Mike Weaver Caved To Pressure, Reality

Here you go:

Radcliff Mayor Mike Weaver has had a change of heart regarding his decision to delete city council meeting archives from the Hardin County Educational and Community Television website.

Weaver said Thursday morning he had contacted Gina Ryan at HCEC-TV and requested the archive of meetings dating back to January 2013 again be uploaded for public viewing.

Funny how that works.

Big Trouble In Little Radcliff: Mayor Freaks Out Over Transparency, All Hell Breaks Loose, He Uses Police To Shut Down Critics

WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON IN RADCLIFF?! After the shenanigans we brought to your attention a couple days ago…

Mike Weaver tried to have people thrown out of a city council meeting, and then shut things down, after his corrupt move.

Look — from the News-Enterprise:

After a council comment period filled with accusations and questions implying that the destruction of video recordings was an attempt to conceal evidence of misdeeds, Radcliff’s public meeting Tuesday ended abruptly to prevent the mayor from having particular audience members ejected.


Quoting from state library and archive standards, Pike said the tapes may be destroyed 30 days after adoption of the official minutes.

“There is no downside to following the law,” Pike said.

Councilman T.W. Shortt asked for an upside to the decision to destroy the archives. Pike responded by saying his role was to offer a legal opinion, not debate policy.

Four council members expressed strong opinions during the discussion, which was recorded by HCEC for display on its public access cable outlet.


Mentioning the mayor’s interest in preserving a statue that set atop the former Blue Steer Restaurant, Councilman Edward Palmer said Weaver had more interest in “a fiberglass animal” than a video history of city leaders at work.

Councilman Stan Holmes said destroying the archive created a community perception that city government had a desire to hide information from residents.


Shortt said he saw only two reasons for Wea­ver’s decision. He said the mayor either misunderstood modern technology and the indefinite space available on HCEC’s website, where the archive existed, or “he was embarrassed by what was on the tapes.”

Offering another possible reason, Palmer said the tapes could be used as evidence of misdeeds.

Palmer offered a motion establishing a policy for indefinite archiving of future tapes and asking HCEC to make every effort to restore previous videos at the city’s expense. His motion, which received a second, was ruled out of order by the mayor because the council meeting was no longer open to new business.

Palmer also outlined concerns about recent work done at Colvin Community Center under a no-bid contract. He challenged a nearly five-year history of business relationships between the city and the same firm and offered allegations of corruption and favoritism.

Shortt also challenged the mayor’s recent appointment of his brother-in-law to the Radcliff-Fort Knox Tourism Bureau during the council comment period.


When community members sitting in pews in the council chamber began to call out suggestions and comments, Weaver said they were out of order and not part of the discussion. When similar comments resumed, Weaver called for Police Chief Jeff Cross.

As Weaver began to point out an individual he wanted dismissed from the room, council members intervened by immediately making a motion to adjorn.

Disgusting and cowardly.

Bevin Starts Giving Away All Those Jobs

Matt Bevin and Jenean Hampton have come up with a transition website.

Here’s a look:


It’s essentially the method they’re using to allow their friends to score high-paying jobs they love to complain about.

Is that the first time Hampton’s been in the same photo with Bevin? We can’t wait to see what brand of crazy Hampton brings to the limelight. You know it’ll be a special brand of tea we’ve yet to experience.