Frankfort Screwing Around With Everything Good

What, you thought Frankfort would actually resolve the redistricting mess today? HAHA, nope, they adjourned super-early today until 4:00 P.M. on Monday. [Frankfort Shenanigans]

Greg Fischer is getting his butt handed to him by Ed Hart and Bruce Lunsford at the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. It’s a real shame Fischer and Jennifer Moore are trying to play pat-a-cake with campaign finance law with people who actually, you know, know campaign finance law. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Redistricting political games are most certainly still being played in Frankfort. You can bet some folks are getting rich off the mess. [Ronnie Ellis]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight on KET at 8:00 P.M. Eastern. Scheduled guests: Jack Brammer, Joe Gerth, Greg Stotelmyer. [KET]

Greg Stumbo isn’t merely “elusive” on redistricting. He’s playing pat-a-cake. All the Democrats are just too afraid to call him out. [WLKY]

David Williams – the guy with the talky box – filed for Congress in the 2nd District today. [Greaaaat]

Who pussed out today? That’s right, Papaw Steve Beshear pussed out today. His goal in 2008 was to hang Kathy Stein out to dry and today he accomplished that goal. She never should have believed him when he promised her a judgeship. [Page One]

Taxiing the rich in America. The wealthy need to pay more but is there a need to raise their income tax rates? [The Economist]

Kentucky education officials are working to prevent public school students from being restrained or confined alone in small rooms after citing two schools for violating the rights of three disabled students subjected to such treatment, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press. [H-L]

Mittens Romney has parked millions upon millions of dollars in offshore accounts. ABC News

Meanwhile, adulterous skank Newt Gingrich paid a 32% tax rate in the year 2010. [WaPo]

More than two-thirds of Americans would consider voting for a third-party presidential candidate, while nearly half of all voters think a third-party is needed, a new poll shows. [Politico]

Here’s a look at how property taxes climb even if your home’s value plunges off a cliff. [NPR]

Eastern Kentucky electeds are beginning to make noise in protest of using coal severance funds to make the University of Pikeville a public school. [C-J/AKN]

Primary Election 2011 – The Final Results

Liquor stores are opening back up across the Commonwealth and vote totals are rolling in for statewide constitutional primary elections. 99% reporting at 9:19.

We’ll update this post throughout the evening.

GUBERNATORIAL RACE – Republican winner faces incumbent Steve Beshear and running mate Jerry Abramson

  • Williams – Farmer – 48% – 68,502 – definite winner
  • Moffett-Harmon – 38% – 53,946
  • Holsclaw-Vermillion – 14% – 19,608

STATE TREASURER – Democratic winner faces Republican (unchallenged) K.C. Crosbie

  • Steve Hamrick – 29% – 43,461
  • Todd Hollenbach – 71% – 106,167



  • Bill Johnson – 50% – 66,408
  • Hilda Legg – 49% – 65,306


  • Alison Lundergan Grimes – 55% – 85,418
  • Elaine Nogay Walker – 44% – 69,192
  • (How bout them apples, Papaw?)

AUDITOR OF PUBLIC ACCOUNTS – Republican winner will face Democrat (unchallenged) Adam Edelen

  • John Kemper – 57% – 70,842
  • Addia Wuchner – 43% – 52,854



  • Jamie Comer – 66% – 86,286
  • Rob Rothenburger – 33% – 43,135


  • Bob Farmer – 30% – 45,665
  • Stewart Gritton – 17% – 24,894
  • John Lackey – 21% – 31,556
  • David Williams – 12% – 18,881
  • B.D. Wilson – 20% – 29,227

Williams-Farmer Raking In The Campaign Cash

Huh. Guess my sources were right for a change.

The gubernatorial campaign of David Williams and Richie Farmer will report raising $753,196.39 as of December 31, 2010, a blockbuster total that proves the ticket’s strength as Republicans nationally look to defeat the only Democrat incumbent governor on the ballot in 2011. The campaign’s year-end report will be filed today with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

Historically, the Williams-Farmer campaign is outpacing other non-incumbent gubernatorial campaigns during comparable periods. At the same time in 2003, Republican Ernie Fletcher had raised $509,360. During the same year, Democrat Ben Chandler had raised $268,500. In 2007, Democrat Steve Beshear reported raising $219,019 before January 1.

