Election Night Celebration Details – Make Note

What’s going on tomorrow night?

Democrats in Louisville will gather at the Downtown Marriott at 280 W. Jefferson. Doors open at 6:00 P.M. when the polls begin to close.

Republicans in Louisville will gather at the Galt House at 140 N. 4th Street. We assume doors open at the same time.

We’ll be at the Marriott providing live coverage all night long so stop by and say hello. (Yes, Republicans are welcome)

Feel free to use this post (in the comment) to publish details about any election night celebrations or parties around the state.

Big Announcement: Commitment 2008 Coverage

On Election Night, your favorite bloggers will be all over the TV.

That’s right, Jake and Rick will be providing political expertise and analysis on Louisville’s WLKY-TV– both on television and on the web. It all starts at 7:00 P.M. Eastern and will last all night.

We’ll be blogging live, of course, so you can set up your laptop to follow our analysis while watching us on the station’s coverage on Tuesday night.

Jake will reporting live on camera from the big political parties, while Rick will be in the WLKY studios Tuesday night explaining what’s happening in local races.

So if you want the real low-down? The inside look at what’s happening on election night? Stick with us here at Page One, The ‘Ville Voice and WLKY.

And if you see Jake out and about? Stop by to say hello! He may even interview you for some internets special features.

TGIF! Happy Halloween Edition For Fancy People!

Let’s see how many reporters we can offend today! And/or how many reporters have ZERO sense of humor and take extreme offense when you mention them on a fancy little website. Jeez. We obviously exist solely to ruin everyone’s reputation 24/7. WE ARE IN THE TANK FOR RUINING PEOPLE! FEAR!

A friend of ours is going as the crazy lady who asked John McCain if Barack Obama was an Arab for Halloween. The graphic you see at left is a picture of the t-shirt iron-on they’ll be wearing. Kinda funny. The SNL skit about her was hilarious. [HAHAHA]

That’s right. Two idiots were arrested over the Obama-hanging-in-effigy b.s. that went down at the University of Kentucky on Wednesday. Joe Fischer, a student, and his buddy Hunter Bush. They broke in and stoke items, so, looks like the dudes could face jail time. Holla at some racists! [H-L]

The Lunsford campaign released its latest internal tracking poll yesterday. McConnell is at 47% and Lunsford is at 45%, which is well within the poll’s 4.5 margin of error. Just 43% of Kentuckians feel positive toward McConnell, 38% feel negative toward him. Just 44% give him a positive job rating of excellent and good. A 51% majority give McConnell a negative job rating. [Press Release]

Monday’s edition of KET’s Kentucky Tonight will be off-the-chain hilarious. It comes on at 8:00 P.M. Eastern and will feature Senate President David Williams, Senator Gerald Neal, Republican Party of Kentucky Chair Steve Robertson and now-disgraced Kentucky Democratic Party Chair, Jennifer Moore. Get up on it. Maybe this time David and Steve will take off their nice hats and put on their realistic and mean hats– for our enjoyment. [Kentucky Tonight]

Representative John Yarmuth’s bill to aid disadvantaged youth was signed into law. Yarmuth was given a national award for the legislation that originated at his disconnected youth forum in Louisville. The Reconnecting Homeless Youth Act is now official. It authorizes $140 million to allow young people to stay in shelters longer and calls for regular studies to assess the effectiveness of the system. It also strengthens the main source of federal funding for disconnected youth outside of the foster care and juvenile justice system. [Press Release]

Louisville Metro Council Critter Doug “Tan From a Can” Hawkins sent out an email blast yesterday afternoon. It declared, in red, “South Louisville has Greatest Number of Registered Sex Offenders in the State.” 40 of them live in one apartment complex on Lower Hunters Trace. We’d like to remind parents that Doug Hawkins also lives in the south end– so the area should definitely be avoided. [Email Blast]

