Oh Snap! Monday. Updates. Mexicans. Dougie.

Everyone is pissed that the Beshear Misadministration is acting all open and happy and such. But the crew is really more restrictive than Ernie Fletcher or whatever. At least everyone can spend all day every day reading Page One. [Ralph Long]

Are you black or female? Probably not if you’re an elected official in Kentucky. Apparently it takes Barack Obama for our state’s newspapers to realize we’re a little backwater in the Bluegrass. Woops. [H-L]

Bill Clinton in Morehead and such. Dozens and dozens of jokes commence. And no, we probably won’t be able to drive the six hundred hours back home to see him on Tuesday. Basically, eastern Kentucky is going to prematurely you-know-what all over the place because the savior is visiting. It’ll be worse than Jim Gooch at a Shoney’s buffet. Ugh. Unclean. [C-J, PolWatchers]

Lexington hates mexicans, Doug Hawkins (R-Collagen-Lipped Protector of our White Women) should move there. Long story short: some dudes rented to some mexicans and the courts went crazy, ACLU got involved. Moral of the story: renting to mexicans is bad for you if you’re a landlord in Lexington. [H-L]

The centralized pocket of freepers in Louisville still use the tired argument that only Democrats raise taxes and cost us money. (See the letter: “Taxes going up? Democrats must be in charge”) Some concern troll wrote a letter to the Courier-Journal proclaiming that the end is nigh because anyone would have the audacity to raise the cancer stick tax. [C-J]

Florida resident and Kentucky Congressman Ed Whitfield penned an op-ed for the Courier-Journal detailing the important (please, hold your laughter) work he’s done to stop doping in major league sports. Yeah, that’s what the residents of the first district are worried about. [C-J]

Cancer Stick Tax Hike on the Horizon

The State House budget committee voted to increase the cigarette tax by 25-cents-per-pack, for a total of 55-cents-per-pack. Good move, but embarrassing that we as a state can’t get with the program the rest of the country is on and increase the tax by 70-cents.

Yay, Frankfort! We love the way you do business!

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The House budget committee voted 20-9 this morning to approve a revenue measure that includes a 25-cent-per-pack cigarette tax increase.

Will the House approve the legislation?

Should we hold our breath? Probably not. Especially since Kentucky is, well, pretty jacked up when it comes to smoking the devil sticks.

See for yourself:

Kentucky ranks second highest in the nation for smoking among pregnant women and has the highest overall smoking rate in the country. Yet the state ranks 44th in the amount of money it spends to try to help people stop smoking, according to a recent survey by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.

Friday Updates N Such. Snowy Again Edition

Jim Welp made fun of Jim Gooch again. YES! [LEO]

Heather French Henry in a dance off with John Schnatter, Susan Sweeney Crum and Ed Hamilton? WTF? Really? [C-J]

OMG. Ask a Mexican is on YouTube! The end is extremely effing nigh, people. We are in the same sort of heaven Stuff White People Like created. [YouTube]

Mountaintop Removal and Stream Saver legislation finally got some mainstream coverage. Can you believe it? Yeah, us either. [KFTC]

Mark McKinley takes issue with the fact that Bruce Lunsford is a “corporatist” but he neglects to recognize that his chosen boy, Greg Fischer, is also a corporate brat, as are all of the Christy & Owsley-backed candidates McKinley has supported over the last few election cycles. Yes, we’re equal opportunity haters and will hate on Bruce again soon. [LEO]

Southern Political Report is loosely kind to Greg Fischer and not even negative toward Bruce Lunsford. The Report had the following to say of Fischer’s poll released a couple days ago, “They pays their money and you takes your choice.” Snap. [Southern Political Report]

Speaking of Bruce Lunsford, his horse Tessa Blue has earned a race-best $452,800. In case you were wondering, that’s more than most people make in 15 years. [Blood-Horse]

And Steve Beshear is seriously supporting a 70-cent cancer stick tax hike? What is the world coming to?! Steve Beshear is showing balls again! Like the time a couple weeks ago when he almost showed slight leadership! How courageous. [PolWatchers]

