Newsflash: Kentuckians Are Terribly Unhealthy

Today the Department for Public Health released results of its annual health survey.

20.3% of those 18 and older report only fair or poor general health. Residents of Appalachia report much higher rates of poor health and chronic diseases than those in non-Appalachian areas. And those Kentuckians with only a high school diploma or less and those with lower incomes? Obviously much higher rates of poor health.

According to the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Systems data, 14.4% of adults lack health care coverage. Those in Appalachia, however, are at 20%. Men at 15.4% and those aged 18-24 are at 29.8%.

Some other key findings from the survey:

  • 30.4 percent of Kentucky adults reported that they did not participate in any physical activities or exercise such as running, golf, gardening or walking for exercise other than their regular jobs.
  • 9.6 percent of Kentuckians reported that they had been told by a doctor that they currently had asthma.
  • 66.8 percent of Kentuckians are overweight or obese (have a Body Mass Index of 25 or greater).
  • 30.2 percent of Kentuckians are obese (have a Body Mass Index of 30.0 or greater).
  • Kentucky adults reported some of the highest prevalence of chronic diseases in the nation, such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease.
  • 9.8 percent of Kentucky adults reported being told by a doctor that they had diabetes (not including women who were told they had diabetes when they were pregnant).
  • 5.8 percent of Kentuckians reported that they had been told by a doctor that they had coronary heart disease.
  • 5.4 percent of Kentuckians reported that they had been told by a doctor that they had suffered a heart attack.
  • 3.5 percent of Kentuckians reported being told by a doctor that they had suffered a stroke.
  • 25.2 percent of Kentuckians reported having smoked at least 100 cigarettes in their entire lifetime and now smoke some days or every day.


Oh Snap Monday! It’s Hebert’s First Day at UofL

We hope Mark Hebert is enjoying his first day in his new role of Spinster in Chief at the University of Louisville. Happy Monday!

More evidence Jim Bunning is dropping out. Trey Grayson lays it all out. [Mark Hebert]

Bunning’s approval rating has also taken a nosedive. It’s just 34% while McConnell’s is at 43%. [More Hebert]

Jim Bunning told Trey Grayson to explore the U.S. Senate race. So get ready. You know the old man will definitely drop out. [Bluegrass Politics]

Steve Beshear charged too much for food at the annual Derby Breakfast so nobody showed up or whatever. [Tom Loftus]

Daniel Mongiardo campaigned in the winner’s circle at the Kentucky Oaks on Friday. It was so embarrassing that First Lady Jane Beshear appeared mortified. [Page One]

Mitch McConnell acts as if the Arlen Specter deflection isn’t a big deal. Unfortunately, those of us in the reality-based community see the defection as a major setback. And so do many Republicans. [Jim Carroll]

Nearly everyone sees the defection as weakening Mitch’s position. [C-J]

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Monday Afternoon Press Conference Time Wasters

We’re at the Conway presser this afternoon recording the entire thing. Dirty Joe Sonka spent the afternoon at our super-secret hidey hole and is joining us at the event. So while we work on that (probably shaky) video, here are some time wasting stories for you to enjoy.

Oh, and congrats to Rep. Mary Lou Marzian for finally becoming an old grandmother! Maya Marzian Derricks was born at 7:30 on Saturday evening. Mary Lou would be– hands-down– the best meemaw ever. Can’t wait to see her out and about with the baby.

As Joe pointed out earlier today, there are some fancy new numbers for people like Kim Geveden to cry over. All people hate San Francisco, New York City, France, and Old Yerp, right? RIGHT? [Research 2000 Poll]

The election fraud mess in Clay County has stirred all kinds of public disgust. [H-L]

In support and memory of our nation’s prisoners of war and those missing in action, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is flying POW/MIA flags at rest areas and welcome centers in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Flags will be raised at 24 rest areas and welcome centers at 10:15 A.M. EDT and 9:00 A.M. CDT throughout Kentucky on April 15th. Press conferences will be held in Simpson Co (I-65 NB), Scott Co (I-75 SB), Shelby Co (I-64 EB), McCracken Co (I-24 EB) and Whitley Co (I-75 NB). [Press Release]

Did you know Greg Stumbo has no pull in eastern Kentucky? That’s why he was able to, oh, I dunno, force a guy out of office so he could take his seat. But he has no pull in eastern Kentucky. At all. End of story. HAHAHA. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Noted historian and author John David Smith, the Charles H. Stone Distinguished Professor of American History at the University of North Carolina—Charlotte, will present “Historical Memory and the Meaning of Slavery Today” at 3 p.m. on Thursday, April 16, at the Louisville Free Public Library, located on York Street. His presentation is sponsored by the Kentucky Historical Society and the University of Louisville. [Press Release]

