Thursday Afternoon Update Dept of Craziness

Did you know? Martin Cothran says a story about gay-hating really had nothing to do with gay-hating. How quaint. Also, Jake thinks he’s “big stuff” these days. And yeah, those who do nothing but complain about the gays all the time are probably closet queens, Marty. For example: Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Glenn Murphy, Jr. Huge, huge closet homos. Huge. [Martin Cothran]

Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd ruled that the road bill Steve Beshear vetoed is invalid because it wasn’t given to the governor until after the close of the session. [PolWatchers]

We’re not sure how Republicans can not expect us to lose respect for them when he continues to post racist tripe over and over and over again. This time MC publishes a photo of prominent African Americans praying with Barack Obama with the headline, “Be afraid, Be VERY, VERY Afraid!!!!!!!” You may not be a racist, but repeatedly publishing crap like this will continue to drive people away. [Marc Carey]

And more from PolWatchers… The Republican Party of Kentucky is now going after Bruce Lunsford by blaming him for high gas prices. How much lower can the RPK sink? This ridiculous claim is getting embarrassing. [PolWatchers]

David Adams continues to repeat the Republican meme that the economy is peachy keen! No recession here! Carry on about your business, kids. Nothing to see. All you have to do is think positive thoughts. [KY Progress]

The McCain campaign is accusing Barack Obama of playing the race card. Heads up to McCain: If you’re really worried about Obama’s actions and aren’t just trying to fabricate a racially-charged snafu? You wouldn’t wait a day-and-a-half to respond. [Huffington Post]

“The left’s reign is over in Congress. Praise Jesus!” Proclaims someone named “K. Smith” in a letter to the Courier-Journal. Never mind that the “left” hasn’t been in control of congress since, oh, before Newt Gingrich. Make sure you check out the other hilarious letters to the editor that spew the exact same talking points from the McConnell campaign. We love it. [C-J]

To end on a positive note, here’s a message from a prominent McCain supporter to you. These are my testing supplies! [The YouTubez]

Fancy Farm 2008 – Should We Go?

Well, should we? Will it be worth our time?

A campaign or two needs to drop us a confidential note letting us know what will go down. We can guarantee confidentiality. But we’re not gonna suffer through a lack of healthy vegetarian options for two sweat-filled days unless we know it’s worth our time.

Will there be wi-fi? Any kind of internets? Electricity? Does Sprint even have towers out there? Will we die of the starvation and lack of connectivity?

Also, who will be driving us from Louisville?

How Do You Know a Democrat Is Winning?

When the Republican Party of Kentucky issues a press release, of course.

Even though the RPK’s latest release attacking David Boswell has some merit, it’s obviously timed to impact Boswell’s poll numbers over Guthrie.

Anyway, take a look at the release:

RPK CHAIRMAN: Is David Boswell Illegally Using State Senate Campaign Account to Fund Congressional Race?

FRANKFORT – Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson today called on State Senator and Second District Congressional Candidate David Boswell (D-Owensboro) to release a full accounting of his State Senate reelection campaign finances to ensure no funds from that account are being illegally used in his Congressional Campaign.

Read the rest of the release after the jump. But keep in mind Boswell also has a state senate re-election campaign for 2010 open and is filing reports with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. Meaning Boswell is raising funds for 2010 in case he loses his current race. Meaning the RPK should be able to figure out that Boswell isn’t violating campaign finance law by accepting a $100 contribution. (That is, as long as Boswell actually held an event for his state senate campaign and not his congressional race.)

We wish the RPK would stand up against all campaign finance shenanigans and not just those that potentially benefit their candidate of choice. It would do the Republican Party quite a bit of good to actually be at the forefront of an issue for once. The RPK attacked Bruce Lunsford for paying to appear on the CW in Louisville but neglected to mention Michael Cassaro, who did the very same thing. The RPK ignored every single thing Greg Fischer’s campaign pulled during the primary. So now it’s tough to take the party seriously on matters of campaign finance.

Read moreHow Do You Know a Democrat Is Winning?

Wednesday Update. Survived the Gays Edition.

Republicans have way more cash on-hand than Democrats. $1,256,967.51 to $371,220.58. How exciting for Democrats! Also, where’s all the g.d. money, KDP? [PolWatchers]

The U.S. Senate confirmed controversial FEC picks. Finally, a working election commission. Maybe. If we’re lucky. Don’t get too excited. [The Hill]

The Internal Revenue Service is increasing the optional standard mileage rate to 58.5 cents per mile. That’s from July 1 through December 31. All as a response to rising fuel costs. The current mileage rate is 50.5 cents per mile. Should help a bunch of folks out. [Business First]

OH OH OH! Some former Republican dude named Sonny Landham is an actor who once was in a Predator movie (he’s old). And he’s running for U.S. Senate against Mitch McConnell and Bruce Lunsford. How priceless is this? Omg. Priceless. We cannot contain our excitement. [PolWatchers, IMDB, Barefoot & Progressive,]

Jack Conway was the victim of identify theft. Someone bought all kinds of crap on his credit card. He found out what was going down when he tried to make an iTunes purchase, as his credit card was declined for a mis-matching billing zip code. Someone had changed his mailing address. Ugh. [WKYT]

First Lady Jane Beshear is holding a farmer’s market at the capitol. Near the floral clock, even! How great and campy is that? It’s part of an ongoing mission to promote farmer’s markets around the state and part of the ceremony surrounding Governor Steve Beshear’s signing of House Bil 626. That bill makes the “Kentucky Proud” campaign the permanent marketing machine for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.  (We secretly love Jane Beshear) [Business First]

We hear yesterday’s portion of the special session lasted like 10 minutes and everyone went off to talk about gambling. Exciting, we know. [Rumor Mill]

Tuesday Update. Late Start Edition or Something.

