Maybe She’s Trying To Run For Office

Heather French Henry’s gig of playing veteran leader is basically just a re-hash of her husband’s past failed campaigns.


Get a load of the latest press release:

Free Gun Locks
for Military and Veterans
at State Fair Sunday

The Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs (KDVA) and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office will be giving away gun locks to active-duty military service members and veterans on Military Appreciation Day at the Kentucky State Fair this Sunday, Aug. 23.

“We are happy to be able to provide these gun locks to veterans and military members,” said KDVA Commissioner Heather French Henry. “They know better than anyone the importance of gun safety. We are also passionate about decreasing the numbers of veterans who commit suicide each day and this is one way we can possibly help to do just that.”

Gun locks. Just like Steve.

It’s like she’s trying to ramp up her own failed campaign of some sort.


At Least She’s Leaving Really Soon

Remember when Steve Henry used the personal health information from prostate cancer screening patients at the state fair for his political benefit?


Guess what his sweatshop dress-pushing wife is doing with your state government tax dollars.

Here’s the release:

Kentucky’s male veterans should not miss the opportunity to get free prostate cancer screening at the Kentucky State Fair, which opens Thursday.

Heather French Henry, commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs, has long been a strong advocate of prostate cancer screening for all men, and particularly veterans.

“Especially during this 50th Vietnam War Commemoration, Vietnam veterans who may have been exposed to Agent Orange should get screened because they are at risk,” Henry said. “With early detection, this is a survivable cancer. It’s free at the State Fair. Do it for your loved ones.”

The Kentucky Veterans Program Trust Fund Board of Directors granted $2,500 to the prostate screening program because of its importance to veterans.

Free prostate cancer screening will be available on Saturday, Aug. 22, Sunday, Aug. 23 (which is also Military Appreciation Day), Tuesday, Aug. 25 and Sunday, Aug. 29.

Screenings for other cancers and various health conditions will also be available at the State Fair.


Commissioner Henry, along with First Lady Jane Beshear; Dr. Steve Henry, president of the Kentucky Prostate Cancer Coalition; Dr. Donald Miller, director of the James Graham Brown Cancer Center; and Mark Milburn, vice president of oncology services for KentuckyOne Health, will hold a news conference at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 20, the opening day of the fair, to announce the screening program.

All screenings as well as the news conference are being held in the Health Horizons area of the South Wing.

Yep, she’s involving her husband in cancer screenings again.

FBI Has Job Security In Kentucky Corruption

HELP PROTECT OUR SOURCES! Stop the Montgomery County-Joshua Powell-Phil Rison insanity! [CLICK HERE]

Federal crime-fighters started an outreach campaign Friday to recruit Kentuckians to help uncover government corruption and end the state’s “fairly sordid” history of scandals that rob trust in government, law enforcement officials said. [H-L]

Kurdish militia fighting Islamic State in Syria accused Turkey on Saturday of targeting it at least four times in the past week, calling the attacks provocative and hostile. [HuffPo]

Matt Bevin told a thoroughbred industry group Thursday that he supports the continuance of the historical horse racing games that opponents say are slot machines. [C-J/AKN]

Sen. Rand Paul is attributing GOP rival Donald Trump’s rise in the polls to a momentary “loss of sanity.” [The Hill]

We’re still effectively operating debtors prisons in Kentucky with taxpayer dollars. Jailing people who can’t afford to pay fines. [Richmond Register]

Woah, it’s like Steve Henry but in Pennsylvania. Fascinating how that always works. [Reuters]

The Boyd County School District is joining in the fight against a landfill that opponents say is a stinky nuisance. [Ashland Independent]

Democrat Hillary Clinton sought to persuade African-Americans on Friday to resist any temptation to side with Republican Jeb Bush in the 2016 presidential race as they offered differing visions on how to tackle economic and racial inequality. [More Reuters]

TWB Company, a Worthington Steel and WISCO Tailored Blanks joint venture company, received preliminary approval for $360,000 in state tax incentives for a new operation in Barren County. [Glasgow Daily Times]

In 2013, The New York Times asked readers in Southern states to share their experiences of being gay in the South. Now, in 2015, they reflect on their progress, struggles, hopes for the future, and what the Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage means to them. [NY Times]