Do you know where 42-year-old Gerald Jones of Berea may be? He’s wanted on a 14-count indictment with charges that include child pornography, drugs and weapons. An arrest warrant has been issued. Jones was last seen in a white, mid-sized pickup truck. If you have information? Contact the Office of the Attorney General Department of Criminal Investigations at (866) 524-3672. [KY OAG]

Here’s a photo of Jones:

Corbin city government spent almost $20,000 on tickets to a Montgomery Gentry show during a new expo center’s opening night. $20,000! Really. [H-L]“Mongiardo the Quiet Homophobe.” Heh. [LEO’s Fat Lip]

Daniel Mongiardo’s Biggest Problem is With Men

Really. His biggest problem? Men. In both his favorables and his match-up with Jim Bunning.

Favorability among men 38%
Unfavorable among men 40%

Bunning/Mongiardo Match-Up
Bunning among men preferred by 43%
Mongiardo? Only 39%

Bunning beats Mongiardo among men and that’s a major problem that Lt. Dan’s obfuscators fighting to ignore.

Traditionally, men in Kentucky give any Republican an edge in a federal race like U.S. Senate. Since Mongiardo is starting out down among men, this means it’s going to get much, much worse for him.

These poll results indicate that men in Kentucky know Daniel Mongiardo and they don’t like him too well. And his winning margin among women when compared to Jack Conway’s seems to be based mostly on name identification. In a race like this, there should be a large gender gap with women giving the Democrat a 10-point+ margin of victory and men giving the Republican an 8-point+ or so margin.

According to the latest poll? Mongiardo could lose to Bunning if Bunning raised enough money. That should be an eye-opener.

So, sorry gay-haters who continue to demonize Jack Conway. Moderate name I.D. isn’t a problem when you have star power, tons of cash and everyone in the golden triangle, eastern Kentucky, northern Kentucky and the west supporting you. Especially when your gay-hating Democratic opponent can’t even win white men.

Dan Mongiardo Should Fear Trey Grayson

Because he’s the likely Republican U.S. Senate nominee. Here’s the latest poll from Public Policy Polling:

Bunning 33% — Chandler 47% — Undecided 20%
Bunning 33% — Conway 42% — Undecided 26%
Bunning 34% — Luallen 42% — Undecided 25%
Bunning 36% — Mongiardo 43% — Undecided 21%

Williams 30% … Chandler 45% … Undecided 25%
Williams 29% … Conway 43% … Undecided 30%
Williams 31% … Luallen 41% … Undecided 29%
Williams 32% … Mongiardo 43% … Undecided 25%

Grayson 34% — Chandler 40% — Undecided 26%
Grayson 33% — Conway 37% — Undecided 30%
Grayson 36% — Luallen 34% — Undecided 30%
Grayson 40% — Mongiardo 36% — Undecided 24%

Those were the head-to-head match-up numbers. But what’s really interesting are are favorable/unfavorable numbers. Let’s take a look:

Jim Bunning
Approve 28% — Disapprove 54% — Not Sure 18%

Ben Chandler
Approve 38% — Disapprove 28% — Not sure 34%

Jack Conway
Approve 40% — Disapprove 21% — Not sure 39%

Trey Grayson
Approve 46% — Disapprove 19% — Not sure 36%

Crit Luallen
Approve 43% — Disapprove 21% — Not sure 35%

Daniel Mongiardo
Approve 41% — Disapprove 34% — Not sure 25%

David Williams
Approve 28% — Disapprove 41% — Not sure 31%

Mongiardo has the highest disapproval rating among Democrats– a whopping 34%. Jack Conway’s disapproval is just 19%. The two are in the same boat with approval but these numbers indicate there’s almost no way Mongiardo can recover from such high negatives while his opponent’s are already 13 points lower (and he’s not even in the race yet).

Oh Snap Monday! Puppies & Rainbows Edition

Have you taken a look at the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance lately? Look at the final reports for Kelly Flood, Susan Westrom, Larry Clark and Bob Damron. They obviously had money left over in their accounts but they were zeroed out. What’s up with that? It’s like there’s no campaign account post-election. Has all of their money disappeared? Has it gone somewhere not to be seen until roughly November– when the next report is due? [KREF]

Unemployment insurance ordeal part II. [Stephenie Steitzer]

U.S. Senate paranoia? Not likely, but it’s an interesting theory. Thank goodness those guys in Frankfort aren’t intelligent enough to dream something like this up. [Blue In The Bluegrass]

The budget crisis – which hasn’t been solved, as Beshear and Stumbo want us to believe – certainly does make gambling sound more attractive. [C-J]

Thanks, Frankfort, for putting public safety at risk! This clearly was the best session ever. [WLKY]

