we remind you, are not elected officials.

Hall recently posted this blurb on his site, Kentucky Politics:

Yarmuth, who’s taken hits lately following the discovery of a congressional aide’s gay porn website activity, may have a tough go of it this year. Two factors could work against him: (1) Hillary Clinton at the top of the Democrat ticket and (2) U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell’s being a probable shoo-in for re-election on the GOP side.

Catch that? He’s alleging– no, making shit up— that a Yarmuth staffer has had some sort of issue involving activity on a gay pornography website. What on earth is he talking about?

Could he be talking about the (awful and painful to watch) mainstream movie that Yarmuth’s spokesperson Stuart Perelmuter wrote and starred in? You know, the one we stopped the RPK from using in a negative manner? The movie that is not disgusting or shameful and can be rented at almost any Blockbuster? We’ve emailed Hall asking for clarification but he has not provided comment. We wanted to give him a fair and honest opportunity to clear the air and he has run in the opposite direction.  So all we can do is chalk his claims up as complete bull.

If Brett Hall is going to post false/libelous/hurtful information about non-elected officials on his website he should be able to back his claims up. Since he cannot do so, people like Chris Theineman, Jack Richardson, Anne Northup and others should tell Hall how they feel about his disgusting activity. It’s brainless, spiteful and should be shunned by anyone old enough to vote. There’s no place in politics for that level of ignorance.

Heads-Up to Questionable Rights Organization

Stop the petty bickering.

A week or so ago the questionable gay rights organization calling itself the Kentucky Equality Federation blasted the Kentucky Fairness Alliance and its leader, Christina Gilgor, for allegedly alienating members of the KEF. Jordan Palmer, KEF’s self-appointed leader, has made it a point over the years to feature himself prominently in everything his group does. Totally undermining its alleged mission.

Figured we should chime in to add that Palmer and his Republican self (part of the reason he’s clashing with the legit Fairness Alliance, otherwise party affiliation wouldn’t matter) need to stop with fracturing the equality movement in Kentucky. For over a year he’s attempted to demonize the Fairness Campaign and Kentucky Fairness Alliance. Instead of attempting to work together as Palmer alleges, his organization hasn’t done anything but try to promote itself while diminishing the potential impact of the Fairness Alliance.

It’s great that Palmer wants to help the gays or whatever. But the Fairness Alliance actually has a staff of people who aren’t just a group of friends in real life. They’re affiliated with the Fairness Campaign. And they’re well-connected, active individuals who have strong roots in Frankfort and have fought the war to bring equality to Kentucky. The Kentucky Equality Federation is a new little start-up that should try to play well with others instead of getting envious and upset when the legitimate equality organization receives the full backing of those who strive for equal rights.

We’re not suggesting the Equality Federation shouldn’t exist. But come on. This is ridiculous. You can’t trash an organization just because they won’t put you on a pedestal and cater to your every whim.

Greg Fischer & Self-Funding

Has someone recently explained the millionaires’ rule to Greg Fischer and the young people at the KDP? Did they just figure out that Fischer would be a waste?

Forgot to mention this last week, but, the Millionaires’ Rule (Millionaires’ Amendment) is kind of a big deal in this Senate race. And the only person it really affects is Greg Fischer. (Bruce Lunsford is so wealthy it doesn’t even come into play. He could write a $20 million check and never think twice about it.)

Here’s the dilly, kids: Once Greg Fischer loans about $600,000 to his campaign, Mitch McConnell can at that point allow all of his contributors to double their contribution amount. Meaning Mitch could easily have $20 million on-hand in no time.

If Fischer gave his campaign about $1.4 million, McConnell would then be able to triple the contribution amounts from all of his money men. So… how does $30 million sound?

Yeah. Exactly. That’s why Fischer can’t contribute a wad of cash because he just doesn’t have enough to keep up. He’s afraid of losing money and doesn’t want to win badly enough.

At a Christmas party Greg Fischer told numerous people he would drop $5 million into his campaign. A week later, after getting a bit of an FEC education, Fischer is saying he can only drop in $200,000. He and the Party now realize dropping any more into the race would sink his faux progressive ship faster than Fat Albert in a pool with floaties.

