We Get Terrific Comments All The Time

Regular readers are no longer alarmed at the insane and terrific hate mail and comments we receive on a daily basis.

If you’re new to our unique brand of crazy, you’ll probably appreciate the latest:

freeman // Aug 23, 2010 at 10:02 pm

jake,let me guess.your a queer,that lives with his mom and owns two copys of the movie free willy.You really are scared now,I know.P.S.Sounds like to me your being racist against the south.What you need to do is when you are driving down the road and see a confederate flag,go right up there and just rip it down or else I will think your just a big shit talking pussy.

Isn’t that cute? On a post about making cockfighting illegal, no less. Beautiful grammar and spelling.

But it gets better. Did a little search for the email address used with the comment. Look what popped up. A comment on a game rooster/cockfighting forum:

For those unable to load the image, here’s the comment:

Im glad to find this site.I have been out of gamefowl for about 7 years,but starting back this year.You have some nice birds and a nice place.It is a joy just to look at your gallery.I hope we get to keep our love alive,and I hope people stick together to prove what kind of people we really are.

So, if we’re to compare the two comments from T.J. Moore, what kind of people do you think they are?

2010 Valyuhs Voter Summit In Warshington

Oh garsh! The American Family Association’s Valyuhs Voter Summit is taking place in Warshington in September.

Look at this glory, from the latest AFA email blast:

That’s right – all of those amazing people will be speaking! In addition to James Dobson, of course. And about 40 billion other invitees. Important people like Michelle Malkin, Lou Dobbs, Ollie North and other crazies.

I bet you’re scrambling your Gold Freedom Ameros so you can afford the $99 fee, right now, for fun. Maybe Frank Simon will rent a fancy bus to parachute you there.

Important Kentucky Pee Trucks Spotted On TMZ

Tomorrow, Secretary of State Trey Grayson will speak in Paducah at the Americans with Disabilities Act anniversary celebration. The topic? How we’ve made voting more accessible in Kentucky. 10:00 A.M. Central Time. Accessing Your Power – A Celebration of the ADA and Your Voting Rights. Roberty Cherry Civic Center. 2701 Park Avenue in Paducah. Why isn’t Rand Paul participating in this? Someone should ask the man what he thinks about the ADA. [Twitter]

What kind of backwater folks live in Northern Kentucky? The kind who are fine with a bunch of snake handlers opening up shop in a strip mall. But not a mosque. Can’t let those dang Muslins near the fried food or knock-off handbags. [WAVE3]

Brent Yonts’ son got parole for the hit and run accident. [AP via H-L]

Looks like Jerry Lundergan’s fancy toilet bus made the gossip news because of Chelsea’s fancy wedding. That man is everywhere. Truly pee-worthy.  Please raise your hand if you’ve been inside those toilet trailers, dear readers. [TMZ]

If you live in Pike County and were impacted by the flood, you’ve only got until August 11 to apply for assistance. [CHFS]

Told ya the teabaggers were wet over Larry Forgy last night. [Ron Paul Masturbatorium]

The woman found shot to death in a truck in Frankfort? She was domestic violence victim advocate Tomma Graves. [Various AP Reports]

Rand Paul says he’s going to balance the national budget. Today the Conway Campaign had this to say, “Either Rand Paul doesn’t know how to balance a budget, or he’s hiding his risky ideas. Why won¹t he show Kentuckians how he¹ll do it?” [Press Release]

What was it I said the other day about someone being too stupid to breathe? Well, I was wrong, whatever it was I said. Because here’s another person that is truly just… I have no idea how they remember to breathe. [B&P]

Clearly, terrorists and disturbed people need to be able to buy as many guns as they want without having to register. Clearly. [MSNBC]

The mess with Louisville’s Metro Animal Services gets worse and worse. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Call me crazy, but I don’t think Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race is currently tied. [Daily Kos]

The mighty teabagger eagle is weeping because Bill Johnson won’t be running for governor. [Bluegrass Politics]

Your New Teabagger Kings/Overlords Have Arrived

Haha, so, funny story… Joe chit chatted with David Adams and the teabaggery of Phil Moffett and Mike Harmon yesterday.

Here’s David Adams on wishing he could have unplugged the camera when Rand Paul went on Rachel Maddow:

He’s still cool with Rand hating the cripples and the black people. Amen.

Phil Moffett does not approve of his website:

So extremely rude and unnecessary! Hahaha.

Jack Brammer and Noted River Rock Expert Stephenie Steitzer asked the new teabagger kings some questions:

Joe has about ten thousand million more hours of video of Moffett & Harmon, so go check it all out. I particularly enjoy that David Adams isn’t excited about Mike Harmon, allegedly the third or fourth pick as the running mate.

Mitch McConnell's Takin Yer Guns OH NOES!

Not only is the former teabagging pole dancer pissed that Mitch McConnell and the horrible, evil Democrats want to make it difficult for terrorists, domestic violence offenders and convicts to buy guns without a background check…

But… they’re spending tons of cash on Google ads galore, on fancy YouTube categories. Categories that feature videos like this fancy one:

Click here to visit the mouth-breathing page that talks about how they’re taking our white women and our guns, amen.

Seriously. WTF do these people think? You can already buy a truckload of guns with no problem at your local big box store. What is it with just flooding the streets with guns with no background checks? What’s there to hide?