Oh Snap Monday! Everyone Ignore the MTR Beast

Only one person in the media isn’t afraid to question whether or not strip mining and mountaintop removal is to blame for the disaster in Pike County. [Larry Webster]

All the national papers are all over Rand Paul because his family received USDA farm subsidies. [Washington Post]

I don’t want to harp too badly on the World Equestrian Games. But come on! Who can afford these prices? Talk about absurd. [H-L]

Ron Paul wants to pull troops from Pakistan, one of the places where al Qaeda apparently exists. Does his son, Rand Liberty Christ Paul, think we should be doing this fancy thing? We’ll probably never know the truth, because he’ll give two different answers. [WSJ]

What do you do when you’re a pole dancer and your daddy is ashamed of you? Who knows. I guess you start a business, run it into the ground, stiff your vendors and then start writing about everything you never knew/will never understand. Miss Teabagger is all upset that Mitch McConnell isn’t keen on allowing gun sales at gun shows without background checks. Meaning felons, those domestically violent, the mentally ill and terrorists can buy guns from unlicensed dealers without any hassle. That sounds good! Amen. [HAHAHA]

No to unemployment or helping the working man when he’s down, but yes to cheetahs. Oh, and Hal Rogers’ daughter runs the charity getting the dough.  [John Cheves]

Oh gosh! I think Ryan Alessi broke onto the field during an Orioles game! [YouTube]

Rand Paul flip-flops on everything, forever, no matter what it is. Even Sharron Angle. [Larry Dale Keeling]

Today, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell will spew venom all across the land, from Louisville. [WHAS11]

The Rick Pitino – Sexytime In A Restaurant Lady sexytime trial is beginning! Y’all ready? [H-L]

Rand Paul is stand-offish and assholish to everybody he meets, it seems. Snubbing folks at the Kentucky Farm Bureau was an embarrassingly bad move on his part. Also, Jack Conway’s pretending to be a Republican. Particularly re: cap & trade, which he has flip-flopped on. A staffer of Jack’s confirmed to me last year that he had to “adjust his position” in order to beat Mongiardo. Guess it’s all about out-Republicaning the Republican. [Joe Arnold]

What Appearance Of Impropriety? When? Crazy!

Now Pamela Goodwine says avoiding the appearance of impropriety is very important to her. HAHAHA. You better take a pee break and put down your coffee before you read this one. [H-L]

Joni Jenkins is going to get the cock fighters with her meanness. Your drugs, too! [WHAS11]

Now that he’s defending Mel Gibson’s racist horse shiz, probable racist (based on 90% of what he writes) Marcus Carey now says that smoking bans are communist. Note his cutesy attempt at humor at the end of his “column.” [Mouth-Breathing Central]

Can you imagine Ed Worley running for Secretary of State? That would really cramp Jennifer Moore’s style. And I’m sure it’d make it difficult for whatever office Jonathan Miller wants to/is trying to run for. [Bluegrass Politics]

I don’t like seeing sideboob when I’m trying to scarf something down my gullet. I get it. But kicking a lady out of a restaurant in Newport over breastfeeding? You’d think Kentuckians were backwater or something. [FOX41]

Some doctor man wrote about Dick Cheney’s Polly Pocket robot heart in the The New York Times and it turns out Dick Cheney no longer has a pulse. [Wonkette]

Uh, these people may wanna step off calling the Congressional Bourbon Caucus “surprising.” Because I know some bourbon folks who will just cold smack somebody. In a gay way. [HuffPo]

This write-in teabagger candidate is well-versed in magic. Watch the video. [Barefoot & Progressive]

In 2006, Glenn Beck cracked sickening blind jokes. Now the asshat says he’s going blind. [Beck in 2006 & Yahoo!]

9,000-year-old beer? Why, that’s impossible! The earth is only 5,000 years old. [NPR]

A public meeting will be held in the Kentucky-American Water rate hike case next Wednesday, July 28. 6:00 P.M. Norsworthy Auditorium, 701 E. Main Street in Lexington. [Press Release]

Teabaggers Just Cold Getting Vandalized?

Oh, you read that right, ladies and ladydudes.


