Republican Whitney Westerfield On Castration & Being A Wuss

Why is Whitney Westerfield, a Republican state senator who wishes he were attorney general, so fixated on manhood, manliness and being able to perform as a man?

What deep, personal issue is driving him to constantly obsess over his manhood and that of other men?

And why is he allowing his deep-seated personal issues and insecurities to directly impact or harm others with whom he disagrees?

Because he’s the typical “conservative” focused solely on overcompensating for what he feels he’s lacking, I’m guessing. You’ll have to be your own judge instead of allowing someone else to form your opinions for you. (You already know the answer, though, so let’s get real.)

During an IJC Judiciary discussion with turncoat John Tilley (Really an R-Friends with all kinds of scandalous campaign felons like Jeff Smith) about drug policy and DNA collection, Westerfield had a bit of a slip/meltdown.

Check it out:

That’s right. Whitney Westerfield says men refusing to be placed on a registry of folks who believe they may be fathers should be castrated. Trying to preach responsibility in his best Scott-Jennings-Thinks-He’s-A-Creepy-Baptist-Minister voice.

Party of individual freedom? Not so much.

That’s gonna make for good campaign ads.

But so is this:


Note: Original available from KET here – July 7, 2017.

Donald Trump’s First Weekly Address

Here’s Donald Trump’s first weekly address.

Hold on tight for the barely-able-to-read-the-teleprompter bullshit:

How do you even rip that mess he spewed apart?

To think your taxpayer dollars made that happen.

Meanwhile, the White House was busy literally denying the Holocaust, instituting religious tests and going after the media. It’s what people who aren’t mouth-breathers would typically refer to as Nazism.

Let’s Talk About Homophobe/Transphobe Scott Jennings’ Latest Garbage

Feast your eyes on the latest cowardly garbage from giant apparent homophobe/transphobe Scott Jennings:

The last major decision of President Barack Obama was to commute the sentence of a traitor whose most recent accomplishment since giving battlefield secrets to Osama bin Laden was undergoing a taxpayer-funded sex change transition. It was a fitting end to a failed presidency that leaves President-elect Donald Trump mess after mess to clean up on the world stage.

Let’s revisit the curious case of Chelsea Manning (born Bradley Edward Manning). He was court martialed(sic) in 2013, “three years after Manning was first detained in Iraq for suspicion of having leaked the video of a 2007 Apache helicopter attack that killed several Iraqi civilians. He was subsequently charged with the leak of 750,000 documents that were a mix of U.S. military battlefield reports from Iraq and Afghanistan and diplomatic cables,” according to ABC News.


If Obama felt one shred of shame, he would send his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize back with a note of apology to the people of Aleppo.

The necessity and urgency of American leadership and a foreign policy vision unclouded by the extreme liberal ideology demanded by Obama’s political base cannot be understated. Trump’s work is now more than just moving American foreign policy forward; he must dig out of the deep hole left him by the Obama administration.

It should be noted that the government says the release by Manning resulted in no harm and no deaths. The fact that Jennings spent several paragraphs insinuating that Manning had anything to do with slaughter is beyond offensive. It’s dangerous rhetoric. It was done intentionally by him to incite fear and anger. There’s no way he’s that ignorant.

Seems like Jennings has turned into a giant child. A whiny ass titty baby who is crawling back into the depths of hateful homophobia and transphobia. He’s turned into a disgusting coward for having the audacity to use such anti-trans language to intentionally incite hate among the already hate-filled folks he knows will read what he has to say.

Manning will have served more than seven years in prison upon release and has admitted guilt. It’s not like President Barack Obama is allowing her to get off without any consequence.

The remarks Jennings made about Aleppo and Russia are fascinating in light of his own direct and blind support of Donald Trump. Remarkable in light of his own Republican Party’s support of Russia’s invasion of other countries. It’s unreal to witness. But not unexpected, really, since Scott’s Super PAC (Kentuckians For Strong Leadership) received $50,000 from Donald Trump on May 21, 2013 and $10,000 on October 21, 2014. Birds of a feather and all that.

Sure is cute watching this self-important armchair warrior whine about the scary black man in the White House while simultaneously throwing digs at the LGBT community. Those pointed remarks about Chelsea Manning make it clear that Jennings is a bigot and he’s finally come out of the bigoted closet. Particularly in light of his praise of racist Jeff Sessions and his own racist jokes – told by him – at Fancy Farm. He’ll run from the ‘bigot’ label and whine about it but that’s what he is. Anyone insulting the LGBT community in such an indefensible manner while cracking racist jokes is a bigot. And that’s coming from me – a member of the LGBT community.

Hopefully people will remember Jennings’ disgusting and deliberately ignorant remarks when giving him a platform in the future. Hopefully none of his kids grow up to be gay or trans or have the misfortunate of having to deal with his ignorance. (Cue whining about mentioning kids…)

“It’s just politics” though, right? Such a delicate snowflake so easily upset by President Barack Obama’s thoughtful and well-explained actions.

Think Ignoring Jamie Comer Is Okay?

Do you really think ignoring Jamie Comer is totally fine, Kentucky? Especially now that he’s a U.S. Congressman?

He destroyed records from DURING HIS TERM.

Here’s a taste:

That’s merely a tiny sample. In one instance, Comer destroyed ten cubic feet of records. In many others, he destroyed tiny electronic files that took up no space at all – in part, apparently (since no one could provide an answer), because some of the files contained information Republicans found troubling.

The Kentucky Democratic Party and the majority of media in the Commonwealth are just twiddling their thumbs. All while people like Jonathan Miller actively work to protect him.

That’s why I need your help covering open records requests to keep digging in.