They’re Still Spinning For Jamie Comer

Is it really gossip when a woman stands up to her alleged abuser after that alleged abuser forces her to do so?

Is it really gossip when former staffers of a candidate stand up to him? After they attempt to leave his crap in their past and he effectively terrorizes them by trash-talking them to potential employers, friends, relatives, neighbors?

Is it really just political pettiness?

Or maybe — just maybe — is Jamie Comer’s monster of a loss (and it is — he fell something like 20 points to lose to MATT BEVIN, of all people) about everything he tried to pull? About the victim-shaming he and his cohorts coordinated?

Get a load of what these four Comer supporters sent out to constituents in Central Kentucky:

Over the last several weeks, we’ve watched as local Republicans proactively participated in the campaign efforts of a number of candidates seeking statewide office. That is and will ever be a good thing. We need more citizens who are willing to engage in the raucous and sometimes impassioned effort to promote the best candidate for each office.

But, now, the decision of who actually moves beyond the Primary and into a campaign that will culminate in the general election this fall has been made—by Republican voters all across Kentucky.

We would observe that some of the efforts to spread mere gossip and innuendo during the Republican primary do not serve the greater good of our party. We do not suggest that individual candidates promoted such efforts, but we know from experience that every candidate must enunciate clear boundaries regarding how far they will go during a campaign—and how far they will tolerate their own supporters going on their behalf. For those of us who have campaigned and now serve on principles and values that transcend even the Republican Party, we must not lose sight of the reason we are in this party in the first place. We four—and many of you—are Christians first, Conservatives second, and Republicans third. The tone of our advocacy should never stray from those deeper truths, and we hope that the recent tactics otherwise on the part of some will not be an indication of trends to come.

Finally, now that our Republican candidates have been determined, we trust that every Republican will move beyond the intra-squad competition of the last several months. We must unite behind the Primary winners from Tuesday’s election. The alternatives are simply too outrageous to allow.

We remain committed to serving for the good of our entire Commonwealth, and hope that our party—and each Hardin County Republican—will demonstrate going forward that we are indeed united, and determined not to fall for the liberal Democrat who aspires to fill every state office in Kentucky in November. –

– Jim DuPlessis
State Representative, 25th District

– Tim Moore
State Representative, 18th District

– Bart Rowland
State Representative, 21st District

– Russell Webber
State Representative, 26th District

Those backward-ass people are still spinning for Jamie Comer.

Anti-gay bigots like Tim Moore and deluded Jim DuPlessis, who attempts to hide everything he does behind the bible, the last people Republicans should want speaking for them.

Gonna be fun watching the “liberal Democrat” attempt to gut them.

And even more fun watching the homo mafia redecorate their 1950s fantasy land.

KYTC Highlights Central KY Projects

This week the Transportation Cabinet folks highlight work that’s underway in District 4, which serves 11 counties in Central Kentucky:

Pro-tip to KYTC: Yanking folks from your press list because you’re butthurt over sarcastic and well-founded criticism isn’t going to stop promotion of these videos.