Oh Snap Monday! Leadership Races Go Crazy

Goodness, ladies. This week is going to get interesting. Rumors of a certain governor’s chief of staff pulling people aside to tell them they’re “for” Greg Stumbo and really need him to win. Rumors of, well, they’re not rumors– but Stumbo’s people defecting and supporting Jody Richards. The fur will surely fly tomorrow in Frankfort.

And speaking of tomorrow, Greg Stumbo’s entire crew is out trying to defend him. From former employees to his annoying wife, they’re all leaving comments on the site. You’ll probably just roll your eyes, but maybe you’ll get lucky and laugh a little bit at the absurdity of Mary Karen constantly meddling. [Clicky Clicky]

References to my personal friendship with Diane Brumback aside, here’s what she has to say about Greg letting Mary Karen spout off uncontrollably: “Mary Karen Stumbo decided to leave a most disturbing comment. I honestly read and reread her comment wondering how a person even begins to think like she does. And equally disturbing is that Greg is OK with her spouting off whether it’s on weblogs or radio talkshows. People have told me that Greg “needs to muzzle her,” and “she will be his downfall,” and “Greg can’t control her but can’t do anything to stop her.” … Geez…. Mary Karen is a smart gal. She needs to figure this out on her own and realize the damage she is doing. … There was a time when I thought so highly of Mary Karen and Greg Stumbo; that no longer holds true. I find them both to be extremely self-serving. Mary Karen attacked me with a comment she left here on KY Women in the past and I was shocked.” [Kentucky Women]

Does anyone else laugh uncontrollably when Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell come together to preach unity? Haha. We can’t even deal. Those two. Hahaha. [Politico]

Are we crazy for liking this Republican tax plan, kinda? [H-L]

It’s kind of hilarious watching Republicans sit in denial about Mitch McConnell. Can’t be objective and avoid rushing to judgment for a Democrat, but they sure can for Mitch McConnell. [KY Progress]

For all of you Robert Felner aficionados, check this fancy Felner bio that just re-hit the web. Someone at the State Education Department at the University of the State of New York must have edited this page, triggering a fresh Google alert. [NYSED]

Governor Bill Richardson won’t be Commerce Secretary. He pulled his name from nomination yesterday. [NY Times]

What on earth are the governor and his handlers thinking? They’re still trying to push this budget mess without trying to work with the House at all. No calls made, no meetings, no effort. It’s a shame, really, to think these folks still believe bullying is the best way to do business. [C-J]

Sorry, no matter how much you try, you can’t tell us it’s not silly to limit Secret Service protection for former presidents to just 10 years! We need to change this law. It’s not right. Should be a lifetime thing. [McClatchy]

TGIF! Still in a Holiday Sugar Coma

Do you Twitter? If not, it’s like CB radio for nerds. You should get all up on it.

Hope you’re enjoying the final few days of your winter holiday. We’ll be back in full force on Monday.

Oh, look, our very own Billy Reed won an important award! [H-L]

Mountaintop Removal open mic night on Wednesday, January 7. Heine Bros in Louisville, Gardiner Lane location. Will feature Erik Reece, author of Lost Mountain, Ron Whitehead, KFTC members and their fancy slide show, music from Appalatin and the KFTC-produced film What We Do To The Land, We Do To The People about mountaintop removal that contains a virtual flyover of active mine sites. 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. [Email Blast]

NASA finally knows what killed those aboard Columbia. A 400-page report, considered graphic, was released between Christmas and the new year. It’s available in four huge PDFs that are filled with photographs, illustrations and video stills from the flight deck. [CNN]

Our new favorite thing: the corrupt Lake Cumberland District Health Department. Voted down a non-smoking measure and then approved a motion to to limit the ability to bring it up again. A health department supporting second-hand smoke. You know, Kentucky really impresses us sometimes. The schadenfreude is priceless. [H-L]

Grampa Steve Beshear’s plan to use coal-tax money for whatever has been burned to the ground by Rocky Adkins. [C-J]

Blue Grass Airport director Michael Gobb has resigned. He resigned this morning in a letter which he read to the airport board.  Maybe the next guy won’t flush money down the toilet? [H-L & His Resignation Letter (PDF Link)]

Ruh ro: Erin Brockovich is headed to Tennessee to rip some new ones over the coal ash spill. [Huffington Post]

Undergarment Alert: Is anyone else itching to see this hot mess called Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America For The Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable In The Presence Of A Gay Foreigner In A Mesh T-Shirt? Cause we are. [More from HuffPo]

It’s the Weekend Before a Dead News Week

Man, we thought the weekend before the holidays would be boring. Definitely not the case!

