Heard the RPK’s Anti-Newberry Ad?

Have you heard the Republican Party of Kentucky’s ad against Steve Newberry?

It’s insane:


All right for ineffective radio. If the RPK wants to talk about special interest money, then, let’s turn the tables to Chickenhawk McConnell.

Oh Snap Monday! 22 Days From Election Day

Mitch McConnell was going to the Murray State football game on Saturday… when his plane landed in Murray, there was a guy waiting for him in a chicken suit. Mitch the chickenhawk was so embarrassed that he didn’t bother getting out of his plane! He just taxied and took off, heading for home. [Multiple Reports]

Though we disagree with the question about Bruce Lunsford, this is a good rhetorical list of political questions. [Hot Spot]

Some people still think Mitch McConnell actually does something good for Kentucky. And they happen to be Democrats. [H-L]

Hey, Lunsford campaign, just give Joe Gerth the list of cars Bruce owns and get it over with. Who cares that he owns like six Porches or whatever? And who cares what music he listens to? Not releasing Bruce’s top ten iPod play list to me because you’re afraid of Kanye West? This fear stuff you’ve got going on is like pulling nose hairs. Get over it. [C-J]

Haha, awww, poor Jennifer Moore. She doesn’t even get quoted in the mainstream media when Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson gets a quote. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell says the bailout vote was important and vital for the nation. And he thinks Kentuckians are okay with that sort of response. Well… Yes, Mitch, it IS fair to paint that as some kind of fatal vote. [H-L]

And calling the $700 billion Wall Street give-away “one of the finest moments in the history of the Senate” will surely be one of the worst moments in Mitch McConnell’s political life. And it’s surely a stumbling block for every other Republican and Democrat who voted in favor for corporate welfare while allowing the entire country’s economic system to fall apart. [C-J]

This is the shortest story in history about the health care policies of Bruce Lunsford and Mitch McConnell. Hands-down. Shortest ever. Do you feel more dumb after having read it? [Fort Mill Times]

The Republican Enquirer endorsed Mitch McConnell. Reasoning? Because McConnell is good for earmarks. And because Bruce Lunsford would be a mere “junior” Senator. Yeah, totally solid reasoning there, holmes. They hate pork but support Mitch because he brings home the bacon? Utter hypocrisy. [Enquirer]

And the same paper endorsed Geoff Davis because he comes across as “articulate.” And because he dislikes Nancy Pelosi. Seriously. We feel dumber for having read the editorial board’s reason for supporting him. Literally dumber. which is tough to achieve. [Enquirer]

Mouth-breathers have freeped a PBS Now poll asking whether or not Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President. [PBS]

This is quite possibly the coolest photo ever taken in Utah. It’s a snapshot of the Milky Way from inside a cave in Canyonlands National Park. Pretty fancy if you ask us. [Bright Night Gallery]

Friday Afternoon Update – It’s Not Freezing!

Is anyone else nervous about ordering a Macbook Pro only to find out a new one will be released in like two weeks? Ugh. Someone from Apple needs to reassure us before we make a bad decision.

Mitch McConnell’s overconfidence. This is kind of a laugh riot. And it’s kind of scary. [Heh]

Leaked from Sarah Palin’s debate prep. Oh noes. [Political Wire]

Haha oh god. This “undecided” voter lady in Ohio was swayed to support McCain-Palin after last night’s debate. Be careful. This video may fry your brain. [Jezebel]

Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid are two peas in a pod. Full-on hacks who are afraid to be held accountability for anything they do. [WaPo]

In case you didn’t know, John Yarmuth caved. He’s a weak, weak man who caved under the pressure from Barack Obama. Ben Chandler, on the other hand, stuck to his proverbial guns and grew a pair. Everyone call John’s office to yell at him and them call Ben’s office to kiss his butt, please. [Clerk – U.S. House]

We were gonna write about the latest Republican Party of Kentucky attack mail piece against Bruce Lunsford. But. Uh. Trey did it so we don’t have to. Go lookit. [Trey Pollard]

Tuesday. Economy Dead. UofL Still In Turmoil.

