Southern Political Report: Smart money sticking with Beshear

Southern Political Report says the smart money is on Steve Beshear in the upcoming November election for Governor.

While making several points of Democratic strength, they don’t completely kick Ernie to the woodshed. If Fletcher is successfully able to change the subject, they suggest, Reagan Democrats could turn out to cast their ballots for him. That’s if he can get those voters to focus on the risks of expanding gaming, the ills of providing domestic partner benefits and the positives of his alleged accomplishments. Those accomplishments are said to include higher pay for teachers and fiscal “surpluses.” Broke (financially), failing schools and the pending retiree pension fund disaster weren’t mentioned.

Political strategist Dale Emmons is quoted. Here’s an excerpt:

Despite an awareness that the media at Fancy Farm focused a lot of attention on Fletcher’s attacks on Beshear, Democrats remain very optimistic about this election’s outcome. “Fletcher did the only thing he can do, that is raise the issues that he’s raised,” says Democratic consultant Dale Emmons. But “I don’t see a scenario where Ernie Fletcher wins this race.” He points to press reports that Democrats outnumbered Republicans at Fancy Farm “by two or three to one,” in contrast to the usual even split. And he adds that the GOP is “badly fractionalized.” Indeed, polls show that most Republicans who supported Northup in the primary have yet to move into Fletcher’s camp.

Will Ernie be able to change the subject? We’ll know quite soon. Beshear commercials begin airing on Monday. Fletcher will follow on Tuesday.

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