Something to keep under your hat for a while: There’s a state legislator (a Democrat) that often embarrasses Kentucky. They’ve kept a pretty major scandal under wraps the past few years. We’re gonna figure out a way to tell that story shortly after the holidays. It won’t surprise any Frankfort regulars, who already know the story, but it may surprise a few readers. It’s by no means an exclusive, but it’s definitely time we start talking about it. Because it’s a story of nasty, nasty hypocrisy.

Really, has Tom Burch gone crazy the past few years or what? A lady he dated has been given a $63,000 job in the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Burch is chairman of the House Health and Welfare Committee, and he recommended her for the job. It’s beginning to get as crazy as can be. If all of these messes allegedly involving Burch turn out to be true, he needs to step aside for new political blood to take over. [Bluegrass Politics]

Ten Reasons For National Health Care. [Daily Puke]

More from the H-L folks: Who really thinks this slots at racetracks bill of of Greg Stumbo’s will actually get anywhere? We definitely enjoy the thought of eliminating vehicle property taxes. But let’s get real– that’ll never happen in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. [Bluegrass Politics]

Whattya know? Ben Carter is passing the reigns of the website he stole from Joe Sonka. Louisvillians will probably get familiar with him the poorer they become, as he’s an attorney at Legal Aid. Unfortunately, though, he still owes Joe Sonka a good deal of money and we won’t be forgetting that any time soon. [BlueGrassRoots]

Could someone please (seriously) point us in the direction of finding out exactly what Hal Rogers has done for eastern Kentuckians lately? We’re not being jerks, here, just legitimately asking. [Harlan Daily Enterprise]

TGIF! Dept of Old People Rapping Videos

This is only one of the many reasons David Adams is quite possibly one of the most aggravatingly ignorant people on earth. He’s still on this ignorant bootlegging trip. Good god. The stupidity in Kentucky hurts sometimes. [Ignorance is Bliss]

OMG OMG. A choir of senior citizens takes on hip-hop. For real. Oh god. So, so bad. “Tryin’ a catch me ridin’ dirty!” OMG OMG. [YouTube]

Replacing Mitch’s Elaine Chao (R-Chinese Dictator Is Her Godfather) with Hilda Solis is a darn good thing, indeed. [Jim Carroll]

Deep Throat died. Mark Felt. At 11,000 years of age. [Press Democrat]

Hey ladies! It’s Wal-Mart bingo time! [Wal-Mart Bingo]

In case you missed it: a look back at our favorite stories of 2008. All seventeen of them. [Page One]

This is a pretty awesome photo of Jim Gooch, God’s gift to Kentucky. Remember that time he embarrassed us on Good Morning America? Anyway, check this horrifying website out. Also, that book John Will is photographed with? Hahaha. Awesome. [READ!]

More potential names to be a United States Attorney in Kentucky. [Mark Hebert]

You’ve gotta read this comment. It’s priceless. Hey guys, there’s a woman named Darlene Price that has already announced that she is a democrat candidate against Jim Bunning. She’s already gotten alot of support from veterans, cops, unions and women’s organizations. She’s a former federal investigator and government corruption whistle blower. Check out her web site, it’s very impressive: www.Darlene4Senate.com… Her website makes our eyes bleed. And, it’s Democratic candidate, not “democrat candidate.” [Page One]

All the poor little baby Jesus dolls were stolen, forever, the end. [Wonkette]

Top Beshear Administration Eff Ups of 2008

We thought it’d be a good idea to do a refresher on some of the major Beshear eff ups from 2008. These are by no means the most important and are in no particular order. In some cases, we selected random stories out of dozens that are related.

