12 Days Out

Drinking & Driving. Assistant Attorney General Jason Moore was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. With an open container! What the? Even better: The dude’s car was found smashed into a light pole with a crushed fire hydrant beneath it. Come on, people! Drinking and driving? Killing yourself is fine and dandy but don’t try to kill everyone else in the process. We hope Moore gets the help he needs. [C-J]

Kind and generous? Billy Reed has a story about Steve Beshear that proves he’s as genuine as he says he is. Politics aside, character and personal behavior say a lot about a candidate and those two things almost never make it to print. [StraightNFlush]

In the spotlight. The Hill highlights Kentucky’s looming Democratic victories. Does it spell trouble for Congressional and Senate Republicans? They seem to think so and they state their case. [The Hill]

Gay hating. The Family Research Council says the evil Democrats want to help the devilish, nasty cross-dressers and the gays! OH NOES! The world will end if they’re not legally able to discriminate. Snap. [FRC]

Shocking the pants off of some. LEO endorsed Trey Grayson for Secretary of State over Democratic opponent Bruce Hendrickson. That gnashing of teeth sound you think you hear? It’s– we hate to say it– it’s the sound of Democrats effectively conceding the only horse race they’ve got in 2007. Interestingly, LEO offered no endorsement for Auditor or Treasurer. What’s up with that? [LEO]

Candidates for Lt. Gov. Homophobic?

Sure seems like both Dan Mongiardo and Robbie Rudolph could be a bit afraid of the gays. Only one brought God into the mix of their anti-gay marriage rant during last night’s debate, though. We’ll let you guess who. You’re sure to be surprised.

Neither candidate believes gay couples– who pay for 100% of their domestic partner benefits— should be afforded health insurance? Everyone should have access to health care but gay people? What the?

Heads-up to the winners on November 6, 2007: You’ll be bringing us actual gay folk to the table to resolve this matter. It’s 2007. There’s no place for homophobia.

And we thought we’d seen the last of homophobia this campaign season.

WHAS/WTVQ Gubernatorial Debate Highlights

Same boring crap. Nothing new. Ernie Fletcher stumbled a bunch and appeared visibly frustrated. Steve Beshear performed like always, scripted, nothing risky, maintaining the status quo.

Only one really funny moment from the entire evening: Ernie calls Steve out for wearing camouflage in his bird hunting commercial when, well, he should have been wearing day-glo orange or something. Strange: all of our gays have been writing in to say Beshear is totally posing. For real. The gays. The hunters haven’t said a thing. We think it’s hilarious and is a good reason for candidates to stop with the hunting bit in campaign commercials.

Congrats on that turkey, Gubnuh. Glad you’re doing the liberal organic thing these days. We just buy ours at Kroger. Oh– we hear you shot it out-of-season. Is this true?

Speaking of the gays: Ernie says gay couples already have the same legal protections as heterosexual couples. What on earth? Didn’t Ernest Lee remove protections for state employees from discrimination against sexual orientation on “Diversity Day”? The man receives a question from a gay voter asking what he can expect and Ernie trashes him. Go figure. Beshear, on the other hand, says no one should be discriminated against and specifically mentions sexual orientation. (He must not realize that voting for the marriage amendment is a form of discrimination?)

Gubernatorial Debate – Scary Gay Highlights

Most of the gubernatorial debate last evening was a rehash of the Paducah debate last Friday. Rather than post the same spin again, we thought it’d be nice to focus on Ernie Fletcher’s inability to get over his fear of the gays.

When Steve Beshear and Ernie Fletcher were asked if they support allowing universities to offer domestic partner benefits Fletcher harped on and on about costing the taxpayers money. Beshear, though, offered the truth by making it clear that domestic partner benefits do not cost taxpayers anything.

That’s not the end of it. Ernie went on to again complain about Steve Beshear’s love of the big, scary gay money. When will the ignorance end? When will Fletcher’s own tight-knit group of gays ask him to give it a rest? What are they afraid of?

Oh– lest anyone assume Steve Beshear supports gay marriage? He voted for the marriage amendment in 2004 and his running mate Sen. Dan Mongiardo championed the anti-gay legislation.

Watch the full debate here.