Two mainstream media outlets wrote about the Republican Party’s press conference calling Steve Beshear out for using the governor’s mansion for a political fundraiser. Both outlets repeated that Ernie Fletcher never held a fundraiser at the mansion, which isn’t true. We proved that yesterday. [H-L, C-J]

Attorney General Jack Conway just announced that nine people were indicted in connection with a pattern of abuse, unlawful imprisonment and wanton endangerment in the first degree re: residents of Community Presence, Inc., an adult-care facility in Carter County. [Press Release]

The Courier-Journal has an editorial about the Speaker Pro-Tem race and makes almost zero sense. The paper is complaining about Stumbo but at the same time praising him and saying he’ll run for some other leadership position. Interesting that the paper has never scratched the surface of Larry Clark. [C-J]

Anne Northup held a fancy press conference at a southwestern Louisville Thornton’s gas station this morning to push “increased energy independence” and drilling in ANWR. It’s a little weird that Thornton’s CEO has given Northup at least $8,000 in campaign contributions. [The ‘Ville Voice]

By way of Ben Ray we learn that the Associated Press is now forcing bloggers, journalists and others who excerpt or forward their stories to pay $12.50 for the use of quoting just five words. FIVE WORDS! And if the AP doesn’t like how you’re quoting them? They can revoke your “license.” You can bet we’ll be ignoring the Associated Press forever. [BoingBoing]

Fletcher Used Mansion for Fundraising Purposes

Like we mentioned earlier, Ernie Fletcher used the governor’s mansion for the purposes of raising campaign funds. And we just dug up a couple articles pointing out instances involving highway contractors.

The Republican Party of Kentucky released a statement questioning Steve Beshear’s ethics, which is fair to do. Just not with this issue.

From the RPK Release:

“Using the Governor’s Mansion for political fundraisers does not represent the kind of ethical and moral leadership the people of Kentucky deserve,” added Robertson. “Governor Beshear has said that his administration should be held accountable and that it starts at the top with him. I call on Governor Beshear to make real ethics reform part of the special session call.”

We hate taking up for Steve Beshear, but Robertson is being a bit hypocritical with this issue. His own party is guilty of the very thing they’re accusing the Kentucky Democratic Party of doing. (For the record:  We don’t think using *any* official building or property for the purposes of raising funds is appropriate.)

The RPK is claiming that Beshear is violating section 3 (A) (iii) of his Executive Order 2008-454 which prohibits “Use of state time, equipment, personnel, facilities, or other state resources for political campaign purposes.” We’re pretty sure that’s not an issue since the KDP is actually paying to use the governor’s mansion for its fundraiser. It’s not a freebie at a cost to the state.

Anyway, we can’t publish the full articles without violating copyright and we can’t find them online, but we’ll excerpt them. You’re free to search the full versions out on your own or contact us privately for a copy.

Lexington Herald-Leader (KY)
Section: City&Region
Edition: Final
Page: B1

Ryan Alessi, Frankfort Bureau Reporter

Naturally, then, Gov. Ernie Fletcher — forced to restart his re-election fund-raising from scratch after Lt. Gov. Steve Pence dropped off the ticket — has begun courting the contractors.

The governor invited more than a dozen paving company executives to the Governor’s Mansion last Wednesday for lunch, a policy presentation and a political chat in the mansion’s second-floor residence.

During the luncheon, Transportation Cabinet Secretary Bill Nighbert detailed how the state will shell out a record $2.3 billion in road funds to contractors over the next two years, said Robbie Rudolph, Fletcher’s executive secretary of the Cabinet.

The group later retreated to the residence to discuss the re-election campaign.


Wednesday’s event, which was partially organized by Amy Wickliffe — lobbyist for the Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors and former chief of staff to first lady Glenna Fletcher — instead was the first of several group meetings Fletcher hopes to have this summer, Rudolph said.

And another after the jump…

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RPK Presser @ 2:30 – Governor’s Mansion

The Republican Party of Kentucky just announced that RPK Chairman Steve Robertson will hold a press conference at 2:30 P.M. in front of the Governor’s mansion to discuss political fundraising that takes place inside the mansion.

Wonder if Robertson will bring up all the fundraising Ernie Fletcher did inside the mansion?

Yeah, we’ll believe that when we see it.

If any media types attend, let us know what goes down.

UPDATE @ 2:04:

Just learned that a “Capitol Club” Democratic fundraiser will be held in the Governor’s Mansion on June 24 from 5-7 P.M.. Looks like every Democratic elected official is on the host list. The minimum “annual membership” is $300.

Here’s the host list: Steve & Jane Beshear, Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo, Jack Conway, Crit Luallen, Todd Hollenbach (D-Friend of Frank Simon), Jennifer Moore, Nathan Smith.

The “Founding Committee,” which is just an extended host list includes names like: Joe Graviss; Tim Longmeyer, Louisville-JeffCo Dem Party Chair; Jeff Derouen, Mongiardo’s spokesperson; Adam Edelen, Homeland Security Director.

Take a look for yourself:


The event is paid for by the Kentucky Democratic Party. According to Thom Karmik, the Party’s spokesperson, the fee paid to the state for use of the mansion during the fundraiser is $300.00, as it would be for anyone using the mansion. Food and everything else will also be paid for by the KDP.