Why did Congressman John Yarmuth (D-Not getting drunk at the neighborhood restaurant or country club and driving his car home every evening) vote the way he did on the financial bailout package? Find out here. He explains it all. From Henry Paulson sucking really hard to government needing to act. [C-J]

McConnell is the political arsonist who has set the U.S. ablaze; now let’s watch him burn in his own inferno. Matt Gunterman always knows how to mop the floor with Mitch McConnell when he’s feeling down and out. SNAP! [Ditch Mitch]

In Memory of Heidi Caravan. We’re pretty depressed over the news that Heidi Caravan lost her battle with cancer yesterday. Hits really close to home. We all loved Heidi a great deal. Bless her. [The ‘Ville Voice ]

Hahaha. Put your beverage down. Sarah Palin, during her interview with Katie Couric, was asked about supreme court cases. The only case she could name was Roe v. Wade. Then she went silent. Didn’t even try to spin. How hilarious is this? God. We can’t wait for her to debate Joe Biden. [Huffington Post via Joe]

Another way to curb state vehicle abuse. About half of state government vehicles in Kentucky will now have “How’s My Driving?” bumper stickers. In addition to installing GPS equipment on many vehicles, this is a great move. Holding drivers of state vehicles accountable is the right thing to do. [Mark Hebert]

Leland Conway: Get your facts straight, buddy. Lying doesn’t cut it. And you’re definitely lying. Fact of the matter is we know Kentucky Democrats ARE racist because THEY ADMITTED THEY VOTED ON THE BASIS OF RACE. 21% of those who agreed to be exit-polled during the May primary admitted it. Don’t lie and say there’s no proof. You’re not Brett Hall, so don’t act like it. [F-Bomb’s B.S. Site]

Meanwhile, Republicans paid for by the Republican Party of Kentucky are spinning out of control. Trying to blame the financial crisis on everyone from Barack Obama to Nancy Pelosi. Some day reality will hit pretty hard for these folks when everything they’ve got disappears and they realize they’ve been supporting a sham. [This, This, This, This, This and This]

Republican Party of Kentucky Lies Again

They’re worse than the Kentucky Democratic Party this time– and that’s a feat, let me tell you– because they can’t even make their lie work.

The RPK has produced a fancy mail piece attacking U.S. Senate Candidate Bruce Lunsford with already-debunked lies. The front of the piece has a photo of My Old Kentucky Home:

It opens up to a photoshopped image of Bruce and the Chicago skyline. The piece declares that Bruce lives in Chicago and in Arizona and accuses him of skirting federal election law:

Unfortunately for the Republican Party, we debunked their lies on February 28, 2008, more than seven months ago. Here’s part of what we were able to uncover at the time:

Did you know? Millionaire investor Bruce Lunsford owns homes in other states. Not only does he own homes, but, get this– he invests in real estate. Oh noes! Another scandal shot down. You know we love scandal, especially with Bruce or McConnell or, well, okay, anyone– so this totally sucks to write about.


Bruce invests in real estate in Kentucky and across the country and has a long history of doing so. Jennifer McAdams … is a well-known professional interior designer who specializes in investment properties with services focused on the Chicago and Phoenix metro areas. Bruce and Ms. McAdams are business partners in the Scottsdale property which they will be developing for sale. Much like the dozens and dozens of other real estate deals Bruce has been involved in through the years. Much like the property in– wait for it– Chicago.

Our potential scandal is dead.

Imagine that. Knowingly lying about Bruce’s investment properties.

That’s not the best part. The most laughable part of this whole mess is the back of the mailer. It directs you to “[s]ee for yourself…” at www.NoKentuckyHome.com:

But when you visit the site, here’s what you see:

Haha. The site the RPK spent thousands of dollars advertising doesn’t even work.

Nice. Come on, RPK, you’re better than that. Don’t let your mail consultants do such crappy work.

Thursday. Economy Dead. Money’s In The Mattress.

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden was in Jeffersonville, Indiana yesterday. What’d he do when referencing Kentucky, which is just like half an inch away from Jeff? He talked about golf. Golf. Some golfers. That’s what he talked about. Okay, and the economy. [PolWatchers]

This is hands-down the worst thing ever. EVER. We are not okay with crap like this being on the internets. Gag. [Perez Hilton]

Oh snap! The Courier-Journal editorial board invokes Homer Simpson (we almost peed) in a story about the U.S. Senate race. Maybe Mitch McConnell really should remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. And maybe he should remember that Homer once said, “Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen.” [C-]

The foreigns are paying close attention to our failure of an economy. Their newspapers have put together a fancy question and answer list for other foreigns to read over. Talking points, you know. Those foreigns are interesting like that. [The Guardian]

Yeah, the Sarah Palin effect is being overplayed by Republicans. And Jim Gooch being quoted in a story about the House leadership races is hilarious. We’re disappointed Ryan didn’t ask him about coconut cake. [H-L]

Three mine foremen from Harlan county were indicted. Over a little thing called being corrupt, stupid and, oh, turning off a mine fan while workers were still inside a mine. Who wants to take bets that the Mine Safety & Health Administration will figure a way out of this one? [C-J]

Speaking of indictments… Owen County Judge-Executive Bill O’Banion and his deputy Renaee Gaines were indicted on charges of theft and misspending of public money. This all stems from an audit performed by Crit Luallen’s office earlier this year. [C-J]