Oh Snap Monday! Pig Flu & Rand Paul Fear

As I have been reporting on The ‘Ville Voice, Gilles Meloche — Jerry Abramson’s favorite Metro Animal Services guy — is about to go down for being a corrupt… ugh. [FatLip]

Dan Kelly has made it through the nomination portion of the show. Will he make it through the talent portion? Will he have to twirl a baton? Maybe wear a swimsuit? Let’s have some catty chatter. [Just Wondering]

Guess who we spotted in the big city newspaper? Our pal Brad’s (remember him? he’s that mean guy who said all those mean things about Jerry Abramson and Metro Animal Services’ Gilles Meloche– before it all came to fruition) wife, Nikki. She is a fancy jewelry designer. I’m glad her stuff will never appear here. [C-J & Her Site]

Comment on Kentucky was funny Friday night. Looks like Kim Geveden’s desire to pin the Mongiardo tapes on Conway is backfiring like woah. Cause this issue isn’t gonna die and the press is just gonna keep on keeping on with the discussion of all the nasty things Lt. Dan has said. Wonder if Kim will push another story during the week to draw attention to Whoregate? (I love how “journalists” are afraid to mention that I brought a story to light unless it’s resulting in a federal investigation.) [KET]

Robert Felner’s trial has finally been set for February 1. What a great Groundhog Day birthday gift. Guess we know where I’ll be for three weeks – if it’s open to press – right? [Nancy Rodriguez]

Wildcat Coal Lodge? Really? That sound you hear are my eyes rolling back in my head as I throw up a little in my mouth. [H-L]

Looks like the C-J loves writing about Jim King. Wonder when they’ll start talking about the myriad lawsuits other candidates have been through? Maybe they should be talking about Hal Heiner’s past. Maybe David Tandy’s problems? Maybe Greg Fischer’s equally interesting past? At least there’s one candidate without a past– Tyler Allen. [Joe Gerth]

On Saturday, President Barack Obama declared a national emergency with respect to the 2009 H1N1 pig flu pandemic. WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE OF THE PIG FLU AND THE POVERTY! OH NOES! [Press Release]

Some teabaggers and a former stripper had a liberty party at Lexington Christian Academy. And the results were hilarious. [Barefoot & Progressive]

But more importantly? Check out this story about Rand Paul’s freedom rally or whatever. Rand Paul says Barack Obama is just like Adolf Hitler (really), praised Glenn Beck, said mountaintop removal doesn’t harm neighboring lands, hated on the gays, and riled up the machine gun crowd. Yet people like Ed Martin and David Adams think he’s a genius because he’s so libertarian and a fiscal genius or whatever. [More B&P]

The best part of this story about Ernie Fletcher: “Glenna answered the door while talking on a hands-free cell phone device.” HAHAHA. Cell phone device. Hahaha. What year is this, again, kids? [State-Journal]

The 2010 budget negotiations in Frankfort are going to strangle the Commonwealth to death. We’re gonna have to turn the lights off and starve our elected “leaders.” Tax reform is going to be necessary. But don’t hold your breath, kids, cause Frankfort will not wake up to reality. Ever. [Tom Loftus]

TGIF! New SCOTUS Lady Will Take Yer Guns!

We all learned something major this week: Jack Conway says “bitch” in front of some mouth breathers who feign shock and outrage and it’s the end of the world. Daniel Mongiardo can break the law for literally years, screw up an entire campaign and have an all-around embarrassing existence in politics and never be questioned by the media. Daniel Mongiardo isn’t just desperate – the failing newspaper industry and non-existent television news world are desperate.

Explosive new details have been released in the Leonard Lawson bid rigging trial by a witness. Kentucky politics are awesome. [John Cheves]

Birthers, anti-healthcare folks will face a union backlash. [HuffPo]

Town halls gone wild! [Watch the Video]

Downtown Louisville was ground zero for a hot mess yesterday. [C-J]

Like I said last night in the comments, a statewide paper would write about the Conway Bitch Moment and that Kim Geveden took it upon himself to voluntarily call the papers to say he didn’t have anything to do with a fancy little attack video. And whattya know? Brammer did exactly what we said a paper would do. We still maintain that Kim is involved. [Bluegrass Politics]

Geveden lied to Joe Gerth about when the campaign learned of the video. We were tipped off about it on the 3rd. So there’s no way in hell the Mongiardo Camp learned of its existence just yesterday. [Joe Gerth]

Mitch McConnell, the man most known for never being a hypocrite and for always being even-handed (hold back the laughter), says Sotomayor isn’t even-handed. [Joe Arnold]

Wait, what was that? She’s the new Supreme Court Justice? The first Latina? OH NOES! [NY Times]

Didn’t happen in Kentucky, but you’ve gotta read the story of a crazy, terrifying shooting in New Albany, Indiana. [C-J]

If you’re in the Louisville area and are able-bodied, go volunteer with Metro United Way for flood cleanup. [MUW]

Lt. Dan is a Tough, Manly Man’s Man

Daniel Mongiardo, in his never-ending attempt to use the government press release system, has issued an eight-paragraph statement indicating that he’ll be attending – wait for it – a concert.

Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo will join thousands of country music fans and ATV enthusiasts in Crocketsville, Ky. on August 22 and 23 when music and dirt come together for a good cause.

