Heard It Through The Homo Gayvine…

Remember when alleged sexytimer/beautiful curve-aficionado Will Coursey and his wife got the boot at the local bank because… reasons?

Well, guess who swooped in to save the day.

Papaw Steve Beshear!

He hired the wife to serve as his new Western Kentucky field representative for the governator’s office.

Isn’t it fascinating how things always work out?

It’s like Richie Farmer hiring his girlfriend on the way out the door — only less candy, drugs, guns and illegal thievery.

Interesting Montgomery Co Coincidence

Is it coincidental that someone testifying against fired former Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell is repeatedly experiencing vehicle damage?

From cut lines and other tampering to…

Having the inner wall (not facing the street) of their vehicle’s tire cut just enough to give out while driving?


And… having the same thing happen to another vehicle (same place, same tire) a few weeks later?


Scratched on one of the vehicles:


We’re guessing a small town police department won’t get to the bottom of anything. But at least it’s been reported and evidence has been collected.

Thank goodness for security cameras, too. Cough.

NOTE: We made the decision to withhold this individual’s identity.

Be Careful At Railroad Crossings

This week the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet folks highlight railroad crossing safety:

Fun fact: We hear the current KYTC spokesperson not only makes more money than the previous spokesperson (Remember Transportation Lady?!) but some legislators have begun asking us how why he has the job. Just a guess but the writing seems to be on the wall.