The Williams-Farmer campaign has received over 1,000 donations. The campaign has received at least one contribution from all 120 counties, indicating serious organizational strength heading into 2011. The limit for a contribution to a gubernatorial campaign is $1,000.

Click here to read the entire release.

While no where near the amount of cash Steve Beshear and Jerry Abramson have amassed, this should send shivers up Democratic spines everywhere.

Mongiardo Leaving His Hidey Hole In Frankfort

The latest SurveyUSA data indicate that John Yarmuth leads Republican opponent Todd Lally 47 to 45. Maybe some day the Kentucky Democratic Party will wake up? Not holding my breath. [The ‘Ville Voice]

An internal poll shows David Williams and Richie Farmer lead Steve Beshear and Jerry Abramson 48 to 44. [Williams-Mustache]

Oh, wait, Ryan Alessi says Beshear has a 7-point lead. [CN|2]

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh is standing against unnecessary taxation. She sponsored an anti-tolling ordinance that has other Democrats sweating in their daisy dukes. [FatLIp]

The World Equestrian Games are suffering financially. But some folks are still trying to spin this as a positive. [H-L & Jonathan Miller]

Earlier this morning I told you the story of Jim Newberry making shiz up in order to attack innocent bystanders. [Page One]

But the mess gets deeper. Seems Newberry’s own brother accepted funds from the Brown Family. [B&P]

An oil painting by James Henry Beard of Kentucky Senator Henry Clay is one of Antique’s Roadshow’s five most valuable finds. [Daily Finance]

Here’s another look at the David Williams – Richie Farmer ticket for CNHI. [Ronnie Ellis]

Are you military? Maybe just overseas pretending to be a foreigner? Your absentee ballot can now be sent via email. [Press Release]

Judge Shepherd denied the request to stop state furloughs, saying his pal Steve Beshear has the right to push them. [Bluegrass Politics]

Whaaaat? Kentucky’s public bus system is leaving people behind? Surely not! [LEO Weekly]

There’s a serious enthusiasm gap in Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race. [WaPo]

Lt. Dan will present the Governor’s Cup to the winner of the University of Kentucky – University of Louisville football game on Saturday. [Press Release]

12-Year-Old Girls Use The Twitter All The Time

You should help me provide kids in rural Kentucky with some books. It’ll change their lives and improve their education. And you don’t have to agree with me political in order to help or offer suggestions. You just have to care about the future of Kentucky’s youth. [Page One]

Everybody is being so mean to poor Doug Martin in Lexington. So mean! They’re all demanding that he apologize to Joe Sonka for cursing like a dingbat. [Linda Blackford]

Bill Clinton’s coming to Kentucky soon. But not for Jack Conway. Yet, anyway. [Deep Thoughts.]

A federal court has tossed out the FCC horse shiz banning dirty words on the teevee. [HuffPo]

World Equestrian Games lawyers sent one private event planner a cease and desist letter for mentioning the WEG in promotions. Note that WEG lawyers haven’t sent the other dozens of groups advertising with the “good will” of the WEG anything similar. [Even More Linda Blackford]

David Adams is like a 12-year-old girl on the Twitter. That’s worse than Jake and you know that’s saying a lot! [B&P]

Possible state layoffs mean lots more craziness coming down the pike. Hoo boy. [WAVE3]

Karen Sypher’s attorney is still trying to get her trial moved somewhere outside of Louisville. And they’re already in the midst of jury selection. [84WHAS]

David Williams and Greg Stumbo are complaining about the governor’s role in funding the state. Interesting that neither own up to any of the blame laying at their feet. [Ryan Alessi]

Everybody is just so shocked that Jack Conway loaned his campaign $400,000 this quarter. It’s so shocking that a candidate would do that. Even more shocking is that 99% of that dough will roll into Mark Riddle’s pocket so he can spend his time helping Jim Newberry while losing Jack’s race. [H-L]

Thursday Morning Dept of Tiring Of Canada on TV

The gays were all over the place in Frankfort yesterday and they flat-out terrified Gary Tapp. It’s a shame leaders like Greg Stumbo and homophobe Larry Clark don’t do more to push equality in the Commonwealth. [Bluegrass Politics]

