Hospital Visitation Should Be a Right

The dirty liberal at BlueGrassRoots has the right idea with talk of BR 489 (the Hospital Visitation Bill) and the need for its passage. The legislation would allow hospitalized adults to designate a non-related adult the same visitation rights as a family member. Something many adults in committed relationships have been denied purely because they’re not married to their partner or are one of those scary ho-mo-sex-u-als (oh, the horror).

From BGR:

Seriously… how insecure must you be in your own sexuality to vote against such a bill? Does voting against this bill allow the Stan Lee’s of our state to repress those icky gay fantasies about men back down into their subconscious? Is it just a cover so that other people don’t catch on to you?

Or maybe they’re just so filled with hate that they really do want to determine who is “worthy” of visiting you in the hospital.

Rep. Mary Lou Marzian (D-Louisville), who is unfortunately not my representative, is the sponsor of the bill, pre-filed on November 11, 2007 for the 2008 legislative session. Hopefully the rest of the state House and Senate will come to their senses and make visitation rights a reality in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

More on Bryan Beauman

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more dirty…

Bryan Beauman, Sannie Overly’s opponent in Tuesday’s special election, has allowed the Republican Party of Kentucky to put the final nail in his coffin. The RPK paid for a recent mailer that proclaims: “Old. Cold. Bought & Sold. [Shouldn’t describe our elected officials]” All while conveniently forgetting that Beauman was Ernie Fletcher’s right-hand man in many respects. Like in 2004 when he was the lead hitman for scaring the bejeesus out of hillfolk with the gays.

The RPK also conveniently forgets that for the past four years Kentucky has been filled with nothing but news about their own (via Ernie Fletcher) old, cold bought & sold hackery. Could this be any more sad for Beauman?

The mailer also claims Beauman supports campaign finance transparency and wants to eliminate run-off elections. Not exactly what Republicans are going to fawn over.

Beauman’s people are working overtime to manufacture scandal where scandal doesn’t exist. From spreading falsehoods about Overly’s lack of interest in non-partisanship to her personal business, nothing’s outta bounds for them. They must absolutely love thoughtlessly trashing a woman (gasp! a woman!) who they know will obliterate their Fletcherite on election day.

Just once we’d love to see a candidate in Kentucky who claims to be a model citizen that supports transparency and honesty actually give up the wedge issues and ignorance. Should we hold our breath?

Reasons to Elect Overly or Why Beauman Isn’t Worth Your Time

As everyone knows (those who aren’t living under a bridge), we’re pretty excited about Sannie Overly becoming the next representative from state house district 72. She’s simply the best candidate and is poised to become a powerful leader in Kentucky. Not because of who she knows but because she’s that good.

We digress. And we’ll get off our “Sannie is great” soapbox.

But on to her opponent, Bryan Beauma, one of the few people working hard to keep Kentucky in the 1900s. He’s worked hard to keep the “homosexuals” at bay and went to bat against the scary gays and liberals in 2004.

Bryan Beauman is so fixated on the gays that he’s allowed and promoted a letter mailed by the alleged “Values Voters of Kentucky” over the past couple weeks.

The letter, from Hugh Gabbard, LTC US Army Ret., claims Beauman will “champion Glodly moral values” and “when homosexuals filed a court challenge to the 2004 Marriage Amendment” he stood up against them. We, the gays, are obviously the most important issue facing Kentucky’s 72nd District.

Peep the letter and hilarious envelope for yourself after the jump. Along with information that may prove Beauman has been dishonest about his wife.

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Ugh. It’s frigid. Don’t even look outside.

Steve Beshear appointed Eleanor Jordan Executive Director of the Kentucky Commission on Women. All right! Finally an appointment everyone can agree on and be happy about. Eleanor is one of the most solid people in the state. [The Arena]

Homophobic Dick Roeding (R) is out of the state senate. John Schickel (R), a U.S. Marshall for eastern Kentucky is running as his replacement. Hands down a 100% improvement for the 11th senate district of Kentucky. He’s highly popular among Republicans and Democrats alike and would serve the district well if the Democrats can’t field a quality candidate. Republican Charlie Walton also says he’s running. [PolWatchers, KY Women]

Mitch McConnell is absolutely terrified of “liberal” D.C. interest groups. He can’t deal with the fact that he, himself, knows he’s an obstructer and has said as much. I mean, the man calls himself the grim reaper. It’s unfortunate that the terribly scary liberals give him such pangs of fear that he has to trot it out as a scare tactic to avoid discussing the cold, hard facts presented by the Courier-Journal. [C-J]

The ‘Ville Voice got a nice mention by the Orlando Sentinel yesterday. [OS]

Fearmongers rejoice! The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky may be weakened in 2008 thanks to vacancies throughout the organization. Will be interesting to see who claims this as a major victory for humanity first. Any bets? [LEO]

And don’t forget the movie John Yarmuth’s spokesperson wrote & starred in. Sausages, drag queens, brunch, the works. It’s what some Republicans have wrongly tried to use against John. Those same Republicans forgot that half of Louisville is filled with the gays. [Page One]

2 Republicans Introduce Domestic Partner Bill

Two Republican senators– Gordon Smith (R-OR) and Joe Lieberman (Loopy-really an R) have introduced legislation in the senate that will provide domestic partner benefits to federal employees.

“The federal government should be leading the way rather than following when it comes to providing benefits,” Sen. Smith said. “Rights and benefits must be afforded to all employees equally. This bill corrects the current inequity.”

The act, titled the Domestic Partner Benefits and Obligations Act of 2007, would allow an employee and his or her domestic partner to be eligible for federal health benefits, the Family and Medical Leave program, long-term care, insurance and retirement benefits.

Sure, Unka Mitch will squish this bill for the gays faster than Jim Gooch could scarf down a coal crusted Derby Pie. But it should send a message to hater Kentuckians like Richard Henderson and Ancel Smith— both worthless Democrats who piss themselves at the thought of talking to a known homosexual– that ignorance and inequality are over.

¡ALERTA! Homo Blogging Moment

You have been warned.

We have just learned that someone very close to us knows the Scissor Sisters. (We’re not talking about Don McNay)

OH SNAP. It’s on.

The Scissor Sisters, if you’re not familiar, are… kind of a big deal. Such a big deal that Page One’s resident known homosexual went to London in December 2004 just to see them perform at Brixton Academy. They got their start in Kentucky with band member Scott Hoffman. Proving we’re a hotbed for the world’s talent.

There you have it. Your Kentucky-based homo blogging moment.

Richard Henderson & Ancel Smith: Terrified of the Gays

The two Democratic State Representatives pre-filed legislation yesterday to ban universities from offering domestic partner benefits. Two Democrats.

Ancel Smith & Richard Henderson

19 other WORTHLESS DEMOCRATS have signed on in support of the proposed legislation, which Steve Beshear has repeatedly said he’d veto. Peep their names and contact information after the jump.

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