Woah! Beshear’s Approval At 60%!!

According to the Courier-Journal’s latest Bluegrass Poll, Governor Steve Beshear has an approval rating of 60%! Sixty! Only 23% now disapprove of the job the Governor is doing.

Beshear’s approval rating is 17 percentage points higher than former Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s was at this same point in his term.

It’s 7 percentage points lower than former Gov. Paul Patton’s was at this point in his term.

Beshear stumbled during his first legislative session, failing to get some of his priorities, including expanded gambling, through the General Assembly.

Quite a move for Steve Beshear. Quite a move. And that’s coming from us, his chief critic.

Rothenberg: Narrow Advantage for McConnell, Race Now a Toss-Up

From The Rothenberg Political Report:

SurveyUSA … Louisville Courier-Journal survey … found Sen. Mitch McConnell and challenger Bruce Lunsford locked in a tight race, a third poll – this one not released – confirms the dead heat.

Because of that, we are moving this race from Clear Advantage for McConnell to Narrow Advantage for McConnell, and we would not argue with anyone who rated the contest as a Toss-Up.


Oh Snap Monday! Mitch Does Damage Control

God. These bitches are insufferable self-haters. Living in the wealthy east end of Louisville apparently makes it okay to self-hate and make shit up. It’s hilarious to watch then spin out of control about how cervical cancer “is not a woman’s issue.” The scary women! The scary trial lawyers! Oh my! [EITB]

Wondering how that Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll was conducted? The C-J published an FAQ of sorts. Pay close attention to the hilarious last sentence, Republishing or broadcasting the poll’s results without credit to The Courier-Journal is prohibited. Like the C-J would EVER credit any other publication for any reason. Haha. [C-J]

The Wall Street bailout helps Jim Bunning but hurts Mitch McConnell. And as a result all McConnell and his henchmen can do is complain about how terrible and awful and mean and awful and mean and terrible Bruce Lunsford is. Did you know he eats babies? And old people. [H-L]

“Dr” Ted is still as crazy as ever. Don’t you love how he perpetuates the Bruce Lunsford memes? He probably can’t even tell you what happened with Vencor. Nothing was Bruce’s fault, which is why McConnell hasn’t run ads about it (despite his wife sitting on the board). It’s laughable that anyone would be pushing such drivel. [The Bridge]

What was that about clean coal the other day? You folks were telling me how awesome it is and how it’s already changing the world. Never mind that it doesn’t exist. And. Oh. How clean coal is like healthy cigarettes. What Al Gore says. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Like Hebert says, JAMAKAIN!!!!’s lead over Barry O is shrinking. Slowly but surely. He’ll still win but it won’t be a super-tight race. McCain led Obama by 19 not long ago. Now he’s only leading by 12, according to the latest Bluegrass poll. [Mark Hebert]

In case you’ve forgotten or missed it: University of Louisville’s administration is retaliating against individuals perceived to be critical of anything happening at the University. Students, faculty and staff are being threatened with their jobs ad their education because they’re merely suspected of having spoken with us or reporters. Not exactly a great way to handle the problem, Ramsey & Willihnganz! [The Latest UofL Scandal]

It’s Tuesday. Lotsa Stuff Going Down Today.

We have fancy new glasses and are slowly adjusting. This means we are slightly cross-eyed and squinty for the time being and our nose is kind sore but we are way less hateful.

Senator Neal showed how fancy he was on Kentucky Tonight last evening and Senator Williams wasn’t mean. This means we’re happy with Senator Neal and are loosely disappointed that Senator Williams wasn’t meaner.

The AFL-CIO has sent out 32,000 anti-Mitch McConnell mailers. The mailers remind voters that McConnell stands with lobbyists, that he takes millions from special interests and that he makes all the wrong choices when it comes to Kentucky families. [Trey Pollard]

Mitch McConnell still thinks he’s the Jesus of lower gas prices. Because we all know that’s the most important thing on earth in his mind. [The Hill]

Sarah Palin vetoed your school bus. Sarah Palin kicked your puppy. Sarah Palin thinks Target is putting on airs. Sarah Palin vetoed your National Guard Unit’s rope course. Sarah Palin reminded everyone at the party that evolution is just a theory. [Sarah Palin Vetoed Your School Bus]

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Fancy Polling Data For Your Tuesday

54% of Kentuckians believe we’re in a recession. 35% believe we’re heading for one. Only 11% believe we’re thriving.

And job approval data is in:

Mitch McConnell
47% Disapprove
44% Approve
9% Not Sure

Jim Bunning
45% Disapprove
40% Approve
15% Not Sure

MOE 4.1%

Take a look at the story from WLEX:

UPDATE: Here are the crosstabs.

McConnell: 60% who disapprove consider themselves Moderate, say Social Security, Iraq and Health Care are major issues.

It’s a Hot Thursday. Madame Seckuhterry Edition.

Uh, this doesn’t sound good. Human trafficking. Uh. Not good. [Warshington Business Journal]

Daniel Mongiardo was– wait for it– INTERVIEWED IN A CLOSET! The man who brought us the anti-gay marriage amendment was interviewed in a closet. Our irony meters are now broken. Goodness gracious. Please save us. We’re doing our best to accept him but things like this make it tough. [Pretty Fancy]

In case anyone cares, Greg Fischer was appointed to the Waterfront Development Corporation Board of Directors by Governor Steve Beshear. His term will expire July 31, 2012. [Press Release]

The old folks hate the young folks. Meanwhile, the civil rights presence is going to fall apart. Because of the crazy. Crazy crazy crazy. When will we learn? [Phillip Bailey]

Trouble in Pineville? We heard rumors of this all throughout last year’s general election. The Mayor of Pineville and his son have been charged with using cash and drugs to buy votes. [Mark Hebert]

Arshiya Saiyed was profiled by the BBC in a story about her journey from Kentucky to the Democratic National Convention in Denver. [BBC Video]

Steve Beshear likens the Obama-Walnuts election to Brown versus Board of Education in 1954. Anyone else biting your tongue as you read these words? [Trey Pollard]

In other news we learn that Beshear’s approval rating remains the same. 44% approve, 47% disapprove. Only 53% of Democrats approve. 58% of Eastern Kentuckians disapprove. 46% of Louisvillians. The man definitely needs to remedy the situation pronto. [SurveyUSA]

And don’t forget Kentucky’s Roll Call vote at the Democratic National Convention. [Page One]