New Democratic Spin: Williams Likes Jim Crow

There are crazies on all sides. That is all. [Anderson Hotsex Cooper]

What kind of super-important, life-changing legislation is Greg Stumbo pushing these days? [WAVE3]

A judge refused to halt the execution of Gregory L. Wilson, saying he’s not mentally retarded. [WFPL]

The Kentucky Retirement Systems story just keeps getting bigger. [John Cheves]

Louisville is just one of the centers of urban renaissance in the United States. You should be proud! Especially when it comes to the city’s forward movement with architecture, parks and preserving history. [HuffPo]

Today at 5:00, the latest SurveyUSA polling data on the John Yarmuth-Todd Lally congressional race in Louisville will be released. [Joe Arnold]

Judge Phillip Shepherd will rule later today on the state furlough lawsuit. No one really expects him to side with state workers. [Bluegrass Politics]

Barren County Sheriff Chris Eaton does not approve of Rand Paul’s non-plans for Kentucky’s drug problem. [Bowling Green Daily News]

HAHA, Steve Robertson emits a one-sided whine. Hahaha. Yes, Richie Farmer should give up pay for any day he’s campaigning. But so should Jack Conway. Same for Steve Beshear and Daniel Mongiardo. [H-L]

Yeah, Jefferson County Public Schools needs some other solution to its busing problem that’s ticked so many people off. But isn’t it going a little far when you say David Williams is race-baiting and embracing Jim Crow? Dan Seum’s an asshole, for sure, but isn’t that kind of extreme? Don’t hold your breathe for honesty – this is the guy who pirated content and instead of giving proper attribution, he just deleted his story and tried to ignore it. [Bob Layton]

Overlord Obama Is Coming For White Women

Oh, wait, Gregory L. Wilson asked a judge to halt his September 16 execution. He’s apparently mentally retarded? [H-L]

Bill Johnson, like all people who turn into perennial candidates, says he’s going to run for Secretary of State or the State Senate. [Ryan Alessi]

Teabaggers in Louisville just can’t believe that the NAACP and African Americans would want to have their voices heard in the debate on busing. [The ‘Ville Voice]

This is a rather interesting piece about Mt. Rushmore being too close to hallowed ground. [Mother Jones]

Where are Rand Paul and Jack Conway? Who knows. They like hiding from the average voter and each other. [Ruh Ro]

This lady is Mica Sims in about ten years. Or a week. Whenever. [B&P]

Rather than give proper credit when he swiped my photograph, Bob Layton decided to delete his original story, like I told you yesterday. He’s since published screenshots of the PDF provided by Conway/KDP. Much better to do than simply give credit to someone who has dared (how dare me!) to criticize Jack Conway. [Here & Here]

Today the White House announced that more than 30% of those planned – some 5,200 – homes have been weatherized in Kentucky. [Press Release]

Phil Moffett says coal counties should get to keep all of the coal severance taxes collected. Does this mean Jefferson County gets to keep ALL of the tax dollars it sends to Frankfort? If so, then let us talk. Otherwise, Phil Moffett has zero idea how Kentucky works. [AP & Press Release]

The new anti-Jack Conway ad from Karl Rove and the turd blossoms is getting national attention. [Hotline]

Tomorrow at 1:00 P.M. Eastern, First Lady Jane Beshear will speak at a presser re: the importance of college and career readiness for high school grads. A declaration of September 2010 as College and Career Readiness Month will also be made. Watch live footage at the link tomorrow. [Press Release]

Why the belief that Barack Obama is a Muslim? Because people are effing stupid. [Newsweek]

KDP Turned Over A New Leaf And It Is Rotting

In case you missed it last night? The Kentucky Democratic Party’s Republican chairman, Daniel Logsdon, was, uh… he was on teevee. Nice to finally have a spokesperson who isn’t awful, though. You have GOT to check the archive out when you get a chance. [Page One]

A majority of Republicans believe Barack Obama sympathizes with Islamic fundamentalism and wants worldwide Islamic law. [HuffPo]

KET has invited candidates to appear on the teevee. Check the schedule out. Senate candidates will appear on October 25. [Press Release]

The following folks in the press will witness the execution of Gregory L. Wilson, with newspaper folks first: Andy Wolfson, Bill Estep, Jim Hannah. Jessica Noll from KyPost was selected as a newspaper alternate, despite that newspaper no longer existing? Bill Bartleman and Brett Barrouquere will also be there. Broadcast: Elizabeth Donatelli, Keith Farrell, Rick Howlett. Media witnesses are required to participate in a press briefing and respond to media questions right after the execution of Wilson. [Press Release]

Mainstreamers are still giggling over Jack Conway’s Fancy Farm embarrassment from last year. [MSNBC]

I love that the Paultards continue to harp this meme about Jack Conway being gay. Their homophobia is thick each and every time they suggest it. [Ron Paul Masturbatorium]

