Heard It Through The Homo Gayvine…

Remember when alleged sexytimer/beautiful curve-aficionado Will Coursey and his wife got the boot at the local bank because… reasons?

Well, guess who swooped in to save the day.

Papaw Steve Beshear!

He hired the wife to serve as his new Western Kentucky field representative for the governator’s office.

Isn’t it fascinating how things always work out?

It’s like Richie Farmer hiring his girlfriend on the way out the door — only less candy, drugs, guns and illegal thievery.

Through The Republican Grapevine…

Oh, the things we hear rolling out of statewide campaigns this year. From the panic in Conway’s world that Republicans will finally capitalize upon that 300-page LMPD report involving he and his brother to Bevin worrying that Rand (and his wife — a woman Bevin has allegedly been nasty toward) will knee him square in the you-know-where.

But today’s fun…

In light of the problems the Jefferson County Republican Party had with its “unity” rally, we hear the organizers of another multi-county GOP event (Bullitt, Hardin, LaRue, Meade, Nelson) have called things off. Something about all the money folks in Louisville lost because Bevin’s at the top of the ticket? Note: Probably time for all these regional events to be turned into Ryan Quarles rallies so we can all call it a day.

Lines up with everything we keep hearing regarding Democratic polling. The reality being that Republicans are more nervous than they’ve ever been because they don’t trust the top of the ticket.

Guessing a lot of cages are gonna get rattled these next few months.

Here’s A Juicy Fancy Farm Thing & More

Folks close to Rand Paul tell us that he’ll be in New Hampshire instead of Fancy Farm because…

Wait for it…

He doesn’t want to have to endorse Matt Bevin or be seen with him on a statewide stage.

And nearly everyone we know — Republicans included — can applaud him for that. Even if they hate Jack Conway.

Will things change? Will he cut an ad for him? Maybe do a few campaign stops? Who knows. But for now? Good on him for avoiding that unpredictable mess.

Bevin’s campaign folks say he’s reached out to Hal Heiner but it remains to be seen how Heiner will respond. Because, uh, remember that time Bevin called Heiner out for spilling the T on the Jamie Comer abuse allegations?

That “unity” rally Republicans held in Louisville at the Jefferson County Republican Party? Turns out it lost money this year, thanks in part to low turnout.

Why the low turnout? Because Matt Bevin at the top of the ticket doesn’t appeal to the thinking folks in Louisville.

Noticeably absent from the rally: Jamie Comer and Hal Heiner. Comer because reasons (you already know). Heiner because… who even knows?

Will Jack Conway repeat 2010? Will he pull an Alison and lose miserably? Will he whip his campaign folks into gear, repair damaged relationships and so the right thing?

Let’s all hold our breath!

What an exciting few months facing us all.

State To Take Over Menifee County?

Hearing from folks in Menifee County that Terry Holliday and crew are recommending that the state take over the school system there.

Can you imagine? Not just continuing with assistance but potentially taking over.

Here’s a quick flashback:

That should end well.

Just like all educational scandals in Kentucky end well.

(Yes, that’s sarcasm.)

A Montgomery Co Elephant In The Room

Let’s highlight an elephant in the Montgomery County room again: The Montgomery County Board of Education, chaired by Alice Anderson, has pushed to have Michelle Henry’s lawsuit dismissed.

Yes, the Board — consisting of people who have told me on the record that they support Henry’s suit — is still pushing to have it all shut down. Apparently because Henry’s attorney tried to amend her suit upon learning new information during the Education Professional Standards Board hearing of Joshua Powell. Because that will work out for the board so swell.

I hear a press conference is in planning stages. Apparently a bunch of aggrieved individuals are fed up and are ready to speak out.

And you wonder why we don’t trust anyone in that school district.

Bonus: Joshua Powell has pushed to have people suing him (Amanda Reffitt, Michelle Henry) to pony up their medical records from birth. Everything from pap smears to cesarean sections. Can you imagine?

The Morgan County Fun Continues

What do you do after the Herald-Leader runs a scathing story about you suing an impoverished Eastern Kentucky county?

Particularly after it’s revealed that you’re pressing for millions of dollars based on an alleged verbal agreement with a convict sitting in federal prison?

You call that county up first thing in a panicked attempt to reach a settlement agreement.

At least that’s what folks in Morgan County tell us happened with Jerry Lundergan on Tuesday.