Kentucky Republicans Always Seem Divisive

Really, what is it with Kentucky Republicans that forces them to be divisive and disconnected? The Young Republican “Federation” is hosting a peculiar “Republican-friendly” inaugural event in Louisville that’s billed as “The Grand New Party Gala.” It’s cute that they’re trying to reinvent themselves and all. But it’s kinda hard to do that when you exclude non-Republicans in your promotional material and use an event like the inauguration of a new president as a fundraiser.

In an email blast this morning they reminded us of their party at the Seelbach Hilton tonight and mentioned auction items like “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for McCain” and “O No” merchandise.

Way to remain bitter and keep up the appearance of ignorance. Staying away from inclusive, celebratory events to wallow in your own self-pity. Good way to move your party forward.

ANYWAY, if you’re not pent up and bitter, hop over to our all-inclusive, non-partisan celebration at the Henry Clay from 4:00 – 10:00. It’s free and you aren’t required to be young or professional. And if you can’t make it, enter to win some fancy green products that will help you do your part to change the world and the way we live.

RPK Calls for Adam Edelen’s Resignation

The Republican Party of Kentucky just put out a statement calling for the resignation of Governor Steve Beshear’s Chief of Staff, Adam Edelen.

Here’s what Steve Robertson, RPK Chair, had to say:

“This Administration came to office on the promise to “clean up Frankfort” and strictly follow personnel and hiring laws in state government.

Emails on state government servers now prove that the Governor’s Chief of Staff Adam Edelen was behind the illegal hiring of Ralph Coldiron at an inflated salary. Edelen conducted personal business using state government resources and then unilaterally hired his business partner at an illegal and unjustified salary.

In order to protect Edelen, a spokesman for the Governor now claims the Governor was ‘unaware of the law’ but is silent as to whether the Governor was aware of Edelen’s activities. Ignorance of the law is not a defense to breaking it.

I now call on Adam Edelen to resign his position and the Attorney General’s office to launch an immediate investigation into Edelen’s illegal activity.”

First, the facts. Adam Edelen didn’t technically authorize (we don’t know what we did behind the scenes) Ralph Coldiron’s hiring. He didn’t sign the documents. And he didn’t approve or ask for Coldiron’s salary increase (that we can prove with public records). That’s apparently Coldiron’s doing, as he listed the salary he wanted to receive on his employment documents.

The emails Robertson mentions don’t prove anything. They only raise suspicion that Edelen was responsible. Fact of the matter is Edelen wasn’t at Homeland Security when Coldiron was hired. Thomas Preston is the guy at Homeland who hired him.

And if the governor’s office was unaware of the requirement that a board set and approve Coldiron’s salary, why had every appointment in recent memory been handled in the same manner? Why did the Fletcher Administration handle appointments the same way?

Admittedly, they’re all connected and this reeks of impropriety. But to call for Edelen’s resignation? That’s silly. Issue a public apology for causing a headache? Sure. But resign? Silly and a waste of time.

The governor’s office (and we’re obviously no fans of dishonest Steve Beshear or the hypocritical crap Edelen has pulled lately) went out of its way to resolve this problem. The governor issued an order that more information than required by law would be necessary on financial disclosure forms. And Coldiron resigned. It’d be a different story if no action had been taken.

All that said, Adam Edelen needs to seize this moment and finally right the governor’s sinking ship. He can no longer allow the governor or anyone in the administration to say one thing while very publicly doing another. The petty politicking and bad-mouthing needs to stop. They need to stop meddling in with the House and Senate during this time of crisis and focus on running the executive office of the governor once and for all.

And playing bloggers (wonder who Jake could mean here?) against the press (Joe Gerth)? Yeah, that needs to stop. Because this story still has serious legs.

Otherwise problems like these will continue to plague the administration and Edelen’s political future.

P.S. It’d also be great if the governor’s office hadn’t repeatedly told me that Jennifer Moore was out at the Kentucky Democratic Party after the messes she caused– and that Jeremy Horton would be gone– only to deny it to the press, allowing Moore to remain for months. Because those actions certainly spoke louder than their words, directly harming the governor’s standing among Kentucky Democrats.

Comment Tonight, Tonight on Monday

Guests for tonight’s Comment on Kentucky:

  • Pat Crowley, Kentucky Enquirer
  • Mark Hebert, WHAS11
  • Greg Stotlemyer, WTVQ

Kentucky Tonight guests on Monday:

  • Trey Grayson, Secretary of State
  • Jonathan Miller, Finance & Administration Secretary
  • Steve Robertson, Chairman of the Republican Party of Kentucky
  • Tim Longmeyer, Chairman of the Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party

Update from Last Night: Commitment 2008 In Fancy Pictures

First, a very special shout-out and thanks to Kristin at the Downtown Marriott! Her bosses owe her a raise and some very fancy praise. She saved us a million times over last night by making sure we had internet access when the Kentucky Democratic Party did not. Without Kristin’s assistance, no one in the press could have gotten their work done last night.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the just-okay photos we took last night.

Here’s a shot of Rep. Joni Jenkins (shoes) and Lunsford spokesman Cary Stemle. It was early in the evening so they weren’t yet bent out of shape:

Peep the rest of the night’s photos after the jump…

Read moreUpdate from Last Night: Commitment 2008 In Fancy Pictures

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice On TeeVee

God Jesus we move our head and eyes around way too much on the teevee. Plus it’s way worse when we’re super-sleepy. You likey?

Like how I over-dressed?

Stephen crosses his legs just like me. Because he is as skinny as me– dangerous for him, because I’m likely to maul anyone who tries to outdo me on the fat-free front.

And Rick got a haircut!

Stephen did a good job being a dirty librul, Rick offered some fancy insights and I said positive things about Mitch McConnell… and shared the truth about Katie King and what a cluster-eff THAT mess is.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Election Night Celebration Details – Make Note

What’s going on tomorrow night?

Democrats in Louisville will gather at the Downtown Marriott at 280 W. Jefferson. Doors open at 6:00 P.M. when the polls begin to close.

Republicans in Louisville will gather at the Galt House at 140 N. 4th Street. We assume doors open at the same time.

We’ll be at the Marriott providing live coverage all night long so stop by and say hello. (Yes, Republicans are welcome)

Feel free to use this post (in the comment) to publish details about any election night celebrations or parties around the state.

Big Announcement: Commitment 2008 Coverage

On Election Night, your favorite bloggers will be all over the TV.

That’s right, Jake and Rick will be providing political expertise and analysis on Louisville’s WLKY-TV– both on television and on the web. It all starts at 7:00 P.M. Eastern and will last all night.

We’ll be blogging live, of course, so you can set up your laptop to follow our analysis while watching us on the station’s coverage on Tuesday night.

Jake will reporting live on camera from the big political parties, while Rick will be in the WLKY studios Tuesday night explaining what’s happening in local races.

So if you want the real low-down? The inside look at what’s happening on election night? Stick with us here at Page One, The ‘Ville Voice and WLKY.

And if you see Jake out and about? Stop by to say hello! He may even interview you for some internets special features.