Dept. of Sodomites Taking Over

Truth Isn’t Pretty Dept. The AP lays it on Stan Lee. “He has no prosecutorial experience, and his general law practice includes defending insurers, other companies and individuals in civil cases.” [AP/H-L]

Getting to the point. Our candidates are still unable to answer simple questions in a straightforward manner. Seriously. When will they begin answering questions without spinning things fifteen ways from Sunday? [Richmond Register]

In case they’ve forgotten. Labor is out in full force all across the state. Taking issue with the elimination of collective bargaining rights, weakening of mine safety, threatening teachers’ insurance plans, violations of state merit laws. All of five people are out across the state damning people for loving gay money. [News-Enterprise]

Fallen from grace. Member of the Rotary Club of Louisville? Let us know if Heather French Henry– the wife of disgraced Steve Henry– attempts to parade around as a congressional candidate when she speaks this Thursday at the Galt House. She’s been telling people she and her husband have been “campaigning” for several weeks. Most recently on October 2 in Northern Kentucky. [C-J]

The horrible gays. Ernie Fletcher can’t let his fascination with all things homosexual die. Unfortunately for him, his hatred of the very people who work for him has resulted in a backlash. Keep hating the gays, folks, as the rest of the world progresses. David Hawpe gets that gay hating is a desperate ploy. Even if he somehow strays on to discuss preservation. Weird. [H-L, C-J]

Worst Person in the World. Keith Olbermann’s worst person in the world gets it wrong on SCHIP. Funny how time never makes it easier for some to learn the facts. Morgan Wilkins continues to spin along with reckless abandon. [C-J]

Losing battle. Even Stu Rothenberg thinks the Republican-led battle over SCHIP is a losing one. Guess it says something when Republicans are divided over an issue that actually matters, right? [RPR]

Campaign Gay Bashing Has to Stop

We were going to provide video updates from the Paducah gubernatorial debate this evening but we’re too ashamed of Ernie Fletcher to bother. Warning: If you don’t like the gays and don’t want our opinions, don’t bother reading beyond this point.

This anti-gay Fletcher tripe needs to end.

Tell us– how is this even a campaign issue?

Ernest Lee once had a chance to redeem himself as a gentleman after losing horribly come November. That is no longer the case. Not after the way he has allowed his campaign and campaign staff to progress in relation to hatred and discrimination.

What is with this hypocrisy? The Fletcher administration is filled with gays, lesbians and transgendered individuals and they still trot out this gays-are-coming-to-steal-your-babies crap. It is an absolute shame and embarrassment that our governor behaves in such a manner. An absolute shame.

You know some of these Fletcher folks… many of whom are married men and happen to be gay? They should also be ashamed. Ashamed of the way this losing governor and losing candidate has resorted to sickening wedge issue attacks. And before anyone gets too cocky: We know who you are. We know your sexual orientation. We have photographs, letters, video. You should be ashamed and you know it.


Interesting Campaign Finance Tidbits

Richie Farmer took money from controversial Monsanto. 31 August 2007 – Monsanto Citizenship Fund – $1,000. If he’s any kind of respectable gentleman he’ll return that grand ASAP.

Leonard and Steven Lawson both gave $1,000 to Crit Luallen on September 20. Leonard is the controversial highway contractor who gives money to everyone– no matter what they’re running for– in hopes of landing the next highway contract. We’re glad to see he hasn’t changed his tune this year.

The man who has tried to sell us all on the Louisville arena– Jim Host attempted to disguise his $500 contribution on June 18th to Stan Lee by listing himself as W. Host. Nice try. Evens out the $500 contribution he gave Lee on 02/02 to $1,000.

In addition to Host? Indicted and pardoned Basil Turbyfill gave Lee $1,000 on 08/23. (He also gave $1,000 to Trey Grayson). Casino maven Bill Butler contributed $1,000 on 08/28 – does this mean Stan supports casino gaming? Strangely, Lee also took in a ton of $100.00 contributions from old campaign funds. 12 of them. What’s going on there?

There’s nothing too controversial about funds raised by Trey Grayson, much to the chagrin of folks who want him to lose. Just the typical Northern Kentucky donors. One interesting contribution to note is on June 5 by Jimmy LaSalvia in the amount of $250. LaSalvia, as many Kentuckians will recall, is part of the Log Cabin Republicans. We thought Grayson didn’t like the gays?

Who knew Brett Hall was still serving as Melinda Wheeler’s campaign manager? Still doesn’t explain why Fletcher’s campaign provided him with their e-mail database or why he’s sending out e-mail blasts for his blog. Brett and his son make up most of Wheeler’s disbursements.

Jim Patterson, former funding giant for the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth gave $1,000 to both Todd Hollenbach and Ernie Fletcher. This may not seem major to you but it’s worth noting that Patterson never took heat for his actions in the Kentucky press and Republicans and Democrats alike have embraced him with open arms. The man hasn’t once offered up an apology for funding the hateful group. That’s a shame because we hear he’s a good guy.

Jack Conway’s primary opponent Bob Bullock gave him $500 on August 16. Certainly the gentlemanly thing to do. Doesn’t happen frequently in other races. Paul & Judi Patton really ponied up: $1,500. And former Apprentice star (who Steve Henry tried to obtain as treasurer) Mark Lamkin contributed $250. Conway’s entire report reads like a who’s who of Kentucky. From Louisville to Prestonsburg. Talk about widespread support. Half of his contributors have probably never given to the same candidate before now.

And there’s nothing really notable in the Beshear report other than what has already been reported.

Did this put you to sleep?