Some lady named Joe Sonka went to a mayoral forum in Lexington last night. Jim Newberry was askeerd of that lady and wet himself over and over. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Fining juveniles $100 for sending dirty pictures sounds ridiculous. Why not fine their parents? This media-hyped mess wouldn’t exist if parents were raising their children properly. [Stephenie Steitzer]

Uh, really, House Democrats? Taxing business more? I don’t think so. Get ready for the governor to veto the living shiz out of your budget. [Ronnie Ellis]

You know you’re hungry for more discussion on the pasty party that’s going down in Frankfort. P.S. It’s interesting that no one has picked up on the fact that Kent Ostrander himself says that 116 counties already have tougher laws than this pasty legislation. So Ostrander, the protector of our closet cases from other gays, is trying to waste our time and tax dollars for the benefit of a whopping four counties. [Bruce Maples]

Legislation to strengthen executive branch ethics? This is Kentucky, so surely not. [Amanda Van Benschoten]

It’s a new world order conspiracy! Oh, look, Trey Grayson and Bill Johnson are teaming up to attack Rand Paul on abortion. [More Amanda]

ANOTHER coal spill in Martin County! This time it’s just some coal-washing waste, but come on. That area has been screwed enough. [C-J]

WYMT has always been devoid of actual news, but this story about cockfighting is one of the more abysmal pieces to float out of Eastern Kentucky in a while. [WYMT]

I think Andy Barr and Mike Templeman are maybe borderline insane? Attacking Ben Chandler for standing up for Toyota isn’t the smartest thing to do. [H-L]

Apparently Kim Geveden still thinks it’s a solid strategy to attack Jack Conway because he’s from Louisville. Based on what I hear from the Mongiardo staffers who still love leaking information to us, Kim’s about to pop a vein these days. [Joe Arnold]

Greg Stumbo is getting hot under the collar. Based on his quotes in this updated story about cockfighting, you’d be led to believe he’s about to crack under the pressure. Based on the way he’s been treating everyday folks in the halls of Frankfort, I think that’s a fair assessment. [WLKY]

David Williams failed to disclose state payments to his wife, a judge, for rent in a building she owns. I’m not keen on defending David Williams, but there are far worse things the man has done/is doing. [John Cheves]

Keith Hall Blames David Williams & More

Keith Hall, the man likely behind the corrupt change in state law to help water board commissioners/line his pockets, is blaming David Williams for the change in legislation. Despite, of course, the fact that both Greg Stumbo and David Williams say the measure did not come from the State Senate. And Greg Stumbo has already said in the press that Hall was behind it.

Take a look at this bit from the Appalachian News-Express’ Russ Cassady:

According to Hall, in a meeting last week in Frankfort, between he, Stumbo, and the 94th Dist. state Rep. Leslie Combs, Stumbo said the measure “came from the Senate.”

Combs confirmed this week the conversation between she, Stumbo and Hall did occur last week, and said she does recall a reference being made to the state Senate. But, Combs also said she doesn’t remember Stumbo saying the measure “came from the Senate.”

“I don’t remember it specifically being said that way,” Combs said.

Stumbo, however, said Hall must have “misunderstood” what he said during the meeting, and his only reference to the Senate was to say that the senate budget staff had cleared the language before introduction.


But, Stumbo said he had no communication with anyone in the Senate on the issue.

“I want to be very clear about it; I never spoke with any senator about that,” he said. “Nobody ever talked to me. That was staff communication.”

Here’s Hall blaming David Williams:

Hall said if the measure came from the Senate, he believes Senate President David Williams to the be the source, because of Williams’ “ties” to former Kentucky Transportation Secretary Bill Nighbert and road contractor Leonard Lawson.

“I assumed it was David Williams,” Hall said.


Lourdes Baez-Schrader, communications director for Williams, said Friday the senate president’s response is that, “(Stumbo) is right,” that the Senate had nothing to do with the measure. The language, she said, was in the budget submitted from the House to the Senate.

Seems fishy that Hall would have repeatedly said – officially and in prepared statements – that he had no idea who was responsible, isn’t it? Especially if he thought David Williams was responsible. It’s almost as if he’s tossing blame around now that the heat is on to see if it’ll stick elsewhere.

Trust me – you’re gonna wanna read the rest of this story after the jump…

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