Thursday. Winter’s Coming. So’s the Weekend.

What’s that? Oh, right, it’s the Mitch McConnell spin machine ratcheting up in order to hide the fact that his negatives are surging to sky-high numbers. And Politico’s Reid Wilson, right-wing hack, is swallowing the McConnell Kool-Aid. Mitch released an internal poll– without any crosstabs, of course– and Wilson ran it like it’s written in stone fact. Damage control. [Politico]

Politicker’s Trey Pollard offers more details on the McConnell internal polling claim. And at least he bothered to contact the Lunsford campaign for a response before going to print. [Trey Pollard]

The Herald-Leader staff jumped on the polling meme. Still did an amazingly better job than Politico. [PolWatchers]

And here’s the fancy Republican spin from the RPK’s fancy blog once operated by F-Bomb Brett Hall. []

Millions and millions and millions of people joined Bruce Lunsford and the AFL-CIO for a rally yesterday at Kentucky Dam Village Marina. [WKYX Radio]

Will someone please go read this million-page-long telephone interview transcript that Time did with Sarah Palin? Please? And then give us the hilarious highlights. It’s probably terribly vanilla and boring. The only thing we saw was an outright lie about attending a non-denominational church in Alaska. She really is a member of the Assembly of God or whatever. [Time]

The Washingtonian’s Best & Worst of Congress list for 2008 is out. Mitch McConnell comes in at #3 on the ‘Best Friend to Lobbyists’ list, just after Ted Stevens and John McCain. McConnell also gets a mention under the ‘Biggest Drone’ category. [Washingtonian]

Here comes the Mitch McConnell spin machine. In reaction to the bad press Mitch’s team knew he’d get around 9/11, they’ve started pandering and puffing their chests out. Just released news that Mitch secured $73.6 million in funding for Kentucky in a defense bill for 2009. The money isn’t guaranteed, it’s only cleared one leg of the legislative process. So don’t hold your breath just yet. [WKYT]

Yes, ladies, the price of a Ph.D. at the University of Louisville is a mere $375,000. Or at least that was the case when Robert Felner was ruling the roost at the University’s College of Education and Human Development. And the Chronicle of Higher Education has finally caught on. [Chronicle]

Business First of Louisville spent precious space fluffing up the University of Louisville and Jim Ramsey. Never mind the Robert Felner scandal, the diploma mill situation with John Deasy or anything else going on. That’s too scandalous to appear in a boring ass business stenography pad. [Business First]

TGIF! RNC IS OVER! Everyone Thank Jeebus!

Did you see the hot mess the RNC produced about 9/11 last night? Or the stuff about the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995? FEAR! TERRA! 9/11! JIHAD! HOMO PINKO TERRA!!!! STOP THE DIMOCRATZ!!! USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!! HENRY KISSINGER! NEVER FORGET! USA!! [RNC Coverage]

Even Jim Bunning says Anne Northup has a hard row to hoe. It’s over for her. But keep on sitting in denial, folks. Keep on with it. [Trey Pollard]

Grampa Abe McCain on the metric system. The metric system is the tool of the devil!!! [The Tubes]

Mitch McConnell refuses to return contributions from indicted Leonard Lawson. More importantly, Greg Stumbo refuses to return his dirty money. Ben Chandler hasn’t decided, because he still has difficulty making decisions by himself. Susan Westrom is playing the church mouse game. And Steve Robertson won’t chime in. Hopefully everyone will grow a set and return the dirty money. [PolWatchers]

Remember Harvey Milk? Surely you’ve seen the documentary. This November a movie (Milk) starring Sean Penn as Harvey Milk will be in theaters. Go watch the trailer. And hold your gay-hating for another day, closet cases. (We broke our glasses so we’re extra-mean today.) [Barefoot & Progressive]

Oh snap! Denise Harper Angel gets told! Her opponent, Scott Ritcher, has written an open letter to her requesting that she drop her retarded-ass lawsuit against him for trying to run for office. And he chaps her rear over the crazy corporate and special interest contributions she’s raked in. [Mark Hebert]

Oh Hey It Is Thursday And We’re Kinda Awake

OH HEY GURL BEND OVERGood morning, ladies! We just discovered Strawberry Mint gum (Orbit) and request that all of our minions buy up hundreds of packs and send them to us! STAT!