That’s right, kids! Laura Bush will be in Shepherdsville on Monday to campaign for Brett Guthrie and other Republicans. Meanwhile, the Lunsford campaign and other Democrats are bringing Hillary Clinton back to Louisville– where Dems will dominate anyway. Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to take her to Elizabethtown– still in the Louisville market– to make a bigger impact? Oh well, we’re glad David Boswell is losing because he’s a sell-out who is trying to out-Republican the Republican. What a coward. [PolWatchers]

Aww, Katie King keeps taking days off of work. You’ll want to read all about it and laugh at the fact that she not only does not take her current job seriously, she doesn’t follow orders from her supervisors. It’s now Halloween and we hear some new Katie Skank Cake Icing is about to be spread out. So here’s hoping! [The ‘Ville Voice]

And in other news, you wanna see just how crappy the Courier-Journal’s Bluegrass Poll is? Let’s flash back to 2006, ladies! Anne Northup led John Yarmuth 48 to 42 in the poll on October 30 of that year. So, yeah, you fancy C-J reporters who complained to us via email yesterday? Mmmm hmmm. We see how it is. Keep on spinning.  So much for those McConnell-Lunsford numbers yesterday.  [WHAS11]

Are You Ready For Election Day?

Well, are you?

Let’s go over a few important points for Kentuckians.

The state Constitution provides “that all employers shall allow employees, under reasonable regulations, at least four hours on election days, in which to cast their votes.” Meaning, so long as you request leave prior to election day, your employer has to allow you at least four hours to cast your vote. They get to pick the hours, but they can’t keep you from voting.

If you request leave and don’t end up voting, state law gives your employer the right to take disciplinary action. So, don’t be lame or a mooch.

Working outside your county on election day? You’re eligible to vote by absentee ballot. Head to your county clerk’s office before the close of business on Monday, November 3 to cast your ballot.

You must produce identification or be known by a precinct officer in order to vote in the Commonwealth. Types of ID include: driver’s license, social security card, credit card or another form of ID containing both your picture and signature.

Are you a volunteer heading to the polls on election day? You’re governed by electioneering laws and are prohibited from campaigning within 300 feet of the polling location. Bumper stickers, t-shirts, buttons, hats, etc are exceptions to the rule and are protected by the first amendment. But try parking your car at a polling place all day long with the intent to influence votes.

Need more information on voting? Want to view a sample ballot? Have questions? Click here to visit the Secretary of State’s website that’s filled with useful information.

Friday Afternoon Dept of Lady Treats & Outrage and Our Computer Still Hasn’t Shipped Blah

HAHA OH GOD. That fancy comic on your left is hilarious. And there are millions more where that came from. Clicky clicky on it to check out all the rest.

Oh, hey, it is Friday afternoon. Are you upset that your MacBook Pro still hasn’t shipped from China? Us too. I mean, who cares that it’s been “Prepared for Shipment” for three days?

Oh, did you know? We are going to waste our entire afternoon listening to this new Keane album released on Monday while drinking some elitist tea. We may even go enjoy some lady treats with some ladies, which you can’t do, because, well, who cares?

Also, we want to see that movie, W. So. Take us to see it.

The Republican Party of Kentucky is upset with Steve Henry confidant and State Senator Joey Pendleton and has requested that Attorney General Jack Conway investigate him. Pendleton violated terms of his employment with Murray State University by accepting salary from the school on days when he was actually in Frankfort on legislative duty. We’re including the RPK’s letter along with supporting documents. [RPK Letter & Documents (PDF Link)]

Louisville Metro Council President Jim King, known Mitch McConnell supporter, father of notorious and inexperienced attorney Katie King, and all-around asshat is effing things up in Louisville. Again. Imagine that. To think this guy thinks he’d make a great mayor for the city. In other news, he still hasn’t been cleared of involvement in the anti-gay Ken Herndon mailer from May. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Seems that every year Auditor Crit Luallen’s office tells Morgan County Sheriff Mickey Whitt the same thing. Clean up your act, follow the law, handle your banking like an adult and do what you’re supposed to do. And every year he forgets to, you know, do anything. He’s not the only one. [Auditor’s Report (PDF Link)]

