Oh Snap Monday! Happy Groundhog Day!

Yes, it’s true. We saw our shadow. Sorry bout yer luck, Kentucky. You’re in for six more weeks of ice storms and hell without electricity and running water. And don’t complain– this is why God or whatever invented bourbon (remember: other states don’t have it.)

Lord, lesbians are just cold takin’ over everything. We can’t go to the grocery or turn on the news without a lesbian trying to recruit our children into lumber jacking or trying to steal an entire country. [Independent]

Remember Derek the Abstinence Clown? You’ll love this hot mess of a story. [Joe Sonka]

Wait – More than 700,000 people were without electricity during points of this ice storm mess. 700,000! [H-L]

Daniel Mongiardo told Fox News on Saturday that it’s not true that shelters in Kentucky are telling people to pack a suitcase and head to a motel. Unfortunately for him, the Herald-Leader proves that shelters are, indeed, doing that very thing. People in government or who are running for higher office in Kentucky need to learn how to tell the truth and harness it. [H-L]

Five facts about the new RNC Chairman, Michael Steele. All you Republicans still calling him your friend after being reminded of all this mess? [Huffington Post]

Governor Steve Beshear activated the entire Kentucky National Guard along with portions of the Air National Guard to assist in the aftermath of the ice storm. [C-J]

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Late Friday in the Commonwealth of No Electricity

WHY do people run generators INSIDE THEIR EFFING HOMES? We can’t even deal.

Don’t forget Comment on Kentucky tonight! 8:00 P.M. Eastern. Scheduled guests: Stephenie Steitzer of the Courier-Journal, Tom Eblen of the Herald-Leader and Greg Stotelmyer from WTVQ in Lexington. Discussion about the budget, Obama’s stimulus package, gifting at UofL and the fancy weather. [KET]

That recession David Adams loved telling us that we’re not in? Yeah, something about picking up major steam? What was that, again? [MSNBC]

The Fairness Campaign is launching its 2009 strategy to achieve a statewide Fairness law with “Tell Your Story—Learn to Lobby,” a free introductory lobby training session held on the convening day of the Kentucky General Assembly’s Regular Session, Tuesday, February 3, 7:30-9:30pm, in the Student Activities Center, Room 303A at University of Louisville. [Fairness]

Why is Dan Mongiardo ashamed of his virulent homophobia? That’s the question everyone is asking. [Barefoot & Progressive]

The Young Professional Association of Louisville is in favor of an increase in the state’s cigarette tax. YPAL is launching a campaign on Tuesday, February 3 to meet with state leadership, write letters to local legislators, press releases, letters to the editor and more. Want to get involved? Young professionals around the state are encouraged to attend the YP Day at the Capitol and join YPAL at Serafini’s Bourbon Room from 5:30 to 8:00 P.M. in Frankfort on 02/03. [Young Professional Association of Louisville]

Governor Steve Beshear today launched a campaign to “Restock the Pantries” in conjunction with universities and community organizations in an effort to collect canned goods during weekend sporting events. Supplies are dwindling at Kentucky’s food banks so we’re pleased to see the Governor doing his part. You should do you part, as well. If you have a dollar, you can help. Tomorrow, volunteers will be on-hand at at several Kentucky universities to encourage those attending basketball games to make both food item and financial contributions to individuals in need.

  • In Lexington, God’s Pantry Food Bank and UK have organized drop-off locations on High Street and Vine Street outside of Rupp Arena beginning at 12:30 P.M. and continuing until 3:30 P.M.
  • In Louisville, the Dare to Care Food Drive and the University of Louisville will have volunteers collecting food donations at all entrances to Freedom Hall, beginning at noon EST and continuing throughout the basketball game.
  • At Western Kentucky University, food and donations will be collected beginning at the 7:00 CST tip-off of the men’s basketball game. These goods will be donated to the Elizabethtown Food Bank for distribution throughout the Western Kentucky region.
  • Eastern Kentucky University has partnered with the Richmond Salvation Army in order to collect food items and additional supplies at drop-off bins locate around Alumni Coliseum, beginning at 8:00 p.m. EST.

So do your part!

