Wednesday Dept of Sinking Approval Ratings

That’s right. We’re not calling in gay today. Though, we have eleventy billion different meetings, so we’re gonna be slow. Does that count?

More people disapprove of Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning than approve. Imagine that. McConnell has a 47% approval rating, 49% disapproval. Bunning has a 43% approval rating, 44% disapproval. 4.1% MOE. Maybe Mitch’s would suck less if he actually showed leadership on this terrible bailout issue? [WLEX]

Because this isn’t really what we’d call leadership. [Wall Street Journal]

Oh, the magic. So effing magical. Go read all these fancy excerpts from the Blagojevich indictment. OMG. We are in heaven. A children’s treasury, indeed. [Wonkette]

Is T. Boone Pickens’ wind energy plan a ponzi scheme? [Alternet]

Has the state cut SAFE Patrol programs? According to the Beshear Administration, they can neither confirm nor deny.  Or refuse to, rather. WTF? What’s there to hide? [Republicans]

And three Health and Family Services ombudsmen have disappeared. No one is talking. [Bluegrass Politics]

We’re always going to wonder why the Commonwealth won’t make state workers who have take-home vehicles pay a monthly fee. But we’re even more puzzled about why the City of Louisville provides the director of the Louisville Zoo with a car. [Mark Hebert]

Really? He still doesn’t know if he’ll propose a raise in the state’s ridiculously low cigarette tax? And meeting with legislators (can’t quite call Larry Clark and Harry Moberly “leaders”) without discussing what he plans to do about the budget shortfall? Wow. It’s almost like Steve Beshear has absolutely no one on helping him on the public relations front. [Tom Loftus]

Just because, go read this story about AIG giving managers millions in bonuses. The bailout is awesome. [Bloomberg]

Oh Snap Monday! Everybody’s Broke & On Meth

Did you know that sagging pants promotes a lifestyle of gangs, drugs, crime and violence? Yeah, that’s the ticket, crazy Judy Green. Get kids to pull up their sagging pants and everything bad will just disappear! This is one of the most absurd things we’ve read in a few days. When will someone with common sense run against this woman so the West End of Louisville can truly see some progress? [C-J]

Wow. Former LEO editor Cary Stemle’s being quoted all over the place. [Clarion Ledger]

Why is Joe Gerth now writing about Christmas shopping? We’re not even kidding. Are budget cuts this severe? This is what happens when you kill off half your staff at a major paper. The political guy ends up writing about shopping. [C-J]

OH MY GOD. The cover of Today’s Woman? REALLY? Hahahahaha. Can’t breathe. Laughter. Ouch. [Today’s Woman]

Betty Butterfield on Election 2008. [YouTube]

Louisville and Lexington are broke. Broke like Gary Coleman broke. So what should they cut? Chime in. [The ‘Ville Voice & Bluegrass Politics]

All right for a ridiculous catfight over “clean coal.” Don’t you love how some people have to make it about “God” and whether or not someone loves Kentucky enough? [Barefoot & Progressive]

Smooth Move: Wasting Business Leaders’ Time

Steve Beshear’s doing a little media tour, but it’s hard to figure out what he’s trying to accomplish.

Setting the stage for his upcoming bad budget news? Maybe. After listening to his speech this morning at GLI’s Capitol Connection event, we’re convinced his message is simply that he’s got a lot of problems and no solutions.

He spent the first half of his talk explaining what we already know all too well — the state is screwed with its $456 million shortfall, and he’s got no plans to raise more revenue. That’s right. He’s given up on casino gaming and won’t push for a cigarette tax unless he gets to a point where he really needs it. On this point, at least, the folks at our table reacted with disgust.

So, what did Beshear say? That we’ve got to get in survival mode. He thinks Obama is going to get us some infrastructure projects. Oh, here’s some good news! A lot of other states are having the same problems as we are, and some of them are in worse shape.

He’s not going to abandon families and businesses that need help, and we’re not going to hunker down and hide. We think that means he’s going to try to keep investing in education, economic development and workforce training. In short, he was long on platitudes, short on specifics. His answer to the question about a cigarette tax was so typical Beshear-ian.

“We may get there (to the point we need it), and if we get to that point, it’s an option to look at.”

Seriously. After spending 45 minutes bemoaning the state’s economy, he’s wondering if we’re going to get to the point of desperation in which we’ll need money from a cigarette tax. This from a man who campaigned on a soapbox about leadership. We don’t know about you, but waiting to see if we’re going to need it, a point at which it will be too late to do it, isn’t the kind of leadership we need.

Beshear is doing a series of media interviews this week. Here are links to a few of them: WHAS Radio, Courier-Journal, WHAS-TV, Kentucky Public Radio. and Fox41.

