Jim Waters: Is this the best we can do?

Jim Waters’ column this week tackles the issue of failure in the Fletcher Administration. Something everyone can read without completely freaking out.

Is this the best we can do?

By Jim Waters

As this year’s gubernatorial campaign unfolds in all of its benign beauty, I keep coming back to the same question: “Is this the best Kentucky can do?”

One political hack – this one a Republican from Meade County – thinks so. She called me last week and sprung this gusher: The incumbent and former physician-pilot-preacher-turned-politician Ernie Fletcher is “the greatest governor we’ve ever had.”

I suspected she based her opinion on reasons beyond political success, leadership, competent advisers or charisma – all of which remain glaringly absent from the current administration.

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Jim waters: Stomach grumbling? It’s time for a change, not a pill

Stomach grumbling? It’s time for a change, not a pill

By Jim Waters

Dissatisfaction serves as a necessary component of change. Most find change hard and dissatisfaction uncomfortable.

So procrastination usually trumps dissatisfaction. We often simply adapt to avoid the usually messy process of change.

Sometimes it’s necessary to do so – at least temporarily. We have to know for sure that we simply cannot accept the status quo. We count the cost before we pay the price of change.

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Jim Waters: ‘Tourocrats’ tax logic

This is the second installment of Jim Waters’ Bluegrass Beacon, a now-regular feature of Page One. We won’t take much issue with Jim’s column this week except to say: We’re not sure how $0.01 per U.S. Dollar taxes on tourism is such a terrible thing. It’s not really taxing Kentuckians and it drives a could-be thriving industry throughout the state. That is, if Fletcher’s tourism big dogs could follow the law and spend funds appropriately.

‘Tourocrats’ tax logic, shaft taxpayers when mining for money

By Jim Waters

Tax increases usually don’t pass the logic test.

Take Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s so-called “Tax Modernization” policy. Lawmakers passed this sloppy legislation in 2005 after considerable arm-twisting. It includes the hated Alternative Minimum Tax, which taxes businesses whether or not they make a profit.

Raising taxes on businesses and entrepreneurs while at the same time campaigning about how bringing new jobs to Kentucky is a top priority just doesn’t pass the logic test.

Logic dictates not taxing those companies – at least until they make a profit. Businesses create new jobs that the state’s economic brain trust claims it wants.

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