In other news, thank goodness there were several attractive gentleman in the MSNBC liveshot from the RNC last night. Otherwise we would have fallen asleep while the corrupt HP executive rattled on (remember when she stole trade secrets or whatever?), when all the plastic ladies were on the screen and when Mittens Romney, America’s favorite wearer of magical Mormon underwear, complained about the gays, the liberals, the porn, the promiscuity and the whole world. Liberal devil sin satan liberal 666 liberal FEAR!!!

Then he went all fetus and rapture on the crowd and they all started having liberal-hating-gasms. And Al Gore has a private jet because he is the liberal jihad devil. Scary muslims allah terra sluts! USA USA USA USA!!! THE END.

Kentucky Republicans are still spinning out of control for Sarah Palin. Painfully embarrassing that anyone would try to explain her problems away. But we’ll roll with it. Cause it’s awesome to watch. [C-J]

HAHAHA! Peggy Noodles Noonan says it’s over. Check this fancy video of her in a rare moment of honesty where she uses adult language and complains about Sarah Palin. Priceless, ladies. Priceless. [Wonkette]

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Tuesday Afternoon Fancy Pants Update Stuffs

We’re in all kinds of meetings because all the old dudes decided to accomplish everything on Tuesday afternoon. So enjoy this fancy stuff for a while. Back in a bit. Maybe.

Also, our laptop died. Someone give us a loan. Ugh.

VoteVets released two new ads about the war in Iraq. Meanwhile, no one in Kentucky has a clue that Mitch McConnell is directly responsible for a ton of the crap going down in the desert. Will they ever find out? Don’t hold your breath. []

Mark Hebert continues to say that Barack Obama has experienced no bounce post-convention. He cites one poll showing a bump and doesn’t bother to mention the, oh, seven billion other polls showing Obama with a 6-8 point lead. Come on, Mark! Stop with the Republican shilling. [Hebert’s Blog]

In case you didn’t know, the Republican Party of Kentucky now controls Brett Hall’s website. Just in case you weren’t aware that they were in control while Hall was still publishing the site. []

Trey Grayson is spinning like woah to defend Sarah Palin and John McCain’s uneducated decision to select her as his running mate. Note to Trey: Stop it! Appearing on Francene to blabber about how great Sarah Palin is will eventually make you seem batshit crazy. The woman is allied with Ted Stevens and her credibility is worse than ours. Give it up, holmes, this ship has sailed and it’s time for Walnuts to pick a different running mate. [Everything Everywhere]

Sarah Palin vetting process? What vetting process? It’s all just crazy. And it’s detailed in beautiful glory in the New York Whore Times. Oh snap! [New York Times]

Check out these videos of Tyler Murphy refusing to stand at the Democratic National Convention for Barack Obama. Why? Because he’s a bitter Clinton delegate. It’s one thing to disrespect your party’s presidential nominee because you’re bitter. It’s another to waste a delegate space if you don’t plan to take your responsibility as a delegate seriously. [Ben Carter]

In other news, check this fancy video of Grampa John McCain cracking a joke about the Katrina disaster:

Chuck Ellinger to Beat Kathy Stein?

Sorry, there’s about zero chance a Republican will replace Ernesto Scorsone. Kathy Stein has this one locked up, kids.

There’s no way on earth a Republican can win in one of the most liberal State Senate districts in Kentucky. Especially a district that supported openly-gay and hugely liberal Scorsone.

No matter what Mark Hebert says, it’s not happening. Voters in Scorsone’s district aren’t willing to consider a Republican as a replacement.

In other news, it’s a slow news day and everyone in Kentucky is sleeping in or something.