Monday Afternoon Update. Ed Whitfield’s Scared.

HAHAHA. Oh God. Politicker just suggested that the Enquirer find a chiropractor. Hahahaha. “They might need it to help straighten out the twisted mess they contorted themselves into with their endorsement of U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell.” Haha. Can’t breathe. Haha. [Politicker]

Larry Dale Keeling has a bunch of thoughts on the Lunsford-McConnell race, Steve Beshear’s anti-online gambling initiative and the importance of a cigarette tax. How stupid we were not to pass that tax. Seriously. [Larry Dale]

Is Chuck Schumer less of a gentleman (no, I didn’t call him one, so don’t give me grief, ladies) because he’s now going after Mitch McConnell? And the truth is finally out– there really WAS an agreement that Schumer wouldn’t go after McConnell! And you nancy-pants bitter butts didn’t believe me all those months ago. Wow. [Hotline]

Ed Whitfield is still a pussy. You can call and complain all you want. But it’s probably better to hit KET where it hurts: stop watching, stop visiting the website, start a campaign to shut the network down or whatever. And instead of freaking out over KET’s ridiculous decision to air the Whitfield video, Heather Ryan should lose her shit on him during her half-hour. Completely obliterate the Floridian before his taped statement. [Barefoot & Progressive, PolWatchers]

Garrison Keillor will broadcast “A Prairie Home Companion” live from the Louisville Palace on January 17. Event starts at 5:45 P.M. Tickets go on sale Friday, November 7 at noon at the Palace box office. $77, $57, $42. So… someone buy us tickets. [Louisville Palace]

Linda Belcher will take her husband, Larry Belcher’s, name on the ballot. Rep. Larry Belcher died last Monday on Interstate 65 when his truck drove into the back of a semi. [PolWatchers]

Some Stuff For a Great Friday Evening

Blah blah blah. We’re blowing this you-know-what in favor of starting the weekend early. Blah. So, ladies, enjoy yourselves and have fun doing stuff. Make sure you avoid as much of this as possible. And eat all kinds of treats for ladies.


Huge, huge step in the right direction by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. State vehicles will be equipped with GPS equipment. This will allow the state to track abuse, unauthorized use, excessive idling or speeding, engine troubles and safety. Finally, movement away from waste, fraud and abuse. [Mark Hebert]

The state’s chief highway engineer resigned over a conflict of interest. Gilbert Newman oversaw the widening of a road that touched property he owns. [PolWatchers]

Former Lexington Mayor Teresa Isaac’s aide pleaded guilty to official misconduct in the first degree. A case is still pending against another Isaac aide. The two were indicted in Fayette county last March for theft by unlawful taking over $300, a Class D felony. [Bluegrass Beat]

Own property in Jefferson, Oldham or Bullitt counties? Then get ready to pay higher property tax rates for school districts this fall. Cause you know you love paying taxes that only get squandered all over the place. [C-J]

In other news, Lexington continues to fall apart and suck hardcore. Check out the fancy shenanigans of Mayor Jim Dingleberry and the Webb family. Money talks, holmes, money talks. [Barefoot & Progressive]

It’s Thursday And We Miss The Office on TV

There was a crazy hot mess at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport last night. White powder (OH NOES!) and wires were coming from a bag in the cargo area of a plane so the entire world shut down for like three hundred hours. Turns out it was a portable dental kit that was dusty. FEAR. [Enquirer]

Steve Beshear told the Louisville Forum that he still supports raising the cigarette tax. And he continued to push for a public vote on casino gambling. [C-J]

Bill Nighbert is also the target of a Transportation Cabinet investigation. One of the people charged with investigating him is a man Nighbert once fired. This should be interesting. [H-L]

Do you know Lilly Ledbetter? Do you support fair and equal pay for women? Or do you support Mitch Mcconnell? You may want to educate yourself. [KY Women]

Democrat Doug Mullins dropped out of the 51st District State House race yesterday. This guarantees that Republican John Carney will win the seat. This means that only 30 of the 100 State House seats are being contested. Way to go, KDP! [PolWatchers]

Turns out Russia launched a coordinated cyber attack on Georgia before and during their physical attack on the country. Welcome to the 21st century, I guess. [NY Times by way of Barefoot & Progressive]

A few things from Politicker:

OMG. Sonny Landham to host a voter registration rally in Louisville’s West End? OMG. We can’t take it.  Will anyone ask him just how racist he is? [Trey Pollard]

Trey Grayson was selected to be a part of the RNC’s platform committee team. He’ll serve as co-chairman of the Guaranteeing Energy Independence and a Cleaner Environment subcommittee. [Trey Pollard]

And in other news, Politicker is definitely Republican. [Some Other Dude With An Ego Bigger Than Ours]