Tuesday Update Dept: Make a Decision Edition

First: Noticed anyone back in action recycling our stories from days and days ago with no attribution? Yeah, we noticed too. The smelling salts worked! Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? Right?

Cozy wozy lobbyists. Whoda thunk it? John Y. Brown III and Hunter Bates on the same team. We talked about them joining lobbying forces ages ago but this Alessi story is quite a bit more telling. From exclusive meetings for clients with Democratic Party chairperson Jennifer Moore to future runs for office, it’s all there. Behold the power of money and the realization that it’s now necessary to spend it on Democrats. And, no, we’re not trashing anyone. We’re capitalists and heart money and ad revenue. [H-L]

Jonboy’s replacement. Ernest Lee has set the election date for Jon Draud’s replacement in the state house. Jan 8. Kenton County Republican and Democratic party officials will select the candidates to run in the election with the winner serving out the rest of the newly selected Education Commissioner’s term. [PolWatchers]

Everyone had sex with Larry Craig. Oh, and he’s a pervert. In case you didn’t know, go read all about it. All kinds of gays. All kinds of Larry soliciting everyone. When will it end? It needs to end! The wide stance is so over. Even though McConnell’s Bluegrass Committee gave Craig $10,000. It’s so over. [Idaho Statesman]

McConnell is a warmonger. Continually supportive of this clusterfuck of a war, McConnell is trying to tie uncompleted budget work to war funding. When will Democrats stand up to this mess? Why do we continually allow this crap to go down? Our country is at the very end of the dead end street and the Democrats have allowed this warmonger to build a brick wall. Oh, and Ted Kennedy is the devil or something. [AP, The Arena]

Piss or get off the pot! In case you missed it yesterday? We laid out some pros and cons and suggested any potential candidates in the U.S. Senate race against Mitch McConnel just flipping get in the race. The posturing and lack of action is getting old and it’s high time we stop holding this process hostage. Come on! [Page One]

Make the Decision: Get in or get out so we can come together

The time has come for potential Democratic candidates for the United States Senate to jump in the race. It’s now or never. An entire month has been wasted by the numerous potentials as they waffle back and forth. And on that note, now would be a good time to look at the basic (and less than scientific) pros and cons of them all.

Disclaimer: We’re a fan of all top-tier Democratic candidates and potential candidates. There has been some obvious and sometimes personal negative activity the past couple weeks coming from one camp in particular, but the actions and behaviors of supporters are not necessarily reflections of the type of person a candidate may be. We all need to keep that in mind because it’s necessary that we come to together in support of the eventual Democratic nominee to face Mitch McConnell in 2008. It’s imperative that the bickering stop today.

Pros? Cons? More after the jump.

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Stumbo: Baggage Not an Issue, Leading Horne, Luallen

That polling data we mentioned earlier? Turns out Greg Stumbo has received the memo and has spoken to Mark Hebert. Stumbo says he’s leading both Andrew Horne and Crit Luallen by a wide margin, is tied with Mitch McConnell in Louisville and that his baggage is unimportant to voters.

From Hebert’s blog:

The Attorney General says his pollster hasn’t compiled numbers from the rest of the state but the data from Jefferson County shows Stumbo in a tie with McConnell if the race were held today.

But according to Stumbo, the biggest news might be that poll respondents were unphased by the pollsters recounting of all of Stumbo’s personal baggage, which would surely come up during a campaign: his refusal to pay child support for a son born out of an extra marital affair; a car crash in which Stumbo claimed he wasn’t driving; the Kent Downey fiasco when Stumbo was Majority Floor Leader in the House. Stumbo says voters were told about all of the nasty things that might be thrown at him in a political race and it didn’t hurt his numbers. The reason, according to Stumbo, is that the incidents are “old news” and most voters have already been exposed to them.

And he says democrats view his office’s takedown of the Fletcher administration as a good thing that has sparked some momentum for their party. That’s why he’s leading Crit Luallen and Andrew Horne by a wide a margin in his poll…

Rumors in the Political World

Jeff DerouenPage One has learned that Auditor Crit Luallen’s Director of Communications and Deputy General Counsel, Jeff Derouen, will be leaving her staff to join Lieutenant Governor-Elect Daniel Mongiardo as his Chief of Staff.

Derouen, former Assistant Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney and Communications Director, is experienced and well-suited to head the office of Lt. Governor. An e-mail requesting confirmation of his move to Mongiardo’s staff had not been returned at the time of publication.