Why did Steve Beshear hide his endorsement of Daniel Mongiardo? Is he behind him 100% or isn’t it? [Club for Growth]

Over the weekend the Courier-Journal editorial board noted what a nightmare Elaine Chao was for workers in the United States: A particularly grotesque example was the reaction of the Labor bureaucrat to a call in which an undercover agent claimed to have seen children working in a California meatpacking plant. Nobody checked it out. The fictitious but presumably frightening claim never even made it into the agency’s database. [C-J]

Anyone see Mitch McConnell yesterday on CNN’s State of the Union program? [CNN on TeeVee]

Governor Steve Beshear’s approval rating still hasn’t broken the magical 50% mark. He’s still sitting at 49% approval with a 41% disapproval. And has Hebert says, he’s got big problems in eastern Kentucky where his numbers are 20 points lower than in Louisville. Can’t be good for Mongiardo. No wonder he buried the endorsement. [Mark Hebert]

Jefferson County Republican Party is bringing in U.S. Rep. Mike Pence to keynote its Lincoln Dinner on April 3rd. Wonder how many people even know who he is?  Come on, Brad Cummings, can’t you bring someone good like Fred Phelps, Rush Limbaugh or that meth lab grandmother of Bristol Palin’s love child? [Louisville GOP]

Interesting note from the Kentucky Young Democrats convention on Saturday: Jack Conway mentioned having already filed suit against the Beshear Administration. It’s definitely on since he mentioned that. [Various Reports]

More on Conway’s speech Saturday night. [Barefoot & Progressive]

And what’d Daniel Mongiardo do when he stopped by the Young Democrats Convention on Friday? He hijacked it– even Valerie Biden Owens snubbed her nose at him. Here’s the best line we’ve heard all weekend: “For a doctor who claims to love the outdoors, Mongiardo sure does a good job at not giving a damn about the very land, and people, closest to him.” [C-J]

Go read this great story about the reuniting of a family from war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. [H-L]

TGIF! Abramson & Newberry Are Just Corrupt

Does it make sense that a well-known Louisville plumbing company would bill someone nearly $300 for ten minutes of labor installing a new shower knob? Yeah, didn’t think so. Hopefully we won’t have to name names but stay tuned.

Thank goodness the session is over. Now we can all relax for a few days.

And on that note, hope you enjoy this rainy Friday!

Mitch McConnell and Washington Republicans are at it again, proposing a new tax cut for the wealthy. [HuffPo]

The latest SurveyUSA/WHAS11 poll shows 39% approve of Jim Bunning’s job performance. 48% disapprove. Mitch McConnell: 46% approve, 46% disapprove. [SurveyUSA]

We hear the gubnuh was so upset over yesterday’s shenanigans that he told several folks he plans on calling a special session on April 6 just to take up the economic development/bridges and NASCAR bills. We don’t doubt that he said it. We just doubt that he’ll do it. Because most people seem to believe he’ll add it to the June special session for race track gambling. Which is risky on his part– the special session for slots should be tightly drawn with no room for holding any other legislation hostage. [Big Rumor]

Speaking of Mitch McConnell, he and other Republican Senate leaders skipped President Barack Obama’s briefing on Afghanistan and Pakistan. [NY Times]

We’ve mentioned John Waltz in the past. Here’s what a regular commenter had to say about him last night, “John Waltz is a member of Vets for Freedom, a conservative group funded by right-wing muckety mucks to counter the strength of the anti-war movement in 2006-2007. Waltz hosted two get-togethers in the KY area in the summer of 2007 to promote the pro-war agenda.” [Page One Commenter]

Interesting take on the 2010 U.S. Senate race. Jim Bunning, Trey Grayson, Daniel Mongiardo, Jack Conway, Steve Beshear. [They Gave Us A Republic]

Have you read about this crazy corruption roaring out of Jerry Abramson’s office? LEO Weekly is going to fight this to the bitter death. Jack Conway needs to wise up and follow the law on the corrupt Metro Sewer District. The mayor’s office is openly denying open records requests based not on the content of the material requested, but the probability that an unfavorable story will be written. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Hey, Jerry, why obfuscate behind fancy legalese if you’ve got nothing to hide? [LEO’s Fat Lip]

Steve Huffman, Bill May III and Phil Osborne, all lobbyists, were fined (along with their firms) by the Legislative Ethics Commission for failing to register on time. Huffman and May were ordered to pay $1,000. Osborne was fined $750. [Mark Hebert]

Good on our state legislators for refusing to appoint Beshear nominee Bernie Lovely to the Long Term Policy Research Board. Lovely chaired the Blue Grass Airport Board during the big swindle and Beshear STILL appointed him. [More Hebert]