  • Chuck Wolfe lying his ass off to Stephen George over 8664 [Link]
  • Failing to get casino gambling legislation passed, summarily killing any chance of ever working with the House Dems again [Link 1 & Link 2]
  • Ignorantly firing Eric Landis, who was active-duty military at the time, because he was a Fletcher appointee [Link]
  • Failing to pass a cancer stick tax [Link]
  • Consistently failing to do anything positive for education [Link]
  • Keeping Jennifer Moore at the helm of the Kentucky Democratic Party. Could be argued (easily) that this decision cost Kentucky dearly on several fronts [Way too many stories]
  • Screwing with the U.S. Senate race and lying about it [Link]
  • Hiring Jim “King Maker” Cauley to be the governor’s chief of staff [Link]
  • Hiring Phil Osborne, finding out that it is unethical, then hiring everyone from his firm as a consolation prize [Link 1 & Link  2]
  • Failing to communicate with the media, at all, and burning bridges, bringing in a new Chief of Staff nearly a year later [Link]
  • Allowing the Governor to meet casino baron Bill Yung and then lying about it [Link]

Massive Economic Failure Update Dept

No cancer stick tax increase? Layoffs galore coming. Get ready for it. And an FYI to “blevins” – axing Coldiron wouldn’t save the state any money. [Bluegrass Politics]

Do southern senators really want to start a new war between the states? Kentucky gets back $1.45 for every dollar paid in federal taxes but Michigan loses $0.31 per dollar paid. Mitch McConnell should probably think twice about his vindictive mission. [Huffington Post]

More on the 8664 snafu with the state transportation cabinet. We’ll have more on this a bit later. [C-J]

Even Toyota supports a bailout for the big three. [CNN]

Aww snap. David Schankula lays out a fancy argument for why Daniel Mongiardo should leave the Democratic Party.  Something about being a fancy homophobe. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Occasionally we check out what sort of ignorance the Bluegrass “Institute” is spewing out. Now it’s some sort of tripe about the cigarette tax being a bad idea because bootleggers exist. Seriously. [Ignorant Spin]

Jim Carroll got to attend a White House dinner for media types last night and he’s written all about it. [Jim Carroll]

Some Stuff Before the Snow Storm Comes

Basically, we’re pretty sure it’s not even going to flurry or whatever. But wouldn’t it be awesome if we got rear-end-deep snow? Don’t worry, we’ll keep dreaming.

That silly Brad Cummings, Jefferson County Republican Party Chairman, and his following ways have landed him in the media once again. For his role as a Big Brother. We guess the whole being an Apple using homosexual sympathizer isn’t enough to ruin him forever! [C-J]

Republicans will lose Michigan for a generation. At least. Instead of working to find a solution, they pressed for political revenge and obstructionism. [Mother Jones]

Are you an artist in Louisville? You may want to heed this call. Ashley Cecil is expanding her team of Champions 4 Her. Visual artists who are interested in participating as a street painting facilitator. A stipend may be included! [Ashley Cecil]

Americans are not happy with Mitch McConnell and other Republicans. “Let it be known to the millions of people about to be out of work, to the millions of people who will find themselves on the wrong end of obtaining financing of any sort despite their good credit and to the millions of Americans who will have to pay billions more later when we finally do bail out the auto industry, that Senator Mitch McConnell refused to budge because his political goals were more important than an exercise of statesmanship in a time of crisis.” [NY Times]

You know you’re struggling. Would a tax cut help? [Reuters]

Kentucky’s presidential electors met and cast their votes today. On the Monday following the second Wednesday of December, as established in federal law, each state’s Electors meet in their respective state capitals and cast their electoral votes, one for President and one for Vice President. The electoral votes are then sealed and transmitted from each state to the President of the U.S. Senate who, on the following January 8, opens and reads them before both houses of the Congress. John McCain won Kentucky’s 8 (number of U.S. Senators plus the number of U.S. Representatives) votes. [Press Release]

Because we were suffering the pains of, you know, not wanting to read another press release today, we’re going to push you on Hebert. He’s got the skinny on the Governor’s Task Force on the Future of Horse Racing. [Mark Hebert]