Mitch McConnell’s Ad Filled With Distortions

The Herald-Leader rips Mitch McConnell’s latest attack ad apart in an editorial. McConnell blames opponent Bruce Lunsford for high gas prices in the ad, which is reportedly responsible for serious health problems plaguing thinking people. Injuries from eye-rolling accidents are on the rise in Kentucky emergency rooms.

From the H-L:

Kentucky’s gas tax, 8 cents below the national average, is a negligible part of the price of gasoline.


McConnell’s commercial is essentially dishonest.

But that’s not the worst of it.


McConnell’s misleading ad isn’t unexpected. Manipulation has long been his strong suit, and the senior senator must be very pleased with the way his ad uses Lunsford’s own words against him.

But this dishonesty from McConnell is disappointing all the same. It’s a discredit to his lofty position and an insult to the people who have kept him in Washington for 24 years.

You may view the ad in question by clicking here.

The Courier-Journal also has an editorial today:

Sen. McConnell’s criticism is simply irrelevant. This is a Senate race, and most individual senators cannot influence fuel costs.

An exception would be Sen. McConnell himself as the Senate muscle of the Bush administration’s party. But Sen. McConnell has been President Bush’s enabler — declining to demand a coherent national energy policy, failing to push for effective alternative energy sources and clinging to the fiction that drilling for more oil in Alaska and offshore will produce meaningful relief.

A leader would tell the truth about oil. Kentucky, and America, will need someone other than Sen. McConnell to fill that role.

Monday Evening Update Dept of Crazy is Real

Please accept our apologies for being slow today. Too much business to handle, not enough hours in the day. Also, who is buying a new laptop for us? And who is gifting us a new iPhone?

Lunsford’s second quarter numbers are out and the McConnell camp is huffy. [PolWatchers]

Bill Cox quit as the state’s Revenue Commissioner over an “honest difference of opinion” with Beshear administration officials. Cox told Mark Hebert that he was promised Revenue would be elevated to cabinet status but it never happened. And some other juicy business. [Mark Hebert]

Governor Steve Beshear says Barack Obama has all kinds of work to do in Kentucky. Before any Democrats get all huffy, it’s, you know, the truth. Beshear said he hopes to get Obama to Kentucky several times throughout the general election campaign. [PolitickerKY]

This afternoon Andrew Horne sent an email blast on behalf of Bruce Lunsford that attacked Mitch McConnell’s reprehensible actions re: veterans and health care for vets. In 2008 he voted against the G.I. Bill. Last year he voted against legislation to give soldiers longer breaks between deployment. And he repeatedly votes against veterans’ health care programs like treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. [E-mail Blast]

Ryan Alessi has a Q&A with new Beshear Chief of Staff Adam Edelen. [H-L]

Looks like the mainstream media is now trying to keep up with us. WHAS11 has produced a story about some of the documents (related to the Felner-UofL investigation) we published this morning (we got them way before the media did). It’s mostly a rehashing of what we’ve written about for weeks. But check it out. [WHAS11]

Don’t forget our earlier story about Robert Felner and the University of Louisville. We published all kinds of material that is forcing the university to open up and forcing the mainstream media to finally pay attention. [Page One]

Oh Snap Monday! Everyone Hates Mitch Edition

Gay-hater and world renowned bigot Jesse Helms finally died. After 86 years of ruining the lives of everyone he could. He hated the homos, Martin Luther King, Jr. Naturally, king of the Republican hate mongers Mitch McConnell released a statement praising Helms as “a leading voice and courageous champion for the many causes he believed in” and “Senator Helms certainly was no bigot. He was a man, however, not into subtlety.” Nice. [ABC News and Houston Chronicle]

Mitch McConnell hates everybody with AIDS and wants them all to die. Especially if they’re in Africa. George W. Bush loves everybody with AIDS and wants to give them all kinds of money. [C-J]

According to Mitch McConnell, people in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas think oil rigs are pretty. He actually said that. In public. At the Commerce Lexington Public Affairs Luncheon on Tuesday. Like “pretty” has jack to do with expanded off-shore drilling in the United States. [PolitickerKY]

Lowell Reese, editor of the Kentucky Gazette, told Southern Political Report that he doesn’t know anybody who would consider Bruce Lunsford a liberal. Contrary to everything the McConnell campaign is spewing 24/7. Imagine that. [Southern Political Report]