Tuesday Dept of You Got Snowed In

Folks in the Paducah area tell us transformers are exploding left and right. So. It appears Kentucky is getting its snow day. What’s it like in your neck of the woods?

It appears Daniel Mongiardo may have jumped the gun. One of Rick’s sources inside Mongiardo’s campaign says that the Governor will come out with a strong endorsement for him as payback for his agreement to run as Lt. Governor in 2007. Meanwhile, our sources within the Governor’s office and the Party say that couldn’t be further from the truth and expect the Governor to support Jack Conway. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Aretha Newberry! We can’t separate our sex life from our politics. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Oh, look who is making negative comments about us on his own website (he told the woman operating Kentucky Women to do it and also told her how to inflate her traffic statistics, so it’s no surprise) again by disguising things as being from someone else. He also goes by the penname of “NOT JAKE” and is fond of repeating something we told only to him (that fairness groups/”equality lobby” and the Human Rights Campaign would stand against Mongiardo.)  Who, for a second, believes he isn’t the only person leaving salacious comments? Subtle homophobia at its finest from the guy who calls himself Daniel Mongiardo’s “best friend.” We’re sure Mongiardo approves of his personal attacks. [Free Publicity]

Speaking of Kentucky Women, it doesn’t look like they’ll be supporting the sponsor of the anti-gay legislation of 2004. [Kentucky Women]

Ha, woops. Kim Geveden told Joe Gerth that Mongiardo wasn’t available for interviews yesterday because he schedules surgeries on Monday… despite having tons of time to appear on WHAS Radio with Terry Meiners. [C-J]

Help Angela Cox get through medical treatment. She’s in a coma, was rescued from a fire last month in Lexington. Make checks payable to Angela Cox’s mother, Peggy Cox, and in the memo line write “Angela Cox.” Mail the checks to the following address: Bank of Hindman, Attn: Marcia Stamper, P.O. Box 786, Hindman, KY 41822. She hasn’t had medical insurance since she lost her job. [H-L]

Jim Bunning once again declares that he is running for re-election. Despite dwindling fundraising numbers and being older than Methuselah. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell continues trying to figure out a way to ship him off to a state nursing home where he won’t be cared for and will be neglected by family. [Politico]

Are you surprised? Mitch McConnell wants to give the wealthiest 1% of Americans additional tax cuts with 40% of the $825 billion stimulus. Where did the Bush tax cuts get us, again? How did that work out? Yeah. [C-J]

Like we said yesterday, Kentucky agencies are in for even deeper budget cuts. 6.7%. Basically, you’re all gonna die of the poverty and starvation. [Bluegrass Politics]

Monday Afternoon Dept of Blizzard Eve Fear!

First, how hilarious is it that Daniel Mongiardo announced his campaign for the U.S. Senate today but wouldn’t make himself available for television interviews?

The Hill thinks Crit Luallen is a man. It’s almost like they don’t know how to use the Google machine. And they obviously don’t know how to check their own archives for interviews that clearly state she’s a female. Nice job. [The Hill]

The Kentucky Folklife Program is collecting documentation of inaugural celebrations. It, along with the American Folklife Center, would like to receive a copy of recordings made between January 16 and January 25 to include in their collection of President Barack Obama’s inauguration records. Visit this site for required forms and mailing regulations to be submitted by February 26. Or for further assistance, contact KHS folklife program director Bob Gates at 502-564-1792 x 4481 or by email at bob.gates@ky.gov. [Press Release]

Governor Beshear is asking all state agencies for a 6.7% budget cut. This is getting nightmarish. [Mark Hebert]

The Kentucky Club for Growth links to our story about J. Marshall Hughes and says he’ll hold the line on taxes. Unfortunately, KCG neglects to mention that Hughes has a major problem paying his own taxes and has had several government liens placed against him.  Isn’t it boldly hypocritical to link to the story and avoid mentioning the content of the story itself? [KCG]

Joe Sonka was able to sum up Daniel Mongiardo’s campaign of homophobia and love of mountaintop removal in under 100 words. And it is, indeed, great news that Kim Geveden is running the show. [Barefoot & Progressive]