The Second Annual Halfway to Hazard Charity Concert and Trail Ride to support Buckhorn Children’s Center incorporates ATV trail riding adventure and sizzling top name country music in a family-oriented event that drew over 7,000 participants last year.

“Giving back and helping those in need is one of my top priorities as a public servant,” said Lt. Governor Mongiardo. “I am honored to be a part of an event that is able to showcase the natural beauty and recreational opportunities of Eastern Kentucky, all while making a huge impact on the lives of disadvantaged youth.”

On a related note, Joe told us all about that mess here.

All right for being so tough that you need to issue a press release about going to a concert where you’ll ride four-wheelers and such.

Absolutely great use of government resources.

Lt. Dan the Hypocrisy Man is so tough he let his campaign/people close to his campaign put together this video of Jack Conway:

So tough!

This Thursday Isn’t Costing Us Taxpayers $60,000

The Jefferson County Board of Education will meet on Monday. Will the Board reprimand Superintending Sheldon Berman for lying to the press? Will they address JCTA concerns? Let’s hold our breath and see.

Coal is costly to for the state? Surely you jest! How could one be so mean with these “facts”?? The Hairy Liberal is so mean to King Coal! Delivered $527 million in 2006 but cost the state $642 million that same year. [John Cheves & MACED]

Cary Stemle is all up in Time Magazine with his story about takin yer gunz to church in Louisville. [Time]

Can you believe it? The Courier-Journal editorial board is taking Jerry Abramson’s side and attacking the Metro Council. Accusing the council’s desire not to screw the public as “self-indulgent and far-fetched.” And you wonder why the C-J is losing subscribers by the truckloads. [C-J]

The Herald-Leader editorial board kinda sorta chaps some legislative rear end? Maybe? At least the Lexington paper of record recognizes that the entirety of Frankfort is terrified to approach comprehensive tax reform. [H-L]

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Seance With Your Fetus Bill Comes Back to Life

By now you all know that Senate Bill 79 sponsored by Elizabeth Tori, Jack Westwood, Katie Stine, Gary Tapp Tapp Tapp and Damon Thayer was killed in committee on Tuesday, thanks to Tom Burch. Mainly because no one could figure out why on earth it was appropriate to force a seance with your fetus.

But last night Elizabeth Tori attached the contents of SB 79 to House Bill 241, legislation covering things like Botox and tattoos.

Why is this problematic? Because HB 241 goes back to the House today for agreement/concurrence and a full House vote. That means that if Greg Stumbo calls it for a vote, the bill will pass with the fetal seance amendment attached.

Frank Simon has called out his fellow bigots to get it passed:

This is at least a “minor” miracle! Senate Bill 79 – The Ultrasound Bill – was killed in Rep. Tom Burch’s House Health & Welfare Committee on Tuesday morning with an 8-8 tie vote. Last night, courageous senators attached the essence of SB 79 to House bill 241 that had cleared the House and was in the Senate. Today, it will be sent back to the House for “concurrence” (agreement) by a full House vote. If House Leadership let’s the House vote, it will pass!

This is major!!! Kentucky is already one of the nation’s leading pro-life states; this will help the nation as we offer more leadership to the pro-life faithful across the country.

So. If you think Simon is whack, aren’t keen on forcing a woman to have a seance with her fetus and think Elizabeth Tori is a first-rate hack for being so deceptive, get in touch with Greg Stumbo and let him know there’s no way this should be approved by the House.

Frank Simon Loves John Will Stacy

The militia folks have been clamoring all about Frankfort lately over HCR 168 filed by John Will Stacy. We’re pretty certain he filed it just to get somebody in West Liberty off his back. Because you know something is up when Frank Simon sends out an email blast praising him and the resolution.

Here’s the text of the resolution:

Declare state sovereignty over powers not given to the the federal government by the U. S. Constitution; demand the federal government to cease mandates beyond constitutionlly delegated powers; prohibit federal legialtion requiring state passage of laws under threat of penalties or sanctions; direct the Clerk to distribute copies of the Resolution.

And here’s Simon’s email:

Will you please click on the voter voice link at the end of this e-mail to send an enthusiastic “Thank You” to KY State Representative John Will Stacy for introducing House Concurrent Resolution 168 that makes Kentucky the 15th state to introduce a bill affirming the Constitutional Rights of the States? And also ask your state senator and state representative to vote for HCR 168.

Over the years, we have seen a continual degradation and undermining of the powers of the states. Attempts to usurp the role of the states in directing education through the ‘no Child Left Behind” legislation is just one example of an unconstitutional and an unfunded mandate being forced upon the states. That is why we need HCR 168.

Open the attachment to learn more about this issue.


Frank G Simon

Who really believes states shouldn’t have to abide by federal law? Anyone? The far right always ratchets this mess up when abortion or the gays are the hot ticket item of discussion.

Simon, who just loves the gays, non-whites and women is hosting a rally in Frankfort tomorrow at 11:00 A.M. It’s in honor of, well, we’ll just let you read his own words:

The Kentucky Legislature is currently considering legislation on the sanctity of life, public decency, family-friendly school testing, adoption reform, special needs alternatives and marriage.

That’s right. Adoption “reform” and “family-friendly” school testing. It’s always about families. The old man’s fear tactic. Let’s not forget that the rally is also in opposition to scary “interlopers” who seduce our white women, impregnating them against their will! You know, the fathers who want to support their children.