As chief spokesperson for the Auditor, Derouen is responsible for shaping Luallen’s image in the press and controlling the flow of information– a crucial job that probably wouldn’t change hands if a constitutional officer is seeking a more important governmental position. Could this transition of employment signal that Luallen is less serious about a race for U.S. Senate than has previously been discussed? Or is it a sign that Luallen has decided to seek higher office? We’re betting on the former.

More Political Rumor and Frankfort gossip after the jump

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Silly Drama Over Roger Noe

Some Democrats and Republicans are blowing discussion of the special election for the 30th Senate District out of proportion and are getting into an unnecessary huff over Roger Noe. Noe, for those unaware, is the favorite to get the Democratic nod to take over Daniel Mongiardo’s seat in the state senate.

This is a time for Harlan, Bell, Leslie and Perry Counties in southeastern Kentucky to shine and an opportunity for them to walk to the front of the line. They no longer have to be pushed back and held down. They need a Democrat who understands the legislature like Roger Noe. As State Representative, Noe did more for educational reform in Kentucky than anyone in the history of the Commonwealth. And as a private citizen he’s done nothing but stand up for eastern Kentucky when it’s been trampled upon and forgotten.

Noe has the ability to aide Daniel Mongiardo and Steve Beshear in getting the region’s long overdue fair share.

This noise about Noe’s outrage at coal industry misdeeds is nothing but Republican hype and an attempt to distract from matters of importance. It’s a classic attempt to prevent discussion of issues like public health and the general welfare of the citizenry.

The choice is simple. Do you want a Democrat who will lead, affect change and bring home the bacon for Appalachia or do you want to assist Mitch McConnell, David Williams and the rest who live for nothing more than to divide, distract and destroy? If you– Republicans and Democrats alike– want to hamper the first days of a new and hopefully competent administration by allowing ignorant and petty hackery to flood the state? Have at it. But if you don’t? Get a damn grip and realize coal isn’t the end all be all for Kentucky. Being a coal industry shill like Jim Gooch isn’t good for either political party and keeping eastern Kentucky on the back burner is the worst possible thing we could do.

McConnell Calls Himself “Grim Reaper”

Mitch McConnell gave an address to the Federalist Society at its National Lawyers Convention on November 16. It was a typical McConnell speech about interpreting law, not making law… about doing everything to keep the Democratic legislature down and the rest of the country from edging toward progress.

As reported last week by BlueGrassRoots, McConnell generated a spectacular soundbite by referring to himself as the “grim reaper.” Just couldn’t get any better.

Here’s the full audio:


And here’s the clip of Mitch calling himself the grim reaper:


Video soon to come.

The campaign material just writes itself.

Breaking: Trent Lott is Gay

Far be it from us to jump on any bandwagon but this has legs. Sen. Trent Lott resigned unexpectedly today and for unspecified reasons– other than to state he wants to spend more time with his family.

Big Head DC is now reporting that Trent Lott is the latest GOP hypocrite to be outed as a known homosexual. Lott is alleged to have had numerous encounters with gay escort Benjamin Nicholas. Here’s the skinny:

Benjamin Nicholas. One of the politicos Big Head DC has learned he’s alleged to have been involved with is the married Sen. Trent Lott, 66, who unexpectedly announced his retirement on Monday. Lott is well-known to have been against a plethora of gay rights issues throughout his terms in Congress. He was also good friends with Sen. Larry Craig throughout his time in Congress.

Nicholas told Big Head DC today via e-mail that he didn’t want to go on the record to talk about his dealings with Lott, because, said Nicholas, “Trent is going through his fair share of scrutiny right now and I don’t want to add to it.” However, e-mail and other records confirm that the two have met on at least two occasions.

In a subsequent e-mail message, Nicholas confirmed that another publication is working on a story about a “possible relationship” between Lott and himself, but Nicholas also “politely declined” an interview for that story.

Trent Lott is the second most powerful Republican in the country. Next in line to Mitch McConnell, the senate minority leader. Lott’s resignation at a time when he’s just beginning to regain momentum is suspicious in and of itself.

We anxiously await the Larry Flynt story in the days to come.

Say it with us: “OH SNAP!”

UPDATE @ 8:06 P.M.: Benjamin Nicholas, via his blog, has the following to say:

It looks like a Washington DC-based blog called BigHeadDC is making claim that there was (or, is) a working relationship between myself and Senator Trent Lott. There are falsely pieced-together quotes that serve no purpose other than to sensationalize a completely fabricated scoop.

I will continue to offer a great sense of confidentiality to the people I see. I have not, nor have I ever seen or had contact with Senator Trent Lott. It’s as simple as that. It never happened.