Thursday Afternoon Ice Disaster Craziness

Since everyone has frozen to death or still don’t have fancy things like running water or electricity, we figure we’ll just do a quick update. After spending nearly two hours digging our old Jeep out of an ice cave or whatever and using a chainsaw (yeah, we’re tough, rawr!) to remove the fallen trees surrounding it, we’re pretty much spent for the day. So. Hope you’re warm and such.

This is easily one of the funnier things we’ve read in a few days. Denial, denial, denial. Thank goodness for Fail Blog. [Huge Fail]

Remember that voter fraud mess Sarah Palin was going crazy over? Yeah, all of one person committed fraud. One. [Wonkette]

The Public Service Commission’s latest release says the ice storm outages top 607,000 customers. The total exceeds Hurricane Ike (600k) and is now the worst on record in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Utilities are telling the PSC that outages will extend into next week and beyond. Repair crews from other states have begun arriving in Kentucky to assist with restoration efforts, thankfully. [Press Release]

International Game Technology, the company Bob Babbage lobbies for, is laying off an additional 200 employees today. That’s in addition to a cut of 500 last November. Guess they’ll be lobbying extra-hard now to make up for lost sales? Just a thought. [Money Central]

Woah – the wind industry now employs more people than coal. Imagine that. [CNN]

Mitch McConnell warns of impending abyss for the GOP. “”We’re all concerned about the fact that the very wealthy and the very poor, the most and least educated, and a majority of minority voters, seem to have more or less stopped paying attention to us,” McConnell said Thursday. “And we should be concerned that, as a result of all this, the Republican Party seems to be slipping into a position of being more of a regional party than a national one.” [The Hill]

Marc Ambinder has more on Mitch McConnell’s diagnosis for the Republican Party. [The Atlantic]

Governor Steve Beshear’s approval rating has taken a dip according to the latest Survey USA/WHAS 11 News poll. His current approval rating is 48%, down from 52% in October. [SurveyUSA]

American Idol apologized to Louisville. It made Perez Hilton, so, it’s kind of majorly hilarious. You’ll need to read it. [Perez Hilton]

Kentucky Ranks Highest in Smoking Deaths

The CDC just released a report ranking Kentucky the state with the highest rate of smoking-related deaths. That’s 371 per 100,000 or 7,848 people per year. The national median was 263 per 100k.

“It’s no surprise,” said Irene Centers, program manager for tobacco prevention and cessation for the state. “Kentucky has the highest percentage of lung cancer deaths. We have the highest rate of adult smoking in the nation.”

A 2007 federal survey showed that 28.2 percent of Kentucky adults smoked, and Kentucky also has some of the nation’s highest smoking rates among youths and pregnant women. The CDC estimates that the total annual cost of smoking in Kentucky is more than $3.6 billion.

Centers said she supports the governor’s efforts to raise the cigarette tax and communities’ efforts to pass smoke-free policies. “Until we make some major changes,” she said, “nothing is going to change.”

Guess it comes as no surprise that we also have the highest adult smoking rate in the nation and the highest rate of pregnant women who smoke.

Meanwhile, some overweight slobs in Frankfort who are controlled by the tobacco lobby refuse to do anything that would remotely ease us away from this epidemic.

Network Crap Sucks So Read This Stuff

Internets issues are rolling all over the Commonwealth so it’s tough to do much of anything. So. More reading to waste your time at work!

Rothenberg says Jim Bunning’s U.S. Senate seat is a toss-up in 2010. Really? [Rothenberg Political Report]

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is finally over. [CNN]

Oh noes! Us Kentuckians are disappearing! [Wonkette]

Ben Chandler and Mitch McConnell are BFFs. Check out Chandler’s floor speech in honor of McConnell. [Page One]

Been watching this Speaker of the House mess in Tennessee? New Republican moderate won without the support of his fellow Republicans. Check the video. [YouTube]

A Gaza rally at the University of Louisville led to quite a clash. [LEO Weekly]

Told you earlier about WHAS11 missing the point in the story about the dad who can’t see his son. Here’s a photo of a billboard on Westport Road in St. Matthews advertising his case:

Rick has more on the story.

Last Boring Monday Afternoon Update in 2008

There’s just not a damn thing going on in Kentucky these days. Frankfort is a cemetery. Everyone is lazy and/or in a sugar coma. And we have all kinds of meetings. So here are some more boring updates for you use in your time wasting endeavors.

