How The KYTC Spent Money This Week

This week the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet takes a look at the $128 million Lake Barkley Bridge Project:

Yep, Frankfort spends time and money producing videos like this that no one watches.

Meanwhile, roads around the Commonwealth are crumbling. The pension system is the worst in the nation. There’s no one keeping an eye on educational corruption. Your Attorney General spends time suing the EPA instead of investigating dozens upon dozens of cases referred to him by the State Auditor.

But don’t worry! Everything is puppies and rainbows. Just watch the nice video from the overpaid KYTC folks.

Weekly KYTC $-Wasting Video Thing

The Transportation Cabinet buttcramps have released another video and this one is somewhat useful, though probably still a waste of taxpayer time and taxpayer dollars.

The release says, in red: NOTE: Train tracks are private property. Pedestrians walking on or along tracks are not only trespassing, they’re putting their lives in jeopardy.

This is the kind of stuff you get when Bill Nighbert’s people are in charge. They probably spend five hundred million dollars a month producing videos that no one watches. Then they lose their shiz when we call them out.