Tonight’s Special Election Results

Republican Sources: Jimmy Higdon wins with 56% of the vote. Will update with numbers in a moment.

14th State Senate District

  • Jimmy Higdon (Rep) 11,327
  • Jodie Haydon (Dem) 8,891

Do we go ahead and count this as Steve Beshear’s third gambling loss?

Now we’ve lost another senate seat and we have a right-winger sitting on the bench thanks to papaw.

Pack your husband’s bags, Jane, cause he’s moving back to the farm with you.

96th State House District

  • Jill York (Rep) 2,545
  • Barry Webb (Dem) 1,663

Interesting that our embarrassing governor (is he finished?) and the Kentucky Democratic Party ignored Robin Webb’s old House seat in an easy to win district, isn’t it? That should prove this election really was about gambling and all attention was focused on the Higdon-Haydon race.

(And in other news, Jim Gray announced his campaign for Lexington mayor. Yup. Worst possible timing, ever, hands-down.)

Nancy Pelosi Is Going To Git Us In Kentucky!

Really, Republican Party of Kentucky? This is the best you can come up with? Trying to tie Jodie Haydon to Nancy Pelosi?

I know you have better material than this to use against Haydon. But I guess I’ve been right all along. The RPK is becoming almost as embarrassingly worthless as the KDP. Cause it’s bad news bears when a flipping Democratic blowhard like myself has worse to say about someone who has never even met Nancy Pelosi.

Congratulations, Jodie Haydon, on your upcoming victory!

Steve Robertson Wins Many Diamonds

RPK Chair Steve Robertson appeared on KET’s Kentucky Tonight last evening and he referred to KDP shenanigans as a romper room. Particularly those shenanigans of Daniel Mongiardo and Steve Beshear.


He should win many, many Wonkette whore diamonds.

Haha. It was a hot mess. KDP Chair Charlie Moore didn’t even bother addressing the embarrassing situation.

Robertson is wrong about the media ignoring Republicans. But he’s not wrong about Democrats not having their act together in Kentucky.

Thank Goodness for Slow News Day Afternoons

Did Ron Lewis violate campaign finance law by using funds after dropping out of his race? [John Cheves]

KDP chair Charlie Moore will be on KET’s Kentucky Tonight this evening with RPK chair Steve Robertson. Who will win? You know my pick. John Y. Brown III and John David Dyche will also be guests on the program to discuss the 2010 elections and how badly Democrats are likely to lose.  Maybe someone will ask Charlie why there’s constant turmoil at Party HQ. [Page One Reminder]

Now that Sarah Falin has jacked around in New York, the non-wingnut has endorsed the Democrat. [HuffPo]

Marcus Carey is jumping on the Anti-Semite bandwagon by referring to Nancy Pelosi as a “Nazi.” One would think Marcus Carey would have better sense than to throw around a term like that. [Bluegrass Horse Crap]

Remember the guy behind Integrity Manufacturing who planned to employ up to 4,000 building electric cars in Sheperdsville? Turns out he’s a scheming fraudster. We were right about the whole thing behind a sham. Somebody should connect the dots with this mess. To think the state was gonna give them all kinds of financial assistance.  What kind of ties does Papaw Steve Beshear have with them? [Andy Wolfson]

Guess that fancy hat I got last year is now a collector’s item. [Page One Flashback]

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson has more than political problems on his hands, it seems. [The ‘Ville Voice]

And we all thought this Kentucky Association of Counties mess was over. Bob Arnold is still getting his $178,000 salary through June. The corruption stinks. [H-L]

Diaper sex fetishist David Vitter was confronted on video by a constituent and rape victim about his vote against the Franken Amendment. [HuffPo]

County GOP Chair Behind Paul Attack Site?

Yesterday we told you about an anti-Rand Paul website that doesn’t quite pass the smell test.

Within a matter of hours I received 13 emails and a couple dozen comments alleging the same thing. One of those comments sums things up quite nicely, so I’ll just share it here:

The maker of this website is William Michael Bryant. He has donated to Trey Grayson.

He is also a GOP chair of Breathitt County. Him owning this site could possibly be a violation of the Kentucky-GOP bylaws that prohibit a GOP chair from endorsing a candidate before the primary.

Originally this Bryant … didn’t have the domain name registration hidden, but he has now recently switched to a domain by proxy to hide his information.

It seems he realized that what he was doing was a big no-no in the Kentucky GOP, so that is probably why he suddenly hid his info.

Several individuals are alleging Breathitt County Republican Party Chairman Mike Bryant is behind the site, as you can see above. Bryant, it appears, is a secret society-type who has contributed to Trey Grayson in the past. All of the websites he’s produced have the same look, feel and use similar code. And all of his domains are registered with GoDaddy, are hosted on the same servers and all fall in the same IP ranges of GoDaddy’s network (I’m quite familiar with this stuff, as we use GoDaddy for backups here). Potentially just a coincidence, but unlikely.

I emailed Bryant asking him to confirm or deny his involvement in the anti-Paul site but have not received a response.

Which is just as well… because various registrar history sites suggest Bryant was the original registrant of, which was originally registered on September 3rd of this year.

Somebody has some splainin to do. Any RPK folks wanna chime in about bylaws and rules by which Party chairs must abide?

UPDATE: Just heard back from Bryant. Here’s what he had to say:

Aha! I’ve been found out! Kudos to whoever it was that figured it out. For the longest time I had the site registrant information publicly available and also hosted the site on a shared IP address with a number of other domains. So the site was there for a month or so but without any posts, etc– under the radar so to speak… About a week or before the press release came out I hid the registrant info and put the site on a private IP. Kinda mean, perhaps, but some fun nonetheless. It was no secret, in fact I told a number of people… but it would take more than a simple whois search. Political news does indeed travel fast in the Commonwealth.

Anyway, on with what you may be wondering… The site was paid for with personal funds, does not accept donations, is solely for informational purposes and is in no way affiliated with or coordinated with any political campaign.


LATE UPDATE: Since Bryant and others have their panties in a twist (despite me not saying there was a by-law against it), I have to add: there’s apparently no RPK by-law preventing officers from endorsing candidates in primaries. Read them for yourself by clicking here.