Interesting Notes From Frankfort Today

There was a hearing in the Senate Transportation Committee this morning that could only be classified as… interesting. Bryan Wickens, head of Reclaim Our Culture Kentuckiana (ROCK), was appealing the Transportation Cabinet’s decision to deny his application for an “In God We Trust” license plate.

J. Todd Shipp, who is an attorney for the Cabinet, testified that ROCK’s application was denied solely because of faith-based prohibitions (separation of church and state) set by the legislature.

Naturally, that didn’t sit well with some blowhards. Transportation Committee chairman Ernie Harris (Republican from Crestwood) then lost his cool, and rattled off something about the Cabinet having a predisposition to deny the application and it was lucky to have found an “excuse” to do just that.

And then there was lots of typical ACLU-bashing.

Exciting ways to waste taxpayer time and money in Frankfort, kids. Exciting times.

Tom Riner is Still Embarrassing Kentucky

Is this really the image of Kentucky we want New York Times readers to have?

On Saturday, the paper did a lengthy story about Tom Riner’s efforts to incorporate his religious beliefs into everything he does in state politics.

Tom Riner looks for God everywhere, and in places he does not find him, he tries to put him there.

For more than 30 years, Mr. Riner’s singular devotion has been to inject God into the public arena. It has guided him as he preached the Bible in the countryside of Nicaragua and Jamaica. And it steers him as he proselytizes the formerly homeless and drug-addicted people who live with him at his ramshackle church in one of the poorest sections of this city.

But this unrelenting mission has also frequently taken Mr. Riner and the Kentucky legislature, where he has been a Democratic representative for 26 years, across the constitutional barrier between church and state.

Not surprisingly, his efforts have cost the Commonwealth of Kentucky a ton of money in legal fees over goofy issues. Issues like requiring state law to acknowledge God’s role in protecting us.

Next up, Riner will turn his family of eleventy billion children into an army that will eat every small child in his gerrymandered House district. Then his wife will rig another legislative district election, in a van, with a bunch of white people who probably aren’t even from her district.

Fancy Gay-Hating Protest In Murray

Man, that Murray. There are so many millions of known homosexuals there that a few hundred (or just three) people showed up this past weekend to protest the ho-mo-sexuals. Oh, and to do a little street preaching.

Take a look at some shots a fancy reader sent us, here, on these internets:



Garsh. Kelly Flood would feel right at home with these folks.

Unhappy with Israeli Attacks on Gaza?

Then protest this afternoon:

The protest is between 4 and 6 p.m. at the corner of Broadway and Baxter Ave., across from Cave Hill Cemetery. In addition, protesters are encouraged to meet at corner of Sixth and Broadway Tuesday at noon to pay a visit to the Congressional offices of U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell and U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth to ask for the members’ support for a cease fire. And Friday, Jan. 2 (noon) begins a weekly vigil at that corner.

The group is arguing that Israel’s blockade of Gaza has led to some 1.5 million deaths, and that the Hamas rocket fire that sparked the latest conflict — though a natural result of this “strangulation” — is also deplorable.

T minus 5 til you-know-who starts spewing his brainwashed-ness! Because we all know that Israel always does the right thing, forever, no matter what.

Oh Snap Monday! Felner the Rainmaker

Dubya’s Final Eff You to Amurka. [Rolling Stone]

Attention Doug Hawkins: we have discovered the answer to your Mexican problem. Illegal immigrants say they’re all going back to Mexico because the economy sucks. And they say they will never return. Our white women are safe! [C-J]

Countdown proves, via a memo obtained, that this is a coordinated attack among Republicans to take down organized labor. [News Hole]

You can thank gay-hating Kentucky Farm Bureau for killing the cigarette tax increase. Not David Williams or any other Republican. [C-J]

What the heck is going on with this CentrePoint mess in Lexington? [Barefoot & Progressive]

All the mouth breathers are buying up guns like crazy in Kentucky. All because of that silly Barack Obama! Because it would be so terrible not to be able to buy assault weapons. Everyone needs a fancy assault weapon. [H-L]

Ugh. A “winter storm” is coming and Kroger is going to be empty. Look out for all the ladies wearing curlers if you have to make a grocery run today. They’ll be fighting for their lives to buy an extra package of hamburger and some white bread. [C-J]

Oh, look, known swindler Robert Felner has forced the University of Rhode Island to develop a system to better deter fraud. Felner was apparently a cult figure to staffers at URI. Weird. And he was a rainmaker. [The Providence Journal]

Mongiardo & Gunner on the Outdoor Channel

For real. Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo and his dog, Gunner, are filming an episode of American Gun Dog on the Outdoor Channel.

From a press release:

Hunting is a favorite seasonal pastime for many Kentuckians, providing innumerable opportunities to get outdoors in diverse locations across the state: from the mountains of the east to the wetlands of the west. This week, Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo and his Yellow Labrador, Gunner, brought Kentucky into the national outdoor recreation spotlight as the focus of an episode of The Outdoor Channel’s popular television program American Gun Dog.

The episode, which will conclude two days of taping this evening in Elliott County, follows the Lieutenant Governor, Gunner and the program’s host, Harley Jackson, as they embark on a bird hunting expedition for Kentucky native quail and ruffed grouse. The hunt—which has spanned three counties—began early Monday morning in Corbin, proceeded into Floyd County for the second day hunting and will end tonight outside of Sandy Hook.

It sure is hard being Lt. Governor. Being all fancy on the teevee, shootin’ guns with your dog and all.

In the photo above, Mongirado’s wearing the bright orange vest. The dog in the picture isn’t Gunner, however, but is some Pointer from the show.