“Bevin” Isn’t Tough To Spell, Kids

We’ve talked around mentioning his name for weeks but good grief, it’s been long enough.

From State Rep. Reggie Meeks’ latest email blast to his constituency:


Making the commitment to comply with legal requirements for making appointments to Boards and Commissions, Gov. Bevins has taken steps to resolve an ongoing lawsuit involving the matter. There is a suit challenging the makeup of U of L’s Board of Trustees which, prior to leaving office, former Governor Beshear sought to dismiss. Governor Bevins, however, agrees there is a problem and has moved to withdraw that Motion to Dismiss. Even President Ramsey agrees there is a problem; one that he says “has been out of balance for far too long.” To support this stated intent ‘to comply with the requirements set by law in making appointments’ by Gov. Bevins, I encourage anyone interested in seeing a listing of state Boards and Commissions to check

It’s Bevin. B-E-V-I-N. Not Bevins. There’s no S.

It’s one thing to crack jokes or misspel a politician’s name in an attempt to stick it to them. It’s another when you’re a longtime elected official communicating from your state government email account.

Enough time has passed. He’s been in the news for three years. We can spell the hateful man’s name correctly.