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? Hitting up the state parks? You should, if there’s nothing else to do in your God forsaken, middle-of-nowhere town. [State Parks]

OH MY GOD! Virginity pledges don’t stop teens from having tons of wild sex! What! Can you believe this? [AP]

Haha. We almost peed a little behind this mess. Dick Cheney saying that he has no idea why he’s so horribly unpopular. [Casper Star Tribune]

What new country would you move to? We think Kentucky would totally Jesus its way into the southern one, not the northeastern one. We’d take the elitist northeastern route, preferably, as there will probably be better espresso there. [WSJ]

Wait, wait. These dudes think Mitch McConnell is a warrior and a leader. For reals. [American Spectator]

Sorry, Crit won’t run. Jack will. And Trey won’t run against Jack. If Jack didn’t run and it was Mongiardo, though? Trey would run against him and win. [Politico]

Wednesday Dept of Sinking Approval Ratings

That’s right. We’re not calling in gay today. Though, we have eleventy billion different meetings, so we’re gonna be slow. Does that count?

More people disapprove of Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning than approve. Imagine that. McConnell has a 47% approval rating, 49% disapproval. Bunning has a 43% approval rating, 44% disapproval. 4.1% MOE. Maybe Mitch’s would suck less if he actually showed leadership on this terrible bailout issue? [WLEX]

Because this isn’t really what we’d call leadership. [Wall Street Journal]

Oh, the magic. So effing magical. Go read all these fancy excerpts from the Blagojevich indictment. OMG. We are in heaven. A children’s treasury, indeed. [Wonkette]

Is T. Boone Pickens’ wind energy plan a ponzi scheme? [Alternet]

Has the state cut SAFE Patrol programs? According to the Beshear Administration, they can neither confirm nor deny.  Or refuse to, rather. WTF? What’s there to hide? [Republicans]

And three Health and Family Services ombudsmen have disappeared. No one is talking. [Bluegrass Politics]

We’re always going to wonder why the Commonwealth won’t make state workers who have take-home vehicles pay a monthly fee. But we’re even more puzzled about why the City of Louisville provides the director of the Louisville Zoo with a car. [Mark Hebert]

Really? He still doesn’t know if he’ll propose a raise in the state’s ridiculously low cigarette tax? And meeting with legislators (can’t quite call Larry Clark and Harry Moberly “leaders”) without discussing what he plans to do about the budget shortfall? Wow. It’s almost like Steve Beshear has absolutely no one on helping him on the public relations front. [Tom Loftus]

Just because, go read this story about AIG giving managers millions in bonuses. The bailout is awesome. [Bloomberg]

A Real Look At That SurveyUSA Poll

WHAS11 has been all up on Mitch McConnell’s you-know-what lately. I mean, they gushed over his VA announcement for the fourth time on Saturday.

Their latest SurveyUSA results are really jacked up when it comes to partisanship. If the poll accurately reflected party registration, Bruce Lunsford would be ahead of Mitch McConnell by half a point.

Let’s put on our fancy math hat and take a look at how things would look if sampling could ever be done correctly:

UPDATE: Even Mark Hebert now admits that the poll is flawed.

Oh Snap Monday! What’d You Miss This Weekend?

Yeah, we know, this is a lot of information for a Monday morning. But we’re two weeks out from the election, so, whatever. At least you’ll have a lot more to read while wasting time this morning.

It’s nearly 2009 and Mitch McConnell is still perpetuating the myth that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And he again attempted to tie Iraq to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States of America. Will this chickenhawk ever stop with the lies and deceit? [C-J]

Don’t record your vote in Kentucky. It’s illegal. We’re all gonna die of the illegal videuh recordin! Now we want to wear a hidden camera to record our experience. Badly. So. Someone pony up and give us a hidden camera kit. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell put out yet another email blast hyping fear over “San Francisco and New York Senators.” Exciting, isn’t it? McConnell complains that he doesn’t have enough money to keep up with rich liberal Bruce Lunsford (HAHA, liberal) and the “Democrat Senate Campaign Chair.” Nevermind that there’s no such thing as a “Democrat Senate Campaign Chair” – it’s the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. But it’s always been a McConnell tactic to mispronounce the name of the opposing party in an attempt to demonize it. [Lie-Filled Email Blast]

This is what we feel like when we try to explain the economy to, you know, anyone in Frankfort. [The Brokers With Hands On Their Faces Blog]

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