This story about Jack Conway asking a medical expert to review a nursing home injury is super-depressing. [H-L]

The NRSC is spending eleventy billion dollars in Lexington in the form of television ad buys. [Ryan Alessi]

Ron Paul, daddy of Liberty Christ, needs to know RIGHT NOW how much gold is in the possession of the U.S. and A. [Wonkette]

At 3:00 P.M. Today, Republican Party Chairman Steve Robertson will host a presser at RPK HQ in Frankfort to discuss the Democrats’ alleged “Don’t Stop Spending Tour.” No word on whether or not he wants to talk about Rand Paul refusing to stick to his own term limit demands. No word on whether Rand will ever stop taking all the socialized medicine dollars he gets from the gubmint. [Press Release]

Heather French Henry will be inducted (almost typed “indicted”) into Mason County High School’s alumni hall of fame. No word on whether there’ll be mention of defrauding her publisher, never doing anything for veterans (other than taking money and spending it on herself and her convict husband) or if her role in the Henry Campaign Scandal will be discussed. [Ledger-Independent]

Oh Snap Monday! Ben Chandler's Desperate Again

What? Bob Layton still isn’t properly attributing my material? It’s been several days. Surely that’s unintentional, right? And has nothing to do with my criticism of Jack Conway? UPDATE: Mysteriously, rather than give proper credit, Layton decided to remove the entire post from his website. [Blue Bluegrass]

Haha, Ben Chandler’s first attack ad against Andy Barr is built on a lie about Social Security privatization. [B&P]

No, Rand Paul didn’t say he wants to abolish the ag dept and he didn’t say he wants to abolish the dept of ed. But he almost said both. Like Greg Stotelmyer said on Comment on Kentucky, Paul half-says things controversial so his campaign staff can then backtrack, giving him the opportunity to blame the media. [H-L]

Henderson County Judge-Executive Sandy Lee Watkins passed away in his sleep early Saturday morning. [The Gleaner]

What? You mean Jack Conway’s petitions aren’t getting him votes, just stories that don’t sit so well in the national press? [The Hill]

Here’s another big look at the billionaires bankrolling the tea party. [NY Times]

Glenn Beck said two million people would show up to his ridiculous mouth breather revival. And, what, 87K folks made it. [HuffPo]

What a colorful and diverse group of people that descended upon Warshington, for freedom, amen. Rascal scooters, anybody? [Wonkette & More Wonkette & Even MORE Wonkette]

Jack Conway has forgotten about the freedom of religion as he panders to get votes. Rand Paul has forgotten about property rights, which his fellow teabaggers are so fond of complaining about. [H-L]

He’s right. You shouldn’t discount a David L. Williams-Reeeeechie Farmer ticket. [Ronnie Ellis]


Newsflash to Amber Marchand at the NRSC: Sending out blasts about Jack Conway courting liberals is the dumbest thing you could do. Dumber than sending out articles making Rand Paul look bad. Shouldn’t the Republicrats be trying to lure Democrats in instead of ticking them off? [Deep Thoughts]

I’m still wondering where the mainstream media is on one of the bigger higher education scandals in years. [Page One]

Seems to be a decent effort to push Scott Lasley to run for Secretary of State. Thoughts? [Facebook]

Consider me impressed that a Kentucky newspaper published a story about gender identity in young children. [H-L]

Wonder where this story first appeared? In A Kentucky Newspaper or maybe on this website? [Interesting]

John Yarmuth stands firmly against the Bush tax cuts and so do his conservative family members. Meanwhile, Jack Conway’s campaign is beside itself that I’d dare criticize their position on the tax cuts for the super-wealthy. [Bruce Maples]

A joint effort between the Energy Department and the Kentucky Geological Survey has launched a web-based mapping tool for power plants and coal processing locations in Kentucky. [Coal Viewer]

The only thing Richie Farmer knows how to do is spend money on cars and drive around the state making “appearances.” Interesting that the faux Bluegrass Institute is hitting Farmer while they’re backing his teabagger opponents. [John Cheves]

Nine traditional media witnesses will be selected to witness the execution of Gregory L. Wilson on Thursday, September 16. [Press Release]

You should probably look at this video of Ken Mehlman and about a thousand closet queens at some rooftop party. Someone should ask Scott Jennings what he thinks of ole gay face finally coming out of the GIGANTIC gay Republican closet. [Wonkette]

What? Surely not! Transportation cabinet honcho Chuck Geveden was reprimanded for falsifying his time sheet the day before Fancy Farm. He had to pay the state $202.80 in the form of a reimbursement for a cottage rental. Unfortunately, media reports don’t reveal who the other five people in the cottage were. Who were they? Someone has to know. [Various Reports]

The muslins are takin over Mayfield and are just cold kidnapping all of our children and white women! Thanks to Joe for pointing this out. [West Kentucky Star]

So it was crazy fundies trying to scare the bejeebers out of meemaw? Defense attorneys say the kidnapping allegations are false. [NPR]