Miss the KTRS funding workgroup meeting last week? Check out the archived footage. [KET]

In 2006, Alabama lawmakers passed a bill aimed at punishing parents who turned their kitchens and garages into do-it-yourself meth labs, exposing their children to toxic chemicals and noxious fumes. Support was bipartisan, the vote was unanimous, and the bill was quickly signed into law. [ProPublica]

The historic slide in coal jobs that has undermined the economy of Eastern Kentucky continued in the second quarter of 2015, with the industry cutting another 10.6 percent of its workforce in the region. The layoffs left an estimated 5,889 employed at coal mines and facilities in Eastern Kentucky, the lowest total in more than a century. [H-L]

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said the concept of “choice” is an ephemeral one for low-income women who live in states that pass laws limiting access to abortion, as they may not be able to afford to travel to a state with less onerous restrictions. [HuffPo]

Reminder: Henry Used HIPAA-Protected Info There

Just a reminder that Steve Henry once used all of the cancer screening information collected for political purposes.

Remember when he was convicted on three big counts?

Keep all that in mind when reading this press release:

Gov. Beshear, KDVA Commissioner to Kick Off Cancer Screening Opportunities at State Fair

Gov. Steve Beshear
Heather French Henry, commissioner, Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs
Former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry, president, Kentucky Prostate Cancer Coalition

WHAT: Kickoff for KentuckyOne Health cancer screening opportunities at State Fair

WHEN: Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014, at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time

Kentucky Exposition Center
KentuckyOne Health Exhibit
South Wing, Health Horizons
937 Phillips Lane
Louisville, Kentucky




H-L Editorial Pushing For Campaign Finance Reform

The Herald-Leader appears to be backing campaign finance reform to prevent wealthy candidates from buying an office.

Here’s a taste:

In two attempts at winning the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, Louisville businessman Bruce Lunsford put nearly $14 million of his personal wealth into his campaigns, $8.1 million in 2003 and $5.7 million in 2007.

In the 2007 Democratic primary, former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry also spent $1 million on his campaign.

In the Republican primary the same year, Paducah businessman Billy Harper spent $6 million of his own money while former U.S. Rep. Anne Northup put $700,000 into her campaign.


House Speaker Greg Stumbo, who was Lunsford’s running mate in 2007, is proposing a new approach to countering a self-funded candidate’s ability to buy statewide office.


Instead, it seems a sensible way to avoid what Stumbo calls the risk of making independent wealth “an unofficial qualification for statewide office.”

He acknowledges he’s wealthy enough to meet that qualification if he should choose to run for statewide office again. The fact that others aren’t shouldn’t disqualify them from having a chance at winning one of these offices.

House Bill 366 could help level the playing field a bit for them. The House and Senate should give serious consideration to passing it.

Important note: That wasn’t Steve Henry’s money and he was convicted (on three counts) for campaign finance fraud. So he is hardly a good example. The paper’s editorial writers were aware of this fact because it was the paper who broke the story when I gave them the documents. In fact, the Herald-Leader was the only outlet that accurately covered the case and saw it though to the end.

It’s clear Kentucky’s campaign finance limits are unreasonably low. Leveling the playing field makes sense for both Democrats and Republicans.

Just a shame that everyone knows better than to hold their breath. We can wish in one hand…

Beshear Promoting Appearance At Henry Event

Steve Beshear’s office promoted a cancer screening event that Steve Henry will be a part of at the Kentucky State Fair.

Here it is:

Gov. Beshear to participate in kickoff for cancer screening opportunities at Kentucky State Fair


Gov. Steve Beshear
Former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry, president, Kentucky Prostate Cancer Coalition
Heather French Henry
Bev Weber, chief operating officer, KentuckyOne Health
Dr. Donald M. Miller, director, James Graham Brown Cancer Center


Kickoff for KentuckyOne Health cancer screening opportunities at State Fair

Does this mean Henry will once again be collecting HIPAA-protected information in order to use it for a political campaign as he has done in the past? Like that time he was convicted on three corrupt counts?

One would think Beshear’s office would have enough sense to make sure they aren’t involved in messes like this.