Retired Lt. Col. Thomas James North of Jersey Court in Elizabethtown was arrested by Elizabethtown police the first week of March after, according to police, surveillance video recorded him pouring paint thinner on a pickup owned by a man who said his conservative political views have made him a target.

The truck’s owner, Kenneth Bunting, said attacks on his truck, which bears a tea party bumper sticker, began early this year.

There were a half-dozen “eggings” in February alone, Bunting said.


Bunting said he had no idea why vandals had targeted his pickup until he found a tea bag on the truck’s hood.

Bunting also said he’d never heard of North until he researched the defendant’s name on the Internet, where he said he found evidence that North’s political views differed from his own.

Labeling the incident as a hate crime, Bunting said he wants North prosecuted federally, but doubts that will happen.

Why does this awful man hate the teabaggers so badly?

And – what – teabaggers proclaiming to be victims of hate crimes???

Woah. Space-time continuum troubles, folks.

Louisville Teabaggers Have A Black Friend

You’ve gotta read this portion of the Louisville Teabagger Brigade’s latest email blast:


The group, headed by Frank Simon, is maybe the only organization in Kentucky that would brag about knowing a single non-white individual. An individual who loves Glenn Beck and who wrote a book called The BIG Black Lie no less.

It’s a shame Frank isn’t keen on protecting our white women… like Doug Hawkins of fearmongering fame.

Rand Paul Wants Underground Border Fence

Haha, so, funny story…

Rand Paul says we should build an underground electric border fence to keep the Mexicans out.

Republican Senatorial candidate Rand Paul wants to build a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. It’s a rather ho-hum proposition in the larger context of conservative ideas — except that Paul wants that fence to be electric and he wants it built underground.


“I have not heard that,” the Texas Republican said. “Underground? What would happen? How would that work?”

That’s actually a good question and one that Paul’s campaign won’t answer. His website says only the following: “My plans include an underground electric fence, with helicopter stations to respond quickly to breaches of the border.” The details of how it would be built, what it would take to make it work and how much it would cost are left unanswered.

Moreover, aides to the Kentucky Republican have refused repeated attempts to explain the idea to the Huffington Post. On June 14, Paul’s former spokesman and current campaign manager, Jesse Benton, said he would call the following day to provide further details. He never did.

Click here to read more.

Or watch this fancy video:

Isn’t it interesting that Rand opposes a physical border fence because it reminds him of the Berlin Wall? Disagreeing with nearly all conservatives, believing their solution is similar to the Soviet Union’s solution.

TGIF! Forget The U.S., Let's Rebuild Iraq Some More

What? World Equestrian Games ticket sales suck you-know-what? Imagine that. No wonder so many staffers have quit or mentally checked out of that mess. I bet Kentucky ends up in the red on that deal. [Linda Blackford]

Rand Paul is so inept he missed the deadline for filing his Personal Financial Disclosure. At least Jack Conway filed for an extension before missing the deadline. [Associated Press]

Moonshine found in Clay County, Michael Jackson liked little boys, a bear poops in the woods. Shocker. [H-L]

Used car salesman/radio shizbird Leland Conway is blaming all of Rand Paul’s problems on the “leftist goon media.” Let him keep spinning. Interesting that the very first commenter on the story answered all of his questions. Also, did you know there’s a black guy living in the White House? [Hahaha]

More from that website: former pole dancer/stripper Mica says Jack Conway has been pushed into a corner where he cowers in fear. [Same Hilarity]

Who cares about rebuilding the university system in Iraq? Most Americans can’t afford to go to college. Let’s get flipping real. [C-J]

Racist and national embarrassment, Trent Lott, says he has sympathy for Rand Paul. [Daily Caller]

This week Fairdale Bigfoot has some advice on giving Father’s Day gifts. [Consuming Louisville]

No, Lexington’s council shouldn’t need legal assistance to obtain records regarding corruption and whistle blowing in the failed mayor’s administration. Since Jim Newberry and crew are lying and obfuscating, you can bet Auditor Crit Luallen’s final report could be one of the most damning Kentuckians have seen in a while. Just wait. [H-L]