The Courier-Journal editorial board must hate Mitch McConnell and David Williams. Check what the paper had to say about following the money while watching our state’s disadvantaged and disabled suffer neglect. “Real people are getting hurt, thanks to the no-new-tax marching orders that Sen. Mitch McConnell gave the General Assembly’s Republican majority when it took power, and that Senate President David Williams has followed.” [C-J]

Joe Roche wrote a nice, right-wing op-ed for the Herald-Leader about Eye-rack and how swimmingly swell things are going in that godforsaken country. Of course, he had to praise Mitch McConnell for “being central to our success” and for preventing Democrats from pulling out of Iraq 40 times. 40 separate instances of obstruction on Iraq! Roche says, “Were it not for McConnell, I’m not sure how Bush would have been able to maintain our success.” [H-L]

Remember Frank Simon confidant and right-winger who wants to abolish public education Jim Waters? Apparently he’s now an expert on free trade, Columbia and all things John Yarmuth and Ben Chandler. [Georgetown News Graphic]

Remember when Mitch McConnell blamed Bruce Lunsford for the negative (and true) attack ad the Sierra Club is running against him (McConnell)? Listen to the ad and then check out Trey Pollard’s well-researched debunking of everything the McConnell camp is spinning. He uses something called facts, apparently. [PolitickerKY]

Hump Day Update Dept of Lexington is Ruined

McConnell slips out the bathroom window? First Mitch McConnell says he’s a lot bigger than he used to be. Then we discover this gem buried in Stephenie Steitzer’s piece about Kentucky’s Senior Senator: McConnell indicated to a group of reporters at the end of the luncheon that he would grant interviews after he used the restroom. He slipped out another door instead. [The Arena]

Harry Reid is in a peepee contest with Mitch McConell over the AMT fix. Yeah. Those two. In a peepee contest. Never could have imagined that one, could we? We’re just glad they’re not afraid to fight it out in public. [The Hill]

All of Lexington is being bulldozed to the ground and the Webb family is ruining the lives of everybody. So. Everyone is moving to Louisville. And if you haven’t kept with with this retarded Centre Point project in Lexington, then you need to start reading what Joe Sonka has had to say. Because that project is effed up. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Democrats called for change at the Calloway County (Murray) Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. Heather Ryan and Bruce Lunsford were the big dog speakers of the evening, discussing just how out of touch Ed Whitfield and Mitch McConnell happen to be. Oh, and Jennifer Moore said the presidential primary was “contentious.” [Murray Ledger & Times]

The Courier-Journal stands up against critics, pointing out that the paper started its years-long investigation of no-bid transportation contractrs during the years of Governor Jones. Apparently (who knew?) everybody accuses the C-J of being against whatever, whenever. [C-J]

Hebert reports that Bill Cox is going to work for David Boswell’s congressional campaign and will serve as campaign manager. He also heard the same rumors we heard. [Mark Hebert]

Video of State Vehicle Abuse? Let’s See

What happens when you live 2.5 miles from your state office where you work as a Utility Regulatory & Safety Investigator? Why, you get a fancy take-home SUV. Not a terrible abuse of state vehicles, but still needless.

We have no idea why this person cannot drive 2.5 miles (roughly 4 or 5 minutes) before visiting a job site. Basically, we have no idea why anyone who works for the state and lives and works in Frankfort should have a take-home car.

But back to the story. A safety inspector who goes out before or after an accident occurs, not during, drives a gas hog SUV back and forth between home from work every day. He sometimes drives the vehicle home during the day, as the video below shows.

Some would argue (as someone in his office did) that the individual needs to have a take-homer because they could be called out at any hour and occasionally has to work in other areas of the state. But he lives 2.5 miles from the office. And like we said above, never goes out during an accident. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to pay mileage for the might-maybe-possibly-be-called-out once a year scenario than to pay for them to drive a gas hog SUV (we know– we drive a similar Jeep) home every night?

Rumor also has it this guy has been on the receiving end of a number of citizen complaints so he backs his car into his drive way. We’re not sure of that, really, and can’t verify it just yet. (If you’re in Frankfort and want to do so for us, have at it.)

Long story short: we’ve gotta stop throwing away millions of dollars in fuel and maintenance costs for ‘might be’ scenarios. It’s people like this who should have to pay a monthly fee (at minimum) for the privelige of taking a state vehicle home. The city of Louisville does it so surely to jeebus the Commonwealth of Kentucky can do it.

Video after the jump…

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