One-Day Tropical Weather Is Gone Update Edition

Study: Kentucky government’s service of public is average and has received an overall grade of B- from the Pew Center on the States in its latest “Grading the States” report. Everyone breathe a sigh of relief– we didn’t fail! [Business First]

The downfall of Kentucky’s marijuana kingpins? We’ve read the same story over and over for 20 years. Fat chance. [H-L]

Ralph Long lets it rip on all of the walking dead in Kentucky these days. Budget, casinos, Bruce, Jennifer. Ralph dishes the dirt, kids. We love him because he never holds back and is way classier than us. [Ralph Long]

Did you know? Rep. Darryl Owens admits Steve Beshear has made zero effort to push a constitutional amendment limiting a governor’s pardoning power. This is after promising in January to lead the fight for ethics reform. Don’t let your eyes roll back in your head. [PolWatchers]

Rep. Kathy Stein has joined Operation Gooch. Apparently, Kathy knows how to think for herself and realizes it’s effing heinous that Gooch chairs the Natural Resources and Environment Committee. [BlueGrassRoots]

And the gubnuh may finally be realizing that we need to raise the cigarette tax. The reality in Frankfort must be hard-hitting these days. [Hebert]

Oh Snap Monday. Sleeping Late Edition.

Humana spent $683,074 last year to lobby on children’s health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, generic drugs, prescription drug prices, national defense legislation and other issues, according to the U.S. Senate’s lobbying disclosure database. [Business First]

Basically, the legislature is falling apart and there’s like zero leadership. Woah. Imagine that. Cat fights over gambling galore. [H-L]

Once again our so called leaders in Frankfort demonstrate their ability to see as far as the next election. This like other issues could be dealt with if the Governor and General Assembly had the vision and intestinal fortitude to actually address the nineteenth century tax laws the Commonwealth currently operates under. [Ralph Long]

Barack Osama is president of Kentucky, Ron Paul is vice president. For reals. So, does this mean Kentucky really isn’t as backwater, redneck, hate-filled and ignorant as the rest of the country believes? Is it possible our people were only momentarily swayed by Bush ignorance and gay-baiting? Garsh. [H-L]

Mark Hebert turns into a teenage girl and nearly causes us to choke on our breakfast in laughter. “Lisa wanted to check it out so that’s what she got for her birthday, a night at West Baden. Omigod. That’s my teenage kids’ lingo for Oh my God! This place is unbelievable!” Hahahaha. OMG. We can’t breathe. Hahahaha. [Hebert]

12 Casinos, 7 at Racetracks. $$$$

Here’s the question Governor Beshear wants you to vote on come November:

“Are you in favor of increasing state financial support for elementary and secondary education, expanding health care for senior citizens, children and others, support for local governments, and combating drug and alcohol abuse and other important programs by permitting the General Assembly to authorize up to five casinos subject to approval of the voters in the city or county where the casino is located; and up to seven casinos licenses for existing horse racing associations, all of which will be subject to the approval of a state agency created to oversee casino gaming.”

Thoughts? Misleading? Honest enough?

Will the magical money start rolling in? Who wants to start a casino with us?

Read about the rest of the deal at PolWatchers.

Jody Richards: “We’re raising taxes, kids!”

In the ongoing saga that is Speaker Jody Richards’ reign as the most effective and creative leader in the Kentucky Democratic Party ever, the Dear Speaker has taken it upon himself to make yet another inconclusive statement to the press!

This time it’s about– what else?– raising taxes.

And Jody’s making it clear that he isn’t clear on what he is and isn’t clear on. But he knows the cigarette tax isn’t going to cut it. You know, the tax he was against before he was supportive of it.

We know, we know. It’s rare for Jody Richards to be unclear on what’s unclear to him. We digress.

From PolWatchers:

House Speaker Jody Richards, D-Bowling Green, has also mentioned the likelihood of additional tax boosts in recent days, saying he isn’t willing to cut the state’s education budget.

Like Moberly, he declined to offer any specifics.

Richards said a cigarette tax increase “won’t do it all. We’ve got to do some other things, too.”

Richards said he is still discovering “some surprises” in Beshear’s budget proposal, so he isn’t sure yet how much new money the House will need to generate.

Way to lead, Jody! So fearless and original. We love you!