And the dirty librul media barons at LEO are reminding readers of Daniel Mongiardo and his past foibles. [LEO’s FatLip]

Can we put this rumor to rest? Andrew Horne is not running for the U.S. Senate. [BlueGrassRoots]

Governor Steve Beshear and the University of Louisville today announced a gift to create a renewable energy research center at the University. $20 million from Henry and Rebecca Conn. Henry Conn is a “senior executive advisor for corporations” and previously worked with A.T. Kearney, Tarkenton Conn & Co and TRW, Inc. [Stephenie Steitzer & C-J]

It’s ten years later and the first hand transplant still works. Rick has all the details from today’s press conference at Jewish Hospital. [The ‘Ville Voice]

OMG. Watch the Blagojevich clip from The View today if you get a chance. Joy Behar roughed him up and then messed up his hair! She tried to get him to do an impression of Richard Nixon. “I am not a crook!”  I knew I watched these hateful ladies for a reason.  That reason is today. [Huffington Post]

A large group of citizens in Lexington are urging Lexington Vice Mayor to run for Mayor in 2010. Join the Facebook group. [Jim Gray in 2010]

More on the 32nd District Special Election

When we couldn’t find any information regarding the special election in the 32nd State Senate District, we decided to dig further. Through digging, we discovered some fancy pants information at the Warren County Clerk’s office that may be important to the conversation about Republican J. Marshall Hughes and Democrat Mike Reynolds.

This public information might say something about the way Mr. Hughes conducts his business. Ruh ro.

Let’s have a look:

  • Government Filed Tax Lien Against Hughes’s Property For His Company’s Failure to Pay Unemployment Taxes. The state government filed a tax lien against Hughes’s company M&L Management, Inc. of July 9, 2003, for failure to pay unemployment taxes, SCUF, interest and penalties. [Warren County Clerk , Document Number 449294, E90 Pg 914]
  • Tax Lien Was Not Released Until More Than Three Years Later. The lien was released on November 14, 2006 – more than 3 years after the lien had originally been filed. [Warren County Clerk, Document No. 573924, E108 Pg. 714]
  • Government Filed Tax Lien Against Hughes’s Property For His Company’s Failure to Pay Unemployment Taxes. The state government filed a tax lien against Hughes’s company Eagle Investments, LLC, on January 16, 1997, for failure to pay unemployment taxes, SCUF, interest and penalties. [Warren County Clerk , E66 Pg. 110]
  • Government Filed Tax Lien Against Hughes’s Property For His Company’s Failure to Pay Taxes. The state government filed a tax lien against Hughes’s company Eagle Investments, LLC, on September 19, 1989, for failure to pay taxes. [ Warren County Clerk , E41 Pg. 564]
  • Government Filed Tax Lien Against Hughes’s Property For His Company’s Failure to Pay Taxes. The state government filed a tax lien against Hughes’s company Eagle Investments, LLC, on August 19, 1991, for failure to taxes. [Warren County Clerk , E41 Pg. 564]
  • Government Filed Tax Lien Against Hughes’s Property For His Company’s Failure to Pay Property Taxes. On May 6, 2006, the Warren County Clerk filed a Certificate of Delinquency for property taxes Eagle Investments had failed to pay on one of its properties in Warren County. [Warren County Clerk, Document No. 555459, E105 Pg. 429]

Government lien after government lien for failing to pay taxes.

And isn’t it interesting that someone so set against taxes has had difficulty remembering to pay them in the past?

Peep Hughes’ first television spot after the jump…

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Wednesday. Last Day Before the Death Freeze!

Okay, so, Kroger has $0.99 cantaloupe and it’s the dead of winter. How did Kroger know we wanted cantaloupe so badly in the dead of winter? It’s like a festivus miracle come several weeks late! We bought four and will eat them all, today, probably. Thank goodness for American greed.

And we’ve been corrected. Dr. Ted was just there, physically, in person and was threatening. Call us crazy, but when you’re physically there, in person, harping at someone and making them feel uncomfortable, one can feel physically threatened, right? He’s now complaining for being called out, complaining that we covered actual complaints sent to the Department of Labor. This issue wouldn’t continually be brought up if you’d stop trashing us every other breath, Ted.