Not a rumor: Guess which boyfriend of a State Party political chair got upset when he was compared to a member of an opposing party. We call them like we see them here. And. Uh. It’s clear that the other side is better at “live blogging” for the Courier-Journal or whatever. [We Get Emails]

From the department of bullshiz and wasted money. Richie Farmer, Kentucky’s figurehead of an Agriculture Commissioner, is offering a contract for someone who wants to clip newspaper, magazine and interet references to… Richie Farmer, the department and its Kentucky Proud brand. The previous contract was $8,400 per year. And. Uh. We’re calling bull on this one. What a waste. SET UP GOOGLE ALERTS! Stop flushing money down the toilet. [PolSmo…watchers]

WATB Mitch Chickenhawk McConnell whined and complained to the Courier-Journal editorial board this morning. He defended his sickening attack ads against Bruce Lunsford, which he can’t back up at all. It’s too bad that like 900% of voters claim negative b.s. ads don’t work on them. And it’s too bad that the other 900% of people are brainless and believe everything they see on the teevee. [WHAS11]

Heard the RPK’s Anti-Newberry Ad?

Have you heard the Republican Party of Kentucky’s ad against Steve Newberry?

It’s insane:


All right for ineffective radio. If the RPK wants to talk about special interest money, then, let’s turn the tables to Chickenhawk McConnell.

Oh Snap Monday! 22 Days From Election Day

Mitch McConnell was going to the Murray State football game on Saturday… when his plane landed in Murray, there was a guy waiting for him in a chicken suit. Mitch the chickenhawk was so embarrassed that he didn’t bother getting out of his plane! He just taxied and took off, heading for home. [Multiple Reports]

Though we disagree with the question about Bruce Lunsford, this is a good rhetorical list of political questions. [Hot Spot]

Some people still think Mitch McConnell actually does something good for Kentucky. And they happen to be Democrats. [H-L]

Hey, Lunsford campaign, just give Joe Gerth the list of cars Bruce owns and get it over with. Who cares that he owns like six Porches or whatever? And who cares what music he listens to? Not releasing Bruce’s top ten iPod play list to me because you’re afraid of Kanye West? This fear stuff you’ve got going on is like pulling nose hairs. Get over it. [C-J]

Haha, awww, poor Jennifer Moore. She doesn’t even get quoted in the mainstream media when Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson gets a quote. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell says the bailout vote was important and vital for the nation. And he thinks Kentuckians are okay with that sort of response. Well… Yes, Mitch, it IS fair to paint that as some kind of fatal vote. [H-L]

And calling the $700 billion Wall Street give-away “one of the finest moments in the history of the Senate” will surely be one of the worst moments in Mitch McConnell’s political life. And it’s surely a stumbling block for every other Republican and Democrat who voted in favor for corporate welfare while allowing the entire country’s economic system to fall apart. [C-J]

This is the shortest story in history about the health care policies of Bruce Lunsford and Mitch McConnell. Hands-down. Shortest ever. Do you feel more dumb after having read it? [Fort Mill Times]

The Republican Enquirer endorsed Mitch McConnell. Reasoning? Because McConnell is good for earmarks. And because Bruce Lunsford would be a mere “junior” Senator. Yeah, totally solid reasoning there, holmes. They hate pork but support Mitch because he brings home the bacon? Utter hypocrisy. [Enquirer]

And the same paper endorsed Geoff Davis because he comes across as “articulate.” And because he dislikes Nancy Pelosi. Seriously. We feel dumber for having read the editorial board’s reason for supporting him. Literally dumber. which is tough to achieve. [Enquirer]

Mouth-breathers have freeped a PBS Now poll asking whether or not Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President. [PBS]

This is quite possibly the coolest photo ever taken in Utah. It’s a snapshot of the Milky Way from inside a cave in Canyonlands National Park. Pretty fancy if you ask us. [Bright Night Gallery]