Hump Day Update Dept of Lexington is Ruined

McConnell slips out the bathroom window? First Mitch McConnell says he’s a lot bigger than he used to be. Then we discover this gem buried in Stephenie Steitzer’s piece about Kentucky’s Senior Senator: McConnell indicated to a group of reporters at the end of the luncheon that he would grant interviews after he used the restroom. He slipped out another door instead. [The Arena]

Harry Reid is in a peepee contest with Mitch McConell over the AMT fix. Yeah. Those two. In a peepee contest. Never could have imagined that one, could we? We’re just glad they’re not afraid to fight it out in public. [The Hill]

All of Lexington is being bulldozed to the ground and the Webb family is ruining the lives of everybody. So. Everyone is moving to Louisville. And if you haven’t kept with with this retarded Centre Point project in Lexington, then you need to start reading what Joe Sonka has had to say. Because that project is effed up. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Democrats called for change at the Calloway County (Murray) Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. Heather Ryan and Bruce Lunsford were the big dog speakers of the evening, discussing just how out of touch Ed Whitfield and Mitch McConnell happen to be. Oh, and Jennifer Moore said the presidential primary was “contentious.” [Murray Ledger & Times]

The Courier-Journal stands up against critics, pointing out that the paper started its years-long investigation of no-bid transportation contractrs during the years of Governor Jones. Apparently (who knew?) everybody accuses the C-J of being against whatever, whenever. [C-J]

Hebert reports that Bill Cox is going to work for David Boswell’s congressional campaign and will serve as campaign manager. He also heard the same rumors we heard. [Mark Hebert]

Video of State Vehicle Abuse? Let’s See

What happens when you live 2.5 miles from your state office where you work as a Utility Regulatory & Safety Investigator? Why, you get a fancy take-home SUV. Not a terrible abuse of state vehicles, but still needless.

We have no idea why this person cannot drive 2.5 miles (roughly 4 or 5 minutes) before visiting a job site. Basically, we have no idea why anyone who works for the state and lives and works in Frankfort should have a take-home car.

But back to the story. A safety inspector who goes out before or after an accident occurs, not during, drives a gas hog SUV back and forth between home from work every day. He sometimes drives the vehicle home during the day, as the video below shows.

Some would argue (as someone in his office did) that the individual needs to have a take-homer because they could be called out at any hour and occasionally has to work in other areas of the state. But he lives 2.5 miles from the office. And like we said above, never goes out during an accident. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to pay mileage for the might-maybe-possibly-be-called-out once a year scenario than to pay for them to drive a gas hog SUV (we know– we drive a similar Jeep) home every night?

Rumor also has it this guy has been on the receiving end of a number of citizen complaints so he backs his car into his drive way. We’re not sure of that, really, and can’t verify it just yet. (If you’re in Frankfort and want to do so for us, have at it.)

Long story short: we’ve gotta stop throwing away millions of dollars in fuel and maintenance costs for ‘might be’ scenarios. It’s people like this who should have to pay a monthly fee (at minimum) for the privelige of taking a state vehicle home. The city of Louisville does it so surely to jeebus the Commonwealth of Kentucky can do it.

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U.S. House Passes AMT Relief Act

The House just passed the Alternative Minimum Tax Relief Act of 2008 that will provide $50 billion in middle class tax relief.

Rep. John Yarmuth (D-No Backbone on FISA) supported the bill’s passage. Here’s what he had to say, “This bill will prevent 43,000 Louisvillians from being unfairly taxed at a higher rate. It’s one more way that we can ease the burden on our hard-working families, and I will continue to fight for policies that help people with the skyrocketing cost of gasoline, food, health care, and education.”

It’s Wednesday. Hump Day. Hot Outside. Too Hot.

A tribute to David Edmunds. Not suitable for John McCain, the vapors brigade, Jody Richards, children or people who are awful prudes. Probably not entirely safe for work. You’ll love this junk, though. Yes, David and I are getting married in gay New York this weekend. [YouTube]

The reaction to probably homosexual David Edmunds is getting heated and entertaining. The Chair of the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Louisville makes him sound quite ignorant and the co-chair of the Lambda Law Caucus at UofL says he’s trying to send us back into the Stone Age. Poor David. [C-J, C-J]

Ruh ro. Reaction to John McCain last night wasn’t the greatest. His handlers didn’t plan very well. Go watch the video at some other dirty liberal website. [DMKY]

Wait for this. It’s a good one. Jon Draud knew about the extra cost of his state vehicle and declined the opportunity to cut costs when he was given that option. We find all this out after his lying ass said he didn’t know anything about the cost of his huge, gas hog of a vehicle (Chrysler 300). What a tired, old hack. [C-J]

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Thursday. Presidential Update Dept. Almost Over.

