Heads-Up to the Haters

It’s a stupid idea to threaten us from your state email address and state computer.


You’re lucky we don’t publish your rant.

Consider this a warning. Don’t send threatening messages. Being nasty is one thing, but threats? Come on.

And to non-overweight, non-hate-filled legislators: Jake isn’t the only writer here. Tell your hefty, hate-spewing buddy that some “swishy” guys don’t back down easily. Also tell him we got a huge laugh out of his email.

Spotted: Various Degrees of Famous

This week our readers only encountered one legit semi-celebrity. And he’s a celeb only the fruity amongst us could appreciate.

From a reader at the University of Kentucky about their recent Queer Eye encounter: “Carson Kressley was speaking in the Grand Ballroom in the UK Student Center on Thursday. UK’s college dems had a meeting right across the way from the Grand Ballroom. He came over to say hello to us and Upon his entrance, he said “I Love Democrats!” and literally had the limp wristed it up. He asked us if we liked Hillary. Most people booed, as we are an Obama-heavy group, but Carson said “Oh well, I like them all.” So we took a picture, and that’s that.”

We love how the gays are hurriedly corrupting and recruiting young folks everywhere these days. Beware, Democrats! They’ll get you.

And not necessarily someone famous, but funny stuff: Overheard a lady on her cell phone in the Walgreen’s pharmacy waiting area saying the following, “I’m desperate, not easy. There is a difference.” Can you say new catch phrase?

See someone famous-ish out and about? An elected official? Candidate? Maybe a prominent Kentuckian engaging in hilarious behavior? Let us know!

Almost Ready to See Our Shadow Update

Millionaires who hate Democrats and the Democrats who love them. Imagine that. A non-Page One blogger dishing the dirt. They’re moments away from receiving the wrath of those opposed to the truth. Beware. [Yellow Dog via BGR]

Scrapping the run-off? The house has joined the senate with a bill to get rid of the headache Kentucky almost faced in 2007. Almost no one believes a run-off is necessary. Insane that we had the provision in the first place. [PolWatchers]

Ben Chandler and Ernesto Scorsone hate America. The two opposites of Jim Gooch were part of a forum on global warming held at the University of Kentucky yesterday. [H-L]

Pay for play politics? Surely you jest! Beshear appointed John Paul Chappell to a district judgeship just days after he gave Scott Alexander $200 for the 30th district senate race. Just a coincidence? No clue. You decide. We just hope a judgeship would sell for a lot more than $200 if that’s what’s going on. [PolWatchers]

70-cent cigarette tax proposed (instead of 30-cents that’s hot discussion these days) to ease budget constraints. Kudos to the legislature for this move! Not only would Kentucky benefit financially, but overall health would improve tremendously as Ernie Fletcher has repeatedly said. Goodbye, teen smoking! [Courier-Journal]

Delving into the political nightmares of both the Democratic and Republican parties of recent days.  Both Ron Lewis and Steve Beshear are causing drama. [Hebert]

And in case you missed our fuming a couple days ago, get up-to-date on the state domestic partner benefits ban. Welcome to the 19th century, Kentucky! [H-L]

Oh Snap. Almost Groundhog Day Update.

Mike Weaver, failed candidate for congress and state treasurer, has filed for his old State House seat. Mark Hebert reports that Weaver says he’s running for state office again because he’s too old to serve in the military. If Weaver has a gay campaign manager this time, will he allow him to produce weird gay-baiting/gay-hating campaign commercials at the last minute and then refuse to return contributions to pissed off people in Louisville? [Hebert]

Even more on the decision by the Most Reverend Ron Lewis to drop out of KY-02’s House race so he could coronate his chief of staff. But the NRSC will have none of that business, boys and girls. No sir. Reverend Ron is a bad, bad boy.[H-L]

Bruce Lunsford is still saying he’s afraid of the millionaires’ amendment and won’t contribute more than $560,000 of his own money toward the senate race. Isn’t that something we brought up a few weeks ago with Fischer? And you wonder why we say these rich guys are ineffective. [C-J]

Greg Fischer attacks Bruce Lunsford in an email “interview” with the AIPAC blogger. Check it out: “One thing is for sure, you’ll never see me on YouTube with Mitch McConnell and Ernie Fletcher :)” [Solzman]

And in case you weren’t paying attention, the state house passed an ethics bill. David Williams says the senate will make the bill stronger. So. We’re waiting to see if public trust is ever restored in gubmint. Are you holding your breath? [C-J]