We felt so uncomfortable (lots of uncomfy laughter!) after reading about ‘My Dinners With Dubya’ that we couldn’t muster the energy to visit the website. The excerpts we read are certainly hilarious and contain fancy, true stories about Dubya that involve “dog farts.” We are not making this up. Update – So we read the story and it’s actually really great. Troubling, but kinda great. [Huffington Post]

Really, Mitch McConnell? A two-year suspension of payroll taxes? [NY Times by way of Talking Points Memo]

Daniel Solzman said it was “bullcrap” that he was praying for the death of Arabs and for the end of the world. What’s bullcrap is that he’d deny it. Check out the fancy screenshots where he begs for the death of Palestinians and then openly prays (on Facebook) for the end of the world. [Solzman’s Comment & Our Follow-Up]

Haha. Some criminal in Nicholasville tried to rob the water company. He mistakenly thought it was a bank. [WKYT]

Interesting that WHAS11 did a story about James Rhoades being refused visitation of his son. Fancy how the news station neglected to mention the name of the child’s mother or anything about the ensuing scandal. Do prominent families get special treatment these days or what? That’s the biggest part of the story. Way to miss the point, WHAS! [WHAS11]

Since when are Jack Conway and Daniel Mongiardo squaring off against each other in a primary for the 2010 U.S. Senate nod? News to us. [DownWithTyranny]

Check how the Courier-Journal covered the Ralph Coldiron resignation. Adam Edelen is barely mentioned. Interesting compared to other outlets. The C-J also has an editorial this morning that’s all about passing the smell test. [C-J & Editorial]

A new federal law hidden in the bailout gives companies a $20 tax credit per month per employee that rides a bike to work. [Minnesota Public Radio]

Thursday Dept of Airport Hacks Flushing Money Away

On Facebook? Consider joining the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty group. Good way to stay abreast of developments and what you might do to persuade the governor and others to declare a moratorium until we can determine whether capital punishment deters crime and is applied fairly. [Clicky Clicky]

That silly Mitch McConnell. Get a load of his idea of the middle class. Otherwise known as the uber-wealthy. [Tax Policy Center by way of Think Progress]

Barry’s “Hope” portrait will be on display at the National Portrait Gallery on inauguration day. [MSNBC]

So much for Greg Stumbo’s miracle gambling cure. He and David Williams are at odds, to say the least. David Williams has basically promised that no gambling legislation will be passed, ever, as long as he’s in charge. So what was that about working together again? [Jack Brammer]

David Lovelace of Frankfort was named deputy secretary of the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet yesterday. Lovelace currently serves as the cabinet’s executive director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs. He replaces Jamie Link, who was named CEO of the 2010 World Equestrian Games. [Press Release]

Barry Obama is getting a fancy new presidential limo. Being the geeks that we are, we salivate over this kind of article. [CNN]

Kentucky’s Abraham Lincoln HistoryMobile will visit Frankfort and Danville along with CBS Sunday Morning. Mo Rocca (!!) will join the Mobile on Wednesday, January 14 from 1:00 – 4:30 P.M. at the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History in Frankfort and will travel to Constitution Square in Danville on Thursday, January 15. You may visit in Danville from 10:30 to 2:00 P.M. The CBS crew will gather footage for Sunday Morning’s tribute to Lincoln and the bicentennial commemorative period. [Press Release]

Here’s more on that University of the Cumberlands case we revisited a few weeks ago. Mainstreamers all over are beginning to pick it up and now the right-winger gay-haters are all up on it. Check out what these windbags have to say about the scary homosexuals! [Townhall]

Launch of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Prioritizing the movement over the party. You ready for this common sense approach? Simply shilling for any and all Democrats will no longer cut it. Movement and party are NOT always coupled. [David Sirota]

If you thought this Blue Grass Airport thing would get less dramatic? Haha, boy, you were wrong. Bernie Lovely is ignoring the Lexington Urban County Council’s unanimous request that he immediately resign as chairman and remove himself from airport activity. All right for $4,500 strip club trips. Wasted money, indeed, and Lovely should be ashamed. [H-L]