Barack Obama is a Muslim and Michelle Obama Hates All White People

It’s true. Brett Hall and the rest of the right-wing blogosphere is spinning completely out of control about alleged comments Michelle Obama made.

Michelle Obama again finds herself in the eye of a tropical storm simmering on the horizon. This time, the controversy centers around a video that may or may not exist in which Barack Obama’s wife took to the pulpit in Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ and delivered a passionate sermon about “Whitey.” Whoever that is. Apparently, it was someone she didn’t like. (Reminds one of U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters’ cries of “Get Whitey!” during the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles.)

Brett’s also using a fancy and terrifying photo of Michelle to make it seem like she really does hate white people. See for yourself:

Race-baiting, anyone? Let’s make the scary black lady look as ominous and mean as possible!


Note to Steve Robertson: I hope this isn’t a talking point coming from your desk. Especially not at a time when your party is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Especially not after all of the progress and inroads you and your staff have made over the past year-and-a-half.

Okay. We’re Calling It a Week.

It’s 5:32 P.M. Nothing is happening in the news or politics in Kentucky. We’re just gonna go ahead and head out for the weekend.

By the way– you’d think that with all the traffic we’re sending to our struggling mainstream newspapers, the least they could do is give us credit when we give them a story.

Since there’s nothing going on, here are a few popular stories from the past few months:

We’ll leave you with Laura Bush & Jenna on Ellen’s homosexualized television program. The only thing better would have been Barbara Bush making an appearance.

Oh, it appears Bruce Lunsford has launched a new video about Mitch McConnell’s 24 years in Washington:

See the rest of the videos starring people like Andrew Horne and Joni Jenkins by clicking here:

You kids take it easy and let us know if anything crazy happens.

Page One & ‘Ville Voice Comment Policy

We don’t have a posted or concrete comment policy at Page One or The ‘Ville Voice, really, as it’s not necessary. We only remove comments when they’re unwarranted personal attacks, spam or are just beyond ridiculous.

But we have to address something.

I have recently been deleting comments that refer to the perceived sexual orientation of a U.S. Senator and other elected officials and at least one person leaving the comments took deep personal offense with the deletion. Joke or not, it’s inappropriate and we’re within our rights to delete that sort of comment. This site isn’t the place to make jokes about someone’s sexual orientation unless you have evidence to back up your claims. And even if you do have evidence to back up those claims? We still get to decide whether or not it’s appropriate. And in this case it’s not.

I took time out of my day to send a message to the person leaving one of the comments (just to let him know why it was removed) and he advised me that the deletion was immature, that my points were moot, that it’s not healthy for political discussion to delete it and that I’d run the site into the ground with this sort of attitude. And to that I have to say: Come on. We’re not the comment police, otherwise we’d be deleting every nasty thing that’s said about our personal lives in the comments. And we’re not stifling political discussion and the free flow of thoughts. We just happen to own this site and if we don’t want to discuss something on the site– guess what? We get to avoid it. It’s nothing personal.

There’s a time and a place for everything. Unfortunately, making jokes (no matter how innocent) about someone’s sexual orientation (unless you’re making one about ME and it happens to be hilarious), making disparaging comments about someone who isn’t in the public eye or just plain hurting someone or their character isn’t welcome here. That’s not to say you can’t be mean, spiteful or downright disgusting. That’s welcome here. Just please don’t get all personal about you-know-who’s you-know-what. It’s not cool.

And to the commenter who got upset: Yes, we do receive hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each year. Millions, even. That’s why we get paid.

We love you all for commenting and reading the site. So keep it up. Just wanted to clarify a few things in case there was concern about censorship.

UPDATE on the following day:

So one of the people leaving the comments about Senator Mitch McConnell’s sexual orientation is really taking offense. Have a look:

I just removed Page One, as the site owner has been engaging in a lot of censorship, which shouldn’t be happening on a political discussion site. On top of that, the site has essentially become a politically disoriented “pot-stirrer for pay” site that really isn’t doing much to enhance discussion of Kentucky politics. It’s nice for them that they may be making money off their silliness, but it’s not getting LouHI’s moral support any longer.

While true that we deleted a comment alleging that Mitch McConnell is gay, let’s get real. Censorship? We stated our case. And pot-stirrer for pay? Who, exactly, is paying us to stir the pot? Bruce Lunsford? We haven’t seen one red cent from him or anyone else who has influence over what we say. This is a ridiculous and outlandish accusation. To suggest that it is immoral for us to delete the comment in question is crossing the line because–  guess what–  we own the site.