Bill Clinton is in Louisville (Butler High School @3:30), Bardstown and John Hardin High School in Elizabethtown today. [Press Release]

Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo, State Rep. Dennis Keene and unknown Owen County Administrator Bill O’Bannon will hold a conference call to discuss Barack Obama’s rural leadership plan for Kentucky. [Press Release]

And in Bowling Green, Admiral John B. Nathan and Brigadier General James Smith will hold a discussion with veterans and military families at the Shake Rag Restaurant at 12:30 Central Time. [Press Release]

From the Captain Obvious Department of Duh we learn that Kentuckians favor higher cigarette taxes. Actually, 55% favor taxes of $0.70 to $1.00 per pack. Only 34% oppose. Imagine that. Both the governor and the retarded ass legislature out-of-touch. Can you imagine? [PolWatchers]

Mitch McConnell caused a Senate meltdown yesterday by dumping the Republican version of a G.I. bill into an unrelated floor debate on union rights of firefighters and police officers. Thankfully, the Senate voted 55-42 to table the Republican amendment and the Democratic bill will be attached to the Iraq bill next week. [Politico]

Speaking of McConnell, he has an opponent in the Republican primary named Daniel Essek, a Whitley County truck driver who couldn’t get off work in order to attend the KET debate on Monday. He’d only spent $824 in the first month of his campaign. Is anyone holding their breath on this? Not even sarcastically? [C-J]

In case you were wondering why Kentucky has been flushed down the toilet for, like, ever? The state spends over $400,000 (OF TAX DOLLARS!) a year to promote the coal industry. We just give coal companies this cash to promote their industry. Choice quote, “The environmentalists throw out a lot of negative stuff, like kids who are suffering from asthma because they breathe particulate matter from living near a coal-fired power plant, or deaths caused on the roads by big coal trucks,” Caylor said. “We’re trying to counteract that.” [H-L]

Rainy Thursday Updates. Obama NOT Coming to Kentucky Tomorrow Night Edition?

Despite the fact that the Secret Service briefed several key business leaders on Fourth Street and at the Convention Center that both Clinton and Obama would be at tomorrow night’s KDP fundraiser, the Obama campaign insists that the senator will be in Oregon instead of in Kentucky. [Telephone Call]

The RPK is mad at the mean and elitist Barack Obama for wanting to tax the unfortunate rich folks of Kentucky! They put out a press release last evening attacking him for hating tax cuts for the rich and for running a television ad in the Bluegrass saying as much. Take a look at the ad. [Obama Ad]

Rather than develop a functioning Federal Election Committee made up of members selected for their personal abilities and qualifications, Mitch McConnell still thinks it’s a good idea to obstruct like crazy. He still wants to force a vote on all nominees– together– because he knows his right-wing hack favorite can’t withstand an individual vote. Of course, McConnell supporters (staffers?) spin this as Democratic obstruction because Democrats want individual votes. So much for Democracy. [CBS/Politico, EITB]

The Clinton campaign is touting Hillary’s “big win” in Indiana (what was it again? a percent? two?) in pushing for a visibility rally at tomorrow’s KDP event in Louisville. Starts at 5:30 at 4th & Market. Will it just be Olivia? Will the demonstrators/protestors be able to understand that it’s mathematically impossible for Clinton to win? [Clinton Campaign]

Did you know? There are Republicans who STILL spin that the economy is all puppies and rainbows. And they blame Al Gore for high gas prices. [KY Progress]

Basically everyone is telling Hillary Clinton to drop out of the presidential race. Mainly because she doesn’t have enough money or time to prove herself. Or, you know, any possible way to get the votes needed to win. Note that Jennifer Moore wants Clinton to stay in the race because Kentucky deserves to vote. Even though those votes won’t matter. (We think she should stay in, too, just so everyone sees that she’s done.) [C-J]

FINALLY! It’s admitted. Steve Beshear and “very important people” in the U.S. Senate recruited Bruce Lunsford. How many months were we preaching that while the establishment told us to piss off, that we were absolutely full of it? Looks like big labor was involved, too. We know several thousand people who won’t be forgetting this when Mitch McConnell walks back into his office next year. [H-L]

Should Louisville Secede from Kentucky?

Really. Should it?

Jim Welp, whether he pisses you off or makes you laugh with his story, seems to have tapped into an issue that has people from all walks of life fired up. We’re reserving comment (because we can) but think you should give his piece a read.

The time has come for Louisville to secede from Kentucky. The two have been at philosophical odds ever since our forefathers chose Frankfort as the state’s bucolic capital in 1792, ensuring a salt-of-the-earth-if-mildly-retarded state-worker pool forevermore.

Because Louisville is a vibrant, progressive city (not counting Dan Seum) in a dirt-poor, third-world state*, it’s only natural that our tax dollars whisk to Frankfort each year, while only a small percentage hobble back in the form of evolution-agnostic textbooks and posh dormitories for college athletes.

Sure, it’s awesome knowing our tax dollars are going to help coax the worms out of some Appalachian kid’s toenails because his people can’t provide shoes. It’s the same sort of glow that comes from writing a check to the Red Cross for Darfur. Call me a starry-eyed optimist, but I don’t mind buying school lunches for children in Monkey’s Unibrow because I think it’s important to give them something to look forward to besides listening to their daddys’ Bocephus records while making out with their siblings.

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