New Enviro Plate Released In Frankfort

This new license plate is a mixed bag considering it comes from the coal-hyping Beshears and others in Frankfort.

From a release:

A new license plate will give drivers the opportunity to show their support for the health and well-being of Kentuckians and their environment. First Lady Jane Beshear today unveiled the specialty “Let’s Go Outside” plate that will promote the health and environmental benefits of outdoor recreation.

“Kentucky has one of the highest childhood obesity rates in the nation,” said Mrs. Beshear. “One step to improve the health of our children is to encourage active outdoor play. Being outside will help connect children to the environment, teach them about the earth and the way they impact it, and help them preserve it for future generations.”

Proceeds from the specialty plate will support the work of the Kentucky Environmental Education Council (KEEC) including coordinating the Kentucky Green and Healthy Schools program and certifying professional environmental educators.

They’re doing it for the children.


The folks pushing it may be hypocrites but we’re definitely fans of the new plate.

But it’d be nice to see these people discuss anything remotely positive for Kentucky’s natural environment just one time. Once.

EPSB Chair Pulls Super-Corrupt Move

The Education Professional Standards Board met yesterday. For the first time since board chair Cassandra Webb drove out half the organization’s staff. Yes, they all quit because of her.

And, in corrupt good old boy fashion, Webb pulled an horrific stunt that will undeniably cause school districts in Kentucky harm.

She waited until after the board returned to its meeting from closed session, when all in attendance had left, to remove the notification process that allows school districts hiring staff to know if someone has a pending disciplinary issue.

That means school districts now have to file open records requests for every potential hire in order to obtain information that has, until now, been provided by EPSB without hassle.

That means Cassandra Webb and crew just made it easier for people like Joshua Powell to sneak into an unsuspecting school district.

Remember: These are the people who will decide whether or not Powell retains his certificates.

You still think Frankfort isn’t corrupt as hell?

Wake up.

15 Properties Await Historic Decision

Louisville’s mayor may be a walking disaster when it comes to historic preservation.

Okay, there’s no may about it. Greg Fischer is a walking disaster when it comes to historic preservation.

But most people in Kentucky aren’t as terrible.

To prove it, just dig in to the Heritage Council’s website:


Check out the right-hand column for the 15 new sites approved for National Register listing. The National Park Service, which makes final determination, is set to render a decision within 90 days.