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Rumors on the Internets: The budget & stuff

Kentucky’s Al Mohler wants to be president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Mohler, head of the Souther Baptist Seminary in Louisville is behind the Christian “exit” from public schools and has speculated for a while– publicly– about “fixing” the gays. [H-L]

Boptrot is back. Bob Foster, an FBI investigator from the O.B. days has been hired by Jack Conway to head the Attorney General’s investigations unit in Frankfort. He’s a former head of the FBI’s Eastern District Office and was most recently head of the Transportation Security Administration in Louisville. [Hebert]

The state senate is trying yet again to improve math and science. Along with providing incentive pay for teachers to work in those fields. Ken Winters is pushing for it. Even though the KEA says pay increases are whack. Looks like more counting on their fingers ahead. [H-L]

Andy Alcock had an exclusive story last night about a middle school boy who wanted to join East Hardin Middle School’s cheerleading squad. The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, responding to a lawsuit, ordered the school to pay the parents $3,000. The settlement includes an order for the school to undergo training sessions and produce reports on its progress. The coach who cut the kid from the team is no longer there. Maybe she should have found a spot for him. [WLKY]

Bucks for Brains is screwed until the budget ordeal is over. King David Williams says so. Maybe Steve Henry could donate his salary to the program for a while like… oh, right, turns out that never happened. [C-J]

Steve Beshear still afraid to raise the cigarette tax to be in line with other states. Even though Ernie Fletcher said the current tax rate has worked well for reducing teen smoking. And even after the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids announced an increase would provide Kentucky with over $300 million per year in additional revenue. [PolWatchers]

Hospital Visitation Should Be a Right

The dirty liberal at BlueGrassRoots has the right idea with talk of BR 489 (the Hospital Visitation Bill) and the need for its passage. The legislation would allow hospitalized adults to designate a non-related adult the same visitation rights as a family member. Something many adults in committed relationships have been denied purely because they’re not married to their partner or are one of those scary ho-mo-sex-u-als (oh, the horror).

From BGR:

Seriously… how insecure must you be in your own sexuality to vote against such a bill? Does voting against this bill allow the Stan Lee’s of our state to repress those icky gay fantasies about men back down into their subconscious? Is it just a cover so that other people don’t catch on to you?

Or maybe they’re just so filled with hate that they really do want to determine who is “worthy” of visiting you in the hospital.

Rep. Mary Lou Marzian (D-Louisville), who is unfortunately not my representative, is the sponsor of the bill, pre-filed on November 11, 2007 for the 2008 legislative session. Hopefully the rest of the state House and Senate will come to their senses and make visitation rights a reality in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

More on Bryan Beauman

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more dirty…

Bryan Beauman, Sannie Overly’s opponent in Tuesday’s special election, has allowed the Republican Party of Kentucky to put the final nail in his coffin. The RPK paid for a recent mailer that proclaims: “Old. Cold. Bought & Sold. [Shouldn’t describe our elected officials]” All while conveniently forgetting that Beauman was Ernie Fletcher’s right-hand man in many respects. Like in 2004 when he was the lead hitman for scaring the bejeesus out of hillfolk with the gays.

The RPK also conveniently forgets that for the past four years Kentucky has been filled with nothing but news about their own (via Ernie Fletcher) old, cold bought & sold hackery. Could this be any more sad for Beauman?

The mailer also claims Beauman supports campaign finance transparency and wants to eliminate run-off elections. Not exactly what Republicans are going to fawn over.

Beauman’s people are working overtime to manufacture scandal where scandal doesn’t exist. From spreading falsehoods about Overly’s lack of interest in non-partisanship to her personal business, nothing’s outta bounds for them. They must absolutely love thoughtlessly trashing a woman (gasp! a woman!) who they know will obliterate their Fletcherite on election day.

Just once we’d love to see a candidate in Kentucky who claims to be a model citizen that supports transparency and honesty actually give up the wedge issues and ignorance. Should we hold our breath?

Reasons to Elect Overly or Why Beauman Isn’t Worth Your Time

As everyone knows (those who aren’t living under a bridge), we’re pretty excited about Sannie Overly becoming the next representative from state house district 72. She’s simply the best candidate and is poised to become a powerful leader in Kentucky. Not because of who she knows but because she’s that good.

We digress. And we’ll get off our “Sannie is great” soapbox.

But on to her opponent, Bryan Beauma, one of the few people working hard to keep Kentucky in the 1900s. He’s worked hard to keep the “homosexuals” at bay and went to bat against the scary gays and liberals in 2004.

Bryan Beauman is so fixated on the gays that he’s allowed and promoted a letter mailed by the alleged “Values Voters of Kentucky” over the past couple weeks.

The letter, from Hugh Gabbard, LTC US Army Ret., claims Beauman will “champion Glodly moral values” and “when homosexuals filed a court challenge to the 2004 Marriage Amendment” he stood up against them. We, the gays, are obviously the most important issue facing Kentucky’s 72nd District.

Peep the letter and hilarious envelope for yourself after the jump. Along with information that may prove Beauman has been dishonest about his wife.

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