Oh, and the bully bill passed. No one paid attention. It requires all schools to develop reporting and punishment programs for bullying in school. Hebert reminds readers that the bill was a failure in 2006 because everyone was afraid the gays would use provisions to punish some fringe Christian students who believe we should burn in hell for our sins, etc. [Hebert]

Mitch McConnell is screwing up the FEC. After weeks of bitching and moaning he’s obstructing up/down votes on potential nominees. Isn’t this what we’ve come to expect from Kentucky’s senator? He wouldn’t be so hated if he didn’t pull idiotic crap like this all the time. [NYT]

Andrew Horne’s campaign releases limited information about his stances on issues including gun ownership, jobs, social security and the economy. It seems only a fringe candidate on the Democratic side seems to understand the importance of making positions public. [Horne Camp]

Kentucky Legislature: Backward and Ignorant

Another scary gay post! Jake is spreading the gay all over the place. Please send all death threats directly to him. Clutter in the tips@ address inbox is no good.

In one of the most stupid moves by the Kentucky legislature in our lifetimes, the Senate voted in favor (30-5) of SB 112 that bans state universities and all government agencies from offering domestic partner benefits.

Sen. Ernesto Scorsone has it right when he says this kind of measure brings out the worst in all of us. It brings the biggest tools out of the shed. Tools led by Republican Senator Vernie McGaha (unfortunate name) of Russell Springs. McGaha says he is “quite proud” of his bill and stands strong for his convictions. So we hope for his sake he’s not one of the several rumored closeted Republicans in the state senate. We hope the same for his 30 friends who voted for the ban.

The bill is now on its way to the House where it’s expected to pass comfortably.

Next on their agenda? Making it illegal for businesses of any type to receive tax breaks or incentives from the state if they offer domestic partner benefits.

Every single elected official in Frankfort should feel completely ashamed.


Will Governor Beshear make good on his promise to use the veto pen?

Tuesday Update Dept: Filing Deadline Edition

Steve Beshear said he wouldn’t use state planes for political purposes. He’s now being criticized for doing just that on his first trip in a state plane as Governor of the Commonwealth. Leaving us to wonder if everything the man does will be construed as controversial. [Hebert]

Earmark Anne Northup, the woman who said during the gubernatorial primary that she didn’t want to be a congress critter anymore, is filing this afternoon to become a congress critter again. Can she beat Chris Thieneman? Will she move on to the general and get trounced by John Yarmuth? Who knows. But strong arming another Republican to get out of her way isn’t a good way to get started. [C-J]

The No Child Left Behind report is out and Mark Hebert leaves it up to you to decide whether or not it’s a good or bad thing. Hey, at least we’re not teaching Mexicans english, right? We’re also not tutoring our kids like the rest of the country, either. And only 83% of our kids graduate high school. [Hebert]

And speaking of Mexicans. Something Anne Northup’s never done (to our knowlege): met with border patrol to research how many scary Mexicans they’re protecting us from. It’s exactly what Rep. John Yarmuth did when he visited the border. You’ll be pleased to learn patrol agents are getting good at what they do. Fewer and fewer Mexicans will be able to get across the border to scare our white women. [The Arena]

Our white women are scared! All the updates you can handle after the jump…

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Oh Noes It’s Cold Roundup: Jake Has Returned!

David Williams calls Dan Mongiardo a bad boy. Alleging all kinds of threats toward officials in eastern Kentucky for not supporting Scott Alexander. Williams met with Attorney General Jack Conway today to discuss a possible investigation. Call us crazy but we see this going no where fast. [PolWatchers]

Speaking of David Williams, he and soon-to-be ousted Speaker of the House Jody Richards are pushing a plan to start the use of tolls to help finance Kentucky’s various bridge projects. Uh. That won’t go over too well. Taxing roadways in Kentucky? What? Have you ever driven on our crappy highways? Like anyone wants to pay for that nightmarish opportunity. [The Arena]

Hank List is back as deputy secretary of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet. The job he held from 2001-2003. List is also a former state representative and has worked for companies like the devil Louisville Gas & Electric. [Hebert]

There’s still no Democratic challenger for Stan Lee. The call for a candidate totally fell on deaf ears. Both the Kentucky Democratic Party and the House Democratic Caucus have dropped the ball. If Stan Lee is ever vulnerable, it’s now. But people seem pleased as punch to piss away an opportunity to elect a true leader. [BlueGrassRoots]

Stephen George, LEO’s excellent managing editor, turns our attention to a clip from Bill Maher’s HBO program that featured sex columnist Dan Savage reporting from the Huckabee campaign in South Carolina. Can you say hilarious? Always funny to send a scary, known homosexual to anti-gay land. Alert: put down your beverage. [General Sense of Outrage, The Stranger]