This site is indeed ad-supported but long-time readers are fully aware that advertisements do not influence editorial content. Chris Thieneman has advertised his business and we’ve been less than kind to him on many occasions. The Bluegrass Freedom Fund advertised with us and you’ll recall that we took that 527 organization to task when no one else was willing to do so– and it was operated by someone we consider a friend! CW Louisville advertises with us on a regular basis and low and behold we criticized the station for its potential campaign finance violations during the most recent primary election. But maybe the biggest example is WHAS11. We almost got into a legal battle with that station yet you still see their programming advertised right here on this very site by the CW.

There’s no skin off our back. But this is just silly.

Huckabee’s Nasty Obama & Guns Joke

Just a bit ago, here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, failure of a presidential candidate Mike Huckabee attacked Barack Obama by making a stupid joke. During his speech to the National Rifle Association in Louisville, Huckabee heard noise behind him. He thought it was in good taste to say, “That was Barack Obama, he just tripped off a chair, he’s getting ready to speak, somebody aimed a gun at him and he dove for the floor.”

Not exactly his shining moment, eh?

The Republican Party is afraid of Barack Obama (clearly) and spent 99% of today bashing him.

Take a look at a clip of Huckabee:

Friday Afternoon Roundup. Shoot Yer Guns in Honor of the NRA Convention Edition.

John McCain is speaking to the National Rifle Association Convention at about 4:00 P.M. this afternoon. If you live in Louisville, head on down to the gun show or whatever to get your fancy guns for killing some bear and neighbors and such. [C-J Photos]

An AOL blogger says Greg Fischer will win the Senate primary because he has an ActBlue page. Don’t you love it when people who have no idea what’s going on in Kentucky politics write about it on a national level? [AOL Bloggers]

Hillary’s visiting Maysville on Monday. [Ledger Independent]

Candidate for the 4th District Congressional seat, Dr. Michael Kelley, will ride his bicycle across the 4th District over Memorial Day weekend to put the spotlight on physical fitness’ impact on healthcare costs. Kelley also plans to meet with voters to hear their ideas and concerns. [Press Release]

The Republican Party of Kentucky attacked Barack Obama by scaring the bejeezus out of gun owners. Obama’s gonna take yer guns! HIDE! But the RPK neglected to note that John McCain told the NRA to get out of the Republican Party. [Press Release, Cliff Schecter, B&P]

Steve Beshear won’t be cutting the $400,000 he gives away to the coal industry for self-promotion in order to save costs during our budgetary crisis. Should be noted that it was one of the first things Ernie Fletcher nixed when trying to get things under control. WTF. Also, we feel sorry for Ryan Alessi having to sit through the NRA shindig today. [PolWatchers]

Senate President David Williams is suing Governor Steve Beshear for vetoing his road projects. Hrm. [Hebert]

Should Louisville Secede from Kentucky?

Really. Should it?

Jim Welp, whether he pisses you off or makes you laugh with his story, seems to have tapped into an issue that has people from all walks of life fired up. We’re reserving comment (because we can) but think you should give his piece a read.

The time has come for Louisville to secede from Kentucky. The two have been at philosophical odds ever since our forefathers chose Frankfort as the state’s bucolic capital in 1792, ensuring a salt-of-the-earth-if-mildly-retarded state-worker pool forevermore.

Because Louisville is a vibrant, progressive city (not counting Dan Seum) in a dirt-poor, third-world state*, it’s only natural that our tax dollars whisk to Frankfort each year, while only a small percentage hobble back in the form of evolution-agnostic textbooks and posh dormitories for college athletes.

Sure, it’s awesome knowing our tax dollars are going to help coax the worms out of some Appalachian kid’s toenails because his people can’t provide shoes. It’s the same sort of glow that comes from writing a check to the Red Cross for Darfur. Call me a starry-eyed optimist, but I don’t mind buying school lunches for children in Monkey’s Unibrow because I think it’s important to give them something to look forward to besides listening to their daddys’ Bocephus records while making out with their siblings.

Click Here to read the rest.

What do you think?

Doug Hawkins: “Send the Mexicans Away!”

Can you handle it? Your favorite protector of the homeland has made a name for himself and he’s been invited to play with with the big kids.

Louisville’s Metro Councilman Doug Hawkins (R-Protecting us from Mexicans) will testify in Frankfort at 2:00 P.M. today before the House Standing Committee on the Judiciary in support of Rep. Bob Damrom’s HB 304. Damron’s bill would expand the definition of identity theft, prohibit the employment of illegal aliens and– you guessed it– push for already stressed local law enforcement to handle federal immigration enforcement.

Doug Hawkins. Protecting us from Mexicans all across the land. He’s finally made it to Frankfort to spew his nonsense. Huzzuh!